B&B Transcript Friday 12/23/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/23/16


Episode # 7485 ~ Steffy & Liam celebrate their first Christmas together as a reunited couple; Eric's wish for the holiday is to sing at least one carol with his family.

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Quinn: Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Eric: You keep saying that. Is this -- is this Christmas?

Quinn: It's a nice, quiet Christmas, and I can't think of a more perfect way to spend our first one.

Eric: Maybe quieter than I would like, but it'll be wonderful having it with you. I suppose it's the natural order of things. People grow up. They make their own families. They make their own traditions.

[Cell phone chimes]

Eric: Oh, of course. Charlie and Pam are gonna be [Chuckling] At the mission longer than they thought.

Wyatt: Merry Christmas, guys.

Eric: [Chuckling] Hey.

Quinn: Aww. Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Wyatt: Hi. Um, ivy texted, "wishing everyone a very happy Christmas," and she's enjoying spending her time with her folks.

Eric: Well, I'll be sure to text her and john later. It seems like that's the way a lot of us are gonna be, wishing each other a happy Christmas this year.

Steffy: [Laughs] Oh. Okay. Okay. "Once back inside, another one hides. Where it's tempting to flop, I caution you not, or your next gift will be flat as a pie." "Caution you." "Not flop." "Flat as a pie." [Gasps] The couch. The couch.

Liam: [Laughs]

Steffy: The couch. The c-- it's the couch, isn't it?

Liam: I don't know.

Steffy: Come -- [Gasps, chuckles]

Liam: [Chuckles]

Steffy: [Chuckles] Ohh.

Liam: So...

Steffy: Hold on.

Liam: ...I know...

Steffy: [Gasps]

Liam: ...You always have me to keep you warm, but now...

Steffy: Ohhh!

Liam: ...No freezing post-surf toes.

Steffy: Fuzzy! Thank you!

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: Mm. You're the best.

Liam: You just love me for my socks.

Steffy: Um, yeah, and also your Christmas scavenger hunt.

Liam: [Chuckles] Well, I got to keep you guessing somehow.

Steffy: [Chuckles]

Liam: Um... thank you. No, thank you... for, um... just understanding why I'd rather be here with you for Christmas instead of your grandfather's.

Steffy: Yeah, of course. I get it. Besides, we wouldn't get to do this over there.

Liam: Who-whoa! Oh. [Laughs] Bom ba-dum! Ba-dow! [Chuckles]

Steffy: [Laughs]

Bill: Okay. Take a look at this, all right? These are called "stocks." Now, you might think it's a little weird to bet against the market, but Daddy sees some indicators that --

Katie: Bill...

Bill: What? I am telling you, he is absorbing this information, and it's gonna bear fruit in a few years.

Will: Five years.

Katie: Oh, boy. Five years. Okay. I will take your word for it. [Laughs]

Bill: I got another idea. Let's use some inspiration. Put on "it's a wonderful life." Let's see Mr. Potter in action.

Katie: Oh, come on! He is not the hero of that movie! He is the villain!

Bill: What are you talking about?! I told you -- he's trying to save Bedford!

Katie: [Laughing] How many times do we have to have this conversation? Hey, bud, okay, we've got five minutes, okay? Five minutes and then we're gonna upstairs and take a nap, all right?

Bill: You hear mommy? Hmm?

Katie: You know, I was thinking of going over to Eric's and wishing him a Merry Christmas. I have Sarah here, and she can kind of keep an eye on things. Do you want to join me?

Eric: No, I think it's great that Zende's able to be with you and tony. It's wonderful. All right. Fine. Bye. [Sighs] Kristen sends her best.

Quinn: Call them.

Eric: What?

Quinn: I know you. I know that look. You want to be celebrating this holiday with your family. I know you want everybody to be celebrating this together -- all the festivities, singing around the piano.

Eric: You're right. Just one song. That's not asking too much, is it?

Quinn: No.

Wyatt: Uh... Ridge sings?

[Cell phone rings]

Rick: "'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."

Ridge: Hey, Dad. You beat me to it. Merry Christmas.

Eric: You, too, son. Look, what do you say you all come over here for a quick Christmas carol? We'll keep it short and traditional. I'd love to see R.J. and Brooke.

Ridge: Yeah, that sounds nice, but, you know, we got a lot of stuff going on here. Rick and Maya are over, and we got a sleep schedule, and -- come on, man -- you know I'm not really good at singing carols anyway, so, um, let's -- let's catch up over the holidays, okay? Merry Christmas, Dad.

Rick: "When what to my wondering eyes did appear..."

R.J.: It is just one Christmas carol.

Brooke: I always loved that -- everybody around the piano.

Rick: We don't want Dad thinking that we're boycotting him.

Ridge: Don't say that. This is totally different. We've got our own thing that we're doing.

Rick: [Groans] Dad's egg nog.

R.J.: You know, Granddad always loved hiding that ornament -- the one you made in kindergarten. He would hide it in the tree for me to find.

Ridge: We had some great times over there. We did. But we're having a great time here, as well, so...

R.J.: Right.

Maya: Yeah.

Rick: Yeah.

Pam: Merry Christmas, everybody!

Eric: That's a very nice skirt.

Pam: There were so many people down at the mission, Eric, but I was really happy we could be there to help.

Charlie: Yeah, but we didn't know if we'd get out on time, and that's why we texted.

Pam: Yeah.

Eric: Look, it's very sweet of you both, but hardly anybody's coming.

Pam: Oh, no. Now, nonsense, Eric. You deserve a proper Christmas feast -- prize turkey.

Eric: All right. Look, I feel that bad that you did all this work.

Pam: It's tradition, and, besides, it gets me in the spirit.

Charlie: And, besides, you know what else they say? They say, "to have the recipe..."

Both: "...Is to have the love."

Pam: Get it?

Eric: I do. Thank you.

Pam: Right?

Eric: Yeah. I get it.

Pam: Okay. We got to get in the kitchen, genius. Grab your ear.

Charlie: Oh, God. Here we go.

Pam: All right.

Charlie: Bye.

Pam: Fa la la la

Both: La la la la la la la la

Pam: Fa la la la la la la fa la la la la la la la la

Steffy: This is perfect.

[Cell phone rings]

Liam: Uh...answer that. I'm gonna set this up.

Steffy: Okay.

Liam: [Grunts]

Steffy: Merry Christmas, Granddad.

Eric: Steffy, hi. How's your holiday?

Steffy: It's good. It's great to hear your voice. Even more like Christmas now.

Eric: Yeah. I know that you and Liam want to have your own day together, start your own tradition, but what about coming over here and having, like, one Christmas carol, you know, around the piano? We'll have some egg nog. What do you say?

Steffy: I mean, that sounds really wonderful, but I-I think we're just gonna lay low, just the two of us. I mean, we haven't even got out of our pajamas yet.

Eric: Yeah. Well, okay. I'll put mine on, too. That would be more festive. What do you say? Come on. It's one carol.

Steffy: As tempting as it is... hey, I will definitely see you before new year's.

Eric: Okay, honey.

Steffy: Merry Christmas, Granddad.

Quinn: They passed?

Eric: Yeah. Maybe it wasn't such a hot idea anyway. What's one carol anyway?

Quinn: Are you okay?

Eric: You know what? I'm great. It's Christmas. I've got you.

Quinn: You do.

["What Child Is This?" Playing]

[Knock on door]

Katie: Hey. I texted you. Did you get my text?

Quinn: Are you kidding? It's okay! Come on in!

Katie: Yeah? Okay.

Quinn: Merry Christmas, Katie!

Katie: Hi! Merry Christmas.

Quinn: Hey, Bill.

Katie: Hey!

Eric: [Laughs]

Quinn: Eric, look who showed up!

Katie: Good to see you!

Wyatt: Merry Christmas.

Katie: Merry Christmas. [Chuckles]

Bill: Son.

Wyatt: Hey.

Bill: Hey. Good to see you.

Katie: Hi, my friend! Merry Christmas!

Eric: Thank you. Katie, it's Christmas. You didn't have to come over here.

Katie: Oh, of course I did! Will is napping. The nanny's there. Everything's taken care of. I wanted to come by and wish you a Merry Christmas.

Eric: Thank you.

["Joy To the World" playing]

Steffy: You know, I just feel a little nostalgic... and a little guilty. My grandfather asked us to come over and sing Christmas carols. I don't know why, but I just feel, like, so -- I just -- I don't know. This is silly. I don't know why I'm feeling this way.

Liam: Uh, you know what? I almost -- I almost forgot. There is, uh, one more gift -- one more.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Yep.

Steffy: No. Liam --

Liam: Close your eyes.

Steffy: Uh...

Liam: Close your eyes.

Steffy: ...Okay. What are you doing? Where are you going?

Liam: [Sighs] Open your eyes.

Steffy: [Laughing] Oh, boy. What is this?

Liam: I know I made a big stink out of not going over to your grandfather's house, for obvious reasons, but, um... more than anything, I just want you to have the best Christmas possible.

Steffy: Are you sure?

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: Ohh! You...have been a very good boy this year.

Liam: [Chuckles]

Steffy: And I'm sure that Santa's gonna make all your dreams come true tonight.

Liam: Just so we're clear, you're Santa in this scenario?

Steffy: Ho ho ho.

Liam: [Laughs]

Steffy: Well, actually, no. I mean...

Both: Cha cha cha.

Liam: Yeah.

Katie: Well, I can understand why everybody would want to do their own thing this year, but you had a full house at thanksgiving, right?

Eric: So many years of celebrating in this home -- holiday traditions.

[Pitch pipe plays]

R.J.: Guys, come on. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Maya: [Hums]

Ridge: [Hums off-key] [Chuckles]

Eric: You're here.

Ridge: We're here for you, Dad.

Rick: So... are you gonna let us in or what?

Eric: [Laughing] Yes! Yes, of course! Come in! Come in!

Maya: Hi, honey!

Eric: So glad to see you.

Maya: Oh, Merry Christmas.

Eric: Wonderful. What -- what about your plans? You had plans for your celebration. Where's Lizzy?

Rick: Who?

Maya: Oh.

Eric: Liz-- Lizzy.

Rick: Oh, my gosh!

Maya: No, no, no, no. No, Nicole and my parents are gonna bring her over after her nap.

Eric: Thank you.

Maya: Yeah.

Eric: Thanks. It's so good that you're here.

Charlie: Hi! Hi.

Eric: Hey.

Brooke: Oh, Eric. Ohh. You know what? Christmas wouldn't be the same without you.

Ridge: So, what song do you want us to butcher?

Eric: Yeah, you decide. You pick it, all right?

Brooke: Wait a minute.

Eric: Talk among yourselves.

Brooke: He doesn't butcher songs. No, that would be you.

Ridge: Why do you say that?

Brooke: You, in the shower. [Laughs] No, it's traditional.

R.J.: Oh, found it.

Eric: Oh. That must be some kind of a record. I thought I hid it better than that. I'm losing my touch, I think.

Rick: Ridge's early work was just so bad, it sticks out.

Maya: It's pretty terrible.

Ridge: Funny. Are we doing this?

Eric: Yes, absolutely. We are. We are. Now, everybody gather around the piano. Come on. I know you can do it. You've done it before. Don't deny it. I've seen it.


Eric: I cannot tell you -- yes, I can --


Eric: How much it means to me that you're here.

Steffy: Did we miss it?

Pam: Oh! Look who's here!

Liam: Better not, or else we broke the land-speed record from Malibu for nothing.

Steffy: Yeah.

Eric: No, you got here just in time, both of you. I'm so glad you're here -- both of you. Okay. Let's see. Um... uh...how 'bout "deck the halls," all right? In -- in the family key.

Quinn: Oh.

[Introduction playing]

[Notes play]

Steffy: Okay.

All: Deck the halls with bough of holly fa la la la la la la la la 'tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la don we now our gay apparel fa la la la la la la la la troll the ancient yuletide carol fa la la la la la la la la

[Slow piano music playing]

Ridge: Although we all planned to spend today separately... this is who we are... Forresters... actual or honorary. This is what we do.

[Music continues]

Steffy: Dad's right. What would Christmas be like without Pam and Charlie's cooking, Granddad's lethal egg nog, games, the traditions, the laughs? Thank you, Granddad... for making us all realize how important it is to keep the traditions alive. To the leader of this family.

[Music continues]

Katie: White chocolate? Ohh.

[Music continues]

Liam: Hey, you. Get in here.

Wyatt: [Laughs]

Liam: Look at that face. And there it is!

Eric: The most magnificent gifts in the world are the simplest. And one of the most beautiful and simplest gifts of this world is the gift of song. I'm so grateful to all of you for granting me this wish, for coming here today and keeping this Forrester tradition alive. Thank you. I asked for one song, and I got a boxful of memories that are gonna last me the rest of my life. So, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to every one of us -- each and every one.

[Music continues]

Steffy: One more song.

All: One more song! One more song! One more song! One more song!

Eric: I said one song.

All: One more song! One more song! One more song! One more song!

Eric: We...

All: Wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

McCook: From all of us at "The Bold and the Beautiful" to all of you...

All: Happy holidays!

[Cheers and applause]

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