B&B Transcript Thursday 12/8/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 12/8/16


Episode # 7474 ~ Quinn kicks Rick out of the Forrester Mansion when his quarrel with Eric begins to get out of hand; Ridge attempts to get Steffy on board with him regarding the current situation at Forrester Creations.

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Ridge: I own what I did to you. I broke your trust. So where does that leave us? Are -- are we done? Or can we work through it like we've worked through everything else? You're my dad. You've raised me. You've groomed me to take over this company once you step down. This was always my position to take. Now Brooke and I are finally together, and we're ready to lead this company, to lead this family into the future. And Steffy -- she's incredible. But she's young. This is not her time. My time. Let's just get back to the original plan. Make me C.E.O.

[Seagulls calling]

Liam: This shouldn't even be a conversation. Quinn offers you something, you say no automatically.

Steffy: This isn't just about Quinn. My grandfather wants me to be C.E.O.

Liam: Yeah, because Quinn put it in his head!

Steffy: [Scoffs]

Liam: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm not saying you don't deserve it or that you wouldn't be fantastic at it or that your grandfather wouldn't offer you the position under normal circumstances. But it's Quinn we're talking about. Yes, your grandfather said the words, but they're her words.

Steffy: I get your concerns. They're valid. And I don't trust Quinn any more than you do. But it's like you're acting like my grandfather can't think or speak for himself and I'm just suddenly too gullible to watch my own back. I mean, this is a major opportunity. Running Forrester creations is huge.

Liam: I know. I-I hear you. I hear you, but it's coming from Quinn. I mean, she's working behind the scenes again, just like we knew she would, and it's for the same reason. She's trying to wrap you up in a neat, little bow and hand you to her son.

Quinn: You have to admit this is one of my best ideas ever.

Wyatt: It's not bad. It's a win for Steffy, whether it accomplishes what you want or not.

Quinn: Oh, what I want? Don't even try to pretend this isn't what you want, too.

Wyatt: Who's happy about a failed marriage, mom?

Quinn: It goes deeper than that. You're crazy in love with Steffy, but, you know, she -- she left you anyway, even though you didn't do anything wrong, and that was because of me. And I feel badly about that.

Wyatt: I know you do.

Quinn: I never needed to be happy. That was reserved for you. The fact that I did find happiness is wonderful, but it was -- it was at the expense of your marriage, and you have to know that if there's any way that I can fix that, I will. And -- and I'm not hiding my feelings this time. No hiding, no scheming. Don't give up on Steffy. Everything will be fine.

Liam: I knew this was coming. I knew it. Quinn never goes away. She just -- she lays low, she plays sane, she starts singing the "look how much I've changed" mantra until people finally start to believe her, and then -- [Snaps fingers] -- Bam! She's manipulating everyone's life again.

Steffy: Liam, you don't have to school me on Quinn.

Liam: Well, clearly I do if you're actually thinking of taking her up on her offer!

Steffy: Come on! How can I not?

Liam: Do you think Quinn doesn't know that this is the one way to get you to lower your guard, something that you want this much? God, I am so sick of this woman interfering in our lives! I'm -- [Sighs] I'm gonna put a stop to it right now.

Steffy: Liam, what are you -- where are you going?!

[Door closes]

Wyatt: Look at you, full of enthusiasm and optimism. You know, it looks good on you. It just doesn't really translate to my situation.

Quinn: Why wouldn't it?

Wyatt: Because Steffy's back with Liam.

Quinn: Oh. Him.

Wyatt: "Oh. Him." Yeah, "presumably the love of Steffy's life" him.

Quinn: No. That would be you. You have to be in it to win it, Wyatt. Steffy loves you. That's half the battle. All you need is proximity. And if Steffy becomes C.E.O., you have it. And so do I, 'cause if she spends some time with me, then maybe she will see that I've changed. Maybe she'll even like me a little bit.

Wyatt: Huh.

Quinn: Don't you see? If Steffy takes this job offer, it could put your marriage back on track.

Ridge: Put me back in charge. You won't regret it.

Eric: I want you to understand how much I hate saying this. I don't trust you. You boycotted my wedding. You -- you lied to everybody about the -- about the power of attorney. It's just been one -- one betrayal after another. I've made the offer to Steffy, and I'm committed to that decision.

Ridge: It wasn't your decision, was it?

Eric: Because I'm too old, I'm too feeble to make up my own mind about anything?

Ridge: Quinn is exploiting you!

Eric: Wow, this is really hard for you, isn't it? I understand that it's very difficult, very difficult that when you don't get your way, it's hard to accept. You know what's hard for me to accept? How you turned your back on me and Quinn. I expect Steffy can unify us all. She's gonna be able to do it. I offered the job to her, and if she wants it, she can have it.

Ridge: You're making a mistake.

Eric: Mine to make.

Rick: Whoa. Hey, Ridge.

Ridge: Hey.

Rick: What's gotten into him?

Eric: Ridge is not very happy with me right now, and I suspect you won't be, either.

Rick: Why? What's going on?

Eric: I won't be returning to Forrester any time soon, if at all. I've offered the C.E.O. position to Steffy.

Rick: [Scoffs]

Quinn: At first I was thrown when Eric said that he might not come back. It was always part of the plan. I would fill in until he felt well enough to return as C.E.O.

Wyatt: And you did such a bang-up job, too.

Quinn: [Sighs] Thank you.

Wyatt: I'm serious. Running a company the size of Forrester without any, like, previous experience, it's -- I'm proud of you.

Quinn: But I was always just a placeholder, you know? I was only supposed to be there until -- until Eric got back. So when he decided not to come back, I thought, "well, who's gonna run this company?"

Wyatt: Did you ever, even for a second, consider yourself?

Quinn: No! Because if Eric wants to be home, then I want to be here with him. I mean, my automatic go-to was Ridge, but that's not gonna happen, not after the way he treated Eric. And then I thought Steffy. Of course. She's smart and she's savvy, she's got experience with the company. Plus because of your brilliance, she's, you know, a huge success on all of this social-media stuff. She is primed to take Forrester into this exciting, new chapter. And if we're working together, then -- then, you know, maybe I get a chance to get her to -- to respect me or even like me and we can start to heal the family. And then there's you. You two working together every day. You have the opportunity to win her over, especially if I'm not an obstacle anymore. I mean, it's kind of genius, really.

Wyatt: Hmm.

Quinn: You do see all the positives, right?

Wyatt: I know your intentions are good. And if this works, this will be the best idea I've ever heard. I-I love Steffy, and -- and it sucks that we're not together anymore. It's just... I can't put my emotional wellbeing into something that is so uncertain, mom.

Rick: How's that?

Eric: Yeah.

Rick: That better?

Eric: That's great. Thanks, thanks.

Rick: [Sighs] You know, Dad, there's a -- there's a few things I don't understand. Why do you want to step down now? Before the brain hemorrhage, you were thriving at work. You had the zest, this new energy for life.

Eric: Because of Quinn. Look, she brought me back to life, and she's still doing that now. I want to stay here, Rick. I don't want to be at the office directing drama traffic.

Rick: Then why not offer the position to Ridge? I'm sure he feels entitled to it anyway.

Eric: I'm sad to say I don't trust him anymore. It's been one egregious betrayal after another.

Rick: Then why not ask me? Steffy as C.E.O.? Why not me, Dad?

Steffy: You heard.

Ridge: Not from you.

Steffy: After I left Granddad's, I came straight here to Liam's.

Ridge: Yeah. So I was at Dad's house, and I'm telling him how Brooke and I are back together and how we're ready to lead the family and the company into the future. And it turns out he's already picked somebody.

Steffy: I didn't campaign for this, if that's what you're thinking. I'm just as surprised as you are that he offered me C.E.O.

Ridge: But it wasn't Granddad's offer, was it? It was Quinn's.

[Knock on door]

Liam: Where is she?

Wyatt: Steffy? She left.

Liam: Quinn! Where is she?!

Wyatt: She's upstairs with Eric. Why?

Liam: Get her down here, Wyatt!

Wyatt: What is going on?!

Liam: I want to see that woman face to face so she can look me in the eye and see how serious I am when I tell her to stop interfering in Steffy's life!

Wyatt: I am not bringing her down here until you calm down.

Liam: I am so fed up. I am so fed up, 'cause just when you think it's safe, right, here comes Quinn pulling strings, manipulating the situation to get what she wants, which usually, by the way, has something to do with you. So are you in on it, too?

Wyatt: In on what?! I have no idea what you're going on about!

Liam: Really?!

Wyatt: Yeah!

Liam: The C.E.O. position?

Wyatt: You're mad about that?

Liam: That surprises you?

Wyatt: Yes, because it's a big opportunity for Steffy! I think you'd be thrilled for her!

Liam: Why would I be thrilled about that?!

Wyatt: Because it means a lot to Steffy to know that Eric trusts her with such a huge opportunity!

Liam: It'd mean a whole lot more if it wasn't coming from your mother.

Ridge: It speaks volumes that Dad wants to just give you the company, just to hand it over to you. That's how much he trusts you.

Steffy: It means the world knowing that.

Ridge: You deserve it. And one day when you're ready, I'll be behind you 100%.

Steffy: "One day"? You want me to turn Granddad down?

Ridge: You can't accept this.

Steffy: So you just want me to throw back the words in his face that he meant so much? You know, what he said, he really believes in me, Dad.

Ridge: Of course he believes in you. We all believe in you. You're -- you're exceptional. But this offer didn't come from him. It came from Quinn. And Dad just does whatever that woman wants, and she wants something...from you.

Rick: My run as C.E.O. was profitable, Dad. It was -- it was incredibly successful.

Eric: Yes. Yes, it was. I don't want to take any of your accomplishments away from you, Rick. I don't.

Rick: Yeah, but you kind of are by passing me over for Steffy.

Eric: [Sighs]

Rick: Dad, I realize I hurt you. We all hurt you. But to offer her the position instead of me?

Eric: I think it'll surprise you to know that this idea came from Quinn. I'm on board with it, but it was Quinn's idea.

Rick: [Scoffs] Do you see how often this happens?

Eric: You really want to go down that road with me?

Rick: See, every time this is where it gets heightened, because out of love and concern, we're trying to open your eyes to the -- to the woman that you married, but you refuse to hear it!

Eric: You're damn right I do! Look, I'm not gonna have this. I'm not gonna have her put down and disrespected by you and accused of all sorts of things by everybody! This all has to stop! It has to --

Quinn: Hey, hey, hey! Are you okay? What's going on? Oh. You heard we offered Steffy the C.E.O. Position.

Rick: "We"? What do you mean, "we," Quinn? What's in this for you? Oh, I-I know what it is. Wyatt and Steffy.

Eric: [Breathlessly] All right, that's enough, Rick. You have no say here!

Quinn: Are you okay?

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, I'm all right. All right, it's just some of the shorter breath. I'm okay.

Quinn: Oh, oh, well, you -- you need to leave. You're upsetting your father. Hey, hey. Just look at me. Look at me. Start to breathe. Remember what the doctor said?

Eric: [Sighs]

Quinn: Just get your breath back in.

Eric: So much better than the doctor.

Quinn: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Eric: Yes.

Quinn: You need to relax. Breathe in.

[Both inhale deeply]

Eric: [Breathes deeply]

Quinn: You feel better?

Eric: Yes. I just got a little upset. Nothing to worry about.

Quinn: Well, I do worry. It's my job.

Eric: What would I do without you?

Quinn: That's not something you ever have to worry about, because I will always be here holding you, protecting you, and loving you more than anything.

Wyatt: Dude, you are way overreacting here.

Liam: Really? How? Tell me how. Tell me.

Wyatt: What is so terrible about my mother wanting Steffy for C.E.O.? It's an amazing opportunity.

Liam: It's an -- an amazing opportunity for Quinn!

Wyatt: How could she gain from this?! Like, she doesn't even want to be at Forrester! All she cares about is Eric!

Liam: Yeah, and her son, who must have whatever he desires in any given moment.

Wyatt: Uh, at some point, that might have been true. Right now it's not.

Liam: Oh, don't -- don't even start in with the whole "my mother has changed" crap!

Wyatt: She has! I barely even recognize my own mother! Everything she does is about Eric! It's to make Eric happy, okay?! And healing the family, that falls under that category! And she thinks Steffy is the only one who can actually pull that off! So if you think there's an ulterior motive there, then maybe that's it.

Liam: That's just the benign reason that she's giving you, obviously, and you know this! There's something more sinister going on, more self-serving, more...son-serving! Your -- your mom is operating again, and she's doing it on your behalf. She's trying to play matchmaker between you and Steffy.

Wyatt: Matchmaker?!

Liam: Yes!

Wyatt: Fine! You're right! My mother wants to see me with Steffy, my wife! The nerve of that, right? We're not even divorced yet, yet she's living with you! A small, little problem us still being married, huh? Don't come in here morality policing my mother when you have zero respect for your brother's marriage!

[Door closes]

Ridge: Quinn is up to something. Don't play into her hands.

Steffy: You know, I'm really starting to resent the implication that I am so naive, I'm just gonna let Quinn roll right over me. You know, Liam thinks the exact same thing.

Ridge: And there it is. The two most important men in your life have alarm bells going off, so obviously something is wrong.

Steffy: You assume a lot.

Ridge: You love me.

Steffy: [Chuckles]

Ridge: Of course, you love me. And I love you, and that's why I don't want Quinn playing you anymore. You know what she wants. She wants Wyatt back in your life.

Steffy: Okay, forget about what Quinn wants. Think about what we want and how hard we worked for it. I mean, we alienated Granddad. Look, I will be in charge. Quinn won't be a threat to the company anymore, and we won't need bill's shares to get her out.

Ridge: Like it or not, if you accept this offer, you're gonna be Quinn's ally, and that's exactly what she wants so she can go after what she really wants in life, and that's Liam away from you for good.

Steffy: [Scoffs]

Quinn: What are you doing in my kitchen?

Liam: That's right. It's your kitchen now. [Chuckles] You really pulled that one off, didn't you, Mrs. Forrester?

Quinn: [Sighs] What do you want, Liam?

Liam: Uh, I'm here to tell you that it's not gonna work, whatever scheme you're hatching right now. Steffy and I are back together. We're happy. She's moving in, and we're planning a future together, the future you almost stole from me and gave to Wyatt.

Quinn: I am glad you were able to get that off your chest. Are we done now?

Liam: Steffy is not interested in any offer that comes, jointly or not, from you.

Quinn: See, I-I have a completely different take on it, because I think Steffy is -- is really intrigued with becoming C.E.O. of Forrester.

Liam: No, I know. You're very good with words, and I'm sure you'll spin it to sound like something amazing for Steffy. But I know better. And that's the thing. I know it's a trick. It's just a way for you to get Steffy for your son. And, well, stop that 'cause it's not happening.

Quinn: Then why do you feel so threatened? I'll tell you why. Steffy wants to be C.E.O. and you don't want her to. You want to keep her down so you can fool yourself into believing that you deserve her, stop her from becoming the woman that she was meant to be. See, Wyatt would never do that. Wyatt supports her, and he supports her ambition.

Liam: [Chuckles] Yeah, there -- there it is.

Quinn: So?

Liam: It's like déjà vu. You can't even suppress it, can you? It's the same old Quinn saying the same old stuff. Steffy and Wyatt are over, and you have to accept that.

Quinn: You know what? It's not over until it's over. They're not divorced. Things could change. And I-I think they will. I think Steffy is going to be C.E.O., she is going to be the woman that she was always destined to be, and... I believe that Wyatt will be by her side.

Liam: I'm warning you, Quinn. Stay away from Steffy.

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