B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/22/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/22/16


Episode # 7464 ~ Steffy & Wyatt share a tender moment when she asks him to join the family at Thanksgiving; struggling with her feelings for Zende, Nicole is taken by surprise when he makes a significant romantic gesture.

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Quinn: First I want to thank you both for helping out with the festivities.

Pam: Well, Thanksgiving is very important to Eric.

Quinn: And Eric is important to al of us, isn't he, Pam?

Pam: He's very, very important.

Steffy: Okay. It's his favorite holiday, so let's just get through it without any drama, okay?

Quinn: Yes, and, on that respect, you are reaching out to the family, making sure everybody's invited?

Steffy: Yep. Granddad invited them. I will make sure that they are here.

Quinn: Thank you.

Steffy: I'm doing it for my grandfather, Quinn.

Pam: Same reason I'm making a big, fresh batch of lemon bars for him.

Quinn: Oh, Pam, do you really think that's a good idea? You know, doctor's orders...

Pam: A couple of Thanksgiving lemon bars aren't gonna kill the man.

Steffy: I think he'll be okay. Don't you, Quinn?

Quinn: Yeah.

Eric: Well, here's something else I can be thankful for -- three of my favorite ladies working to get my family together for Thanksgiving.

Maya: We know we asked a lot, Zende, but what you did was --

Zende: It was a lot. She had already given you both a child. You had to ask for another?

Rick: So, you hit on Sasha?

Zende: I didn't hit on her.

Rick: Really? You just took her to Hawaii?

Maya: You slept with her, Zende.

Zende: Look, I regret that more than either of you know. I was a mess. But the woman that I loved, the one that I waited for, the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with, isn't Sasha. It's Nicole. It will always be Nicole.

Nicole: Sorry. I... didn't know you were in here.

Rick: No, it's okay. Come on in. We wanted to talk to you anyway.

Nicole: I can come back.

Maya: No, no, no. Stay.

Nicole: Hi.

Zende: Hi.

Nicole: So, what's up?

Rick: Thanksgiving.

Nicole: What about it?

Rick: Dad wants everybody at the house.

Nicole: Mom and dad won't be there. She's got the flu, and dad wants to stay with her.

Zende: That's too bad. Grandfather wanted all the families together, despite what happened.

Maya: Your grandfather's had a tough year.

Rick: Yeah. You know, I know we're all a little less than crazy about sitting down and having dinner with Quinn, but... I think it's the right thing to do, don't you?

Zende: Thanksgiving -- it's all about forgiveness, right?

Rick: Yeah... and putting aside our differences for the holidays. Maya, you think, uh, we should...?

Maya: Yeah. Right. We have work to do. We will leave you alone.

Steffy: Let's see. We got a lot of Forresters here -- nine by my count.

Eric: Yeah? Let me see.

Pam: Any out-of-towners?

Steffy: No, not this year.

Eric: No, there's 10 Forresters. You only have nine. You're leaving Quinn out.

Steffy: Right.

Quinn: The list looks wonderful, Steffy. Well done.

Pam: Now, are you sure that all these names are gonna actually show?

Steffy: Yeah. Everyone's gonna be here -- no excuses. Everyone knows it's granddad's special day.

Quinn: Well, I know one person who's not going be here.

Steffy: Who?

Quinn: Wyatt.

Quinn: Where's Pam?

Steffy: Went to the store to get ingredients.

Quinn: Liam, I presume?

Steffy: He just wants to know what time dinner is. What do you want to talk to me about?

Quinn: That.

Steffy: Quinn, no. I don't --

Quinn: Look, Steffy, I am not trying to interfere in your life.

Steffy: Then let's not talk about my life. We have a truce for the holidays. Let's not threaten it, okay?

Quinn: Point taken. But I have a son, and he lives here and he's suffering.

Steffy: [Sighs] Where is he going instead?

Quinn: He said something about driving up the coast. Steffy... we have so much to be thankful for this year -- I mean, your grandfather's health. The company is doing so great. This should be a big, huge family celebration. But I'm not gonna be happy knowing that Wyatt is out there alone, and I'm sure that's not what you want for him.

Steffy: He's just being stubborn.

Quinn: I think -- I think he's being honest. Can you imagine how hard it would be for him to sit across the table from you and Liam?

Steffy: Well, he's just gonna have to get over it, okay?

Quinn: Well...he will. And...tomorrow will be a start. And I know that I want him there, and I know Eric does, too.

Steffy: So, what are you asking?

Quinn: Something I probably have no right to ask. Can you please talk to him? In the spirit of family and tradition, ask him to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. I think you're the only one who's gonna get through to him.

Maya: You know, I don't care about Zende's justification. Yes, Nicole should have spoken to him before she agreed to be our surrogate, but for him to react that way and with Sasha?

Rick: I know. I know. Look, I agree. Baby, it's Thanksgiving. It's time to forgive, right?

Maya: Yeah. I just hope Nicole can forgive Zende.

Zende: How you doing?

Nicole: Wish I could say, "great," but I won't lie. I'm still pretty hurt. You?

Zende: I'm not exactly looking forward to the holidays.

Nicole: Me, neither.

Zende: You were pregnant this time last year.

Nicole: We were together.

Zende: You know we should be together this year, too, Nicole.

Nicole: Zende --

Zende: Look, if I could go back and undo the last couple of weeks, I would, but I can't. But what you heard me say to rick and Maya -- I meant that, Nicole. I love you -- only you.

Pam: Unsalted. Good for the blood pressure.

Quinn: Hey, hey, hey. You're supposed to be resting.

Eric: I'll rest after tomorrow. I see you got through to Steffy.

Quinn: Yeah, well, let's see if she can get through to Wyatt.

Wyatt: You rang. I'm here. What's up?

Steffy: I need help with Thanksgiving.

Wyatt: I'm more of a steak guy, so if you're not serving steak, I just don't think I could show up.

Steffy: No. The help I need is your presence at the table.

Wyatt: Mom told you, huh?

Steffy: Yeah. She said something about you driving up the coast... by yourself.

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, I figure once I get past Santa Barbara, the roads will be clear, so it'll be fun.

Steffy: Come on. You belong here with family.

Wyatt: I mean, that's -- that's -- that's a cozy thought. Fireplace going, everybody sitting around the table, talking about what they're thankful for, and then there's me, sitting across the table from you and Liam. You know, I think I'll pass.

Steffy: Wyatt, I want you here.

Wyatt: [Chuckles softly] Look, I-I get why we didn't work... but, please, don't make me suffer through that. It is way too soon for that. It'll always be too soon.

Steffy: [Sighs] I know you don't want to be here tomorrow. Both Liam and I understand how difficult this is for you.

Wyatt: Understand? You understand? That's a little overrated, don't you think? I mean, I understand the way you feel about my brother, but that doesn't make it better. It actually kind of makes it worse.

Steffy: Maybe. I don't know. Maybe it will be helpful -- I know not short-term, but... maybe it will help us understand why this all happened.

Wyatt: I'd like to think... what happened was because of the way we felt for each other.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah. That, too, of course.

Wyatt: That's not just, like, a footnote, Steffy. What we had was amazing, or I thought it was. I mean, or was it a lie, I mean, or like some game of pretend? "Oh, you know, I'm gonna pretend to be in love with Wyatt."

Steffy: Wyatt, that was real. It was real.

Wyatt: Okay. Just not real enough.

Steffy: You know this was because of your mom.

Wyatt: My mom. My mom. I know. She just -- she put all the pieces in place, right? But when she did... what we had together... I mean, that was -- that was something, wasn't it?

Maya: You know, I never fully realized how one simple question could cause so much havoc.

Rick: I didn't, either.

Maya: All I could see was the smile on my baby girl's face. And I thought that giving her a sibling would make that smile grow. And now I'm worried that I ruined my sister's life. I mean, Nicole loves Zende so much.

Rick: Baby, we just got to pray that they're gonna find a way to overcome this.

Zende: Tell me you believe that, Nicole. It's true. You're the only woman I want.

Nicole: How can I? You were with Sasha. I walked in on you two in bed. How do I forget that? You must have had feelings for her. It's not like you to just --

Zende: I won't make excuses. But I was hurt, confused. We were planning a life together, or at least I thought we were. Children someday -- you know, we both wanted that, right? But your heart -- your heart was so big... you wanted to be there for your sister again, give her another child. Look, I know what I did was selfish, but the thought of watching you go through another pregnancy, it was like -- it was like everything I so desperately wanted, you didn't want anymore.

Nicole: And Sasha was there?

Zende: Yes, she was. All right? She listened to me. She made me laugh. She was a good friend to me.

Nicole: A friend? Zende, you knew what she wanted, what she's always wanted -- you. She wanted you when I was pregnant. You know what that did to me. It almost destroyed us. And this time, it did.

Zende: No. No. Nicole, look... nothing is going to destroy us. I won't let that happen.

Nicole: It already has, Zende.

Zende: No, it hasn't. I never stopped loving you -- never. Look, I regret the way I handled things, truly, but, you know, our situation -- it's rather unique. I mean, we are unique. The fact that I'm fighting for us right now, you've got to know what that means -- that you are the only woman I will ever love.

Nicole: [Voice breaking] Zende... I know you want to believe that. God knows I want to believe it, too. But I can't. It's words, Zende -- just words.

Zende: You need more than words? I'll give you more than words.

Eric: All righty.

Quinn: Wait, don't! No!

Eric: What? It's a corner piece. It's a corner piece.

Quinn: Maybe tomorrow.

Eric: Maybe tomorrow?

Quinn: Tomorrow.

Eric: It's gonna be like this, huh?

Quinn: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Tomorrow.

Quinn: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Tomorrow... is Thanksgiving.

Quinn: Ha! And we have so much to be thankful for, don't we?

Eric: Yeah. And at the top of my list are you and Steffy putting aside your differences so that our family can share this day tomorrow.

Quinn: Yes. I just hope Wyatt is here to share with us.

Steffy: Our marriage was something else.

Wyatt: Something else good or something else bad?

Steffy: Something else wonderful. And I don't regret one day of it. I don't have any bad feelings for you, okay? Our memories -- I will cherish that forever. It's just the circumstances.

Wyatt: What -- what do circumstances have to do with this? What is a circumstance, anyway?

Steffy: A situation that affects something -- in this case, your mom.

Wyatt: "A," I know the definition of "circumstance."

Steffy: Okay.

Wyatt: "B," what -- what should have affected the situation was how we felt about each other.

Steffy: And we've always had those feelings from the very beginning. But before that, I was in love with your brother, and if it hadn't been for your mom's dirty tricks -- kidnapping Liam, making me thing that it was over between us -- we wouldn't have been married, and... honestly, we probably sh--

Wyatt: Shouldn't have? Is that what you were gonna say? Is that what you -- is that what you honestly believe, Steffy? Because I don't. Being married to you was the best time of my life. And I know... up until that point, I have a feeling... that you felt that way, too. But I guess that's water over the dam or under the bridge, evaporated into thin air. I... I guess you want my brother now. But you should know that...

Steffy: Know what?

Wyatt: ...I miss you. And do I wish we were back together? I don't know. What do you think?

Steffy: [Crying] Look, um... I don't want to make things awkward, uh, between us, and Liam doesn't want that, either, so can we just, um, start fresh -- a new beginning? And that can start tomorrow at dinner. Just tell me you'll be there.

Wyatt: [Chuckles softly] Maybe... I can stop by.

Steffy: Really?

Wyatt: Maybe. I mean, I wouldn't want to miss out on a Thanksgiving mystery seating chart or whatever.

Steffy: [Sighs] Thank you.

Nicole: I don't know what you have there, Zende, but don't even open it.

Zende: Why?

Nicole: I can't trust you. I certainly don't need you giving me jewelry.

Zende: So, you're sure it's jewelry? Well, come to Thanksgiving tomorrow. You're family, all right? We'll show them this. We'll tell them what we have.

Nicole: There's nothing to tell them. That story ended when I saw you and Sasha together.

Zende: Look, I'm sorry, but that's unacceptable, okay? We'll tell them that we're engaged... that we want to get married and that we love each other and the fact that we can overcome anything and that we want a future and a life and a family and the next child that you have will be our child, Nicole. All right. Say you'll marry me. Say yes.

Nicole: [Crying] I can't, Zende. I can't.

Zende: At least come to Thanksgiving tomorrow. It's important to my granddad. He wants to be surrounded by family, and you are my family, Nicole. I'll have this with me. I understand you don't want to accept it today. I get that. But you will be my wife, Nicole.

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