B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/10/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/10/17


Episode # 7496 ~ Wyatt and Quinn accept their defeat over a few rounds of tequila shots; Steffy ponders how to deal with Wyatt while they await their divorce.

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Liam: Do you realize what just happened?

Steffy: I think it's called a kiss.

Liam: Oh, no. No, before the kiss -- what you said... about us, about... committing to a life with me.

Steffy: That's never wavered.

Liam: Even with Wyatt, Quinn, and your own grandfather dangling million-dollar checks and cosmetics lines and a mansion on the hill?

Steffy: It doesn't matter. This is what I want -- loving you... you loving me for the rest of our lives.

[Footsteps approach]

Wyatt: [Sighs] Eric okay?

Quinn: He is feeling a bit worn out, so he decided to turn in early.

Wyatt: Are you sure that's all?

Quinn: Well, obviously, he's a little disappointed.

Wyatt: Yeah. Join the club.

Quinn: [Sighs] I know -- Steffy turning all of this stuff down.

Wyatt: I just -- I don't want her to think that I was -- that we were trying to bribe her, you know?

Quinn: Of course not! You want her to love you for you, and she does.

Wyatt: Yeah, just not enough to save our marriage.

Quinn: Honey, I think that's changing.

Wyatt: After tonight?! Come on, mom.

Quinn: Oh, come on. Everything we were offering her? It's so much to absorb, but I think once she has the time to -- to think about it, she may change her mind.

Wyatt: When did you become such an optimist?

Quinn: Oh. You'd rather have your mother, the screw-up? Is that what you want?

Wyatt: No.

Quinn: Okay. See, I'm working really hard to make sure that woman is gone for good.

Brooke: Ohh. It feels good.

Ridge: Yeah? How's the pressure?

Brooke: [Chuckles] From you or from the massage? You're trying to bribe me so I won't go away.

Ridge: No. I know how important the trip is to you.

Brooke: Yeah. I miss hope. Facetiming and texting isn't cutting it any longer. Ooh.

Ridge: Right there?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: Does she know you're coming?

Brooke: I'm gonna surprise her.

Ridge: When are you leaving?

Brooke: Tomorrow.

Ridge: Really? So soon? Tomorrow you're gonna go?

Brooke: She needs to see me.

Ridge: Yeah. I think you need to see her. Why don't you bring her home for our wedding?

Brooke: [Chuckles] Well, I think you need to make Quinn disappear first. That way we can get married, remember? So, why don't you work on that little detail while I'm away?

Ridge: Yeah.

Ridge: So, you're giving me my marching orders?

Brooke: I wouldn't want you squandering your time while I'm away.

Ridge: I won't. Getting rid of Quinn is my first priority.

Brooke: I thought I was your first priority.

Ridge: You are my first priority, but I've just -- I've got to -- I will get this done. I'll get her out of here.

Brooke: Okay. Don't let it drag out. I want to become Mrs. Ridge Forrester before I'm too old to walk down the aisle.

Ridge: Oh, stop. You're never gonna be too old for anything.

Brooke: [Chuckles] Seriously, though...

Ridge: Hmm?

Brooke: ...Really, I don't want this thing with Quinn to go on forever.

Ridge: I know. It won't. I know what I have to do. I'm already doing it.

Brooke: Don't you think it's time you tell me what you are doing?

Quinn: Steffy still loves you, plus she's no longer living with Liam.

Wyatt: Yeah. That's because Eric asked her not to until the divorce was final, not because she wanted to!

Quinn: But the point is she moved out, and that is an important first step.

Wyatt: Mom, can you just stop, please?! Stop trying to make me feel better -- bolster my spirits. At a certain point, this divorce is gonna be final. And, no, I'm not saying that I'm giving up on her. It's just -- it -- it doesn't look hopeful for my wife and me. I mean, hell, she's probably over there with Liam right now.

Liam: This is driving me crazy.

Steffy: I know. Me, too. I never want to leave.

Liam: So don't. Just get your stuff from Thomas' tomorrow.

Steffy: I just moved in there.

Liam: I know. I shouldn't have let you. I should have chained you to our bed.

Steffy: [Chuckles] That's not a bad idea.

Liam: You know, there are, like, a million and one reasons for you to move back in here.

Steffy: Yeah. I'm pretty sure I know most of them.

Liam: Yeah? How 'bout this one? Um...Quinn, Wyatt, and your grandfather stooping to an all-time low trying to buy you.

Steffy: Liam, look, I know --

Liam: I know what they said. They made it sound like it was about advancing your career. Here's what it was really about -- getting you on their side and under the same roof as Wyatt. But you said no. You chose me. So, why not send a loud and clear message that they don't get to interfere in our lives anymore by coming home to me?

Quinn: You don't know that Steffy is with Liam right now. She may be back at the office.

Wyatt: [Scoffs] Wishful thinking, mom.

Quinn: Well, why don't you call her?

Wyatt: A-and say what? We already pulled out all the stops tonight, you know? We showed her how much we believe in her, and --

Quinn: And I know that it touched her deeply.

Wyatt: Yeah, but it still doesn't change anything, does it?

Quinn: [Sighs]

Wyatt: 'Cause this divorce is still gonna happen. She made it very clear that she sees a future with Liam.

Quinn: Who is a man who's always let her down. Meanwhile, you never have.

Wyatt: Yeah, and I never will, either. And tomorrow I'm gonna go right back to it, doing everything that I can in my power to get her to believe in herself and see what she can accomplish. And my brother's probably just gonna get her to shun the spotlight and get her to doubt all that. But you know what? I can't. I just -- as great as Steffy is, I just -- I want the whole world to see that. But after tonight, having things not work out the way they're supposed to... I need a drink.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Wyatt: [Sighs] Ahh. Tequila. You want one?

Quinn: No, thanks. [Sighs]

Wyatt: [Groans softly]

Liam: Let Quinn and her merry band of manipulators know that you're on to them, that whatever they're trying is not gonna work. You're not going back to Wyatt.

Steffy: I was very clear with them. They know my marriage to Wyatt was on borrowed time.

Liam: Yes. But it's kind of a mixed message, don't you think? I mean, on the one hand, you say it's over, but on the other, you've now moved out. You're living on your own, away from me, and that gives Wyatt a whole lot of hope.

Steffy: Liam... I don't want to be apart from you any more than you do. But look, I -- [Sighs] I should have been more sensitive to Wyatt, you know? After the marriage was over, I shouldn't just move in with his brother.

Liam: You have been nothing but sensitive to Wyatt's feelings. It's Quinn who keeps stirring the pot by encouraging him not to give up and pulling stunts like the three of them did today, and you know they're only gonna keep at it until -- until what? You're -- you're one of them. I mean, that is the goal. And -- and as long as the clock's ticking, the pressure's only gonna mount.

Ridge: You don't want to know the cringeworthy details.

Brooke: You're a lover, not a fighter, remember?

Ridge: Yeah, no, I remember. What can I say? Quinn does things to me that no one else ever has.

Brooke: She really drives you that crazy?

Ridge: She's cost me my relationship with my dad. I can't forgive her for that.

Brooke: She thinks she's protecting him.

Ridge: She's not protecting anybody. She's a puppet master. She's playing everyone, only he can't see it. We got to do something a little more extreme.

Brooke: Now you're starting to scare me.

Ridge: Don't be scared. It's gonna be okay.

Brooke: I think you're the one who needs a massage. Every time Quinn's name is mentioned, you get all tense.

Ridge: [Sighs] I just got to get rid of her. Just got to get her out of my life. Uh-huh.

Brooke: Hmm?

Ridge: Uh-oh.

Brooke: [Speaks indistinctly]

Ridge: Really?

Brooke: Yes.

[Both laugh]

Ridge: And that is what you're gonna be missing when you're gone.

Brooke: Ohh. Maybe I should cut my trip short.

Ridge: Or maybe I should come meet you in Italy for our honeymoon.

Brooke: Don't you have to get married before you have a honeymoon?

Ridge: No, 'cause we're not conventional people.

Brooke: Well, maybe we should try.

Ridge: Try to be conventional? I don't know if we could pull that off.

Brooke: [Laughs] No. [Laughs] Speaking of pulling things off, what about the wedding?

Ridge: What about it?

Brooke: Well, don't you think we should plan it all out so that when I get home, it's all organized?

Ridge: You really think I can get rid of Cruella that quickly?

Brooke: Well, I would hope you could, especially after everything she did to hope, Liam, Steffy. Besides, you seem very determined... even if you are being very cryptic about how you're going to do this.

Ridge: I will do whatever I have to do to get rid of her -- short of using weapons, of course, 'cause I'm... I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Brooke: And what a lover you are.

Ridge: Mmm. Come here.

Brooke: Mm.

Quinn: Is that helping?

Wyatt: Doesn't hurt.

Quinn: Okay. Pour me one. Okay. [Clears throat]

Wyatt: Salud.

Quinn: [Coughing]

Wyatt: That's the spirit.

Liam: I mean, we know this isn't gonna stop, right? It's just gonna continue to be one incredible offer after another. And, hey, I confess... there's a part of me that's worried.

Steffy: About what?

Liam: Worried that by the time the waiting period is over, they will have gotten through to you.

Steffy: [Gasps] Oh, no.

Liam: They are offering you fame and fortune and power and prestige and the estate on the hill. The promise that that could be yours -- they're offering you so much. I-I can't compete with that.

Steffy: Hey... you offer me something no one else does.

Love me, too, love me, too, love me, too love me, too love me, too, love me, too, love me, too you took my hand with a promise of adventure even on the days when I'm down, I am sound with us I'm sure I'm sure how do I tell you that I'd walk a thousand miles just to be in your arms and to see that smile? And I intend to love you until we've grown old until we've grown old until we've grown old I'm spreading the message in hopes it'll reach you they tell me the word on the street is you you love me, too you love me, too love me, too, love me, too, love me, too

Liam: I wish you didn't have to leave.

Steffy: I know. Me, too. It's torture. Everything we've been through to get back together... but the day's coming soon when I won't have to.

Liam: Not if Quinn can help it. The offers will keep coming till the moment the divorce is finalized, each one more tantalizing than the next.

Steffy: Oh, I don't think it's like that for Wyatt. I think he's sincere about saving our marriage.

Liam: I-I know. I-I don't doubt that he is. But...he's also increasingly desperate, and, trust me, I know what that feels like. It makes him more and more susceptible to do anything Quinn might suggest he do to win you back.

Steffy: Well, I'm sure my grandfather will keep her in check.

Liam: Your grandfather... has a very hard time saying no to his wife. And now that he and Wyatt have this bonding thing going on, he is very, very invested in saving Wyatt's marriage.

Steffy: [Sighs] My grandfather's a romantic, and, yeah, sometimes he can go too far, but just know this -- whatever happens from now until I'm finally divorced... is not gonna change anything. This will be my home, and you will be my husband. And I'm gonna be free. I love you so much.

Brooke: On second thought, maybe I should just let hope know that I'm coming instead of just showing up. She might be away on business or traveling for fun, and then the surprise would be on me. What do you think? Ridge? I'm asking you what I should do, and you're texting?

Ridge: What -- what you should do about what?

Brooke: Should I be jealous? This person you're texting -- is it business or pleasure?

Ridge: It's definitely not pleasure. It's Quinn. Setting up something at the office tomorrow.

Brooke: Oh. Something about your plan?

Ridge: Something about our future -- future of this company, future of this family. That's what drives me. And I will do whatever I have to do.

Quinn: I've never been much of a tequila drinker. Maybe it's time I start.

Wyatt: Want another one?

Quinn: No. [Coughs] No. Mnh-mnh!

Wyatt: You've only had one!

Quinn: It's already going to my head, and I told you this isn't really my drink, and besides that, I haven't had a lot to eat today.

Wyatt: [Scoffs] All right.

Quinn: Hmm.

[Cell phone chimes]

Quinn: Ugh.

Wyatt: What?

Quinn: Text from ridge. He says he wants to meet with me tomorrow.

Wyatt: Why?

Quinn: I don't know. Guess I'll find out then.

Wyatt: You know, you better be careful, mom. All these one-on-one meetings with ridge -- people might start to talk.

Ridge: I'm gonna get Quinn out of here the only way I know how. It might be a little dirty. But I'm gonna get it done... for us, for the company, and for the family.

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