B&B Transcript Monday 10/10/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/10/16


Episode # 7438 ~ Wyatt is conflicted between his loyalty to Steffy and doing what's right; Ivy takes drastic measures to capture Liam's attention.

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Steffy: Wyatt, please just -- please listen to me.

Wyatt: I just -- I can't -- I can't even believe that you and your dad are covering up Eric giving my mother power of attorney.

Steffy: Everyone believes that my father has power of attorney, and it's gonna stay that way to protect my grandfather and the company and my family. Just tell me you understand that. Promise me you're not gonna say anything to Quinn.

[Monitors beeping]

[Machine beeps]

Ridge: Thank you, doc. I really appreciate everything you've done.

Dr. Andrews: Of course. You, uh, have all the medical equipment your father needs, a full-time staff. Like being in the hospital, but better because Mr. Forrester will be in familiar surroundings with family.

Ridge: It just worries me. He's unresponsive.

Dr. Andrews: Your father suffered major brain trauma. It takes time to heal.

Ridge: What can we do?

Dr. Andrews: Talk to him. Be with him. Let him know you're all here, waiting to welcome him back.

Ridge: Hey. Hey, Dad. [Sighs] Welcome home. You're here with the people that love you. We're gonna make sure you're okay. We're gonna bring you back. We're gonna bring you all the way back.

Liam: Steffy? Steffy, is that you?

Liam: Steffy?

Ivy: Steffy's not the only woman in the world, Liam. I can give you everything you need. And much, much more.

Ridge: All right, thanks again for everything.

Dr. Andrews: If you need anything or have any questions about his home care, don't hesitate to call. They have my personal number, as well.

Ridge: Thank you.

Quinn: Oh! Hey! Dr. Andrews. How is my husband?

Ridge: I got this. Thanks.

Dr. Andrews: Excuse me.

Quinn: Um...

Ridge: Hi. Why are you here?

Quinn: I called the hospital. They said that Eric has been moved to the house, so I wanted to come and see him.

Ridge: So you came. Good. Now you can leave.

Quinn: No, not until I see my husband!

Ridge: He's not your husband. I have his power of attorney. Puts me in charge. And what I want is for you to leave.

Wyatt: What am I supposed to do, Steffy? Forget that I know what I know?

Steffy: Yes.

Wyatt: What? No --

Steffy: Yes!

Wyatt: That is not possible! Look, I know my mother has given you plenty of reason to be concerned, but you -- you are crossing a line here! You and ridge are stealing Eric's power of attorney, you know that? He's making decisions for Eric where he has no legal right to do so because my mother has it! How am I supposed to keep that away from her?

Liam: Can we talk about this dress?

Ivy: Look, I wanted you to see that this is all it is. It's just a dress. It has no real significance because the woman who originally wore it is now married to someone else. I'm not. I'm still right here. Still loving you the way that I always have.

Liam: You've changed. You're just -- you're so -- you're...assertive. [Chuckles]

Ivy: Yeah, well, that's how you get what you want. You can't just sit around quietly and hope that the universe is like, "oh, hey. Now it's your turn."

Liam: Ivy...

Ivy: Liam, you have to end this humiliation. Pining after your brother's wife? You deserve so much better than that. You deserve a woman who puts you first.

Liam: You.

Ivy: This is our time. Let's take it.

Quinn: Well, you don't waste any time.

Ridge: Well, to be honest, your picture up there was a disgrace. It was my dad's decision when he was in a bad place.

Quinn: I don't care whose portrait is up there. I just want to see Eric. You want to punish me? It's working. It has been hell being kept away from Eric, but you realize you're punishing him, too. He's reaching out to me. I can feel him. You may hate me, ridge, but your father loves me. You need to let me see him. It's what he would want. Y-you have to know that somewhere deep inside of you!

Ridge: Five minutes.

Wyatt: Eric's gonna get better.

Steffy: Yeah, my dad's taking him home so he can recover.

Wyatt: Yeah, when he wakes up, the truth is gonna come out. You know that, right?

Steffy: Yeah, I want him to wake up as soon as possible, but right now, I have to think about that woman making decisions for my grandfather. About the business, about my grandfather's health. It's like you of all people should know how dangerous and unpredictable she is.

Wyatt: Uh, was.

Steffy: Was.

Wyatt: Was. She's better now.

Steffy: Look how far this charade has gotten her! She moved into my family's home. She -- she suckered my granddad into marrying her. Thank God that is not legal. Just imagine if she had power of attorney! I'm sorry, but I think we're doing the right thing! We need to take control. And you can't tell your mom, Wyatt. My God. Ugh!

Wyatt: Steffy. [Sighs] I want to do what you're asking of me right now. I want to do anything you want. But -- you and ridge, it's -- what you're doing is not only wrong, it's illegal!

Steffy: We're doing what's best for my grandfather.

Wyatt: My mother didn't even do anything to deserve being shut out like this!

Steffy: She took advantage of a lonely widower.

Wyatt: That's not how Eric sees it.

Steffy: I am your wife. You should be on my side.

Wyatt: How am I supposed to support this?

Steffy: I don't trust Quinn with my grandfather's life! You of all people should know that!

Wyatt: He obviously trusts her to marry her, to give her power of attorney!

Steffy: Oh, my --

Wyatt: Come on, Steffy! Look at the whole situation here. They're crazy about each other. Instead of standing against her, why can't you encourage her access? If anyone's gonna help Eric get better, it's the woman that he loves!

Quinn: Oh, it's all right. Ridge said I could come in.


Quinn: Hey. Hey, Eric. I'm here.

Liam: Ivy, I -- I'm so -- I'm so flattered a-and honored, truly, I am, that you -- that you would still want to be with me, but... the reason -- the reason we ended was --

Ivy: Is Steffy! [Scoffs] Liam, that's what I've been trying to tell you. I know that --

Liam: She's still inside me, ivy. That doesn't just go away.

Ivy: Yeah, because you won't let it go! You're in love with a woman who married your brother.

Liam: Yeah, I-I mean, I can't argue those facts. But there's another fact I can't change, and that is -- that is that the woman I love is Steffy. I-I haven't given up on a future with her, and I don't think I ever will. And you're wonderful, you know? You're -- you're smart and gorgeous and you're funny --

Ivy: Just -- stop. Stop. I'm just not Steffy.

Steffy: I can't believe you are defending your mother after everything she's done.

Wyatt: My mother is good for Eric. They found happiness together. She's -- she's what he needs right now, and you got to stop trying to keep them apart.

Steffy: I wouldn't be doing this if I thought she was just a marginally decent human being. Have you really forgotten everything she's done?

Wyatt: I wish I could. Trust me.

Steffy: She's tormented my life! She's toxic and she's dangerous! And now she's with my grandfather, and what, in like a few months, my grandfather's in a coma? So, yeah, you bet that I'm gonna do anything to keep them apart.

Wyatt: Proven that.

Steffy: Oh -- I don't want to fight you. I just want Quinn out of our lives. [Scoffs] I'm sick and tired of having a guard up and feeling blindsided, and so I'm gonna do whatever I can to force her out.

Wyatt: Steffy. I love you. You know that. We can be clear on that. And it's okay to disagree on things.

Steffy: Yeah, but I don't want to be against you on this.

Wyatt: I'm not against you! I'm not against you. But what you and ridge are doing right now, negating one of the most important things that Eric has ever decided on --

Steffy: He wasn't thinking clearly.

Wyatt: That's for a judge to decide. If it comes to that. Not you. And for now, Eric's wishes have to be respected and my mother has to know about it.

Steffy: So what are -- what? What are you doing?

Wyatt: I have followed your demands before. I can't. Not on this, okay? I'm sorry.

Steffy: Wyatt, what are you doing? Where are you -- where are you going?

Wyatt: My mother texted me. She's going to go and try and see Eric at his house.

Steffy: Wyatt, please don't do this. Wyatt, do not do this! I am your wife! Please do not do this. Don't tell your mom. Wyatt! Wyatt, don't! Wyatt, don't tell your mom! [Grunts] Ugh! [Sighs]

Quinn: Honey, it's me. Can you give us a second?


Quinn: Well, I am finally here. It's been a challenge. Ridge and Steffy are, um... ...misguided. They think they're protecting you by keeping me away. But I -- [Sighs] I missed you so much. We've gotten so close that being away from you makes me feel like I'm missing a piece of myself. So, how are you feeling? A little bit closer to the surface? You know you still owe me a honeymoon. I'm not gonna let you get away without giving me one. [Chuckles] [Sighs] Eric. I am so lost without you. [Sighs] We've gotten so close. I -- I -- I miss us. I miss the way we talk and the way we laugh, and... I miss that...naughty twinkle in your eye when you give me "the look." Our lives were just getting started, and then this happened. You know what, though? We're gonna get through it. And we are gonna come out the other side so much stronger because that is what we do. Eric? [Gasps] You're awake!

Eric: My...love.

Quinn: [Giggles] Yes. Yes, yes.

Quinn: Oh, my God. Eric?

Eric: Quinn.

Quinn: Quinn. Yes. Yes, it's me. It's me, sweetie. I'm here. I'm always here.

Eric: Don't...leave.

Quinn: No. [Laughing] No. I am not leaving. I am not going anywhere. I'm gonna be right here by your side. Eric. Eric. Eric?

Ridge: All right, Quinn. It's time.

Quinn: No. Eric -- he was just awake. H-he opened his eyes just -- just a second ago.

Ridge: What are you doing? Trying to buy more time? It's not gonna happen. Come on, let's go.

Quinn: No, no! I'm just telling you what just happened.

Ridge: And I'm telling you I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. Please. Let's go.

Quinn: No, I can't. I have to be here when he wakes up.

Ridge: Quinn. Now.

Quinn: No! No! Why are you doing this?

Ridge: Because someone has to protect my dad from you.

Quinn: No! Wait! Eric!

Ridge: Out.

Quinn: Eric!

[Door slams]

Liam: Well, you're getting settled back in.

Steffy: Yeah. Taking its time.

Liam: Uh, listen, maybe -- maybe I should have chosen another time, but, um...

Steffy: Why? What, is something wrong?

Liam: Yeah, just something I thought you should know. After you left Forrester, ivy and I were backstage, and... and what's wrong?

Steffy: Quinn! I don't think that woman is ever gonna leave my life or my family's.

Quinn: I'm telling you the truth! Eric opened his eyes! He looked at me. He told me not to leave!

Ridge: Wow, you're amazing to me. You will say anything you have to say to get what you want. Let me tell you once again what I want. I want you out of my life, out of my dad's life.

Quinn: Eric is my husband, and I love him.

Ridge: You targeted him. Look at him now! Look where he is! You don't think I want him to be happy? You don't think I want him to live his life fully? To have someone in his life that understands him, that would complete him? I do! I want him to have a beautiful woman in his life, and it's not you. It's never gonna be you because you -- you take people, you chew them up, and you spit them out, and you're not gonna do that to my father.

Quinn: That's not the truth. You have to believe me!

Ridge: All right. There's gonna be a guard at the gate 24/7. I filed a restraining order against you because I have the power of attorney. I'm in charge. So here are your choices. Stay away or go to jail. Either one's fine with me.

Quinn: Stop! Stop talking about jail and restraining orders and -- and control. Please! And just listen to me! He opened his eyes. He said my name. He told me not to leave. Doesn't that count for something? What your father wants? I mean, yes, you're right, okay? I was toxic, I was dangerous, all those things that you and Steffy said about me, it's -- fine! I have changed. I'm sure you've changed a couple of times in your life, too. Well, your father knows that I have.

Ridge: It's funny. Everybody's good at something. You're good at lying to people.

Quinn: No.

Ridge: You convinced my dad.

Quinn: Listen to me, when he wakes up, and you know he will, I'm gonna tell him how you've been treating me, and this whole power play's gonna be over. This is exactly what he didn't like -- being treated like a child, you making choices for him like he's so feeble he doesn't know his own mind!

Ridge: I'm not gonna listen to you anymore.

Quinn: No, and I'm not leaving!

Ridge: Get out!

Quinn: No!

Wyatt: What's going on here?

Quinn: Wyatt. You have to talk to ridge. You have to get through to him.

Wyatt: What are you talking about?

Quinn: Eric woke up. He opened his eyes. He -- he said my name. He told me not to leave. He called me his love.

Ridge: He called you "his love?"

Quinn: He did.

Ridge: You're such a liar.

Quinn: No, I'm not!

Wyatt: Let go of her! You heard me. Take your hands off her. Now. And then you can leave.

Ridge: Excuse me?

Wyatt: I know.

Quinn: Wh-what do you know?

Wyatt: About you, Steffy, carter, in my house, having your little conference. I heard it.

Quinn: What are you talking about?

Wyatt: You thought you could get away with it, and you call my mother a liar? Eric didn't give you power of attorney. He gave it to my mother. So you have zero authority here. Why don't you tell my mother the truth?

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