B&B Transcript Monday 10/31/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/31/16


Episode # 7453 ~ Nicole delivers shocking news to Zende during the company's annual Halloween party; an unexpected turn of events halts Brooke & Bill's wedding at a pivotal moment.

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Caroline: If our son has half the body you do, he's gonna be very popular with the ladies.

[Insects chirping]

Rev. Brown: Shall I proceed?

Brooke: Yes. Bill and I want to be married, so please continue.

Rev. Brown: Family, friends, and loved ones, we are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of William and Brooke. This celebration represents the love, the commitment, and the honor that they share for each other. And they're so pleased to have all of you witness this unforgettable moment in their lives.

[Insects chirping]

Maya: You mean it?

Nicole: Yes.

Maya: You'll be our surrogate? Oh, Nicole. Are you sure?

Nicole: I want to give you and rick another child. But most importantly... I want to give Lizzy a little brother or sister.

Maya: [Chuckles] You hear that, Lizzy? You're gonna be a big sister.

Nicole: Our bond is so important. And I want Lizzy to experience a bond like ours.

Maya: What about Zende?

Nicole: I'll have to work it out with him. He came around the first time, saw how beautiful it was. I have to believe I can get him to see that again.

Maya: You have no idea how much this means. Thank you.

[Insects chirping]

[Indistinct conversations]

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Thomas: Yeah. By the way, you do steampunk really, really well.

Caroline: Steampunk chic.

Thomas: Uh-huh.

Caroline: Thank you.

Thomas: Yeah.

Caroline: Also, you look

super hot. So, thank you so much for being my date tonight.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. You really had to twist my arm into it.

Caroline: Can you believe that we're gonna be taking Douglas trick-or-treating in like a couple years?

Thomas: He's gonna be the most awesome, little superhero.

Caroline: Or like a little fireman!

Thomas: Ohh!

Caroline: [Squeals] He's getting so big. Oh!

Zende: Wow. You clearly forgot the rest of your costume. It's okay. You can go back and get it.

Thomas: Magician. You're a magician.

Caroline: No. No. Maître d'.

Zende: You guys are funny. You guys are hilarious. Actually... Dracula.

Caroline: Oh. Oh, okay.

Thomas: Yeah.

Zende: I'm obviously not in quite full costume yet. I'm waiting on my better half. Uh, but Nicole's not here yet.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Pam: [Southern accent] Hello, youngsters.

Charlie: I'm Beauregard H. Webber, the "h," of course, standing for handsome.

Pam: [Laughs]

Charlie: Oh, and this is my lovely -- my lovely Georgia peach, the belle of the ball.

Pam: Handsome Beauregard here just tried to lure me into his barn to pet his stallion.

Caroline: Ohh!

Pam: [Laughs]

Charlie: Oh, yeah, yeah.


Thomas: Well, you guys both look great.

Pam: No, no, master Thomas, master Thomas, "you guys"? No, no, no, honey. You don't use that kind of language when addressing your superiors.

Thomas: [Clears throat] Oh, uh, ma'am, sir.

Charlie: Better, better.

Pam: Better. Better.


Caroline: Wow. Like, you really get into this.

Charlie: Just play along. She's been thinking about this for months, okay?

Caroline: All right.

Thomas: [Southern accent] Well, you both look ravishing.

Pam: Thank you, handsome.

Charlie: And where is the, uh, the count Dracula?

Thomas: Well, the count got a text from his, uh...

Caroline: Countess.

Thomas: Otherwise known as Nicole.

Pam: Uh-huh.

Zende: Hey! Not bad, huh? Wait. Hold up.


Nicole: Thanks for meeting me up here.

Zende: Yeah, of course. How'd it go with your sister? Actually, you know what? Tell me on the way downstairs. You still have to get dressed. I have to get ready, too, actually. What's going on?

Nicole: We need to talk. I told Maya that I would be their surrogate again.

Rick: Well, well, well. I didn't expect to see you till later.

Maya: I have something for you.

Rick: Oh, yeah? I hope it's not a costume, 'cause I thought we agreed to skip the Halloween party.

Rick: An egg. Is this my, uh, my dinner?

Maya: Think about it. An egg. A precious, fragile, beautiful egg.

Rick: You spoke to Nicole.

Maya: She said yes.

Rick: She said yes?

Maya: [Laughing] She says yes. She said yes! We get to have another baby.


Rev. Brown: Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Should there be anyone who has cause as to why these two may not be united in marriage, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.

Rev. Brown: All of us here will help solidify this bond between these two individuals as they are joined as husband and wife. This new journey will be, at times, richly rewarding and extremely difficult. But most importantly, it will be a journey of --

Bill: Stop. Stop.

Rev. Brown: Is there a problem?

Brooke: No, no. I think we're just anxious to get to the vows.

Bill: No. Forrester. I will not look back on this day, our wedding day, and remember that groveling, pathetic loser begging for your affections.

Brooke: Bill, he's gone. He left.

Bill: He's already tainted the day, Brooke. We deserve better than this for our wedding.

Brooke: We love each other. That's all that matters here.

Bill: You and I will get married.

Brooke: Don't do this.

Bill: You will be my wife. But not today. Excuse me, everyone.

Brooke: Bill, bill, don't! You can't just leave me here at the altar!


Zende: You're not serious.

Nicole: I am. I agreed to be their surrogate again.

Zende: Nicole! We agreed! We were on the same page!

Nicole: I know. And at first I said I couldn't do it. But then I was standing there watching Maya and Lizzy, and I felt this intense connection with my sister and with my niece. I don't want to deny Lizzy a sibling.

Zende: It's not your responsibility! It is not your job to have babies for them!

Nicole: Zende, please just hear me out.

Zende: You really -- you really want me to go through this again? You just had a baby! They need you to do this right now?!

Nicole: I want to do this.

Zende: I was adopted. They can't adopt? I mean -- or a different surrogate. Why does it have to be you?!

Nicole: You saw what a miracle it was last time. I want to give my sister and rick a family. Not just a baby -- a family.

Zende: And put our lives on hold. Hell, yours. Please, you can't expect me to do this.

Nicole: It's already been decided. I'm doing it. Please try to understand. Zende, don't look at me like that.

Zende: How could you do this to us?

Nicole: I know that it's a lot to ask of you. But we're so committed, and -- and we made it through before.

Zende: Barely.

Nicole: I feel like I'm losing you. I'm not going to lose you.

[Door closes]

R.J.: I'm surprised you're home.

Brooke: Yeah. Me, too.

R.J.: So, what happened tonight?

Brooke: Oh, honey. I don't even understand it myself.

R.J.: Well, dad went over to Spencer's, didn't he?

Brooke: Yeah, he did.

R.J.: Listen, I'll admit I might have encouraged him to go over to Spencer's.

Brooke: Do you want something to drink?

R.J.: No, no. You know what? Let me do that, all right? Least I can do is get you some tea. So... what happened? Did, uh, you and bill get married?

Brooke: No. Bill called off the wedding.

R.J.: What? He did?

Brooke: Yeah.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Zende: Another one.

No problem.

Caroline: Why is Zende drinking alone?

Thomas: I thought he was -- he was gonna meet Nicole. What's up, buddy? Where's, uh, where's Mrs. Dracula?

Caroline: Something wrong?

Zende: We decided that she wasn't gonna go through with it. And she changed her mind.

Caroline: Zende. Hey, what's going on? What happened?

Thomas: Hey, bud, w-why don't we just slow down on the drinks a little bit. Yeah, come on.

Zende: Hey, come on, Tommy. I'm not slowing down on anything tonight. Hey, Mrs. Dracula.

Sasha: Shut up! I guess great minds really do think alike.


Zende: Dracula's the man, right?

Sasha: Hmm. Mm-hmm. Bro, Dracula is the ultimate dude. He's handsome and suave, and he works those capes, and the ladies can't resist. Uh! He is just so sexy.


Zende: You get it. See, I-I thought I was the only one who understood. But to me, it's simple. The answer is so simple.

Sasha: Someone is deep in thought tonight. How many, uh, how many shots you had there, kiddo?

Zende: Come here.

Sasha: Yes.

Zende: She did it.

Sasha: Who?

Zende: Nicole. She told Maya she'd have another baby for her.

Sasha: [Gasps]

Brooke: Thank you.

R.J.: Mom, it's gonna be good, all right? Everything's gonna be okay. I know you're upset, but to be honest, this is the best thing for you in the long run. For you and for dad.

Brooke: Don't get your hopes up. It doesn't mean I'm going to be marrying your father.

R.J.: What does it mean?

Brooke: I don't know. But I just broke the heart of a man who's been nothing but kind and loyal to me.

[Sighs] It's been a long day.

R.J.: Come on, mom. It's Halloween. You can't go to bed yet.

Brooke: Honey, I'm exhausted.

R.J.: You know what? Let's go down to the haunted house at the millers' or watch a scary movie, get your mind off it.

Brooke: I-I'm just too tired. I'm sorry. I'm gonna go upstairs and be alone.

R.J.: All right.

Ridge: Hey.

R.J.: Hey, dad. What are you doing here?

Ridge: What are you doing here? It's Halloween. I thought you'd be out there causing trouble.

R.J.: No, no, I, uh, stuck around just in case mom needed anything.

Ridge: Ah.

R.J.: It has been a crazy day.

Ridge: Her car's outside. Is she here?

R.J.: Yeah. Spencer pulled the plug. They didn't get married.

While jack-o-lanterns are all aglow

trick or treat and smelly feet

time for us to hit the streets

and do the stroll

the Halloween stroll


Pam: Sugar plum, come on. Get your tiny, little bottom out here on the dance floor.

Caroline: If -- if I'm dancing, you're dancing.

Thomas: No, no. No, no.

Caroline: Yes. Come.

Thomas: No!

Caroline: [Laughs]

Sasha: Another baby? I thought you said that you agreed she wouldn't do it.

Zende: Me, too.

Sasha: And that you were on the "same page."

Zende: I know. But she changed her mind, so...

Sasha: [Sighs] God, I wonder why.

Zende: I guess she wants to give Lizzy a sibling. I-I don't know. What am I supposed to do, Sasha? Look, I can't go through this a second time. I've been patient. I've been understanding through all of this.

Sasha: Of course. Hey, so, um, what -- what did you tell her?

Zende: I walked out. It's over.

Sasha: No, you didn't.

Zende: Oh, yeah, I did. I can't do it anymore. I'm done.

Sasha: So... it's -- it's really over between you and Nicole?

Ridge: So, your mother called it off.

R.J.: Well, actually, bill did, because of you.

Ridge: Well, good.

R.J.: "Good"? I mean, this is the best news we've had in awhile. Listen, I know you don't have bill's shares, okay? But you have mom, and mom's priceless.

Ridge: She sure is. I can't believe I almost let her marry that guy.

R.J.: Well, I'm glad you listened to me.

Ridge: Yeah. Should have listened to you more. Thank you.

R.J.: Well, that's what I'm here for.

Ridge: You're a great kid. Have I told you that lately?

R.J.: You might have mentioned that a few times.

Ridge: How's your mom?

R.J.: She's upset. Um, feels bad about bill. But she's okay. She just...needs to be alone right now.

Ridge: I'm not giving up on her.

R.J.: Well, that's good to hear. For the last time, I mean, you two belong together.

Ridge: Yeah, took me awhile to realize that. But I promise I will bring our family back together.

R.J.: Well, that's all I want to hear.

Ridge: Come here.

Your bleeding heart in your hand it's been there a while you're just now noticing I wish I could help you bleeding heart we all have our own bleeding heart we all have our ohhh, oh-oh bleeding heart we all have our bleeding heart we all have our bleeding heart

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