B&B Transcript Friday 12/16/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/16/16


Episode # 7480 ~ Liam makes an emotional plea to Eric to get him to realize that Quinn is manipulating him; Katie refuses to get wrapped up in Brooke's relationship drama.

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Wyatt: Okay, pick up the file, and pretend that you're passing it to someone, and in a powerful, sexy way. Give me sexy! Get that sexy on!

Steffy: We can't post this!

Wyatt: Why not?

Steffy: My feet on the desk?

Wyatt: You're the C.E.O., aren't you? You got to own that!

Steffy: Thank you for being so happy for me.

Wyatt: How could I not be? Right. My brother. On a scale of 1 to 10, how unhappy is he?

Steffy: Not sure. How high would you score storming off to speak to my grandfather?

Liam: Do you understand that Quinn's words are coming out of your mouth right now?

Eric: Don't do this.

Liam: Are you telling me that you would support Steffy leaving me for Wyatt?

Eric: Yes. He's my stepson. He's family. He's loyal.

Liam: He is loyal to his mother. I'm loyal to Steffy, Eric.

Quinn: Until hope walks in the room. Or ivy.

Liam: Please do not listen to this woman who kidnapped me, who tried to kill me, who manipulated all of us, and she's still doing it, by the way. Except, this time, she doesn't need a secret cabin in the woods to get what she wants because, Eric, she's got you right here, hidden away in your own home. And you don't even realize it. The woman is using you. She's using you for your company, for your power, for your influence. And you can't let her get away with it.

Katie: And, here we are, back in the living room again.

Brooke: It's wonderful. This is perfect for you and will.

Katie: I know. I love it. And it's all mine. I mean, I never felt right in bill's house. I mean, he bought it, he picked it out. I was not part of that process, but this -- this is all me.

Brooke: Have you said anything to him?

Katie: Um, no, we haven't really talked about your new relationship status.

Brooke: Well, go ahead. You can let me have it. I took your husband, I tore your family apart, and then...

Katie: And then you went back to Ridge, just like everyone knew you would.

Pam: Yoo-hoo! Special delivery!

Steffy: Special delivery? I'm not expecting anything.

Pam: Presenting Nicole... and, drum roll please... [Imitates drum roll] Ta-da!

Nicole: Time to make it official.

Steffy: [Laughing] Oh!

Brooke: Do you hate me?

Katie: No. You made the best decision for yourself, right?

Brooke: Yes.

Katie: Well, then, good. I'm glad for you. I'm doing the same thing. I'm moving on.

Brooke: Are you?

Katie: Yes. I mean, first of all, I don't really have any choice, but, really, I am -- I'm happy. And, to be honest, you know what, I will listen to you, I will be there for you, but I really don't want to be in the middle of you and Bill and Ridge. I don't want to be involved in that. I've got enough drama of my own, anyway.

Brooke: Really? Something wrong?

Katie: Well, I'm living next door to Quinn. I've got a lot to catch you up on.

Eric: Your opinion of Quinn can't be trusted. It's biased.

Liam: Eric, I don't have opinions about Quinn. I have facts. I am living proof of what she's capable of.

Quinn: What I was capable of!

Liam: Oh, for God's sake --

Eric: People can change. People can change. I believe there's good in everyone. Everyone makes mistakes. I know I have.

Liam: Eric, "mistake" implies regret. She's got none of that going on. She's proud of what she's done, the crimes she's committed, the malicious, calculated --

Eric: All right, that's enough. I won't have you talking about my wife in my house. Not like this. If you can't be respectful, I want you to get out.

Katie: Should I brew another pot?

Brooke: Forget about the tea. I want to hear about this kiss.

Katie: It was nothing! It was a peck on the cheek. It was totally innocent.

Brooke: Well, now I understand this Quinn drama that you're talking about. Of course, she would be jealous!

Katie: Well, she claims she's not jealous at all. She just wants me to know my place. She thinks I'm after something.

Brooke: Her husband?

Katie: No, not her husband. Maybe the company. I don't know. All I know is she's upset and she thinks I'm behaving totally inappropriately, and... maybe she has a point.

Brooke: Don't let her intimidate you.

Katie: Oh, I know, I'm just, you know, wondering.

Brooke: Wondering what? If she's right? Do you have feelings for Eric?

Katie: No, of course not! I mean, I adore him. He's always been so good to us. All of us Logans.

Brooke: Well, yeah, I'd understand if you had a crush on him...

Katie: This is not middle school, I do not have a crush on him. I am concerned about him. His wife is not right in the head, and we all know that she is capable of... [Sighs] ...Terrible things. I think the woman that she is on the inside -- that woman hasn't gone away. Don't you think?

Liam: Eric, I-I'm not trying to be disrespectful to you. I'm looking out for Steffy.

Eric: So am I. Liam, I like you well enough, but I try to differentiate between my friends whom I like and my family whom I love. There's nothing I wouldn't do for my family. Quinn is my wife. And Wyatt is her son.

Liam: Just so I'm clear, are you -- are you telling me that you are now a part of Quinn's plan to manipulate Steffy into going back to Wyatt?

Eric: Like I said, there's nothing I wouldn't do.

Liam: [Exhales sharply] What? Even -- even stepping down as C.E.O. and giving the title to Steffy...

Eric: She deserves that position.

Liam: I know.

Eric: She's well qualified. I don't have to explain my decisions to you. I don't have to.

Liam: You know what? When the whole point is to destroy my relationship, yeah, you kind of do.

Eric: All right, well, then maybe we should try this. Let's try this on for size. Could it possibly be that you have such a dismal history when it comes to relationships?

Liam: Excuse me?

Eric: Do you deny it? Waffling back and forth between these two young ladies that I care so much about? You know, the only time you have any kind of a commitment to Steffy is when hope is out of town, and vice versa, let alone stringing ivy along just for fun. It's appalling, really. No commitment there. No commitment from you at all. Now, Wyatt -- he doesn't waver. He sticks to his commitments. You know, if it were your granddaughter, which one would you prefer?


Wyatt: Pam, don't you want to call maintenance to do that?

Pam: I know how to use a hammer, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Right, but why do you need a hammer?

Pam: Okay.

Nicole: Looks good.

Pam: Hey!

Steffy: It sure does. Thank you.

Wyatt: Nameplate on the door. This job's starting to get serious.

Steffy: Right?

Pam: Okay, Nicole. Maybe you have time to wait around all day admiring my handiwork, but we've got work to do. Come on. You know that inventory list...

Steffy: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: Steffy Forrester, C.E.O.

Steffy: I probably shouldn't be so happy about a little sign, I know.

Wyatt: What are you talking about? You should be proud of this! I'm proud of this!

Steffy: Thank you.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Steffy: God, it feels -- it feels kind of weird. I mean... I should be thanking your mom. You know? She -- she hasn't even, like, done a power trip or anything like that.

Wyatt: Instead, she handed you the power. Look, I know this is hard to believe, but... I think my mother does want the best for you and your family. She doesn't have to be a problem for you anymore. She doesn't have to be a problem for...us, either.

Brooke: People can change. They can grow into better versions of themselves.

Katie: Even Quinn?

Brooke: Yeah, I don't know. That's a hard one.

Katie: I'm already seeing signs of the old Quinn. I mean, you can get little glimpses.

Brooke: Well, I'm not sure if you can count how she reacts to you kissing her husband.

Katie: On the cheek!

Brooke: Still. That would be threatening to any woman.

Katie: It's more than that. Quinn hates me. She tries to hide it, but I can tell. She looks at me, and it is not the "new and improved" Quinn looking at me. It's like she's ready to strike.

Brooke: I don't like the sound of that.

Katie: Well, neither do I, but what am I gonna do about it?

Brooke: Tell Eric.

Katie: Tell him what? That his wife is crazy? He's already heard that from everybody in his family.

Brooke: No, don't tell him his wife is crazy. Tell him what you've observed -- the tone in her voice, the look in her eye -- and let him draw his own conclusion. And he may not see it today. But he will remember your words when he's ready to see Quinn for who she really is.

Steffy: I'm pleasantly surprised that your mom hasn't been a complete disaster for my company and my grandfather. Yet.

Wyatt: Yet.

Steffy: I mean, I don't... mean for that come off, you know...

Wyatt: Can I see your hand?

Steffy: What?

Wyatt: Your hand. Give it to me.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Wyatt: Steffy. It's fading. It's not gone. Like us. It's why California has a six-month waiting period for divorces -- for people like us that are rushing into bad decisions, so they can reverse it.

Steffy: Wyatt...

Wyatt: Steffy. Just listen to me. We've still got time. You know, maybe your ring doesn't have to fade away. Maybe it can look like this again.

Eric: Liam, I understand your intentions here. I really do. I think that you probably see yourself as the hero in all of these relationships. But I think you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Like what's going with Steffy right now, for instance. She's a married woman.

Liam: She's getting a divorce.

Eric: She's a married woman, and she's living with you. I'm not sure that's an appropriate situation for the C.E.O. of a high-profile company. She has many fans, she has many followers on social media. I'm thinking that there might be a better, more suitable living arrangement for her.

Liam: What are you -- what are saying, exactly?

Eric: I'm gonna ask her to move in here with me.

Liam: You mean with Wyatt.

Eric: Do you know how much I would love that? To have my granddaughter living here with me, with her husband, running our company from our house?

Liam: Eric, Eric, Eric. Listen to me. Listen to me. Damn it, I have been where you are. I've been exactly where you are. I have swallowed every word she said. I've been immersed in the fairy tale, and I am telling you she is not who she says she is. And the fact that she's got you convinced Wyatt is some kind of golden boy --

Eric: Quinn and Wyatt are good people. Steffy used to know this about Wyatt. She was happy with him. He made her happy. He made her laugh. He made her feel secure. Unlike you, where it was one crisis after another. I have chosen Steffy to take this company into the future. And that future is without you.

Katie: You know, you really don't have to come with me.

Brooke: No, I want to. Eric should know we're both serious about this.

[Cell phone chimes]

Brooke: Oh, shoot.

Katie: What?

Brooke: It's R.J.

Katie: Is something wrong?

Brooke: Well, he says it's an emergency, but you know teenagers. He could be missing his phone charger or something.

Katie: Go. Take care of R.J. I don't want Eric to feel ganged up on.

Brooke: Are you sure?

Katie: Yeah. Don't worry. I can handle Eric.

Brooke: No doubt. But can you handle Quinn?

Steffy: I appreciate that you believe in us. But it's just --

Wyatt: But Liam.

Steffy: Yes. But Liam.

Wyatt: Steffy. He's already showing you where he stands. You get this amazing job, this incredible opportunity, and instead of supporting you, where is he? He's off scolding your grandfather for even giving it to you. You're chasing your tail on this one. You're getting nowhere. And you might realize this before our divorce is final. You might even realize it now.

Steffy: What I realize is that you always know how to turn on the charm.

Wyatt: Me?

Steffy: Yeah, you.

[Cell phones chime]

Wyatt: It's one of my talents.

Steffy: Mm.

Wyatt: And one of yours is attracting followers. Are you seeing this?

Steffy: 10 million? Is this real right now?

Wyatt: Yes.

Steffy: This is --

Wyatt: Do you remember when we had 1 million and how happy we were? This is crazy! I mean, how many C.E.O.S can say that have 10 million followers? Ridge has, what, like 10? 20?

Steffy: Well, maybe if you followed him around and took sexy pictures of him...

Wyatt: Okay, that --

Steffy: I don't even know why...

Wyatt: Don't do that.

Steffy: [Laughs]

Wyatt: That's an image I don't want ever.

Steffy: But seriously... I wouldn't have this many followers, none of this would be happening if it weren't for you and your support. And... [Sighs] ...Your mom's support, too. You both helped get me where I am today.

Wyatt: To new beginnings.

Liam: You believe in Quinn. I know. You believe she's changed. You believe it enough to say things to me...that I'm guessing you're gonna apologize for one day. But I know the truth. I know who she is. I have had her dagger to my throat. I have seen her in ways that I hope -- I hope you never have to. But you will.

Eric: Good night, Liam.

Quinn: Eric. You go upstairs. I'll make sure Liam gets off the property.

Eric: All right.

Quinn: Eric is right. You should leave.

Liam: So should you. And you will. Someday soon.

Katie: "I thought I'd stop by for a quick visit. Okay with you?" [Sighs] Quinn, you're so annoying.

Quinn: It's time for you to go. Now.

Liam: You know, I should have had you locked up when I had the chance. Steffy and I would be together, and you wouldn't be able to do this to him.

Quinn: I hope you understand how much I appreciate that you didn't.

Liam: [Scoffs]

Quinn: I hope you understand how much I appreciate what we were. Caring for you was the start. It changed me.

Liam: Oh, stop it.

Quinn: No, you need to hear this. You made me realize that I could care about somebody besides myself. Besides my son. Being with you opened me up to so much more. All of a sudden, I -- I wasn't so scared to be vulnerable. I was even excited about it. Look at me. Now I'm having the first healthy relationship that I have ever had with a man. You -- you showed me that I could do better than Bill, that I could do better than Deacon. That I could be with a man who truly cared about me. And I-I found the best. I found the best in Eric. And now that I have found that, I realize that I want the same thing for my son. I do. And make no mistake, Liam, Wyatt is gonna have the best. He is going to have Steffy, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You want to go up against me? You probably could succeed if I were alone, but I am not alone anymore. Yes, I have Wyatt, but I also have Eric and his company and his legacy.

Liam: You know I'm not listening to any of this, right?

Quinn: You know what? You should listen to this.

Liam: Okay.

Quinn: Enjoy your time with Steffy. Liam, enjoy it. Because these days are gonna be your last.

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