B&B Transcript Friday 10/7/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/7/16


Episode # 7437 ~ Carter has second thoughts about keeping Ridge's secret from the rest of the family; Ivy makes another bold attempt to reunite with Liam.

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Liam: You're going back to Wyatt?

Steffy: Yeah. Quinn's not a problem anymore, so I'm all packed and I'm moving in today.

Liam: Uh, okay. Wait. Are you -- [Laughs] I don't even -- are you -- are you sure you want to rush this? I-I -- trust me. I'm thrilled. I am thrilled that Quinn is out of your grandfather's house, but you think that makes her any less of a threat? I mean, she's still your mother-in-law, Steffy.

Steffy: I'm -- I'm doing everything I can to keep Quinn out of my life. You don't -- you don't have to worry, okay?

Liam: Oh, I don't -- I don't have to worry. Oh -- oh, that's good. You're the most important thing in my life. And further, I know what it means to be on Quinn's bad side. This is crazy. It's crazy for you to go back to him, for you to even risk having anything to do with her when you and I both know that you should be... you should be with me.

Steffy: [Sighs] I -- I promised him. One last chance. Quinn's out of our lives now, so I, uh... yeah.

Liam: One last chance.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Liam: One last chance. Okay. Good. I hope you mean that. 'Cause this is gonna fail. Quinn is gonna circle back. Wyatt's not gonna be able to do anything about it, and you -- you will come back to me.

Wyatt: You should be able to visit, at least.

Quinn: How? They've made it impossible.

Wyatt: Supervised or whatever.

Quinn: What? Wyatt, I'm -- I'm not a criminal! I'm his wife! At least I would be if we'd just signed and filed the paperwork right away. We were -- we were going to just before we went on our trip. But Eric, he had to go to the office. He wanted to confront them all. I just want to see my husband. I just want to tell him how much he means to me. But I can't. I'm banned, and I -- I-I keep -- I keep seeing Eric lying there, wondering where his wife is, not knowing that it's ridge that's keeping me away.

Ivy: [Scoffs] Are you serious?

Liam: Oh, yeah. Yeah. She's moving back in with him. Today.

Ivy: Why do you torture yourself with this girl?

Liam: It's not torture. It's -- I'm --

Ivy: Liam. Forget about Steffy.

Liam: I can't.

Ivy: Even though she told you she's moving back in? With her husband.

Liam: I can't.

Wyatt: Well, maybe if I talk to ridge, I can see if I can get him to change his mind.

Quinn: Ridge kicked me out. Of the hospital. Of the house. Of the company. He -- he's keeping Eric like his -- like his own personal hostage. I'm his wife. I need to be with him, but I can't because of ridge and this stupid power of attorney.

Ridge: Okay. Thorne is over there with Kristen and Felicia. And they'll let us know if anything changes.

Steffy: So no new news?

Ridge: Uh, well, the doctor said he'll get all the equipment we need to have dad recover at home, so that's something.

Steffy: [Panting] Oh, good. Well, thanks for helping me.

Ridge: Sure. Are you okay with this?

Steffy: With what? Moving back in?

Ridge: Yeah, moving back in. Wyatt in general.

Steffy: Well, Quinn's not making my life miserable, and I promised Wyatt that I was gonna move in if she was out of the equation, so, yeah, I am.

Ridge: And Liam knows you're moving back in?

Steffy: He does, but I don't think he's giving up. He thinks Quinn's still gonna be a problem.

Ridge: She will be. In your marriage, for sure. But one thing at a time. At least she's out of Forrester.

Steffy: Yeah. Thank you, power of attorney. But we can't let anyone know that granddad actually assigned it to Quinn.

Liam: Wait a second. Is that -- oh, my god. It is. Hey, do you know where these dresses came from?

Ivy: Uh, yeah. I pulled them from storage. I'm designing a new jewelry collection, and I, uh, need some inspiration.

Liam: This is Steffy's. She wore it when we got married in aspen.

Ivy: Yeah. I pulled that one myself because it's so unusual. There's so many famous dresses here. I mean, this was Brooke's. I don't know which wedding --

Liam: I can still picture her walking toward me. And this dress was blowing in the breeze and... and then she took off her veil and I looked into her eyes and I knew she was the one.

Ivy: Yeah. Maybe she was then, but she's not now. She's gone, Liam. She's married to your brother. You need to accept that.

Liam: It's not so easy.

Ivy: What if you had some help? I mean, excuse me for being blunt, but... actually, no, I'm not gonna apologize for that.

Liam: [Sighs]

Ivy: If you think I'm being blunt or over-confident, then you're just gonna have to deal with that 'cause I am tired of being timid. [Sighs] I think we should give it another shot.

Liam: Give -- us?

Ivy: Stop humiliating yourself waiting for Steffy.

Liam: [Sighs]

Ivy: Move on. Just like she has. Liam, I could make you happy. Stop pining over your brother's wife.

Quinn: I know this sounds ridiculous... ...but I can hear him. I can.

Wyatt: Mom --

Quinn: I can hear him. I know. I know h-he can't speak, he can't move, he's not conscious, but I can hear him calling for me, reaching out to me.

Wyatt: Okay, that doesn't sound ridiculous at all, but... I mean, you're not thinking. They have guards at the hospital.

Quinn: I know.

Wyatt: And then ridge is going through the process of getting a restraining order.

Quinn: I know, if I go to the hospital, I'm going to go to jail. But it would be worth it.

Wyatt: No one's going to jail, mom.

Quinn: If he wakes up and I'm not there...

Wyatt: Mom.

Quinn: I need to be with him.

Wyatt: Mom, I know this is hard right now, but you go to be realistic and look at the whole situation.

Quinn: You know what the situation is? Let me tell you what it is. Ridge doesn't care about his father. He cares about money and power and the company, and he's using me as an excuse to get it. Well, you know what? I'm not gonna let him get away with that.

Wyatt: Mom!

Quinn: I'm not!

Wyatt: Mom! Come on! Can you just not do something we're gonna regret and just listen to me for a second, okay? After everything that happened, after all this stuff with Eric, something good kind of came out of it. Steffy's moving back in.

Ridge: Where do you want these? You want me to recycle them?

Steffy: Nah, it's all good. I'll probably just put them in the garage.

Ridge: Really?

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: Just in case, you mean?

Steffy: You're funny. Very funny.

[Knocks on door]

Ridge: I am funny. Are you expecting someone? Hey, carter.

Steffy: It's great news. Quinn's no longer a problem for my grandfather and our family.

Carter: Yeah. Well, uh... that's the thing. Why I'm here.

Ridge: Carter...

Carter: Quinn's name is on the power of attorney. It's my duty to tell her.

Ridge: No, it isn't.

Carter: I'm Eric's lawyer. It's my responsib--

Ridge: I'm gonna stop you right there. No one can ever find out. She can't find out. Ever.

Quinn: Steffy's moving back in with you.

Wyatt: Yeah. I -- I have my marriage back, finally.

Quinn: Well, I'm happy for you. I guess. I mean... Steffy's not high on my list of favorite people. She's been nothing but cruel to me, her and her father. But, um... I know how you feel about her. So I think it's wonderful. I do. When is she moving back in?

Wyatt: She's packing up her stuff right now. I -- I should probably get home and help her unpack.

Quinn: Day 1 of you two getting back together, and she's already taking you away from me.

Wyatt: Mom.

Quinn: No. It's okay.

Wyatt: Mom.

Quinn: It's okay.

Wyatt: Just -- just hang in there, okay?

Liam: I know, all right? Waiting for Steffy even though she's married to my brother, it could be a huge, huge mistake.

Ivy: Don't say "but."

Liam: But --

Ivy: Ugh!

Liam: What do you want me to say?

Ivy: Liam, I -- [Sighs] I moved to L.A. To start working here at Forrester again, but also to start a new life. Please. Please let it be with you.

[Cell phone rings] Ooh. That's terrible timing.

Ivy: No, no. Take it. Unless it's Steffy.

Liam: [Laughs] No, it's about my foundation.

Ivy: Oh! Yeah, go ahead! I'm glad you've got that, distracting yourself with something other than Steffy. The foundation's a good place to start.

[Ringing continues]

Ivy: Maybe a new woman is a good next step.

Liam: Hey! How's it going? Yeah! No, I've been -- I've been looking forward to your call. Right. Uh, this Thursday. We're gonna have a -- yeah. Yeah, he's coming. He's absolutely coming.

Carter: I understand why this should stay a secret. No one wants Quinn in control, but I have a legal obligation --

Ridge: No, carter. Your obligation is to keep this family safe and this company safe. That means keeping Quinn out.

Steffy: Yeah, I get it. I get it, carter. I get that you feel guilty. I feel guilty, too. I hate keeping secrets. Especially from my husband about his mom, but we have to do this. There's no other option.

Ridge: There isn't. We got to agree on that. We got to act the part. We got to show everyone that I have the power of attorney, that I'm in charge, not Quinn. She manipulated my dad. That woman is a criminal. She wanted what he has, and now what? Now you want to put her in charge, make decisions about my dad and the company? No!

Carter: I agree with that, but we fight it in court. We do it the right way.

Ridge: That's too risky, carter. You know it is.

Carter: Wouldn't you feel better if we tell the truth, we get in front of a judge, we tell them Quinn has power of attorney, he'll reverse it --

Ridge: That's a great story. But what if it doesn't happen? I know what can happen if we all keep quiet. No one's gonna know about it. You owe that to my dad. He's always been there for you.

Carter: Okay.

Ridge: Okay.

Carter: We can't let Quinn have control. I'll do some research. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe there's a way to get your name quietly put on the form instead. I'll let you know if I find something.

Ridge: Thank you.

[Door opens, closes]

Ridge: I'm leaving, too. I'll let you unpack. Hey. You second-guessing this?

Steffy: No, no. I mean -- it feels wrong, but I know it's the right thing.

Ridge: It is. To keep Granddad safe.

Steffy: [Sighs] Hey, you. Trying to get out of helping me pack? What's up? You okay?

Wyatt: How long have you known? My mother. How long have you known that she's had Eric's power of attorney?

Liam: No, thank you. Are you kidding? I'm -- I'm just excited you want to be involved. This is great. Okay. Talk to you soon. Take care.

[Cell phone beeps]

Liam: Hello? Uh... hello? Steffy? Steffy?

Wyatt: My mother has power of attorney, not Ridge, and you knew. He kicked her out of the house, out of the company, he separated her from her husband.

Steffy: They're not married. It's -- it's not legal.

Wyatt: Don't talk to me about legal after what I just heard. Ridge has been abusive to her. He has verbally attacked her time and time again, even though he knows he's full of crap. Even though he knows what Eric really wants. And you -- you just allow it.

Steffy: Because I -- I had to! My grandfather's not thinking clearly! Quinn having power of attorney? You know that makes absolute no sense!

Wyatt: Eric's call! Not yours.

Steffy: He doesn't know what he was doing!

Wyatt: He knows exactly what he was doing, Steffy! I mean, you -- you talk about how dangerous my mother is and how you need to protect Eric from her, but you and ridge are the ones who are lying here!

Steffy: We didn't want to lie!

Wyatt: Oh, my god.

Steffy: But if your mom found out...

Wyatt: If? If she found out?

Steffy: Oh! Your mom -- your mom would move back into my grandfather's house.

Wyatt: So what?

Steffy: She would have complete control. Power of attorney! Finances, control of the business, our family. While my grandfather's just lying in a bed helpless. No, my family's not gonna allow that.

Wyatt: Well, your family's got no choice, and she has to know.

Steffy: No! Wyatt, do not do this! No!

Wyatt: Steffy. Steffy. She is going crazy right now. She is worried sick about her husband. And don't even say it. I know you want to, but I don't care that the marriage license in unsigned. She is still his wife, and she deserves to be by his side. And now that she has power of attorney, I mean --

Steffy: I know this hard for you to understand.

Wyatt: That you're lying? Yeah, really hard to understand.

Steffy: Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, you know, you married me, and you made a promise. You promised your loyalty to your wife --

Wyatt: Oh, my -- I have proven that to you time and time again! I have stood by you. I even told her to stay away! I even missed her wedding! I mean, come on! And yet, you still lie to me.

Steffy: No, what -- it was my father's lie, and I was just going along with it, because this is what's best for my grandfather and my family and the company!

Wyatt: Yeah. Great.

Steffy: And it's what's best for our relationship. It keeps me here, it keeps Quinn far, far away, which I've asked you to do over and over and over again. Just do not tell Quinn that she has power of attorney. It's gonna make our marriage better. You just got to keep this between us. Please, please. I'm your wife. You have to keep this a secret. Please. Please, please, please.

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