B&B Transcript Monday 10/24/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/24/16


Episode # 7448 ~ Ridge makes serious accusations toward Quinn regarding her treatment of Eric; Bill calls in trusted staff to help plan the best wedding Brooke could ever imagine.

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Brooke: What were Eric's exact words?

Quinn: If you must know, that he trusts only me.

Rick: And you interpreted that to mean...?

Wyatt: There was no interpretation needed 'cause I was there. Eric said he wanted my mother to run the company and for me to help out.

Thomas: On the basis of what? Your vast experience in fashion?

Wyatt: On the basis of he said so.

Ridge: Basically my father has lost his mind.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Eric: [Mumbling]

[Monitor beeping]

[Mumbling continues]

[Door opens]

[Mumbling continues]

Ivy: Uncle Eric? Hey. Are you all right? Do you want me to get the nurse?

Eric: Why?

Ivy: You were talking.

Eric: I-I...no.

Ivy: Okay. Well, you were. It sounded like you were upset.

Eric: Dreaming. Dreaming.

Ivy: Was it a bad dream?

Eric: [Sighs] Except... not a dream.

Bill: I should open it now?

Justin: Why not?

Bill: Well, tomorrow's the wedding day. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Justin: No, you're gonna need that tonight. Come on! Open it!

Bill: All right.

Justin: Tradition says you can't see the bride the night before you walk her down the aisle, so...

Bill: How -- where did you --

Justin: Come on, now. You know me. I have my sources.

[Both laugh]

Bill: I love it. No, I mean, I really love it. I love it so much I might come around there and give you a big hug, although I think last time we tried that, that scarred you for life, didn't it?

Justin: Yeah, yeah. I'm still having nightmares after that.

Bill: [Laughs]

Justin: Ohhh, man. Anyway, I'm so glad that you like it. I figured, "what do you get the man that already has everything?"

Bill: Not true, Justin. I don't have everything. But as of tomorrow, I will.

Evelyn: So glad that you and Brooke are back on track. I'm just so sorry I can't make the wedding. I already have two weddings tomorrow, and --

Bill: No, no, no, no. No need to explain, Evelyn. This was very last-minute. I'm just glad that we have your expertise and your consulting today. It's very helpful.

Evelyn: It's my pleasure.

Bill: Let's make sure that you bring Alison up to speed so she is good to go for day of arrangements.

Evelyn: Certainly. And from what you've described, it's a very intimate yet gorgeous home wedding. Um, Alison and I, we have a lot to cover -- florist, caterer, officiant, and did you get miss Logan a wedding gift yet?

Justin: Oh, I could, uh, take a picture of you and you could give it to Brooke.

Bill: Who doesn't like getting one of those?

Justin: Oh, wow.

Bill: Uh, but actually, I-I already have a wedding-day present for Brooke.

Justin: Forrester shares. How romantic is that? You might as well buy her a vacuum cleaner.

Bill: I sort of am. It's a way to suck crazy Quinn out of the picture.

Ivy: Don't be discouraged. I know that that's easy for me to say.

Eric: I'll be all right.

Ivy: Yes, you will. Here.

Eric: [Sighs] But my family... except for you.

Ivy: They love you. They do. Pam came by before with Charlie and some lemon bars, of course.

Eric: I was asleep?

Ivy: No, uh... Quinn thinks it's best if we ask people who could upset you if they'll come back when you're a little bit stronger.

Eric: She loves me. She knows best.

Quinn: There's nothing wrong with your father's mind.

Ridge: But how would we know? You keep him out of our sight.

Wyatt: Since when?

Quinn: Eric threw you out of his room. I didn't.

Ridge: What about the text I got from Pam saying she's not allowed to see him?

Zende: My grandmother's sister?

Thomas: Why would you do that, Quinn?

Quinn: You all think you can show up whenever you want. Eric needs his rest.

Ridge: What I think is you're holding him captive, the same way you did Liam. Not gonna have that.

Rick: You come in here making an announcement that you're in charge. Well, I don't think so. You're a joke.

Bill: Best present ever.

Justin: That's what you said about the watch I gave you that you never wear.

Bill: All right, well, that was an ugly watch.

Justin: Oh.

Bill: But this time I mean it.

Justin: [Chuckling] Whatever.

Alison: Thought you'd might want to review the state of affairs as they stand for tomorrow now that Evelyn briefed me.

Bill: Go.

Alison: The vendors are confirmed. You're supplying the wardrobe?

Bill: I am.

Alison: The rings?

Bill: We need rings? Yes, Alison. I have the rings. Not my first rodeo.

Alison: The concept of double-checking is just lost on you, isn't it?

Bill: I'm gonna double-check and see if you still work for me.

Alison: Miss Logan really is just such a lucky lady.

Justin: [Chuckling] All right, all right. Give my man a break. He just wants it to be the wedding day already. And with that said, it is time for Brooke to be Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer!

Bill: [Laughs] Yes, it is.

Ivy: "Along the bank of the river"...

[Monitor beeping]

Ivy: Hey. I'm sorry. I thought you were sleeping. Ooh, wow. That grip of yours is getting strong. [Chuckles]

Eric: Is it?

Ivy: Are you all right? Are you in pain?

Eric: No. No, I just... I just want to be a husband... to my wife.

Ivy: But you are.

Eric: A real husband. Not... not this.

Ivy: Eric, you're giving Quinn things that she's never had. Dignity, appreciation, respect. You're doing all that just by being you. What's more real than that? All she wants to do is love you back.

Quinn: It's not a matter of knowing better than you or anyone else, Ridge. Anyone in this room can run Forrester beautifully.

Rick: Yeah, without you.

Quinn: Undoubtedly.

Ridge: So the road ahead is clear. Go home.

Quinn: Well, it's really very simple. Eric is C.E.O. of the company that he founded. And when his authority is needed, his signature, his approval, I'm legally empowered to supply it.

Brooke: Or withhold it.

Quinn: [Chuckles] I can't really imagine we'd be having business disagreements. Can you?

Ridge: So I'm gonna add imagination to the job requirements you're lacking. Is that cool?

Quinn: You know, I'm not even planning on being here very much. I'll be home taking care of my husband.

Zende: And keeping us from him.

Quinn: But in my absence, somebody will be here with a proven track record to be my right-hand and...work for me.

Thomas: We're not gonna be taking orders from you. We're sure as hell not gonna be taking orders from him. Man, you must have been wringing your hands for months now. "Yeah, Steffy, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna get my mother away from your grandfather." Till you saw the advantage.

Wyatt: I see what all of you could see if you just get your heads out of your --

Quinn: Wyatt.

Wyatt: [Sighs] He asked me to stay at the house with them for support. And as crazy as this situation is for everyone, he feels safe now. He's happy, all because of this woman, who, frankly, I admit is kind of a stranger to me, as well, but still. How did you become so patient, huh? What did Eric do to you?

Quinn: He made me want to be decent for him. He did, you know? And it was easy to be the woman that he thought I was. I was -- I was so young when I became a single mother. I thought I had to be tough and mean, and I faked it so well I forgot I was faking it. Until Eric.

Bill: Don't think just because Evelyn isn't going to be there tomorrow that she won't be kept in the loop. Big brother will be watching.

Alison: Right.

Bill: What else?

Alison: The Stella Maris is being scrubbed from top to bottom, stocked with food, champagne, fresh linens, the usual.

Bill: Good. What about the minister?

Justin: Oh, I could be ordained online by tomorrow.

Bill: Well, thank you for that, but I think it's a little bit outside of your area of expertise.

Alison: You finished?

Bill: Bossy.

Justin: You know?

Alison: Good. The florist's people will be at the house tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. Please be awake to let them in, or hire someone to be awake.

Justin: And why shouldn't that be you?

Alison: Because I'm meeting the caterers at 7:00 a.m. to confirm the menu and attendance. I seemed to have led them to believe that the guest list would be modest.

Bill: [British accent] Well, the guest list may be modest...

[Normal voice] But the wedding will be historic.

[Monitor beeping]

Ivy: Would you like me to read some more?

Eric: I'm so...

Ivy: Are -- are you tired?

Eric: Lucky. To have you in my corner.

Ivy: [Chuckles] I'm not exactly a prize-winning lottery ticket.

Eric: To have Quinn... I never thought after Stephanie that I...

Ivy: I'm sure if Quinn was here, she would say that she's the lucky one.

Brooke: What I think would be helpful is, um, accountability.

Quinn: And what form would that take, Brooke?

Brooke: Consulting with the people that have been in Eric's lives for decades, not just for months. I know that you have the legal authority to sign his checks, but what about the moral authority?

Quinn: Well, I stopped by accounting this morning, and I gave them all of our check stubs and receipts. You can check to see I haven't spent as much as a dime on myself. My only interest here is taking care of my husband and honoring his wishes.

Ridge: Honoring Dad's wishes means that you're gonna be in his life. I can't have that.

Wyatt: [Scoffs] None of you have a clue, do you, about how much you're hurting that guy.

Thomas: Oh, get off your high horse, Wyatt. You hurt him, too. We didn't support the marriage, so we didn't go to the wedding.

Zende: Talk about terrible decisions. You know, every day I wish I could take back that one, make it up to him somehow.

Rick: I do, too. We all do. But handing over dad's life work, his legacy, to someone who's proven to be criminally insane time and time again is not making it up to him! It's abandoning him.

Ridge: Well put, Rick.

Quinn: If we could just all overcome these old hostilities, we can pull together and make Eric proud when he comes back to us.

Ridge: My dad has always been proud of us. And he's gonna be really proud when we drive you out of his life and our life.

Quinn: Hi.

Ivy: Hey. How did it go?

Quinn: Uh, not brilliantly.

Ivy: Oh.

Quinn: Which means it can only get better, right? How is he?

Ivy: Well, he had a bad moment, but then he remembered how lucky he is.

Quinn: Lucky?

Ivy: Yeah. To have you.

Quinn: [Chuckles]

Ivy: He'll be very happy that you're home.

Quinn: Thanks.

Ivy: [Chuckles]

Quinn: Oh, and, uh, ivy, about Pam and Charlie?

Ivy: Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you that they came by.

Quinn: I know. Good call.

[Monitor beeping]

Quinn: Did I wake you?

Eric: Are you in my dream?

Quinn: [Chuckles] I don't think so. [Sighs] I'm a bit hungry and discouraged and not quite as poised and bubbly as I would hope to be in your dreams.

Eric: Didn't go well?

Quinn: At Forrester?

Eric: Tell me.

Quinn: They don't like me. They don't trust me. That shouldn't surprise us.

Eric: Was it Ridge?

Quinn: No, let's just say I don't have many fans in the Forrester clan.

Eric: You have me.

Quinn: [Chuckles] I do. Best thing that ever happened to me.

Eric: Except Wyatt.

Quinn: Ohh, no, I didn't happen to Wyatt. He happened to me. He'd be the first one to say that.

Eric: [Chuckles]

Quinn: Brooke was there. You guys have a history. You remember that, right?

Eric: Several.

Quinn: [Chuckling] Several. Yeah, well, Wyatt told me that she's gonna be marrying his father tomorrow.

Eric: Brooke likes being married.

Quinn: She's not the only one. I know I say it over and over again, but the way you have changed my life... [Sighs]

Eric: Listen. Listen.

Quinn: What?

Eric: My chest.

Quinn: I hear breathing.

Eric: You hear love.

Alison: Is this the bachelor party?

Bill: Exactly.

Justin: And is she the entertainment?

Alison: Why can't you be the entertainment?

Justin: Oh, please.

Bill: I don't want either one of you to be the entertainment! How about we just toast to my future happiness and how much I deserve it?

Justin: Okay, to your future happiness. I guess you deserve it.

Bill: I do, don't I?

Justin: Yes, you do.

Alison: To your future happiness, which is very unselfish of me, because, to be honest, you're easier to manage when you're in a bad mood.

Bill: What?

Justin: Oh, so you noticed that, too! Right?

Bill: I'm standing right here!

[Glasses clink]

Bill: I hate you guys. How about we toast to Brooke, all right? Can we all agree on that? Can we toast to Brooke?

Justin: All right.

Alison: Yes.

Justin: To Brooke.

Bill: All right. There we go.

Justin: Cheers.

Ridge: This day is a catastrophe!

Brooke: I know, I know. But keep your voice down. Stop yelling. Please stop yelling.

Ridge: Stop yelling? You're about to marry a man that I despise, and I feel I'm pushing you to do it, because then I can get the shares and get Quinn out of our life!

Brooke: I don't want to talk this way about my wedding day.

Ridge: Wedding? Can we just -- can you just please call it a half day? Get the shares and then get out of there.

Brooke: No! I'm not going to do that! I will do as I promised. I will get you the shares. But I am going to be married to Bill.

Ridge: [Groans] Then we'll -- we'll get it annulled.

Brooke: I am not going to lie through my wedding vows. That's not the kind of person that I am, Ridge. And you have to stop kissing me! It's ridiculous. I know that you feel that feelings are resurfacing because I'm getting married tomorrow and R.J.'s in town and he thinks we should be together. And that's understandable to an extent, given the way that you feel about Bill. But you're not taking into consideration how I feel about Bill and what he feels about me! We do love each other. He builds me up. He supports me. He loves me. He makes me feel like I can do anything. That is the kind of person that I want to spend my life with. I know what I want. I know what R.J. wants. So tell me, Ridge. What is it that you want?

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