B&B Transcript Thursday 11/17/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/17/16


Episode # 7466 ~ Bill & RJ reluctantly spend an uncomfortable day together at Spencer Publications; Brooke questions Ridge about why he is trying so hard to win her over, given their past together.

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Bill: [Exhales sharply] Your turn.

R.J.: [Chuckles]

Ridge: That is not how I'd want to start my day.

Brooke: That's why Bill came to my house and not to yours. But if it makes you feel better, R.J. gave him a hard time.

Ridge: That's my boy.

Brooke: Don't encourage him. I want the two very special men in my life to get to know each other. That's why I'm having them spend the day together.

Eric: Quinn? Quinn, are you down here?

Rick: You made an offer on the house?

Katie: Yes.

Rick: When?

Katie: This morning. I'm just waiting to see if the seller accepts.

Rick: That's awesome!

Katie: Thank you.

Rick: Congratulations!

Katie: [Chuckles] Yeah. I'm kind of, you know, freaking out about it, but I'm excited, and I really can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.

Rick: No problem.

Katie: You are awesome, and your father really put me at ease. Eric is actually the one who encouraged me to make an offer.

Eric: Quinn, I thought you went into the office this morning.

Quinn: I went in for a little bit.

Eric: Well, I'll bet you got a hero's welcome after that wonderful fashion show you staged.

Quinn: Oh, yes, from some people. It was an exhausting couple of days. I thought maybe you and I could spend a little time together.

Ridge: So, you decided it was a good idea for my son to spend the day with Lucifer? Why?

Brooke: Bill and R.J. hardly know each other, and if bill's going to be his stepfather, they need to spend some time together.

Ridge: What did he do? What did R.J. do? Did he wreck the car, not come home one night? Why are you punishing him?

Brooke: Oh, come on. It'll be nice for them. Maybe they'll both find something that they have in common.

Ridge: They have nothing in common. I just feel sad for my little boy.

Bill: I like to get a few rounds in on the bag before I put in my work day.

R.J.: In the office? So, someone carries this in and lugs this out every day?

Bill: Unless I go down to the Spencer gym, yeah. All right, look, R.J. I know that neither one of us is thrilled about this. I'm a businessman, not a babysitter. But your mother wants this. So go ahead.

R.J.: Go ahead what?

Bill: Hit the bag.

Katie: Oh, I just got a text from my realtor, Amy. Apparently, there are other offers on the house.

Rick: Since when?

Katie: She says not to worry. She's gonna meet me there later on. I hope it all works out.

Rick: I'm sure it will. You really want this house, don't you?

Katie: Yeah. I kind of have my heart set on it.


Eric: You're very impressive these days -- jewelry designer, lead model, C.E.O.

Quinn: Well, interim C.E.O. and temporary lead model, but as interim C.E.O., I had an idea, and a very good one if I do say so myself.

Eric: Really? What is it? Let's hear it.

Quinn: Well... I thought maybe it was time to further invest in the intimates line, and, as... temporary model, I thought I would take it upon myself to model a design especially... for you.

Eric: I like the way you think.

Quinn: Do you? [Chuckles]

Katie: I can't stop looking at the pictures.

Rick: [Chuckles] It's the right house for you.

Katie: I mean, look at that kitchen!

Rick: I know, and I expect lots of invitations for dinner parties.

Katie: Really, what sold me on this place was the location. I mean, it's close to everything -- will's school.

Rick: And it's right next door to dad, and that's a plus.

Katie: That is a plus. I mean, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love a neighbor like Eric. There's only one downside. I'd also be living next to Quinn.

Quinn: I really have changed.

Eric: I like it when you change -- especially into something like this. I know you've changed, Quinn. I know.

Quinn: It's because of you. Your trust in me... your belief in me -- you have transformed my life. You've made me become a woman that I can admire, a woman that my son can be proud of. I wake up happy every single day because of this life... that we're making with each other. You bring that out in me. You bring a lot out in me.

Eric: [Whispers indistinctly]

Quinn: [Chuckles]

Bill: You've heard, "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

R.J.: Yep. Ali.

Bill: Yes. That's right. He was a dear friend of mine. They didn't call him the greatest of all time for nothing. That's something we share in common. Now, look. Always moving. Always moving, keeping your hands up. Stick and move. Stick and move. Stick and move.

R.J.: You know it's a bag, right?

Bill: No! It's not a bag! This is your enemy -- your enemy. This is the dude trying to take your lunch money. This is the chump who's trying to steal your girl. Now, are you gonna let him punk you?

R.J.: No. I'll file a police report and then get the girl back.

Bill: What?! No! You got to knock this guy's head off -- first. That's what you're gonna do.

R.J.: I prefer conflict resolution.

Bill: Conflict resolution? Really? Well, you haven't used that with me, have you?

R.J.: Good point.

Bill: All right, sharpshooter. Back up a little bit. Let's see the jab.

R.J.: Move a little to your right. A little -- a little more.

Bill: Oh, that's funny. You want to hit me in the face? That's funny. That's a funny joke. Let's see what you got. Come on. Let me see the jab. Come on! Throw it out there! Throw it out! Keep him off you! That's more of a hook than a jab, but we'll take it. Let's see the right. Throw the right. Throw it out there! Throw it! Okay. Let's see that left again. Holding that hook. Good. Okay. Let's see the feet. Can you dance a little bit? Can you move? Do you have any rhythm whatsoever?

R.J.: Okay.

Bill: Okay, good. All right, all right, all right, all right. That's -- that's enough for now. I'm gonna show you something, and I think you're gonna be impressed. I'm serious. It's something very few people have ever seen.

Ridge: I understand why you'd want Bill and R.J. To get along. I get it. But it's really not necessary.

Brooke: Yes, it is. I'm still wearing bill's engagement ring.

Ridge: You can take it off.

Brooke: I'm still wearing it because I believe in him.

Ridge: What about us? You believe in us?

Brooke: There are some old wounds there. We've had our issues in the past.

Ridge: I'm not sure why you would say, "Wounds." I think our...good times were better than the bad times.

Brooke: Yeah. But why now? Why are you doing this now? Is it because I'm engaged to somebody other than you?

Ridge: No. Uh... I think this whole thing with Bill Spencer made me realize that I don't want to lose you. I can't have that.

Brooke: You need me now more than you ever have. I am a conquest because Forrester is in Eric and Quinn's hands. So, who's your next conquest? Who's gonna be prettier than me, younger than me? What is going to make you... walk away?

Bill: This is a real privilege, kid. Very few people have seen this room.

[Inhales deeply] Ahh. You smell that? Take it in.

R.J.: What is this place?

Bill: My safe room.

R.J.: What's that for?

Bill: Security. That's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more firepower where that little guy came from. Let me show you the big one.

R.J.: No, no. It's okay. It's fine. What about this?

Bill: Cash. Cold, hard cash. Every kind of currency you can imagine -- yen, rand, Euros. You name it, I've got it.

R.J.: Why?

Bill: Because I like to be prepared in case there's an emergency. You see, some people stock water and food. I'll buy out their water and food. I've got enough scotch to last me two lifetimes.

R.J.: So, this is -- this is your own survival kit?

Bill: Cash, R.J. Cash is king. It's all you need. Cash has the world at your feet. Now go ahead. Smell it. Take a whiff of that. It's the greatest smell on the planet.

Ridge: I understand why you're guarded, but this time you're wrong.

Brooke: You always want what you can't have.

Ridge: Are you saying I can't have you? You -- oh, you are saying that. We have had a very complicated past, riddled with amazing moments.

Brooke: Yes, we have. And I will always hold those moments deep in my heart.

Ridge: You think I'm messing with you? Come with me.

Brooke: Where? You have the press to talk to, and you have those incoming orders.

Ridge: I don't care about the press. I don't care about the fashion show. I care about you. I want you to trust me. Come with me.

Eric: What did I do to deserve this?

Quinn: Just for being you.

Eric: You've brought so much to my life, Quinn. I think of who I was just a few short months ago... I was out of work. I was disconnected from the company. I was living alone. I had a son who was trying to steal Forrester creations from me, and now -- and now I'm C.E.O. Again. Got my interim chief right here.

Quinn: [Chuckles softly]

Eric: Company's thriving. It's all on a roll right now. To top it all off, I have this beautiful woman in my bed with me.

Quinn: Yeah.

Eric: Oh, wait. She's my wife.

Quinn: I am.

Eric: [Chuckles] My beautiful, beautiful, talented wife who can do anything she wants.

Quinn: Thank you. Mmm.

Eric: The doubters didn't believe that you could do it, but I knew you could.

Quinn: Well, I used to be one of those doubters. I didn't believe in my own potential until you -- your faith in me. I just want to make you proud all the time. Have you ever regretted any of the decisions you've made on my behalf?

Eric: Not once. I believe in you more than anyone else ever could.

Quinn: More importantly, I want to spend the rest of our lives living just like this, on our beautiful hilltop that has become our own private paradise.

Katie: I just love it. It's right at the top of the hill like that. That view. Oh, my gosh. Now that I put an offer in, I want it so bad.

Eric: Even with Quinn next door?

Katie: Yeah. It was kind of weird, the way she confronted me.

Rick: Yeah. You were just -- just coming to say thank you to dad. You brought him a gift. That's no big deal.

Katie: I know. Really? I guess I can kind of understand. I mean, she was protecting her marriage.

Rick: Well, I still think that she's unstable. And I tell you what -- if you get the house, I'll buy a pair of binoculars so you can keep an eye on Quinn.

Katie: [Chuckles] Really?

Brooke: Why are we here, Ridge? Why did you bring me to Stephanie's grave?

Rick: You don't have to do anything. You can move right in.

Katie: If I'm lucky enough to get the house.

Rick: I got a good feeling about this one.

Katie: Your dad does, too. He's just been so positive and upbeat. I know Eric and Quinn love each other, but how a man like him ended up with a woman like Quinn -- I will never understand it.

Quinn: So, while I was at the office, doing my very best to try to fill your shoes, what did you do today?

Eric: You may find it hard to believe, but I actually got out of the house today.

Quinn: You did?

Eric: I did. I took a walk. I took a walk next door to the Gantz house. It's for sale. I wanted to check it out.

Quinn: Oh?

Eric: The fact is rick has been helping Katie look for a place to live, and he showed her that house. And she's interested.

Quinn: Katie? Katie Logan?

Bill: So, what do you think? Pretty cool, huh?

R.J.: So, this room's for, like, nuclear wars and stuff?

Bill: Civil unrest, catastrophic earthquake.

R.J.: Then shouldn't you have first-aid kits, water purifiers -- you know, practical stuff?

Bill: That's in the practical room. So, how much you think is in here?

R.J.: Moneywise?

Bill: Yeah. Quick guess. I'm not gonna tell you, but have some fun.

R.J.: I don't know. $1 million?

Bill: Higher.

R.J.: $2 million?

Bill: Higher. Guess again.

R.J.: You're really into money, aren't you?

Bill: Can't get enough. It's the only thing I've really ever been able to count on in my life. Now, there are four things I'm loyal to -- my kids, my company, money, your mother, and money.

R.J.: You already said, "Money."

Bill: I know. I just like the word. Don't you like the way it rolls off your tongue? "Money."

R.J.: You're really into it.

Bill: They don't call me "Dollar Bill" for nothing.

R.J.: [Chuckles softly]

Ridge: I like to come here sometimes -- be close to my mother.

Brooke: Me, too. I do miss Stephanie.

Ridge: Yeah. She was a wise woman, huh? Difficult but wise. Would always do what was best for her family and her children.

Brooke: Especially you, her beloved son.

Ridge: I imagine that's true.

Brooke: [Sighs] She fought me so hard for so many years. She almost did me in.

Ridge: But that has made you the amazing woman you are today, so there.

Brooke: Well, a big part of who I am is because of Stephanie -- her strength and her dignity. I just wish I was more like her.

Ridge: In the end, she told you how she felt about you. I guess those were words you never thought you'd hear.

Brooke: Yeah. She finally told me that she loved me.

Ridge: She did love you. And I love you. Always have... from the very first moment I saw you, when you were catering that party at my parents' house... till right now, when we're standing in front of my mother's grave. There's a lot of years in between, a lot of things that we accomplished. We helped build a family, raised a son. Lot of history, lot of memories. You're never gonna have that with anybody else. You know what Stephanie would say if she were here right now?

Brooke: Before or after she'd slap me?

Ridge: Oh, definitely after.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Ridge: She'd say leave Bill... and come home with me.

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