B&B Transcript Friday 9/30/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/30/16


Episode # 7432 ~ Wyatt takes an unpopular stance against the Forresters; Steffy unleashes her wrath upon Quinn for the strife she has caused.

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Quinn: Steffy, whatever happened to your grandfather is not my fault.

Steffy: Your fault? Of course, this is your fault. You fractured my entire family! Look at him.

Ridge: Okay.

Steffy: Look at my grandfa-- [Sobs]

Ridge: He had a brain hemorrhage.

Quinn: Brain -- how bad?

Rick: We don't know yet.

[Insects chirping]

Thomas: Okay, thanks.

Pam: What'd the hospital say?

Thomas: Nothing much. He's still unresponsive. They're in there with him now.

Zende: Anything from your mom?

Wyatt: No.

Pam: I have never seen Eric so upset.

Zende: None of this should have happened.

Maya: And it wouldn't have if only we had gone to that wedding.

Carter: It happened right here in the building?

Thomas: Right there.

Carter: Was he alone?

Zende: No. We were with him.

Carter: All of you? What? He collapsed in the middle of a meeting?

Pam: Well, it wasn't exactly a meeting. He was really upset, and he was lecturing us.

Maya: We were trying to prove a point. None of us went to the wedding.

Carter: Where's Quinn?

Wyatt: She's at the hospital.

Carter: Of course. With Eric.

Wyatt: Look, I know this is rough on everyone, but they did just get married. I can't imagine what my mother's going through.

Dr. Andrews: If you're looking for something positive, it's good that Mr. Forrester got here when he did. With the procedure completed and a medication regimen in place, we're now monitoring him closely. There will be some follow-up ct scans. We need to be sure the intercranial pressure subsides and, more concerning, that another bleed doesn't occur. These next few hours are crucial.

Quinn: I can't believe this. He was in such good health. How did this happen?

Dr. Andrews: Hemorrhages can come up fast. Uh, some patients have warning signs -- severe headaches, they say the worst they've ever experienced. Did Mr. Forrester --

Quinn: No.

Dr. Andrews: Uh, did he experience any vomiting or bleeding from the ear?

Ridge: No.

Dr. Andrews: Well, others like in this case simply collapse. Uh, several factors lead to it. Uh, it's smoking, alcohol abuse, uh, head trauma, hypertension.

Steffy: Isn't stress one of those factors?

Dr. Andrews: It can be. What was he doing again when he collapsed?

Steffy: [Sighs] He had just gotten married... to her.

Dr. Andrews: Uh, I'm so sorry.

Ridge: And the family, we were discussing the wedding when he passed out.

Thorne: He was upset.

Rick: Very much so.

Dr. Andrews: We'll have a better prognosis once he, uh, regains consciousness, hopefully soon. But when he does, he's gonna need a lot of support. What he doesn't need is stress. I'm going to put in an order for another ct scan. Someone will transport him to radiology. The nurses can update you on the timetable. Excuse me.

Steffy: I sensed it.

Quinn: Steffy.

Steffy: What did you expect? Everything you touch turns into tragedy. I warned everyone that something was bound to happen if you came into my grandfather's life.

[Insects chirping]

Pam: I just feel so horrible walking out on Eric like that on his wedding. And then the look on his face when he came in here... [Sighs]

Maya: We all could have done better.

Wyatt: I wasn't exactly the supportive son, either.

Thomas: We all made a statement we felt we had to make.

Zende: At least you were there for a while. None of us went.

Carter: Okay, you guys, you got to stop beating yourselves up, all right? It doesn't do Eric a bit of good.

Pam: Carter's right. I mean, we should really think about Eric. He's probably gonna be waking up soon, so what might he need?

Maya: A robe, slippers. Let's make him really comfy.

Pam: You know what he'd love is that big, fluffy robe that he wears around the house sometimes.

Thomas: Hmm. Why don't you and I go right now?

Pam: Okay.

Carter: I'll go, too.

Pam: Let's go.

Zende: Hey, uh, make sure to let us know if you guys hear anything from the hospital.

Pam: Okay!

Maya: [Sighs] It's good to keep busy at times like this, huh?

Zende: Yeah, especially for pam. She is wracked with guilt over this.

Wyatt: I mean, just what my mother's going through, what Eric's going through... I got to say it. I've never seen Eric happier than he's been with my mother.

Maya: Let's just hope and pray he's okay.

[Monitor beeping]

Ridge: Come on, dad. You got to fight.

Thorne: He's always done that.

Rick: Yeah, so have we. Been fighting him at every turn since he's been with Quinn.

Ridge: We did what we had to do, rick.

Rick: At the moment that's little consolation. We didn't have to put him through this. All he wanted was for us to show up at that wedding. But no, we had to stand on our principles. So what are we left with? A father fighting for his life. And us with our principles.

Thorne: [Sighs] Dad. Hey. Dad. [Scoffs] If you're still in the hunt for a best man, I'm available. [Sniffles] I will never let you down again. I will be there for you. I promise you. All you got to do... is come back and wake up, dad, okay? Stay with us.

Ridge: Come on. You got to pull through this. You can't give up now. You're too important to us. Too important to me. That's why I did what I did. I know there's a lot of different opinions on that right now, but... got to pull through, dad. Always here to protect you. You've got to believe that.

Steffy: [Voice breaking] This. This is why I didn't want you anywhere near my grandfather.

Quinn: Steffy --

Steffy: No, don't. There's nothing left to be said because I've warned you and I warned Wyatt and I warned my grandfather, but you guys wouldn't listen to me. God, you must be so pleased.

Quinn: Oh, Steffy, please! Come on!

Steffy: This was inevitable! Was this some kind of plan?

Quinn: My god. How could you think that?

Steffy: No, you tell me right now. You tell me right now. Did you poison my grandfather?

Quinn: Poison?!

Steffy: Did you poison him? I want to know.

Quinn: You're crazy!

Steffy: Did you poison -- did you -- excuse me. Excuse me, nurse. Can you -- can you test my grandfather for everything? Every -- every medication? Make -- make sure he's not poisoned, because I do not trust this woman. I do not trust her at all.

Quinn: I love your grandfather.

Steffy: You don't love anyone. You don't even love yourself. Your whole life is all you want to do is destroy people.

Quinn: Listen to me, okay? Please don't do this right now. We all need to rally around your grandfather! That is what the doctor said!

Steffy: Stop it, stop it, stop it! You don't even care about my grandfather. You don't care about any of us. You got what you wanted. But this isn't over. Do not think for a minute that this is over, Quinn.

Pam: I'll go get his things.

Thomas: Okay.

Pam: The house looked so beautiful that day. Eric so much wanted everybody to be here, and... why did we let him down like that?

Thomas: That's why.

Pam: Come on, Thomas. We got work to do. Come on.

Carter: [Sighs]

Maya: Anything?

Wyatt: Nothing from my mom.

Zende: That's not a good sign. No call, no text? What is happening?

[Monitor beeping]

Ridge: The most important thing right now is that you wake up so we can get out of here. We're counting on you, your grandkids. Your grandkids, your kids. The three of us and Felicia and Bridget. They're scared to death right now. So you put on your big-boy pants and let's do this. You and me, we'll do it together. I don't want to take over this family. I'm not ready. I don't know if I'll ever be ready because... I'm not you. So you can't go. Just don't go, okay?

Steffy: Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Thank you. They are gonna run those tests.

Quinn: Oh, for poison?

Steffy: Yeah.

Quinn: Yeah. Yeah. You should do that. I'm sure your grandfather will be thrilled to hear that when he wakes up.

Steffy: You know, my grandfather --

Quinn: Your grandfather is the love of my life. I don't expect you to believe that. I don't expect you to believe anything good about me. But you know what? More and more, I could care less. All I care about is that man in there.

Steffy: If you cared about my grandfather, you would have left him.

Quinn: You know more about love than anybody, don't you? You've been in and out of it more times than I have.

Steffy: You manipulated him.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Oh, that line. That line is getting so tired. Yeah. You're right. I cut corners with a lot of people. I did a lot of horrible things. But that was so long ago. I don't even remember that woman anymore. But you? You refuse to forget it. So while I'm bringing laughter, happiness, and love into your grandfather's life and world, you -- you're ignoring him and you're focusing on my past. He made you, Steffy. He made you and ridge and rick and Thomas. He made all of you and gave you a safe place to grow and thrive. And how do you repay him? This man who brought so much goodness into your life? You shut him out of your life. Completely. He so believed that you would all come to your senses. He wouldn't even think about it any other way because he loved you so much. And he believes that you love him.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Quinn: [Voice breaking] An empty room. We were married... in an empty room. Your grandfather's heart was broken. None of you there. A part of him died that day. He never felt so betrayed by his family in his entire life.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Quinn: And god knows I may not be a saint. But what you and your family did to your grandfather that day was cruel and insensitive and wrong. [Sobbing] And god help us, if he leaves me today... you're the one who caused it. Not me. If I become a widow the day after my wedding -- you know what? No! I'm not! I'm not letting you take him away from me! [Sobs]

Carter: It's just a power of attorney to protect your interests in the company in case of emergency.

Eric: If I'm incapacitated.

Carter: That's right.

Ridge: He looks good, doesn't he? Strong.

Rick: Yeah. Be a lot better if he opened his eyes.

Thorne: What do you say, dad? You want to give us a look?

Rick: He'd probably freak out if he saw us here.

Ridge: Yeah. I'm gonna go check on Steffy. She's outside with Quinn.

Thorne: Okay. Ridge, hold on. Say it again, what you just said.

Ridge: I'm gonna go check on Steffy. She's out there with Quinn.

Thorne: Did you see that?

Rick: Yeah, he just moved his hand. Dad?

Ridge: Hey.

Rick: Dad.

Thorne: Dad. Dad, can you hear us?

Ridge: Dad, we're -- we're all here.

Rick: There! He -- he just did it again! He did it again.

Ridge: We're here. Rick, Thorne, me -- we're all here for you.

Thorne: What is he trying to say? He -- is he --

Eric: Qui...

Rick: Dad, what are you trying to say?

Eric: [Weakly] Quinn. Quinn.

Thorne: He's trying to say Quinn's name.

Quinn: I don't want to fight with you, Steffy. Not today of all days. Your grandfather needs our support, not this.

Ridge: He's awake.

Steffy: [Gasps] He is? You stay here.

Ridge: No. He's asking for Quinn.

Quinn: [Exhales deeply] Eric. It's me. I'm here. I love you. Can you hear me? [Gasps] [Chuckles] Yeah. Yes, yes. Yes, you can hear me. [Sighs] Oh, sweetheart. We were supposed to be on our honeymoon. [Chuckles] I really don't think this is what you had in mind, was it? We had the most wonderful wedding. Do you remember? So beautiful. [Sniffles] And we're gonna have a wonderful life together. I need you to fight this, Eric. I need you to please fight this for me, okay? Can you hear me? [Sighs] Yeah. Eric. Eric. Eric? [Sobs]

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