B&B Transcript Friday 11/11/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 11/11/16


Episode # 7462 ~ Eric invites Katie over to the mansion to watch the Forrester Creations fashion show with him; as the fashion show begins, Quinn attempts to get Ridge & Steffy on her side and on board with her plan.

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Quinn: I tell Pam I'm not afraid of her, and what does she do? She hides and then jumps out and scares me.

Ivy: In here?

Quinn: It was so stupid.

Pam: It was so funny.


Rick: Help Pam with the guests, please.

Charlotte: Oh, yeah. Of course.

Kristina: You got it.

Pam: I still can't believe that Eric's not coming to the showing, rick.

Rick: I can't believe that Quinn is running the show.

Pam: Ohhh.

Quinn: Okay, everybody. Before we get started on the show, I wanted to go over just -- just wanted to go over -- I just wanted to go over --

Wyatt: Mom... don't worry. This is your first Forrester showing as interim C.E.O., But you're gonna be great, all right?

Quinn: [Breathes deeply]

Eric: Wow. I'm very impressed.

Katie: It's the least I could do.

Eric: So, will got the call?

Katie: Yes. He is officially into Westside prep.

Eric: Good. I'm glad to hear it.

Katie: Thank you so much. You are amazing. You know what I am? I'm a man in need of a viewing partner. You and I have a fashion show to watch. Come on -- right here.

Katie: [Laughing] Okay.

Quinn: I'm trying to ingratiate myself into this family, but what I'm doing today, they all flat-out disagree.

Ivy: The jewelry pass?

Quinn: Yeah. Well, ridge thinks it's gonna be distracting and it's gonna hurt the flow of the show, none of which is true, but maybe -- maybe I-I shouldn't be doing this.

Wyatt: What, mom? No. You have to believe in yourself, okay?

Ivy: Exactly. Don't worry about what ridge things.

Quinn: Right.

Brooke: You better hurry up or you're gonna miss the show.

Ridge: Yeah, that show. You know what I want to do? Take the 59, drive up the coast, and get some lobster rolls off a truck.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Ridge: I know.

Brooke: Ridge!

Ridge: I know.

Brooke: [Groans]

Ridge: I'm getting ready.

Brooke: Yeah. Good.

Steffy: Hey. I just finished last-minute alterations on the showstopper. I just feel really weird that Quinn wants me to model in it.

Ridge: I wouldn't worry about that. No one's gonna see that dress today.

Steffy: Dad, it's beautiful. And I know how proud of it you are.

Ridge: I'm very proud of it. And I refuse for it to be a footnote to Quinn's jewelry pass.

Quinn: Hey, everybody! All right! It is almost showtime, okay? So I just want to make sure that we are all on the same page, right? So, I'm gonna make the introductions, and then it's gonna be fashion pass, fashion pass, fashion pass, then jewelry pass, then showstopper -- amazing -- and then, ridge, you will come onto the runway at the very end for your well-deserved bow. Great, right?

Ridge: It's gonna be a show to remember.

Quinn: Okay.

Maya: Nicole's not gonna make it.

Rick: Can you blame her?

Maya: No. I still cannot believe what Zende did -- sleeping with Sasha.

Sasha: You're serious? But we saw pictures.

Zende: I guess Maya posted that before Nicole changed her mind. She tried to call me. She wanted to work things out.

Sasha: I can't believe this.

Zende: That's why she came to the jet. After seeing us in bed together, she's hurt, Sasha. She wants nothing to do with me.

Katie: Okay. Well, until your doctors give you the okay, water will have to do.

Eric: Well, all right. I'm sure that'll be fine.

Katie: [Chuckles] Thank you for inviting me. It should be fun.

Eric: Well, you ran Forrester for a while, as I recall, and very successfully, I might add.

Katie: Thank you. I, um -- I can't quite believe that anyone actually remembers that. [Chuckles] Is ridge emceeing?

Eric: No -- Quinn.

Ivy: You're gonna be great.

Quinn: You think? Oh, I am just trying my best. I don't want to let Eric down.

Wyatt: We believe in you. But most of all, Eric believes in you, okay?

Quinn: Okay.

Brooke: Oh, hi, honey.

R.J.: Hey.

Rick: Hey, R.J. What's up?

R.J.: Did you know Sara broke up with her boyfriend?

Brooke: Leave the models alone. You're working.

Rick: How did Maya seem?

R.J.: Good, yeah. She's doing a preshow pump-up.

Rick: Okay. Mm-hmm.

R.J.: I'm psyched to see dad's new showstopper. I know it's, uh, supposed to be spectacular.

Jake: Okay. Just, uh, talk right into here, and I will handle the levels.

Quinn: Okay.

Jake: Good luck today.

Quinn: Thanks! [Sighs] Oh, hey! Hey, you two, good luck tonight. It's gonna be a great show. And I will not let you down... I hope.

[Indistinct conversations]

Quinn: [Sighs] I won't let you down. Okay.

[Indistinct conversations]

Quinn: Ladies and gentlemen, the latest creations...

Katie: Here we go.

Eric: Yep.

Quinn: ...From the house of Forrester!

You could put Everest in our face, we'd climb it if gravity gets in our way, defy it a marathon's just a race, and when we start the run, we finish-line it twister touches down, we stop it earthquake shakes the ground, we got it the world turns upside down, no, we don't stress with the mess 'cause you know we on it let's leave it be reach out into the light it's time to do this go out and conquer the night let's make some no-o-o-o-ise

[Indistinct conversations]

Let's go make some no-o-o-o-ise

Quinn: Turn. Yes. Yes. This is great!, hey, hey. You --

Zende: Oh, hey, hey. You -- you got to get dressed.

Sasha: Yeah, I -- oh, my god. Okay. I-I still -- I can't believe that Nic didn't go through with the surrogacy. I mean... had I known that, I never would have ever --

Zende: I-I know. Me, too.

Sasha: We did.

Zende: We were wrong, Sasha.

Sasha: Okay. So, what now? Do you think -- do you think she'll forgive you?

Zende: I don't -- I don't know. She -- she said she can't.

Sasha: Okay. Well, Zende, I have to ask... where does that leave us?

Wyatt: Hey, Zende. Uh, I'd love to get some shots of the models coming off the runway, and, Sasha, you're almost up. Let's go.

Sasha: Yes. Yes.

Wyatt: Let's go. Go, go, go.

Sasha: Yeah.

On your mark, everybody get set 'cause this isn't over yet now I'm gonna make you jump oh-oh-oh-oh we're just gonna celebrate, celebrate, celebrate have a good time ooh, ooh, oh, yeah, we're gonna celebrate, celebrate, celebrate

Katie: Wow. I love that one. Look at how it flows.

Eric: Yeah, it's beautiful. The show's wonderful. It's cohesive, progressive, but it's holding together really well. Quinn's...putting on a really wonderful show.

Ivy: All right, ladies! Let's hustle! We've got -- we've got the -- jewelry pass is up next, and I am short a girl. Oh, Maya. Aha. Okay. We're, uh -- we're gonna bring all the pieces here, so everyone be ready.

[Indistinct conversations]

Sasha: Hey.

Maya: How could you betray Nicole like that again?

Come alive come alive we're on top of the world tonight we'll live it up, everybody come alive we're on top of the world tonight I want to see everybody come alive oh, oh, oh-whoa, oh Ooh-ooh Oh, oh, oh-whoa, oh come alive

Quinn: All right, great. And then, Paige, I want you to lead with the purse. Ooh, the bangle! We forgot the bangle!

Ivy: Oh. I've got it.

Quinn: Ivy, hurry.

Ivy: Excuse me.

Maya: Nicole and Zende were having challenges in their relationship, but what do you? You run off with him to Hawaii.

Sasha: Oh, please. He invited me.

Maya: It doesn't matter! You don't accept! And then you slept with him?!

Sasha: After we saw your posts.

Maya: Oh, my god.

Sasha: And we thought she had gone through with it. Had I known that she changed her mind, I --

Maya: No. Don't go there, ever.

Sasha: Well, maybe you shouldn't have asked her for another baby, Maya. So who's really to blame for their breakup?

Quinn: Okay. Um, everybody line up. We're ready.

Maya: No. I'm sorry, Quinn. I can't walk down the aisle with her.

Sasha: Me, neither.

Quinn: Uh, excuse me. Yes, you are.

Maya: We've got problems.

Sasha: Yeah. We need to switch or something.

Quinn: Okay. I've got 99 problems, and a switch ain't one, so go line up, please. Please!

Kristina: Wyatt, we noticed that, uh...

Wyatt: What?

Charlotte: All of the models are wearing the same dress.

Wyatt: Yeah. They're supposed to. You guys like the jewelry?

Charlotte: Yeah. It's gorgeous.

Wyatt: Great! That's great. Take this to Jake and tell him it's for the showstopper, okay?

Charlotte: Okay.

Wyatt: Okay.

Quinn: All right, ladies. We are about to make Forrester history.

Ivy: Sara, put this on your left.

Quinn: Yes. That looks beautiful. Okay. There has never been a jewelry pass on the runway before, so I want you to remember the hair, the makeup, the wardrobe, the attitudes -- they're all backdrops for the jewelry and the accessories. Okay? So I want you to make Forrester proud. Line up and let's go. Go, go, go! Go!

[Indistinct conversations]

Ivy: I need to go prep the next dresses.

Quinn: Okay. Okay. No, no, no, no. They look confused. Oh, god. That's bad.

Ridge: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Quinn: No. I wanted this to be a success for Eric. Okay. All right. Well, you know what? If they don't get it, then at least the buyers know what a showstopper is, and it's so beautiful, so -- so thank goodness we have that.

Ridge: We kind of don't.

Quinn: What?!

Ridge: I'm really proud of that dress, and I don't want to put it out there after your failed little, uh, jewelry parade, so we're done here. Show's over.

Quinn: You can't. Ridge, you can't! You can't be serious! We need to have the showstopper!

Katie: Wow! I like this! Showcasing the jewelry?

Eric: So, you get that concept, right?

Katie: It's one of your most profitable lines. It's brilliant. I've never really seen anything like it.

Quinn: We need the showstopper.

Ridge: It seems to me that your jewelry pass has stopped the show. If only somebody'd told you what a bad idea that was.

Quinn: Steffy, please. Please, you -- you have to put the gown on. Your grandfather is watching this from home. The show was never supposed to end with the jewelry pass. That was never my intention. It's gonna be a dud. This is your family. This is your company. Don't you want the show to be a success?

Steffy: Of course I do.

Quinn: Well, the last time you listened to ridge, it was a disaster, so, please, just put the gown on!

Ridge: We can't endorse this.

Quinn: Steffy, please. There isn't much time. You have to get ready.

Steffy: I'm sorry, Quinn. I-I can't.

Quinn: But, Steffy, please. It was fit for you, Steffy! Ohh. What am I gonna do? What am I -- you did great. You did great. You did great. You're beautiful.

Ivy: Hey!

Quinn: Hi.

Ivy: It wasn't that bad!

Quinn: I mean, some people are afraid of change, but you thought out of the box. I thought that that was great!

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, at least we'll get some press out of it. Where's Steffy in the showstopper?

Quinn: There isn't gonna be showstopper.

Ivy: What?!

Wyatt: What -- what do you mean?

Quinn: Ridge pulled it. And Steffy refused to wear it. He didn't want it following the catastrophe of the jewelry pass. He said it's gonna taint the show.

Wyatt: Even if the jewelry gets well received, we can't end the show on that.

Quinn: I know that. I know. [Gasps] Ivy, can you wear the gown?

Ivy: Me? No. No. I'm too tall. All the models are too tall. It was fit for Steffy. I mean, what are we gonna do?

Wyatt: Yeah, Mom. What are we gonna do?

Rick: I'm gonna go check on it -- make sure everything's okay.

Brooke: Wait. They must have a plan.

Charlie: No chatter.

Pam: Seems longer than usual.

Katie: So, is that it?

Eric: No. We still have ridge's showstopper.

Wyatt: Put it on.

Ridge: Oh, the cavalry is here.

Wyatt: Please put it on, Steffy. The runway is empty right now.

Ridge: Empty? I saw all kinds of jewelry out there before.

Wyatt: Are you this petty? You know, you say you love this company, that you're protecting it from my mother, but how is this protecting the company?! You're making this personal.

Ridge: Hey, Corleone, calm down. I got to think long-term. That was a disaster out there, and I will not have my designs associated with it.

Steffy: Maybe I should just put on the showstopper.

Ridge: Steffy. Steffy.

Steffy: Dad, don't --

Ridge: No.

Simone: What about the showstopper?

Rick: Hey, hey. Excuse me. Excuse me. The show's not over.

Brooke: No. They're just building the anticipation.

Wyatt: Oh, no. I forgot to tell Jake you pulled the showstopper.

Ivy: Ladies and gentlemen, Forrester creations is proud to present... our showstopper.

Steffy: This is a disaster.

Steffy: [Scoffs]

Ridge: Who's wearing my gown?

Steffy: [Gasps]

Eric: Quinn?

Katie: Oh...my.

Steffy: What?


Ivy: She did it.

Eric: Look. Look.

Katie: Wow.

Eric: It's wonderful.

Ivy: Ladies and gentlemen, Forrester creations' lead designer, ridge Forrester.

[Cheers and applause]

Ridge: I'm not going out there.

Steffy: You have to.

[Cheers and applause continue]

[Cheers and applause intensify]

Eric: Oh.

Ivy: Ladies and gentlemen, ridge and Quinn Forrester.

Eric: Cheers.

[Cheers and applause continue]

Ridge: How dare you?

Quinn: Aw, this little old thing?

Ridge: I hate you.

Quinn: I know. But someone had to wear it.

Ridge: I hate everything about you.

[Cheers and applause continue]

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