B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/21/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/21/16


Episode # 7425 ~ Eric's family confront him about his newest plan, & Ridge spearheads the revolt; Quinn attempts to convince Wyatt to support her pursuit of happiness.

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Ridge: She has to be stopped. Quinn is nothing but trouble.

Steffy: As a mother-in-law, she was trouble. As Granddad's wife, this is a disaster. We all know how dangerous she is.

Rick: He can't marry her.

Thorne: He won't let that happen.

Ridge: Glad you're here.

Thorne: We need all the support we can get.

Zende: My mom is really upset about this, too. I told her what was going on. She was not expecting that wedding invitation.

Pam: [Scoffs] Nobody was.

Steffy: Look, we just need to get through to him before the wedding. I mean, it's tomorrow.

Ridge: Yeah, and the plan we had for keeping Quinn out of the company has hit a snag, so...

Thorne: Spencer's shares in the company?

Steffy: Bill's gonna give his shares to Brooke as a wedding present, and then she's gonna sell them to Dad.

Thomas: That would have given us the power to remove Granddad as C.E.O.

Pam: When are Bill and Brooke getting married?

Steffy: Not as soon as we hoped.

Ridge: If we can get Dad to see some reason, then none of this is necessary.

Eric: Hello. I wondered why it was so quiet at the office. You're all here. Hello, Thorne.

Thorne: Hey, Dad.

Eric: You got the invitation?

Thorne: Yes, I did.

Eric: So did everybody else, I see.

Ridge: Okay, all right. I've spoken to Kristen, Felicia, Bridget, and we all agree. As your kids, your grandchildren, your family, we all love you and we care about you. And we can't let you marry Quinn.

Quinn: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Wyatt: Seriously?

Quinn: [Gasps] Oh! You got it!

Wyatt: You and Eric getting married?

Quinn: Yes. Tomorrow. And I really hope you can be there. If not, can you at least be happy for me? Please? I know this is a surprise.

Wyatt: An e-mail?

Quinn: It was Eric's idea. He wanted to get married right away.

Wyatt: So why invite anybody at all? Why not just elope?

Quinn: 'Cause we wanted our families to be there.

Wyatt: Eric's family wants you out of his life. They're -- they're gonna respond to this with -- with torches and pitchforks!

Quinn: That's a horrible thing to say.

Wyatt: Yeah, well, you and Eric need to kind of face reality, mom!

Quinn: We are excited about this! And I don't want to see Eric hurt again. He's planning a-a beautiful ceremony. He wants his family to be part of it and share in his joy.

Wyatt: Yeah, well, some things just aren't possible, mom.

Quinn: Eric hasn't given up. He thinks his family is gonna come around. Ridge asked to see him at the house, so maybe they are working things out right now as we speak.

Wyatt: Oh.

Thorne: We're not calling you out, Dad.

Rick: We asked to see you, Dad, because we love you.

Pam: You got to know you mean so much to all of us. You were the love of my sister's life. Stephanie would not want you to do this.

Zende: It just, uh, seems really fast, Granddad.

Thorne: Yeah, you call saying you and Quinn are dating. Next thing I know, I get a wedding invitation.

Eric: You didn't come all this way to try to talk me out of this, did you?

Thorne: I came home because I'm worried about you, Dad.

Thomas: Granddad, we respect you. You're the leader of our family. But your decision-making in this is...it's off.

Steffy: And we can't let this happen.

Ridge: Yeah, look at her. Look at us. Look at all of us. We're standing here united. That never happens. That's got to tell you something. This is a mistake. Quinn is never gonna be part of this family.

Wyatt: You realize you are still asking me to do something that could basically ruin my life.

Quinn: If everyone gets on board, it won't ruin anything.

Wyatt: My wife moved out because you were dating her grandfather. Now -- now you want to marry him?!

Quinn: And he wants to marry me.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Quinn: This isn't a joke, Wyatt! We're in love! This is real!

Wyatt: That doesn't make it right, mom. And it doesn't mean that Steffy has to accept it, either.

Quinn: What about you, huh? Can you -- can you put all these politics aside for just one day?

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Quinn: Wyatt, you're my son. It's my wedding day. I want you to be there. Don't you want me to be happy?

Wyatt: Of course I do. If you were engaged to anyone else, my tux would be at the cleaners and I'd be working on a speech right now!

Quinn: A speech! Oh, that would be so wonderful!

Wyatt: If you were engaged to anyone else.

Quinn: Eric is a really good man. And he's made a huge difference in my life.

Wyatt: Yeah, but your relationship has caused a lot of damage in my life, my marriage, Eric's family. Ridge didn't invite him over there to -- to throw a surprise bachelor party, mom! He's probably over there trying to talk Eric out of going through with the whole wedding!

Quinn: Well, that's not gonna happen. We're getting married tomorrow. I hope you can find a way to support us.

Eric: All right. I've heard enough. I appreciate your concern. But I don't need it. It's really not necessary.

Thorne: Dad, if even half the things I've heard about Quinn are true --

Steffy: We only -- we only told you what we can prove.

Eric: Well. So, everybody's been filling you in, have they? I'm not at all surprised you have questions.

Rick: No. Dad, we know who Quinn fuller is. And there's nothing that you can say to convince us that she's good for you or she's good for this family.

Eric: You only talk about her past, though, the things she regrets. [Scoffs] Quinn's not perfect. Nobody is. Everybody in this room has made mistakes. The difference is we've been forgiven for ours. How many second chances have you been given by each other, by me? Pam mentioned Stephanie. She was famous for her iron will and her fierce protection of her family. But her strongest attribute was her capacity to forgive. It saved our marriage countless times, and it turned her biggest enemy into a dearest friend in the end. I see that strength in all of you. You think you don't have it, but I see it. The strength of forgiveness. It's held our family together through countless terrible tragedies over the years. You don't think that you can stand this, you don't think you can accept it, but I know you can. Because you're Forresters. So that's what I want to see at my wedding tomorrow. I want you to give me your blessings. And I want to see a new start with Quinn.

Thomas: We can't ignore what she's done.

Eric: Well, I'm not gonna let her do anything bad to this family, Thomas.

Steffy: It's already happening. Marrying Quinn just makes it worse.

Eric: I'm marrying Quinn because I love her, Steffy. There's no manipulation going on here. I know who she is. I know who she is now. She's a complex, beautiful, interesting woman. And she brings an excitement to my life, and she appreciates the stability I present to her. It's a balance, isn't it? Isn't that what marriage is, is a balance?

Rick: There's nothing balanced about Quinn fuller.

Eric: If marriages were left up to a family vote, very few of them would happen. Decision's been made, and it's mine, and I have earned the right for you to respect it. Oh, and one other thing. I want you to remember everything you're so desperate to protect, the opportunities you've been given, the successes that have happened for you... they all happened because of my faith in you. That's what I want to see tomorrow. Put a little faith in me. And start over again with Quinn. So come to the wedding. I need you there. I want you there. I want your support. Be the people you were raised to be. Show everybody the strength and the faithfulness that the Forresters are known for. Good.

Steffy: I need some air.

Ridge: Steffy.

Thorne: What now?

Quinn: Hi. Eric said ridge wanted to see him. I didn't know the whole family would be here. Where is he?

Rick: Upstairs.

Quinn: Steffy couldn't make it?

Ridge: She stepped away for a minute.

Quinn: Why? What happened? Can't you see what this opposition is doing to Eric? He doesn't want to fight about this.

Ridge: We don't want to fight about this.

Quinn: Well, then listen to us. Please. We're in love. We're getting married tomorrow, and Eric really wants you to be there. Can't you do that for him? Can't you give him that gift?

[Birds chirping]

Ridge: We came here to stop this wedding.

Quinn: I really hope you can find it in your hearts to be there tomorrow.

Rick: Ridge said it best. We don't want this.

Quinn: But Eric does. Obviously nothing you said has changed his mind.

Pam: We haven't changed ours, either.

Quinn: I have tried to show you all that I've changed. I haven't said a bad word about you. I haven't tried to turn Eric against you. Can't you just accept it? Trust his judgment. Show just a little bit of optimism. Eric has always supported all of you, even when he's had to -- to choose sides or referee some kind of conflict. He and your mother have worked so hard to keep this family together.

Thorne: Don't talk about her.

Quinn: She would want him to be happy, wouldn't she? That's what I do for him. I make him happy. And he does the same thing for me. I am so grateful to have Eric in my life. And I am not gonna mess that up. I promise you. Look, I-I don't normally express my feelings like this, but I-I-I want you to know. I want you to -- to hear what I have to say. Eric means everything to me. I would do anything for him.

Pam: Except leave him alone.

Quinn: I think he's been alone long enough. Don't you, Pam? I think what he deserves now is a woman who's gonna be loyal and devoted to him, and that's me. I am gonna honor Eric every single day that we spend together. Can't you do that, too? Can't you honor your father, your grandfather? Don't fight this. Accept our invitation. Please.

[Door opens]

Ridge: This is a mistake. Quinn is never gonna be part of this family.

Thomas: Your decision-making in this, it's off.

Thorne: If even half the things I've heard about Quinn are true --

Thomas: We can't ignore what she's done.

Steffy: And we can't let this happen.

Pam: Stephanie would not want you to do this.

Rick: There's nothing that you can say to convince us that she's good for you or she's good for this family.

Eric: Marry me.

Quinn: I don't know what to say!

Eric: Yes!

Quinn: Yes, yes! Yes, I will marry you, Eric! I would be so honored to be your wife!

Steffy: No. No!

Eric: Come to the wedding. I need you there. I want you there. I want your support. Be the people you were raised to be. Show everybody the strength and the faithfulness that the Forresters are known for.

Steffy: Where is everyone?

Quinn: They left.

Steffy: This isn't your house yet. You can't run my family off.

Quinn: I didn't. I wanted them to stay, but they walked out.

Steffy: Yeah, well, your sales pitch isn't gonna work on me, either, so...

Quinn: You know we have to deal with this, Steffy. The wedding is tomorrow.

Steffy: Not if I could help it. Is my grandfather still here?

Quinn: Yeah, he's upstairs. I imagine he's pretty upset.

Steffy: None of us are happy about this.

Quinn: It doesn't have to be that way. I'm gonna be a devoted wife to your grandfather. I am going to make him proud. You can, too. Come to the wedding tomorrow. Just forget that I'm the one who's asking. Although I-I would be happy, so happy, if you came. Do it for your grandfather, for everything he's ever done for you.

[Birds chirping]

[Door opens]

Maya: Hey. Oh. Uh, I got a late start with Lizzy, but rick filled me in. I'm so sorry it didn't go well.

Rick: It's all right. We're waiting on Steffy anyhow. You didn't happen to see her car outside, did you?

Maya: No, I didn't.

Pam: Do you think maybe we should call her?

Ridge: Guys, she'll be back when she's ready. Leave her alone.

Thorne: I'm not sure we should have left.

Rick: We tried to convince Dad on his own, but once Quinn showed up, it just -- there was nothing else we could do.

Thomas: We thought we could convince him. We thought he could be reasoned with.

Ridge: Well, he thinks we're being selfish. He doesn't understand.

Thorne: He really wants us at the wedding.

Zende: It's hard to say no.

Pam: It means so much to him.

Thomas: You know, everything that he said about forgiveness, that kind of hits home with me.

Ridge: Yeah, sure did. Hit home with all of us. So what do we do? We forget all the horrible things that Quinn has done? She's calculated. She knew that Dad was alone. She moved in. I can't support that.

Thorne: Yeah, but Dad's asking us to support him.

Ridge: He's asking us to support this wedding to Quinn!

Pam: If only it could be someone else.

Rick: You heard them. It's real love.

Ridge: All right, listen, even if it is, you okay with that? That she's gonna be the next matriarch of this family?

Thorne: Ha! No one could ever replace mom.

Ridge: Well, that's what's gonna happen, Thorne. It's what happens when people get married. If she marries Dad, she's gonna be Mrs. Eric Forrester. And if we show up at this wedding, that means we condone everything that she's done to get there. We got to think about it. Are we all willing to do that?

Quinn: I want to get along with your family.

Steffy: Well, I don't want you anywhere near us. Especially my grandfather.

Quinn: You don't have to worry about him.

Steffy: You told me I didn't have to worry about my marriage, that you weren't gonna be a problem for Wyatt and me. It's like I can't believe anything that you say.

Quinn: I know you don't want to hear it, that you can't accept Eric's feelings for me --

Steffy: You know what, Quinn? I don't want to hear it. I really don't.

Quinn: Your grandfather loves you.

Steffy: And I love my grandfather.

Quinn: Then be there for him!

Steffy: I am grateful that Eric Forrester is my granddad. That is why I'm here. I'm here to protect him the way he's always protected me.

Quinn: I know what you're afraid of. But you don't have to worry about your grandfather. I promise you. I will never hurt him. I will never let anyone else ever hurt him. Eric has changed me. We are good together. Why can't you and your family see that? You know, we didn't even have to invite you to the wedding! We could have gotten married on some remote island somewhere, just the two of us! Nobody ever had to know, but we didn't do that! Why? Because family is too important to us. People listen to you, Steffy. The rest of the family will follow your lead, so please. Please come to the wedding tomorrow. Do it for your grandfather, for everything he has ever done for you.

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