B&B Transcript Thursday 12/22/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 12/22/16


Episode # 7484 ~ Liam talks Steffy into changing her plans for Christmas; Bill's holiday is dampened when he sees Ridge's gift to Brooke.

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[Insects chirping]

Ridge: It looks good on you.

Brooke: It's beautiful, Ridge. Stephanie's ring. Means so much.

Ridge: She'd be thrilled and proud.

Brooke: We're finally here, exactly where we're meant to be.

Ridge: And this time it's forever.

Liam: Best Christmas gift I ever got.

Steffy: Free kisses?

[Both chuckle]

Liam: Just you, here, and us back together.

Steffy: It's nice, isn't it? It's not even Christmas morning.

Liam: Yeah, but tomorrow will be here very soon.

Steffy: Yeah, we should probably figure out where we want to spend the day.

Liam: [Chuckles] Where we want to spend the day or where we should spend the day? What is everybody else doing? Have you -- have you talked to your grandfather?

Steffy: Well -- [Sighs]

Liam: Yeah. He's expecting everybody to go over there, isn't he?

Eric: I want my family here for the holiday. That's what I want.

Quinn: Of course you do, sweetheart.

Eric: It's a Forrester tradition. We have a big meal, we gather around the piano, we sing carols. It's a big celebration every year.

Quinn: I know, but your kids are getting older and they've got their own lives, they're making their own plans. Rick and Maya have their new baby.

Eric: Rick wants to celebrate Lizzy's first Christmas as a family. I get that. I'm not gonna let them spoil our first Christmas together.

Quinn: That's the spirit right there.

Charlie: Whoa! And I thought the kitchen was hot.

Pam: Charlie.

Eric: What is it, Charlie?

Pam: Well, we were only planning on baking tonight, but then I thought why not get a start on Christmas dinner, but we wanted to ask you how many people you think are gonna be coming tomorrow. Oh, that's too bad, Eric. I'm really sorry to hear that.

Charlie: But hey, hey, look at the bright side. That's more food for us. Pammy has made her chocolate truffles with sloe gin cranberries.

Quinn: Well, we understand. You know, people have their own lives.

Pam: I'm afraid that might not be the only reason that rick and Maya aren't coming.

Eric: We're well aware of the issues that some people have with our marriage. But this is a time to put differences aside. All I want is a little peace and harmony, to celebrate Christmas in this home.

Steffy: I've spent the holidays with my grandfather as long as I can remember.

Liam: I understand. Then again, that was before Quinn was in the picture, so...

Steffy: You managed to survive thanksgiving.

Liam: Not without a few cocktails.

Steffy: Liam, what --

Liam: No, it was good. It was really nice. And you did a phenomenal job bringing everybody together. It still didn't make it easy sitting at a table next to Quinn.

Steffy: Can we think about the Christmas carols?

Liam: Yeah, I mean, "12 days of Christmas" is kind of fun when everybody, like, acts it out.

Steffy: I know. And Granddad's eggnog and Pam's baked goods.

Liam: Yeah, well, look at you with the hard sell.

Steffy: See?

Liam: [Sighs] Things are just so much more complicated this year. They're so much more complicated than they were a month ago. I mean, especially with your grandfather telling me he doesn't support our relationship. It's -- I just...

Steffy: Are you saying you don't want to go?

Ridge: I don't want you thinking just because I got you something great that you now have to go and get me something great.

Brooke: Well, you definitely outdid me.

Ridge: You want -- we have time to --

R.J.: Look at you two. You know, I never get tired of seeing you two together.

Brooke: Are you angling for more presents?

R.J.: Me? No way.

Ridge: We have some news. We're getting a puppy.

Brooke: [Laughs] No. We're getting married. [Laughs]

R.J.: Are you serious?

Brooke: Yes.

R.J.: Oh, my God.

Brooke: [Laughs]

R.J.: Stop, stop, stop!

Steffy: I don't want to spend Christmas with Quinn any more than you do.

Liam: Then let's not. Let's just stay here.

Steffy: He's counting on me to be there. He wants the whole family there.

Liam: [Sighs] Yeah, good luck with that. I mean, Quinn has basically alienated everybody except her son.

Steffy: [Groans] [Sighs] It's definitely not gonna be the same this year. Quinn's portrait on the fireplace, the whole energy throughout the house. It just... really makes me miss my grandmother.

Liam: See? Even you don't want to go over there. And they certainly don't want me around. I mean, would -- would it be so bad if we skipped this year and -- and reconvene next Christmas? I mean, the odds are by then Eric will have come to his senses, and that means Quinn wouldn't be in the picture.

Steffy: Hmm. I hope so.

Liam: I'm not trying to make this difficult.

Steffy: I get why you're not excited to go over there.

Liam: I want this to be a Merry Christmas for both of us. I want to be alone with you. I want to curl up by that fire, and I want to drink eggnog, and I want to listen to Nat King Cole.

Steffy: That sounds good to me, too.

R.J.: So this is the thing you've been so mysterious about.

Ridge: Yeah, it was grandmother's.

R.J.: Really?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

R.J.: Oh, that's cool.

Brooke: I love it so much. It's so special. And I love both of you so much. Our fabulous little family, right? [Laughs]

Ridge: What do you think? We're under the same roof!

R.J.: Are you kidding me? I mean, I've wanted this since I was old enough to talk.

Brooke: Our greatest supporter.

R.J.: I'm really happy for you guys.

Ridge: We're happy, too.

Brooke: Yes, we are.

R.J.: Well, uh, I got to start my Christmas shopping, so...

Ridge: What?!

Brooke: What?! Wait, Christmas is tomorrow.

R.J.: Yeah. And you guys are both free to get me nothing, all right? This is the best present ever.

Ridge: Wait, what about that phone you had your eye on?

R.J.: I'm good. I really am. I love you guys, all right?

Brooke: [Sighs] He couldn't be happier.

[Door closes]

Ridge: I know. And I knew he would be happy. I knew that.

Brooke: Let's just stay here tomorrow and celebrate in our house.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: Yeah?

Ridge: Things are weird with Dad anyway. And Quinn is there, so yeah, let's do that.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: But I have to go talk to Steffy first.

Brooke: You're gonna leave?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: You just proposed to me, and now you're gonna leave.

Ridge: No, don't look at it that way. The sooner I leave, the sooner I'm gonna be back, and then we can...celebrate.

Brooke: Oh. I see.

Ridge: Learned my lesson. I'm never gonna leave you again.

Pam: You know, I got to say, Quinn did a pretty darn good job decorating. [Scoffs] With all these beautiful decorations, though, and all the chopping and basting we've done, I hope it doesn't go to waste.

Charlie: Ahem. Cough, cough. Ahem.

Pam: What?

Charlie: I hope this doesn't go to waste.

Pam: [Chuckling] Oh, Charlie. Oh, well. What the heck.

Charlie: Well, hallelujah. Praise be. It's a Christmas miracle.

Pam: Oh, now stop it. But seriously, Charlie, what if we're the only ones here tomorrow?

Quinn: Hurry.

Eric: Can I open my eyes now? Open my eyes now?

Quinn: No, no, no. Keep them closed.

Eric: How many steps are there?

Quinn: You got three more, okay?

Eric: All right.

Quinn: You got one.

Eric: I don't like this eyes-closed business.

Quinn: Two. [Laughs] Three. Make a turn.

Eric: Turn?

Quinn: And come towards me. We're on the grass now.

Eric: Come towards you. On the grass. Got it.

Quinn: And you're gonna take one more step up.

Eric: A step up? There it is. Yeah, I got it.

Quinn: All right.

Eric: Yeah?

Quinn: Keep walking.

Eric: What are you doing, Quinn?

Quinn: Keep going and take a step down. Step down.

Eric: Down.

Quinn: Yes, yes.

Eric: What are you doing? Where are you taking me?

Quinn: I told you. I have a surprise for you.

Eric: No, we agreed no surprises until Christmas morning.

Quinn: Yes, I know, but this one couldn't wait. Eyes closed. Remember I told you that I was gonna shower you with love and affection.

Eric: Yes, I remember.

Quinn: [Laughs] Well, be prepared to get wet. Open.

Eric: Ohh! An outdoor shower?!

Quinn: An outdoor shower!

Eric: This is great!

Quinn: [Laughs]

Eric: You did this?!

Quinn: Yes!

Eric: This is fantastic! Fantastic. [Laughs]

[Knock on door]

Bill: Merry Christmas, Brooke.

Eric: Quinn, this is fantastic! This is great! How -- w-what made you come up with this?

Quinn: You've mentioned before that you've always wanted an outdoor shower.

Eric: Well, I have. I've wanted to do it for years, but I never got around to it. This is a huge undertaking!

Quinn: Yeah, the most difficult part was getting it installed without you finding out.

Eric: Well, mission accomplished. This is a total surprise.

Quinn: [Laughs] I'm so glad.

Eric: Oh, I can't wait to try it out with my sexy wife.

Quinn: Ahh, well, I may have already tried it out.

Eric: You have?

Quinn: Yeah, yeah.

Eric: Is there enough, uh, enough privacy here? Anybody see you?

Quinn: Uh, not unless you're lurking in the bushes.

Eric: [Laughs] Well, thank you. It's a wonderful gift. I love it. [Chuckles]

Ridge: Hey. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Liam: Not at all. Can I get you anything? A beer?

Ridge: No, I'm good, thanks. The house looks great.

Steffy: Yeah, um, actually Liam and I were just talking about Christmas plans.

Ridge: Ah. That's kind of why I'm here, too.

Liam: Yeah, so what are you gonna do? I mean, I'm guessing you want to spend it with Brooke.

Steffy: You gonna go to Granddad's?

Ridge: Uh, are you?

Liam: That's kind of the issue we're having. Please sit down.

Ridge: Thank you.

Liam: Um...

Steffy: Yeah, uh, Liam actually, uh, he feels uncomfortable about going there.

Ridge: I don't blame you. Wyatt's gonna be there and Quinn and all her imaginary friends.

Liam: [Laughs]

Ridge: It's gonna be crowded.

Liam: It -- it's too much. I respect Eric. You know I do. But with him telling me how he feels about Steffy and my relationship, that's uncomfortable.

Ridge: I hear you.

Steffy: It's just -- it's weird. It's not gonna be the same being without Granddad. It's like we're always at his house for the holidays.

Ridge: I know.

Steffy: It's just different now, so, um... we're thinking we're gonna spend Christmas here.

Liam: And if we do, you and Brooke and R.J. are welcome to join.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, please come, because, like, Liam's gonna make this thing called tofurkey. It's, like, not turkey at all. It's just like tofu.

Liam: Oh, come on. Steffy.

Ridge: You know what? Thank you. That sounds... uh... Brooke and R.J. and I, we're gonna spend some time, much-needed alone time, because we're gonna officially be a family again.

Steffy: Wait, did you propose?

Ridge: Yeah. I gave her grandma's ring. Brooke and I are getting married.

Brooke: What are you doing here, Bill?

Bill: I had to come see you, wish you a Merry Christmas in person.

Brooke: Merry Christmas. Come in.

Bill: Well, this isn't exactly how I expected to be celebrating today. I thought I'd be with you, the two of us here. Of course, it didn't work out that way. But it doesn't mean I'm giving up on us. I'm not. I refuse to believe that it's over between us. You chose Forrester for R.J.'S sake, for the sake of your family, but I know that if --

Eric: Okay, now, you have to let me give you one of your presents.

Quinn: No! No! I want you to keep me guessing. I want to open them on Christmas morning.

Eric: All right. You can open your presents with everybody else tomorrow.

Quinn: Deal.

Eric: I cannot wait to show everybody my shower.

Quinn: [Laughs]

Eric: Ridge is gonna be so envious.

Quinn: Ehh.

Eric: Oh, he is.

Quinn: Who are you calling?

Eric: Steffy.

Steffy: I am so happy for you. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I think grandma would be very thrilled for you and Brooke.

Ridge: Yeah.

Liam: Well, you work quick. Congratulations.

[Cell phone rings]

Steffy: [Sighs] Hey, Granddad.

Eric: Hi, Steffy, I'm calling to find out about when you're coming tomorrow.

Steffy: Yeah, actually, um, Liam and I, we've decided we're gonna spend the holiday here at home.

Eric: Oh.

Steffy: Well, it's just because we're, like, newly back together, and we just want to lay low, just the two of us.

Eric: I understand. You have your own lives now, and I respect that.

Steffy: Thank you for understanding.

Ridge: Let me talk to him.

Steffy: Dad's here. He wants to talk with you. I love you.

Ridge: Hey, Dad.

Eric: Son.

Ridge: I have some news. Brooke and I got engaged.

Eric: That's -- that's wonderful. I'm very happy about that. That's great news.

Ridge: So we're gonna spend the day tomorrow with R.J.

Eric: You have your family together now. Well, congratulations on the engagement. I think that's wonderful. Give, um, give Brooke and R.J. My love, all right? Merry Christmas, son.

Quinn: Did I just hear that Ridge and Brooke got engaged?

Eric: Yeah. And, uh, they're not coming. Steffy and Liam aren't coming, either.

Quinn: [Sighs] I'm so sorry, honey. It's because of me.

Eric: No. No, no, it's not because of you. Not at all. It's a shame we're not gonna be together this Christmas. It's such a tradition in our family.

Quinn: We're gonna have a wonderful Christmas. No matter what.

Bill: He just couldn't wait. Forrester couldn't get that ring on your finger fast enough.

Brooke: I didn't want you find out this way.

Bill: Not gonna deny it. It's hard for me. This whole experience has been very, uh, very humbling. I've had to swallow my pride with you like I never have in my life.

Brooke: I know it hasn't been easy. And it doesn't seem fair. But just know that I really didn't want to hurt you. And I hate that I let you down. But I didn't even expect this myself. I didn't know things were gonna turn out this way. I am gonna get married. And R.J., he has his parents back together, and he was really happy. If you could have just seen the smile on his face. I know this is -- this is hard to understand, but I realize that I can't just [Sniffles] Follow my heart all the time.

Bill: Are you trying to convince me of that... or yourself? If you're not following your heart, what else is there, Brooke?

Brooke: I've just hurt too many people, and I'm not gonna do it anymore. I have to think about my son and my family.

Bill: You're gonna do the honorable thing, what's best for R.J.

Brooke: Yes, of course. And I-I think about Katie and will.

Bill: You're putting everyone ahead of yourself. You think that Forrester putting that ring on your finger is the answer. Come on, Brooke. You know him better than anybody. It's just a matter of time before he leaves you, hurts you, disrespects you, disappoints you. And that's why I'm here. That's why I'm swallowing my pride, which you know I never do. That's why I will never stop fighting for us. Because despite that damn ring, we'll have our time. We will have our life together.

[Door opens]

[Insects chirping]

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