B&B Transcript Friday 10/21/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/21/16


Episode # 7447 ~ Eric asks Quinn & Wyatt to act on his behalf at Forrester Creations until he makes a full recovery; Bill receives criticism for still wanting to marry Brooke while knowing she is being pressured by Ridge.

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Wyatt: You're officially married, license and all?

Quinn: No more questions or technicalities. And you were here for it.

Wyatt: I know. I-I just wish I was here for the first one, so I'm sorry.

Eric: You're here now. Thank you... son.

Quinn: Thank you for agreeing to move in here for a while. I'm so happy for the support.

Eric: Now... go to Forrester.

Quinn: Forrester?

Eric: Speak for me.

Brooke: Ridge, what are you doing?! You can't just kiss me like that.

Ridge: I know that. I don't -- I don't know. It just -- you said you were gonna have this wedding right away, and it just -- I don't -- it -- all the pieces are in place now.

Brooke: Oh. So that's what I am? I'm just a-a piece to the puzzle?

Ridge: I think you know you'll always be so much more than that.

Donna: You want to marry my sister today? Today?

Bill: I want to marry your sister yesterday.

Donna: Did she agree to this? I only heard your end of the phone call.

Bill: Donna, we love each other. We waited how long to be together? And now, for so many reasons, the, uh -- the timing is right. And ridge agrees.

Donna: Ridge wants this, too?

Bill: Yeah.

Donna: Why?

Zende: Ah, man.

Nicole: Training for an iron man? Sure seems like it.

Zende: I don't do triathlons.

Nicole: What about biathlons?

Zende: Nah. I'm a single-event kind of guy.

Nicole: So, a single-event guy, huh?

Zende: That's right.

Nicole: What's your event?

Zende: [Chuckles] I know what answer you're looking for.

Nicole: Me? I'm your single event?

Zende: The one and only, baby.

Nicole: Well, for the record, you've won this event.

Donna: I-I can't believe that ridge supports this.

Bill: Well, he does.

Donna: He despises you, Bill. He'd never want to see Brooke end up as your wife.

Bill: It's not like he's getting nothing out of it.

Donna: What's he getting?

Bill: A wedding present.

Donna: A present?

Bill: One that will get rid of Quinn... once and for all.

Quinn: You want me to go to Forrester?

Eric: Represent me until --

Quinn: Until you get better.

Wyatt: What exactly are you asking, Eric?

Eric: Oversee... the company... everything... for me.

Ridge: We need to secure the company. We can only do that if we have the shares. Otherwise, it's all in Quinn's hands.

Brooke: Without a marriage, there will be no shares. Ridge, you can't do this! You can't just kiss me like that!

Ridge: I can't just let you go marry Spencer!

Brooke: Unless it's what I want.

[Door opens]

Thomas: Uh, you wanted to see us, dad?

Eric: Go... now.

Quinn: Honey, are you sure? What about ridge?

Eric: Can't trust him. I trust you. Support her, son.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Eric: Call a meeting.

Quinn: Okay. I'm gonna do everything I can to guide this company for you. I promise, Eric.

Nicole: People are gonna talk.

Zende: Where? Nobody's in here, okay?

Nicole: Yeah, well, they all cleared out once you started kissing on me.

Zende: Oh, me? Okay.

Nicole: Okay, us.

Zende: Us. I like that.

Nicole: You want to work out some more?

Zende: Yeah, but not here.

Pam: Oh! Okay, okay, okay, loverboys and -girls.

Charlie: Come on. Geez. I mean, get a room.

Pam: No. Don't. Zende, put on a shirt.

Zende: Uh, what's going on?

Pam: Family powwow.

Nicole: At Eric's place? Is everything okay?

Charlie: Everything's fine. Uh, Eric's mending.

Pam: Well, I wouldn't say exactly fine. Putting Quinn in charge?

Zende: What's the meeting about?

Pam: Eric wants to speak to the family.

Zende: At the house?

Pam: No. At Forrester.

Nicole: Wait a minute. He's coming in?

Pam: No. He's sending his power of attorney.

Zende: Quinn?

Ivy: Oh, hey! I got your text. What's up?

Quinn: Oh, would you do me a favor?

Ivy: Yeah, of course.

Quinn: The nurse is upstairs with Eric. He's resting right now. He appreciates you, ivy. You're the only person in the family that he does appreciate. So, would you stay here with him? I don't want anyone to disturb him, especially anyone who could upset him. The family not showing up for the wedding -- it just still bothers him.

Ivy: You got it. Where are you guys going? Hi, Wyatt, by the way.

Quinn: Oh, you two can catch up later. And you should know, since you're living in the guest house, that Wyatt is also gonna be moving in here.

Wyatt: Uh...temporarily.

Quinn: Okay. Well, we're off to Forrester. Hold down the fort.

Wyatt: Yeah, or start a war. Either way, it's gonna be fun.

Donna: I can't believe this. After everything you went through to get a chunk of Forrester, and you're just going to hand it over to Brooke as a wedding present to then give to ridge.

Bill: I guess that must mean that I'm really in love with your sister.

Donna: I'll say.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Pam: Ridge, Zende's on his way. And so is the she-devil.

Charlie: Along with Wyatt.

Ridge: Okay. Well, I'll deal with the two of them. In the meantime, there's some information that some of you may not be aware of. Steffy and Liam are now back together, but they want to keep it quiet because, uh, they want to be respectful to Wyatt and their divorce, so...

Thomas: I saw that one coming.

Rick: A mile away.

Brooke: I assume that's why Steffy isn't here.

Ridge: She and Liam are gonna spend some time together.

Pam: If it's okay with you, Charlie and I would love to go to the house and visit Eric while Quinn's not there. Ah. My cue.

Ridge: All hail the conquering hero.

Rick: How's dad?

Quinn: He's getting better with every day.

Ridge: Good. So he'll be back here running the company soon.

Wyatt: Uh, actually, that could take a while.

Brooke: If Eric can speak, he can give orders.

Ridge: And that means he doesn't need a mouthpiece anymore.

Quinn: Well, we're all hoping that Eric will make a speedy recovery, ridge. In the meantime, he's asked me to speak to you all on his behalf.

Ridge: You can say whatever you want. It goes in one ear and out the other. I listen to my dad and my dad only.

Pam: Fresh-baked lemon bars -- just what the doctor ordered.

Charlie: You know, the medicinal properties of lemon bars are well documented. In fact --

Pam: We probably shouldn't wake Eric --

Ivy: Excuse me.

Pam: Oh.

Ivy: Hey.

Pam: [Laughing] Ivy! You scared the pudding out of me.

Ivy: What are you guys doing here?

Pam: We've come to see Eric.

Charlie: Yeah. We figured since Quinn's not here, we could just go take a moment.

Pam: Brought him some lemon bars.

Charlie: Yeah, for medicinal purposes only.

Ivy: Oh, I see. [Clears throat]

Pam: You okay? You just look a little discombobulated.

Ivy: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. It's just uncle Eric's resting.

Pam: Oh, we know. We're just gonna pop our heads in. If he's not sleeping, he'll be happy to see us.

Ivy: You know what? Maybe I should call Quinn.

Pam: [Laughing] Quinn? Whatever for?

Ivy: For permission. She told me not to let anyone disturb uncle Eric.

Bill: I want two weeks, Alison. Clear my schedule. No, for me and the janitor. Yes, for Brooke and me! Just free me up!

Bill: [Sighs]

Zende: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Thomas: Oh, you're just in time.

Zende: For what?

Ridge: Quinn over here thinks she's taking over.

Quinn: What I'm trying to do is follow your father's instructions.

Brooke: Which are?

Quinn: To keep the peace. I understand your frustrations, ridge, but please keep in mind this was not my decision.

Rick: So, you're telling me my father gave you power of attorney without so much as a nudge?

Wyatt: Yeah, who would have thought -- Eric Forrester trusting his wife?

Ridge: Not his wife -- not officially.

Wyatt: Actually, she is. Carter showed up with the papers. They signed. I witnessed. It's official.

Thomas: What are you even doing here, Wyatt? You were just as against this marriage as any of us were.

Rick: Even cost you your own. Or have you forgotten about Steffy?

Quinn: That was a low blow, rick.

Ridge: And this isn't? You walk in here and you give orders to people? We built this company!

Quinn: And I'm sensitive to that.

Brooke: No, you're not, Quinn. You have no concept of what you're doing to this family.

Quinn: All I'm saying, Brooke, is my husband asked me to keep an eye on things until he recovers.

Zende: So, pretty much, you're a watchdog?

Quinn: I'm not here to bicker or lord over anyone. I'm here at Eric's request, and I intend to fulfill it. He wants the support of every single person in this room. But make no mistake -- I will not allow anyone to upset him.

Ridge: You got a pretty short leash on him. He can't make a rational decision anymore.

Wyatt: That's not true, ridge.

Thomas: Oh, look at that. Your fan club speaks up.

Wyatt: You know, I've seen the two of them together more than any of you have, and, yes, with skeptical eyes. It's true. The two of them -- they're good together. Their feelings are genuine for each other.

Ridge: So, what are you gonna do? You gonna help mommy make some little jewelry? Can't wait to see what you come up with. Power of attorney or not, I'm gonna run this company, and you're gonna stay out of my way.

Pam: Ivy, my sister lived in this house! That witch has taken her husband and her home!

Charlie: Yeah, and we had to bribe security just to get in here.

Ivy: Regardless, Eric is my uncle, Quinn is his wife, and she doesn't want him disturbed. We can't risk him being upset.

Charlie: We're not here to upset Eric.

Pam: Honey, we're here to bring him joy...love...

Charlie: And corner pieces.

Ivy: He's still really upset with the family for boycotting the wedding.

Pam: No. I've apologized to Eric.

Charlie: More than once, by the way.

Ivy: I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do. I promised.

Pam: Yeah, promised... the dictator.

Ivy: I'm gonna have to ask you both to leave.

Pam: Oh, G-- [Gasps] Charlie! [Exhales sharply]

Quinn: I want to support you the way you have always supported me. And I want to inspire and encourage you and ignite your passion and creativity, and I want to stand by you as your partner.

Ridge: I don't respect a single thing about that horrible woman!

Eric: They're not coming.

Steffy: She's faking it. She's dangerous.

Pam: Quinn has a mean streak.

Eric: Do you know what it was like for me to see her look into my eyes and to see how little my family cared about me?!

Ridge: You don't know the first thing about any of us!

Eric: You made me feel [Echoing] Alone!

Ridge: I know you heard me. So stay out of my face, stay out of this office, and let me run this company.

Quinn: You're not running this company, ridge.

Ridge: We'll see about that.

Rick: You don't have any experience, Quinn.

Wyatt: Yeah, but she does have the faith and support of someone who has more experience than all of us.

Quinn: And he wants us all to come together -- not fight, not argue. Can't you see how this is affecting him?

Ridge: You brought that on.

Quinn: No. No, ridge, I didn't. You chose to ignore your father's invitation to his wedding. Not one of you showed up. Did you ever stop to think about how that would make him feel? You all broke his heart.

Thomas: You backed us into a corner, Quinn.

Zende: Yeah. We had no choice. We had to take a stand.

Rick: We're supposed to celebrate you marrying dad, after everything you've done to this family, knowing about your past?!

Quinn: My past is irrelevant. This is about Eric and you treating him like a child, treat him like he's incapable of thinking for himself. This is a man who adores and cherishes each and every one of you. A man of his age, with his legacy and loving his family, and you treat him this way? No. He was 100% right giving me his power of attorney, knowing that I'm the only one he can trust -- his wife. And I am gonna uphold his wishes to the letter.

Ridge: Meaning what?

Quinn: Meaning these are his wishes. And I expect every single person in this room to abide by them.

Rick: So, what are you saying, Quinn?

Quinn: Ridge... you're relieved of your duties trying to run this company. I don't trust you. And since Steffy isn't here, will you give her the message that she's no longer the president?

Brooke: So, who's gonna run the company, Quinn? It's not gonna just run itself.

Quinn: Until Eric returns, I'll be Acting C.E.O. of Forrester Creations.

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