B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/21/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/21/16


Episode # 7483 ~ Eric anticipates a harmonious Christmas for the Forrester family; Ridge promises Brooke & RJ a holiday they will never forget.

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Eric: [Humming "Deck the Halls"] Is still so much to do.

Eric: Well, if we run out of time, we'll just throw tinsel all over everything.

Quinn: That's very festive.

Eric: Yeah. I hope so.

Quinn: It's gonna be wonderful. Our first Christmas together.

Eric: Another chance to unite our families.

Maya: You ready for your first Christmas?

Rick: Not excited enough to stay awake, I guess.

Maya: I know. I need to get her down to daycare for her nap. Aww.

Rick: Santa's gonna be so good to you. And your mama.

Maya: Oh, I have everything I need. I just want it to be a special day for her, you know?

Rick: Yeah.

Maya: I mean, I know that she probably will be more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents, but it'll still be her first stocking and her first ornament. Isn't that right? Oh!

Rick: See, that's what I was thinking. Maybe we could do this at home, mark the occasion.

Ridge: Hey.

R.J.: Hey, Dad.

Ridge: Where's Mom?

R.J.: Oh, wrapping presents.

Ridge: Ooh. Well, I'm not gonna spoil the surprise, then.

R.J.: Who said she was wrapping anything for you?

Ridge: [Sighs] You're probably right. You know Lizzy's gonna get the lion's share this year.

R.J.: Yeah.

Ridge: What about you?

R.J.: I already got what I want. You and mom together. Best gift ever.

Ridge: For all of us.

R.J.: Yeah, well, you know she still thinks you're getting her a present, right? So, uh, hope you did.

Ridge: You bet I did.

Maya: Won't your dad be expecting us, honey?

Rick: I think he'll understand.

Nicole: [Gasps] There's my gorgeous niece!

Maya: Who is that?

Nicole: Pam said she escaped from daycare again.

Maya: Yeah, she might have had some help. [Chuckles]

Nicole: Come here, you. If you want to play hooky, you need to come shopping with me. And we can go look at all the pretty decorations at the mall.

Maya: Oh, my gosh. That is a great idea. Can we please do that after she takes her nap? Unless -- unless you have other plans.

Nicole: Who would I have other plans with?

Maya: I know things have been hard since you and Zende broke up.

Rick: [Clears throat] Zende.

Zende: Hey. Hey, didn't mean to interrupt.

Nicole: No, we were just, uh --

Maya: We were just discussing our holiday plans. Hey, listen, rick, I'm gonna take -- I'm gonna take Lizzy back to daycare, okay?

Rick: Okay.

Maya: Okay.

Rick: We were just discussing how we're gonna spend Lizzy's first Christmas.

Eric: I haven't really talked to my family about their plans for tomorrow.

Quinn: Don't they usually spend Christmas with you?

Eric: Uh-huh. I shouldn't really take it for granted this year. I am gonna invite them, though. I mean, thanksgiving went very well thanks to Steffy.

Quinn: Well, hopefully they'll continue to follow her lead.

Eric: Making her C.E.O. of the company hasn't changed their attitude towards you yet, but maybe having them here for Christmas will do the trick.

R.J.: So, what is it? And none of this, [Deep voice] "Oh, it's gonna be great stuff."

Ridge: Is that gonna be me? Is that my voice? It is gonna be great.

R.J.: Well, it's your first Christmas back together, all right? You got to do something special, pull out all the stops.

Ridge: What is more special than spending the rest of your life with this?

R.J.: [Chuckles] I think you can do better than that.

Ridge: Huh.

R.J.: So, what is it?

Ridge: Okay. It's, uh... a secret.

R.J.: Come on. You can tell me.

Brooke: Thought I heard you two down here. What are you whispering about?

R.J.: I told Dad you were wrapping presents upstairs, trying to figure out what he'd be getting.

Ridge: Would I do that?

Brooke: Your father's always more into giving gifts than into getting them.

Ridge: Mm-hmm. Definitely true this year.

R.J.: Well, uh, he's planned something big, so...

Brooke: That's very sweet. I'm sure I'll love whatever it is that you get me. But I thought that this year was going to be about something different, about being together and celebrating our love for each other.

Ridge: Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking.

Brooke: It's been awhile since we've had a Christmas like this.

R.J.: Yeah, yeah. Reunited as a family.

Ridge: So we should do something to mark the occasion.

Brooke: Yes. And we will. Rick wants to do that, too, with Maya and Lizzy since this is Lizzy's first Christmas, and new parents always want to do something very special, you know, memorable, savor the moment.

Ridge: Not just new parents.

R.J.: Is this your way of telling me you want to be alone?

Ridge: Yes.

Brooke: No!

Ridge: No. No, come here!

Brooke: [Laughs]

Ridge: I'm so excited we're back together. It's fantastic. This is a Christmas we'll never forget.

Nicole: I thought you always went to your dad's for Christmas.

Rick: It's my favorite family tradition.

Maya: Mine, too. But things have been difficult for rick and his dad.

Rick: Yeah, look, I'm not trying to punish him or hurt him in any way. I want to say I feel terrible about missing the wedding.

Zende: We all do.

Rick: We tried to make it right during thanksgiving. We all did our best to get along.

Nicole: That didn't last long.

Rick: Don't get me wrong. I still got problems with Quinn and her relationship with dad and her role in Steffy's promotion. But I would put all that aside. I would go make small talk with my dad. I'd drink his hi-test eggnog. But what I really want is to be able to spend the holiday with my wife and my daughter. I want to make Lizzy's Christmas magical. I-I want to feel that experience. And I want to see it through our daughter's eyes.

Maya: We get to make our own Christmas memories.

Rick: I just hope my dad understands that.

Eric: Ahh, this one's very special. Look at that. This one has been around since Kristen and Felicia were little ones.

Quinn: Hmm. I'm sorry they can't be here with you this year.

Eric: Yeah, well, they don't live in L.A. I can't expect them to be here for every event.

Quinn: Yeah, but they know how important Christmas is to you.

Eric: Which is why I'm so glad to be spending it with you. Look at me. I'm healthy again. The company's in good hands. We have a lot to celebrate, you and I.

Quinn: I know, but I know that you want to share that with your family.

Eric: That would be a wonderful gift.

Quinn: I know. And I wish I could give that to you. I wish that I could just win them all over and prove to them that I love you.

Eric: Well, you proved it to me, didn't you? That's all that matters.

Quinn: Oh, but is it? I mean, if it's just the two of us, if Christmas is more like our wedding than thanksgiving?

Eric: All we can do is invite them, right?

Quinn: [Sighs] Well, if they care about you as much as they say they do, they'll show up.

Eric: I just won't count on it very much. I'll invite them, and we'll see what happens. Look, this -- this family's been through its own share of crises, and we've always managed to come together for Christmas. We'll do it again this year.

Quinn: Peace on earth and all that good stuff.

Eric: All that good stuff, yeah.

Quinn: [Chuckles] How lovely.

Eric: Yeah. Look, they don't want to disappoint me again. I know. They know that boycotting our wedding was wrong, and they don't want to do that again. Christmas in this house has been a great cherished tradition in this family. I'm sure they're gonna honor it. [Chuckles]

Quinn: Is there a specific way you want me to do this?

Eric: Whatever you do, it'll be fine.

Quinn: Uh, well, are there any old photos in some family albums or something? I just -- I don't want -- I don't want your family coming over and thinking I've changed things.

Eric: Change can be good. You and I are proof of that.

Quinn: I want your kids to feel at home.

Eric: I'll make some of my eggnog. Everything will be fine.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Why? Does your eggnog have some sort of magical properties?

Eric: Magical?

Quinn: Uh-huh.

Eric: No. More medicinal.

Quinn: What is that supposed to mean?

Eric: If you have enough of it.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Maybe -- maybe I'm not the only reason that your family isn't beating down the door to come to Christmas this year.

Eric: Maybe. It does seem odd that none of them have called me about it.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Nicole: Cookies. That's what I remember the most, mom's cookies.

[Cell phone rings]

Maya: So good.

Nicole: They were amazing.

Rick: Oh, it's, uh, it's my dad. I'm sorry. Hey, dad.

Eric: Rick, you have a second?

Rick: Yeah, sure. I was, uh, I was just about to call you.

Eric: Quinn and I are getting the house all ready for Christmas. We're really looking forward to seeing you and Maya and Lizzy here tomorrow.

Rick: Yeah, yeah, that's, uh, something that I actually wanted to talk to you about. Maya and I, we're thinking about doing something a little bit different this year.

Eric: You have other plans?

Rick: It's Lizzy's first Christmas. We were thinking about spending it at home.

Eric: I see.

Rick: We -- we have Christmas at your house every year, and it's great. But -- but this year Maya and I, we're thinking about having a few traditions of our own. And, you know, dad, this has nothing to do with Quinn or trying to hurt you. I want you to know that. I want this Christmas for Lizzy to be special.

Eric: I understand.

Rick: We'll find some time to get together at home.

Eric: I would like that. I'll talk to you soon.

R.J.: Isn't granddad expecting us at his place for Christmas?

Ridge: Honestly, I'm not sure what your grandfather's expecting from me these days. But we still have time to figure out what we want to do.

R.J.: And to figure out what you're getting Mom. You're gonna tell me. You told me about the heart on the beach.

Ridge: All right, I will tell you. In time.

R.J.: Well, Mom's waited a long time for you to come to your senses, so, uh, better be good.

Ridge: Well...

Brooke: You and your dad are two of the most precious gifts in my life. I don't need anything else.

R.J.: Oh, man. Well, looks like you're gonna need to step up your game.

Brooke: [Laughs] Wow. He's never been afraid to speak his mind.

Ridge: No. Why did we teach him that?

Brooke: I meant it when I said I don't need a gift. Reuniting the family, seeing how happy R.J. Is, knowing that I made the right decision for us, for myself, that's the best gift I could ever receive.

Ridge: I agree. But the most important woman in my life deserves something special.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Zende: Rick and Maya seem excited about their first Christmas with Lizzy.

Nicole: Yeah, it's sweet.

Zende: You know, you made it possible for them. Uh, did you get all your shopping done?

Nicole: Almost.

Zende: Anything you're hoping to get from Santa? Look, I-I know this is impossible and I probably shouldn't be saying this, but the only thing that I want for Christmas is to be with you.

Nicole: Zende, you can't.

Zende: I know I hurt you. I-I don't want to make it harder on you, you know. So I came to tell you that I'm spending the holidays with my parents. I wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and to let you know that I am not over you. And I doubt I ever will be. I love you, Nicole.

Quinn: Rick and Maya can't make it?

Eric: No, they're not coming.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Eric: They're new parents. They want to celebrate as a family.

Quinn: Well, that's understandable.

Eric: Yeah, it is. Rick was very clear they're not shutting us out. It's just that it's Lizzy's first Christmas.

Quinn: Well, I'm sure you must have wanted to be a part of that, too.

Eric: I understand it, though. I had that experience with my kids. I know how much it'll mean to rick.

Quinn: It's okay to be disappointed, Eric.

Eric: I am a little. But it wasn't a rebuke. He made a promise that we'll all get together soon.

Quinn: Well, that's a step in the right direction.

Eric: Well, I think it is. I just had this picture in my mind, though, of Lizzy hanging her first ornament on the family tree. A wonderful tradition, you know? Celebrating the -- the growth in our family and the changes in our lives.

Quinn: Well, you know, that still can happen, because Wyatt's gonna be here. He's not little, but he can still put his first ornament on that tree.

Eric: [Chuckles] He'd better. Yeah, it's gonna be wonderful. We'll miss rick and Maya and Lizzy, but everyone else will be here.

Brooke: What is it?

Ridge: This is a box.

Brooke: Yes, I see. I see.

Ridge: It's your Christmas present.

Brooke: Okay. Uh, what did I say about getting gifts?

Ridge: Open it!

Brooke: I really think we should wait.

Ridge: I wanted to wait, but then we're talking about Christmas and now I'm all excited, so just open the box.

Brooke: [Laughs] Well, it's not making any noise and it's not heavy enough to be a gown.

Ridge: Maybe it's a flimsy gown.

Brooke: Ohhh. A negligee. That's why you couldn't say anything in front of R.J.!

Ridge: That would have been a great idea, but no, we'll do that valentine's day. Remind me.

Brooke: Oh, I will. So? Any more hints?

Ridge: Mnh-mnh. Well, okay, um, I don't know. What could I possibly give to the woman I love so much just to remind her of all the great moments we spent together and how much I treasure them, how much I'm gonna treasure the moments that we will spend together? Whatever it is, is gonna be pretty unique.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Ridge: Unique like you. Like this time in our life. We've given each other a lot of presents over the years, haven't we? Passion and inspiration, support. A beautiful boy. I don't even know how many holidays we spent together as a couple and apart. But that's my point. I don't -- I don't want to be apart from you anymore. Open the box.

Brooke: [Laughs] Okay. [Laughs] You really wrapped this. [Gasps] Stephanie's ring.

Ridge: My mother always wanted us to be together. A wise woman. She loved you as much as I love you. And she wanted you to be the matriarch of this family. You know what? If she's looking down right now, she wouldn't be too pleased with my dad's choices. But I think she'd be pretty pleased with mine. So what do you think, Logan? Will you marry me?

Brooke: [Sighs] Yes. Yes, ridge. I will marry you. [Sighs]

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