B&B Transcript Friday 10/28/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/28/16


Episode # 7452 ~ Ridge puts his plan and Forrester Creations at risk when he crosses Bill; Nicole makes a decision about the favor Maya requested.

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Brooke: Bill.

Bill: Look at you. Pathetic. Desperately groveling for Brooke's affections. Starting to panic, are you? Worried she's not gonna sell you my shares, so you're pretending that she's your reason for breathing yet again?

Ridge: I don't give a damn about your shares.

Bill: You don't?

Ridge: I don't. I'm here for Brooke.

Wyatt: Brooke has another man in her room?

Alison: I think so.

Justin: Seriously?

Alison: I was walking by earlier, and I heard voices. Bill went to investigate.

Donna: How strange.

Alison: All right, donna. 'Fess up.

Donna: What?

Justin: You obviously know who it is.

Wyatt: Donna...

Donna: [Sighs] It's Ridge.

Zende: Man. Too bad we had to postpone the photo shoot.

Sasha: Yeah. Well, it was for a good reason, with the backstage area being all decked out for Halloween. In fact, I've already picked out my costume.

Zende: Yeah. Should be fun.

Sasha: Uh...hey. What's -- what's with the tone?

Zende: Maya's with Nicole right now, having a "catch-up session." You know what that means?

Sasha: Yeah. She's giving her full-court press about being their surrogate again.

Maya: So, you have thought about it -- giving Lizzy a little brother or sister?

Nicole: It's all I've been thinking about.

Maya: Well, we don't want to cause you any stress -- none at all.

Nicole: I know. And you and rick have been so patient, giving me time.

Maya: Well, being a surrogate again is a lot to process. Have you decided?

Zende: I fully support Maya and rick having as many kids as they want. Hell, have a football team if you want to.

Sasha: [Chuckles]

Zende: But you don't need to involve Nicole.

Sasha: You're not nervous she might say yes?

Zende: I think I'm more nervous that she'll feel awful turning them down. Do I think she'll agree to be their surrogate? Not a chance? There's no way she's ever doing that again.

Nicole: I've made a decision. But first... can I tell you how much I appreciate you and rick not pressuring me?

Maya: We would never. And if you were not totally comfortable, we wouldn't want you to do it. I mean, of course, it would be our first choice, having you be our surrogate, just like before. If there is any way... that you would want to bring another life into this world for us... I cannot tell you how much it would mean.

Justin: Ridge is up there?

Donna: He wanted to talk to her -- alone.

Wyatt: Oh, come on.

Alison: Not to worry. Bill is with them now, and we all know he's perfectly capable of handling an 11th-hour Ridge tantrum.

Bill: You're here for Brooke?

Ridge: Yeah. Let's be honest. Your marriage wouldn't have lasted anyway. Would have gotten my shares, and she would have left you.

Brooke: What?! Hey, no! That's not true!

Ridge: Because you would have given her a million reasons to leave you, and then I would have the shares and my family.

Brooke: I never agreed to that. Yes, I was gonna get the shares, but then you knew all about that. Why would you even think that?

Bill: Why would he think anything of the kind? Why would he think there is even the slightest chance that you would end up with him? Are you marrying me for my shares in Forrester, Brooke?

Nicole: I tried to explain this to Zende, but I don't think he got it. I don't think any man ever would. [Sighs] The maternal instinct that I have... I felt this sense of duty, almost, to Lizzy. So when you brought up the idea of giving her a sibling, that instinct immediately kicked in. And I felt this strong desire, almost expectation, that it should be me. And the idea of another surrogate makes me jealous. It should be my body... my genes. How could it be any other way?

Maya: What is it? Are you saying you'll do it? Look, I-I know it's too much to ask. I don't blame you if you don't want to. I just felt I had to because the thought of you helping us again, giving Lizzy a little brother or sister -- it just fills me so much. Will you do it?

Nicole: No. I can't. [Voice breaking] I'm sorry.

Wyatt: I just saw the reverend making his way back up the path.

Donna: I hope it's going okay up there.

Justin: I'm not too worried about it. Bill knows he can count on me to help cool Ridge off if it comes to it.

Brooke: I'm marrying you because I love you. I want to start a life with you. It has nothing to do with the shares.

Bill: Ridge seems pretty confident.

Brooke: I don't know why he's saying that.

Bill: You let this idiot stay up here. You listened to him tell you why you should walk away from everything we have. This poor excuse for a man who forgets you, has cast you aside time and time again? Why didn't I walk in here and see you slapping him? Why didn't I overhear you telling him to get lost?

Brooke: Bill, Ridge is R.J.'s father. I had to at least hear what he had to say. But you're the man I want to marry -- the only man.

Bill: No part of this is a manipulation? Accepting my proposal had nothing to do with those shares?

Brooke: No! Well, yes, of course, I wanted to get the shares to give to Ridge. Quinn is dangerous. We need to get her out of Forrester. But that is not the only reason why I want to marry you. I am ready... to start my life with you... the life that we've always dreamed of. Tell me you believe me.

Zende: I hope Nicole doesn't take too long letting Maya down. She has a Halloween party to get ready for.

Sasha: Maybe the three of us can hang out at the party -- you know, celebrate.

Zende: Nicole officially turning down Maya? Definitely worth a celebration.

Maya: Oh. Okay. I understand.

Nicole: Let me explain.

Maya: No. You don't have to. We never expected -- it was just a fantasy.

Nicole: I would have been honored to be your surrogate again. [Crying] I probably would have if -- it's just...

Maya: We said, "no pressure." And we meant it. I just hope you understand why we felt we had to ask.

Nicole: Of course.

Maya: Okay.

Nicole: I'm glad you did.

[Lizzy crying]

Maya: Oh. That was a quick nap.

[Crying continues]

Maya: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Yeah. Okay. It's okay. Mama's here.

[Lizzy fussing]

Maya: Ohh. Hi, sleepy bear. Oh, I needed those cuddles, too. [Smooches, chuckles]

Nicole: May I?

Maya: [Gasps] Ohh! Auntie!

Nicole: Hi. Yeah.

Maya: [Laughs]

Nicole: You're okay.

[Lizzy fusses]

Maya: Hey, hey.

Nicole: [Sniffles]

Maya: Don't you feel bad.

Nicole: I'm trying. You have to do what's right for yourself.

Nicole: Yeah.

Maya: Yeah.

Nicole: [Smooches]

Alison: You enjoyed your walk?

Rev. Brown: Yes, beautiful grounds. Are the bride and groom ready?

Justin: No. It turns out they needed a little extra time anyway.

Donna: Yeah. They're upstairs, uh, discussing last-minute details.

Wyatt: With the bride's ex-husband.

Rev. Brown: That does sound a little unusual. Will there be a wedding today?

Wyatt: You know what, reverend brown? We don't know.

Bill: You know, I can't help but find it a little bit odd that I'm downstairs with our guests, the reverend, standing at the altar, waiting to exchange our wedding vows... and you're upstairs here listening to this bozo.

Ridge: Of course, she's listening, 'cause deep down --

Bill: Shut the hell up!

Brooke: Everybody just calm down! [Sighs]

Bill: He ruined our first wedding. Now he's doing it again. And you think we're gonna get married today? Hell, no. Wedding's off.

Brooke: Bill, wait! I still want to be your wife.

Bill: Then why didn't you throw his ass out? Why didn't you come find me? That's what you should have done. But instead, I'm down there standing, waiting, wondering what the hell's going on.

Brooke: Okay, yes. I'm sorry. But we're gonna go downstairs, and we're gonna get married. The jet's waiting. We can fly off to the Stella Maris.

Ridge: We should go.

Brooke: Ridge, stop! [Scoffs] He's leaving. And you and I are gonna go downstairs and get married, and we're gonna forget about the shares.

Bill: How am I gonna forget about the shares... when I suspected the whole reason you accepted my proposal was because of them?

Brooke: Just -- no, just forget that you were gonna give me the shares. I don't want the shares! All I want is you.

Zende: I hope Nicole will still be in the mood for this party.

Sasha: Brah, are you kidding me? A huge weight is about to be lifted off of her shoulders. She's gonna be the first one on the dance floor.

Zende: Yeah. Yeah. Probably.

Sasha: Zende... this will all work out. Nicole won't let you down.

Nicole: Will you get another surrogate?

Maya: Maybe. Or we'll adopt. Rick and I have a lot to talk about.

Nicole: I wish I could --

Maya: Thank you. Thank you for even considering it. Look, it would have been great, but I completely understand. I hope you know how much I appreciate you, Nicole -- how much I appreciate all that you've done for us... for being in my life, who you are. I am in awe.

Nicole: I'm in awe. So much respect. My sister... a trailblazer... so confident. You knew who you were before anyone else could see... a woman... a mother. If only you knew how much I look up to you... and what a role model you've become for me... imagine if Lizzy had a little brother or sister looking up to her like that. Imagine.

Maya: Nicole... what are you --

Nicole: [Crying] I'll do it.

Maya: What?

Nicole: I want to do it.

Maya: Be our surrogate? Oh, my God. Are you sure? [Voice breaking] Thank you. I love you.

Nicole: I love you, too.

Brooke: I should have made him leave.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, you should have. Of course, therein lies the problem. You don't instinctively know how wrong it is to be up here talking with him while I am downstairs, standing at the altar, waiting for you... how wrong it is to let him talk to you about the life you're gonna have together after he has conned me out of my shares. You should have shut him down, Brooke, immediately. And your not doing that without my asking you to tells me everything I need to know. Bad move, Ridge. You'll never see those shares now. Bad move.

Brooke: Bill! Wait! Bill!

Rev. Brown: Does anyone want to check on them?

Donna: I could, unless you want to.

Brooke: Bill, please, don't go!

Bill: Apologies for the delay. There won't be a wedding today. You can all leave.

Brooke: No. Please. Everybody stay. Don't do this. We are getting married today.

Bill: Not like this.

Brooke: Yes, like this. It's even better like this. You and I both know marriages can be tough. There's going to be arguments. There's going to be disagreements. But it's how you handle them. That's what counts. [Sighs] We need to show each other some respect, some love, support. Come on, Bill. Let's do this. We're ready. Ridge, leave.

Ridge: Logan, I can't.

Brooke: Just get out, please.

Ridge: I can't --

Brooke: We don't want you here at our wedding! [Sighs] There. He's gone. Okay? So let's just do this. Let's get married.

Rev. Brown: Are you sure you want to do this?

Brooke: Of course, we're sure.

Rev. Brown: Okay. Let's see. We're gathered here today to join this man, William Spencer Jr., and this woman, Brooke Logan, in holy matrimony.

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