B&B Transcript Tuesday 9/27/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/27/16


Episode # 7429 ~ Steffy & Wyatt are at odds over Eric & Quinn's relationship; the Forrester family learn their plan backfired & caused irreparable damage.

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Quinn: How lucky can a girl get? You know, you should have woken me up. I would have helped you put all this together.

Eric: No, you were too, too beautiful, and too peaceful. You were dreaming about me, weren't you?

Quinn: No doubt. Awake or asleep, I am at peace being married to you. I can't believe this is my life.

Eric: Oh, believe it.

Quinn: [Chuckles]

Eric: Mrs. Forrester.

[Glasses clink]

Ridge: Pam? Anything?

Thomas: I haven't heard from him.

Ridge: Steffy?

Steffy: No.

Ridge: What about you? Anything from your mother?

Wyatt: Not a word.

Thomas: I can't believe he went through with it. Our -- our boycott didn't work.

Rick: Hey. Have you spoken to Dad?

Ridge: No. You?

Rick: No. But Maya and I, we've been doing some talking. We think we made a huge mistake.

Ridge: A mistake?

Maya: Yes. By not going to the wedding.

Steffy: Granddad's the one who's making a mistake.

Rick: All the more reason we should have been there for him.

Zende: That's what he would have done for any one of us.

Rick: Right.

Thorne: No question. Dad's always stood by us no matter what. What did we do?

Ridge: We took a stand, Thorne.

Pam: We showed him that we didn't care.

Ridge: No! We showed him how much we care. It's what family does! He needs to open his eyes and see what a mess Quinn really is! No offense. What's -- what's your plan? You thought you were gonna go to their wedding and just lie to his face and -- and what? Pretend that everything's fine?

Thorne: What we did didn't change anything, Ridge. He still married her.

Rick: Maybe we're the ones who need our eyes opened.

Quinn: [Chuckles] You're packing for me? I don't think so. Mnh-mnh.

Eric: What? You don't trust me?

Quinn: No, I just -- with my life, yes, but my wardrobe? Just tell me -- where are we going on our honeymoon?

Eric: No, no, you don't need to -- all you need to know is that you're completely packed and all the details have been taken care of.

Quinn: Well, cheers to that.

Eric: Well, yeah.

[Glasses clink]

Eric: Hmm. Here. You want some more champagne in there? Just a little more?

Quinn: Uh, no, no, no. Maybe just a-a little bit more --

Eric: I have some water here. There's some water.

Quinn: Oh, okay. Okay. Thank you.

Eric: Just be careful.

Quinn: Why?

Eric: Don't choke on that.

Quinn: Is that another key?

Eric: A key? No, no. Not a key.

Quinn: [Sighs] Eric. It's beautiful.

Eric: It's perfect for any honeymoon destination.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Eric: So many possibilities.

Quinn: [Sighs] It's a lifetime of possibilities.

Steffy: We'll be there for his divorce. How about that? We'll throw the biggest party the family's ever seen.

Thomas: Whoa. What if there is no divorce?

Steffy: [Sighs]

Thomas: What if this is it for Granddad?

Wyatt: Look, I know you don't want to believe it, but I honestly think this is it for them.

Pam: Oh.

Wyatt: Death do they part, all of it.

Ridge: I think it is, for she found an older guy with a lot of money. She's gonna try to outlive him.

Wyatt: Ridge, don't say that.

Steffy: I don't think it's gonna last. Quinn's gonna show her true self, which is vicious and ugly. Sometimes it takes a person awhile to see that, but we'll help Granddad. And when he does, we'll get her out of the house. That's what not going to this wedding is about.

Zende: But it could have the opposite effect. See, Granddad could be so hurt that he only starts trusting Quinn.

Thorne: No one got a text message, right? No calls? After the wedding, this morning? Nothing? Just silence? So Dad's not communicating with us. That's how upset he is. Zende's right. Not showing up for the wedding last night could backfire. Big time.

Quinn: You have to stop giving me gifts. I don't have a gift for you.

Eric: I don't need a gift. You're my gift. You're the gift of my life.

Quinn: You know what? I am gonna make it my personal mission to make sure you always feel that way about me. I'm gonna be the best wife ever.

Eric: I don't doubt that.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Neither will your family, because I'm also gonna be the best stepmother ever. Family dinners, holidays. They may not have been here for the wedding, but they're gonna be here for the marriage, and I want to include them. And they're gonna come around eventually. They will.

Eric: I don't want to talk about my family.

Quinn: Well, they're my family, too.

Eric: [Sighs]

Quinn: And I don't want to be responsible for alienating you from them.

Eric: They weren't there, Quinn. They weren't there. The most important day of my life and... I've never felt so disrespected. Ever.

Quinn: I know, but you have to find a way to get through this.

Eric: How? How am I gonna do that? They couldn't even try. They -- they couldn't trust that I knew what I was doing. I'm not gonna be able to forgive them. I'm not.

Quinn: Honey, I hate seeing you this way. If you're angry and bitter, it's -- it's just gonna make everything worse. They were -- they were trying to protect you, okay? So we just -- we have to show them that there was no need for that. We'll show them how happy we are. And then in one year, we're gonna throw a huge first-wedding anniversary party, and they'll all come to that. They will. I promise you.

Eric: How do you do that?

Quinn: How do I do what?

Eric: How can you be so forgiving when they've been so horrible to you?

Quinn: Because I was horrible. And I know it. But I also know that that woman, the woman that they're trying to protect you from, she doesn't exist anymore. And she never will, as long as I'm married to you.

Eric: I'm gonna talk to them.

Quinn: No, Eric. No. Please.

Eric: There's something I need to say to them.

Quinn: [Sighs] Can't it just wait until after the honeymoon, after we've had a chance to relax?

Eric: No, no, I want them to hear me. I want them to hear me now.

Quinn: All right, well, then I'm gonna go with you.

Eric: No. No, I don't want you to go. I don't want you to hear any more of their ugliness. Now, you let me handle this, and then we'll take off on our honeymoon and the rest of our lives.

Quinn: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

[Door closes]


Thomas: Take it all in? Thanks, Zende.

Zende: Of course.

[Cell phone chimes]

Ridge: Felicia. She's upset. She's at the airport and is about to get on a plane.

Thorne: Upset about what we did?

Ridge: About what Dad did.

[Cell phone chimes]

Ridge: As we all should be.

Rick: Nobody's saying he should have married her. We're just saying we should have been there.

Thorne: Felicia just texted me, too, Ridge. "You heard from Dad? He hasn't responded to me. Worried we messed up."

[Door closes]

Ridge: What's the matter with you guys? What is it? No one messed up.

Thorne: Ridge, Dad won't pick up the phone. He's not talking to anyone! You honestly don't think we have a right to feel guilty?! If I wasn't sure about it before, I am now. We never should have deserted our father on his wedding day, Ridge.

Pam: Well, it's front-row seats, Charlie. In the yellow knight. Yeah, I know we were in the yellow section last week, but -- blue section? Psssh. No way, Josť. No, every time that serving wench in blue sees you, she practically throws herself on you. No.

Eric: Pam.

Pam: Charlie, just -- just get any tickets. Any section's fine. I got to go. Okay, bye. Eric. You're here.

Eric: That can't surprise you. I work here.

Pam: You know, I just -- I just meant that -- well, it's the day after your... you got married. Lemon bar? Corner piece.

[Door opens]

Pam: E-Eric, please. I-I didn't know what to say. I feel terrible!

Eric: Pam, you were there. You were helping to set up. You were...pretending to support me. You were lying to my face.

Pam: No, Eric. No, I wasn't. I promise it wasn't like that.

Eric: What happened? Where did you go?

Pam: [Voice breaking] I-I went to talk to Ridge. I called him.

Eric: Ridge?

Pam: Yes. See, Ridge and Steffy have been so worried about you. We all -- the whole family's been worried, and so we just thought that if... if -- if we staged a-a boycott, that you might call the thing off.

Eric: Call off marrying the woman I love because everybody staged some group tantrum?

Pam: [Sighs]

Eric: Wait, wait. Does this -- this was Ridge and Steffy's idea?

Pam: Well, Ridge and Steffy were just so concerned about your future, Eric. Quinn has done some pretty horrible things, so they felt she was dangerous and --

Eric: All right, enough. Get them in here.

Pam: Ridge and Steffy?

Eric: Yes. Everyone. Anyone who's in the building who was supposed to be at my wedding yesterday, I want them in here. Now.

Ridge: Wow, I have no patience for this. If you guys want to be in here, wring your hands, and think about what is right or wrong, you go ahead. I have better things to do.

Thomas: Hey, Dad, wait a second. We're just worried. That's all.

Ridge: I'm worried, too, for your grandfather. That's why I didn't go to that ridiculous wedding, because I don't want him to be with this silly woman!

Pam: [Sighs] He's here.

Maya: Eric?

Wyatt: What about my mom?

Steffy: Wait, this could be a really good sign.

Pam: Um, no. He's really hurt.

Ridge: We knew that was gonna happen. It's gonna be okay. He'll be all right.

Pam: No, he's -- he's beyond hurt, Ridge. I've never seen him like this before. He's waiting for us in the office now.

Rick: He wants to talk?

Pam: Talk, yell, scream. I don't know. But he wants us all to come in there right now.

Pam: Eric? Um, Eric? We're all here. I gathered everyone as you asked.

Quinn: You're here.

Wyatt: Uh, yeah. Did you get my message? I texted you. I said I'd wait for you.

Quinn: I didn't know if I could trust it. You also said you would be at my wedding.

Wyatt: Um... Eric summoned everyone in the office. Maybe we should join them.

Quinn: No, let him say what he needs to say to them without me being a distraction.

Wyatt: How was the ceremony?

Quinn: It was not very crowded.

Wyatt: [Scoffs] Mom.

Quinn: It was wonderful. It was simple and elegant. Just what Eric and I needed.

Wyatt: Is that a new necklace?

Quinn: Yeah. It's a gift from my groom.

Wyatt: He's got good taste. Look, mom, I want to be happy for you.

Quinn: No, I know. You have Steffy to think about. I hope you realize that I never would have done this. I never would have put your marriage in jeopardy, risked your happiness if I didn't truly believe in what Eric and I have.

Wyatt: I know.

Quinn: You know, my marriage does not need to interfere with yours. I hope Steffy can realize that.

Wyatt: Yeah, I hope, too.

Quinn: Yeah, I hope she can also realize what her little stunt yesterday did to her grandfather.

Wyatt: It wasn't just Steffy, mom. The whole family united --

Quinn: The whole family united to hurt him. Not one -- not one person could be there to support him. I don't know if Eric will ever forgive them.

Thomas: Ivy told us that you and Quinn were alone at the wedding. That should never have happened. Granddad, I am sorry.

Zende: It wasn't our intention for you to marry Quinn alone. We just thought that, you know, maybe if we weren't there, you might change your mind. We were wrong.

Maya: Look, it was a terrible, terrible mistake. And if any of us knew that you were actually gonna go through with it, Eric, we would have been there. Right?

Thorne: Yes. Of course. Especially me. I agreed to be your best man. I said that I would stand up for you, and... I let you down. I hope that you can find it to forgive me, Dad. Please? Forgive me?

Rick: We were trying to make a statement. Because we were concerned about you, Dad. You have to understand, we did this for you.

Eric: I've heard from everyone but the ringleaders. Ridge, Steffy, this was your doing, was it not? Anything you want to say, Steffy? Hmm. You're as stubborn as your grandmother and as opinionated. Sometimes that worked for her. But just as often as not, she ended up hurting the very people she wanted to help. Have you learned nothing from her mistakes? I guess not. So any regard... any respect... any admiration you might have for me... [Voice breaking] Any of the affection, the affection we have for one another? It just goes out the window. Just throw it away. And, Ridge. You're my son. And you knew how much this would hurt me. You know how much you mean to me. I've raised you. I've taught you, mentored you. I've -- I've stood by you all these years. And this is what it comes to! You...betrayed me.

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