B&B Transcript Friday 1/6/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/6/17


Episode # 7494 ~ Liam pressures Ridge to follow through with his plan to rid their lives of Quinn; Eric, Quinn, & Wyatt make an enticing presentation to Steffy about what her future could hold.

Provided By Suzanne and Cristina

Wyatt: Have you seen these numbers? This is insane. I mean, I expected big, but not this big. I canít wait to tell Eric. This is...What time is the meeting? Steff?

Steffy: Huh? What?

Wyatt: What time is the meeting with Eric?

Steffy: Uh, pretty soon. Uh, yeah.

Wyatt: You still thinking about what Liam said? ĎCause heís wrong you know.

Steffy: What? That I should be more private with my life? I donít know. Iím starting to think itís not a bad idea.

Wyatt: Have you seen the results? Like, your followers, itís insane, ok? The interaction you have on social media right now, itís skyrocketing. Itís crazy.

Steffy: Yeah, Iím quite the influencer, and Liamís in pain. And Iím just supposed to feel good about it? Look, you go to the meeting. I got a few things I need to wrap up here, soÖ

Wyatt: Alright.

Liam: I just feel so disconnected, you know. It used to be Steffy and I could discuss things. We could even argue about things and now, no. Nope.

Ridge: Thatís Quinn. Everyoneís dancing to her tune.

Liam: I can feel her slipping away. And thereís not a damn thing I can do about it. Though there is something you could do, if youíre still up for it.

Eric: It was horrible. Ridge and I have had our battles before, but this time it -

Quinn: It was about me, I assume.

Eric: Look, after the holidays, I was hoping that things would get better, but Iím afraid they just...I think they never will now.

Quinn: What was his complaint this time?

Eric: I donít want to talk about it.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Ok. Fine. Then we wonít talk about it. Letís talk about something positive.

Eric: Something positive, yeah. You and me. Something solid I can smile about.

Quinn: I can make you more than smile. You know, weíre family, Eric, you and me. We may have lost Ridge at the moment, but we have Wyatt and Steffy.

Eric: They may be on the verge of rediscovery.

Quinn: In large part due to you.

Eric: All I did was tell them what I believe about loyalty and commitment.

Quinn: Well, it stuck. Steffy moved out of Liamís. Wouldnít it be so wonderful if she moved in here with us and Wyatt?

Steffy: Thank you Thomas. Yeah, Iím all set up at the loft. Yeah, right. Right, once the divorce is final. [Sighs] Yeah, no, Iím fine. I mean, Iím ok. All right, I have to go. Iíll talk to you later, alright.

Liam: I love you, Steffy.

Liam: Listen, I know youíre having second thoughts about your plan to expose Quinn.

Ridge: Iím having second thoughts about the plan to destroy my dad.

Liam: Yeah, I wouldnít want to do that to my dad, either.

Ridge: But after the run-in I just had with him, it makes me realize he doesnít see Quinn the way we see her, and he is gonna get burned.

Liam: Yeah, but maybe not for a while.

Ridge: What does that mean? Thatís not a good thing. He believes her more every day.

Liam: So, what? Youíre gonna go through with this?

Ridge: I donít have a choice. Sheís got him all tied up. Just gonna do whatever she wants. God knows what that is.

Quinn: Steffy needs to move in here, Eric.

Eric: Well, itís gonna take a little more convincing.

Quinn: I know, but she listens to you. She respects you.

Eric: Yeah, well, we run the risk of, uh, having her feel like sheís being pressured too much.

Quinn: I know, but very day that goes by is another day closer to that divorce being finalized. Her living at Thomasí is just burning time. You do want her to live here, right?

Eric: I do. Iíd love her to live here. But the last time I suggested it, she was -

Quinn: I know, but just - I would ask her again. Cause youíve already given her so much - the top position at Forrester over Ridge and Thorne and Rick. And this isnít too much more. Sheís living out of a suitcase. She could be living in her own suite.

Eric: Sheíd be with her husband. Sheíd be at home.

Quinn: And we would be saving a marriage.

Eric: I agree. Weíre on the same page. I absolutely agree.

[Door opens]

Eric: Oh.

Wyatt: Hey. Hey.

Quinn: Hey.

Wyatt: Uh, itís almost showtime, so I should start.

Eric: Good timing. We were just talking about you.

Quinn: And Steffy.

Wyatt: Well, she - she should be here any minute.

Quinn: I know but we were thinking that if we all worked together, we could get Steffy to move back in here. And then you and she can move on with your life.

Liam: You know, itís kind of ironic. Steff walked out on Wyatt because of his mother, and then she walked out on me for the same reason.

Ridge: She canít see that. Sheís blind like my dad is right now.

Liam: I know. Thatís what scares me. I mean, Iíll talk and sheíll listen. Sheíll listen to me but is she hearing me? I donít know.

Ridge: I would like to think that she can hear you. I would like to think that she knows what youíre going through.

Liam: Who cares what Iím going through? Itís what sheís going through that terrifies me every day - every day she gets closer to Quinn. We got to get her out of there before itís too late, before Quinn has her so brainwashed that she canít even see the truth anymore, Ďcause itís happening, Ridge. I see it happening.

Ridge: Well, then I will have to see that it doesnít happen.

Steffy: Sorry Iím late.

Eric: Are you alright?

Steffy: Uh, yeah, itís just one of those days. Ok, letís begin.

Eric: I know that Wyatt wants to give a presentation, but first I want you to know something. Iíve very aware of how difficult this assignment was for you, to move out of Liamís. But I think very necessary for your position.

Steffy: Granddad, my relationship with Liam isnít part of the agenda for this meeting, so letís start ok?

Eric: Alright, Wyatt? The floor is yours.

Wyatt: Thank you. [Clears throat] So...Why are we doing this? Why am I working so hard on creating an online community that has already exceeded any of our expectations? Is it to simply make Steffy the face of Forrester with her intelligence and her beauty and her elegance? Yeah, itís part of it. But thereís something more. The brand of Forrester creations. And as enchanting as that brand will be with Steffy in the forefront, it plays a function, and that very important function can be summed up with one word. Sales.


Woman: Steffy Forrester. Like you, no ordinary woman.

Man: Steffy Beverly Hills.

Woman: Steffy. Like you, an individual with hopes and dreams.

Man: Steffy Beverly Hills.

Woman: And like you, theyíre all coming true. Steffy Beverly Hills.

Wyatt: Reaction?

Steffy: A new product line? Donít we go through R&D?

Wyatt: Well I kind of already did.

Steffy: Without telling the C.E.O.?

Wyatt: I mean I wanted to. I just - I also wanted it to be a surprise, too.

Steffy: Well it certainly is. Iím blown away. [chuckles] I am blown away.

Ridge: Iím worried about Steffy the same way you are. We got to get her out of this womanís orbit.

Liam: Yeah, well sheís getting sucked into it more and more. It started with the C.E.O. position, which by the way, I canít even believe she considered that after everything Quinn put us through.

Ridge: Oh, come on. I get that. It was an opportunity for Steffy. And Quinn gets that, too.

Liam: Yeah? Then she scored a job for her son, who made Steffy a star, so letís count here. Quinnís got fame, sheís got power, sheís got money, she got influence, and she has Eric cheering for her from the sidelines. I mean this is genius. Itís terrifying. Steffyís changing, and itís gradual, but itís happening. More and more, sheís beginning to accept Quinn into her life.

Quinn: So Steffy, what do you think?

Steffy: You did this all on your own?

Wyatt: Well, Mom did help me with the fragrance samples.

Eric: Wyatt and Quinn have been working on this behind the scenes for quite some time.

Steffy: You knew about this?

Eric: I know about everything. I know most especially how things are going with you and how youíre feeling.

Wyatt: The pitch. Um, we are creating a brand. Well, you are. Here.

Steffy: Hmm. Has a little bit of lilac. I like this.

Wyatt: The nose knows.

Steffy: You didnít give me any hints about this.

Wyatt: Youíre the C.E.O. You got a full plate on your hands. Itís why you hire professionals like me to take care of things.

Eric: Steffy, Iíve looked over the deal. Itís very generous actually, and provides a lot of growth not only for you line, but for Forrester Creations, as well.

Steffy: A million dollars?

Wyatt: Thatís just to start.

Steffy: My own brand.

Wyatt: You are the brand, Steffy. Youíre the influencer. Which has made my job pretty easy, actually. People are inspired by you. They follow you because youíre incredible. You radiate fun and love and confidence and power. That is everything that every woman wants to be, and that is what every man wants to be around. And I can think of one in particular. Your husband.

Ridge: It's not over, Liam.

Liam: Yeah. Well, it sure is drifting in that direction, isn't it? I've never felt this way with Steffy before. She's loyal to me. She is. But she's still human, and I am losing her.

Ridge: I'm working on that.

Liam: What if Quinn's toying with you? That's what she does. And it could go on for a very long time. She's taunting and she's teasing, but she never crosses the line.

Ridge: She will cross the line. And when she does, her whole world's gonna fall apart. And my dad is never gonna look at her the same way again.

Eric: We're a team now, Steffy. That means we feed off of each other. It means we have to stay close.

Steffy: Stay close?

Eric: Again, Steffy... move in here. You've already moved out of Liam's.

Steffy: The only thing that's really changed is that I'm not living here. And the moment the divorce is final, I'm gonna come right back to you and we're gonna pick up right where we left off. It's my promise to you.

Eric: Look, this house -- this house has spawned so many wonderful chapters in the history of our company. This could be the best one ever.

Quinn: If we all work together.

Wyatt: Look, I-I know that it's a lot to absorb. Believe me, they just dropped it on me before the meeting. But then I thought about it, and... I think it's a great idea. Plus I-I get to live with my wife again.

Liam: Every minute that I spent missing you was a minute closer to this moment. Marry me. That's the adventure. It never gets old with you. Despite every horrible thing that has happened, I am back and I am not giving up on you again. I can't picture my life without you.

Eric: Steffy, there's something I want you to see. Steffy, look. This house... this home can be yours one day, and it will be if you do this with us now. And this portrait of you will go over this mantel.

Quinn: Steffy, I-I know that you've been guarded, especially when it comes to me. But I hope you can see by now that I really do love your grandfather. We're good for each other, and we can be good for you, too.

Eric: Think back, Steffy, to what was good about being married to Wyatt. You can remember that. Think about how good it would be to be married to him again.

Wyatt: I remember how you changed my life. And they were some of the happiest days that I have ever had. And I-I always thought we'd be together, and I-I still do. I still think we can. I have always had this interesting relationship with my mother where I love her and I also want to strangle her at the same time. [Chuckles] I kind of felt that way when they sprung you moving in here today. I know that you think that my mother manipulated our marriage, and she did. And I understand why you feel the way you do about her and her actions in the past. But you didn't think she could change, but she has. Look at her. Look -- look at your grandfather. Look at how happy they are. They are good together. And my mother -- my mother's the one who came between us and nothing else. You and I are damn good together, too, and you cannot deny that. So I'm just -- I'm asking for another chance, just to give it another try.

Eric: Steffy, we're the power of Forrester Creations. There is nothing the four of us cannot accomplish together. Give your marriage to Wyatt another go.

Quinn: What do you say, Steffy?

Eric: Move home. Come on.

Quinn: Move back up here. You -- you belong here in this house up on the hill with your grandfather and your husband.

Wyatt: God, I want to be with you. I want to support you in everything that you do in your life. I... there is nothing that you and I cannot accomplish together. Nothing. With family by our side, people who love you, you can do anything. We cannot fail. So just come -- come back to me. This is where you belong, my wife. Just give me another chance.

Liam: Your dad, Quinn, Wyatt. It's like they're ganging up on me, tempting her, offering her the world. Don't fall for it, Steffy.

Wyatt: This is your home. Come home to us, Steffy. Come home to me.

Steffy: [Sniffles]

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