B&B Transcript Friday 9/16/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/16/16


Episode # 7422 ~ RJ takes matters into his own hands and pays a visit to Bill; despite not having been successful thus far, Quinn urges Ivy to continue on with her assignment.

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R.J.: I don't want Spencer as my stepfather, and I don't want him for you.

Brooke: [Sighs] R.J., please. I realize this is all rather unexpected.

R.J.: I walk in, see you two holding each other, and now you're telling me you're engaged to Bill Spencer?

Ridge: There's still a lot to discuss.

R.J.: You can't do it. [Scoffs] Just one look at you two and it's clear -- you two belong together. And what about Bill's son will, huh? He doesn't even have a voice. He's still so young. But I do. So listen to me when I say -- stop feeling whatever you're feeling for Spencer. I mean, the number-one thing you've ever taught me was that the most important thing in this world is family.

Alison: Careful with these.

Bill: Our wedding bands.

Alison: And your divorce papers, all signed and executed.

Bill: Mwah. Beautiful.

Alison: Your wedding license is in there, too, so don't lose it.

Bill: What do I look like?

Alison: Like a man who's ready to get married.

Bill: [Chuckles] One more thing.

Alison: The contract.

Bill: Once we're married, Brooke gets my share of Forrester Creations.

Steffy: So rumor has it Bill might be sweeping Brooke away today to get married.

Thomas: Wait, what? You're just now telling me this?

Steffy: I don't want to get my hopes up or anything.

Thomas: That's insane. I mean, they just barely got divorced.

Steffy: Well, if that's true, we could get those shares today. You know what that means. Bye-bye, Quinn.

Quinn: Isn't it gorgeous?

Ivy: It's stunning.

Quinn: Yeah.

Ivy: What is it? It's --

Quinn: It's eight carats, but who's counting? [Sighs]

Ivy: Wow. Congratulations. I'm really excited for you two.

Quinn: Are you really?

Ivy: Yeah, of course. Uncle Eric is a wonderful man. You're gonna make each other very happy.

Quinn: I really have changed, Ivy. I'm a much better person now. People are capable of changing. I mean, look at how sexy and glamorous you've become.

Ivy: I've changed my accent, my hair, my style to look like Steffy, to appeal to Liam. I'm beginning to think that this could be impossible.

Quinn: Don't say that. Of course, Liam will come around.

Ivy: I've reached out. I've texted a few times. I just don't see that much of him.

Quinn: Well, you just have to keep trying. You have to be more confident and more assertive, and don't be afraid to use a little bit of sex appeal.

Ivy: I'm not gonna throw myself at him, Quinn.

Quinn: I'm not saying that, but you can't just sit back and wait for him to come to you. You got to make a move and go after what you want.

Ivy: I did make a move, actually. I kissed him the other day.

Quinn: What?!

Ivy: Yeah.

Quinn: You did? That's great! That's a really good start, Ivy!

Ivy: Except now I'm even more sure that he's still in love with Steffy.

Bill: Simple. Brooke and I say our vows, I hand over my stake in Forrester, done.

Alison: Quite an act of love, especially since your shares are gonna end up with the one man you can't stand.

Bill: I'll consider it a, uh, parting gift. Brooke's final gesture to Ridge.

Alison: You're giving them to Brooke. She's selling them to Ridge. At least someone's making a profit.

Bill: Yeah. You know, dressmaker gets what he wants -- control of Forrester, throws his father off the throne. Whatever. I don't give a damn, as long as he gets the hell out of Brooke's life.

Ridge: R.J., just because your mother is married to a Spencer doesn't mean that we're not family.

R.J.: Dad, this is your last chance to stand up for your family, to keep us together. Have you forgot about all the times you guys fought for each other, the stories you told me about Grandmother keeping you apart? I mean, you finally have a chance. Nothing is holding you back.

Ridge: There are other factors. The company, for one.

R.J.: Who cares? You always say family comes first, before anything.

Brooke: Yes, of course, honey. And we're always going to be close.

R.J.: If you don't do something to stop this, I will.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Alison: The, um, the editors meeting.

Bill: Reschedule.

Alison: How about your lunch order?

Bill: Not hungry. What? What is it, Alison? I know what I'm doing.

Alison: You're giving your entire investment in Forrester Creations to your new bride. Are you absolutely positive you want to do that?

Bill: Under normal circumstances, that's a business move that I would never make. I don't give away freebies. For my future wife? If Brooke is crazy enough to marry me, she can have them.

Alison: You're giving up all control as a shareholder. All your rights to hold those shares over Ridge's head.

Bill: Yeah, I am gonna miss that. I love making him squirm in his seat during those board meetings. That was...so much fun.

Alison: Still time to change your mind.

Bill: Not a chance. Brooke and I are finally gonna be rid of that dressmaker, and you can't put a price tag on that. And besides... the Forresters are in this predicament to some extent because of me.

Alison: You?

Bill: I created a child with that psychopath. Quinn is in their lives because of me.

Quinn: I've needed an ally, and that's what you are to me, and I am so grateful to have you on my side.

Ivy: Of course.

Quinn: Just keep up the good work with Liam, you know? And -- and I know you're helping protect Wyatt and Steffy's marriage.

Ivy: I'm doing this because I'm interested in Liam. I need to know if there's a future there for us.

Quinn: Of course, of course. This isn't a manipulation at all. I mean, I know there are genuine feelings there. You just can't be afraid to take what's yours.

Ivy: Well, I'm trying, but [Scoffs] It's easier said than done, Quinn. I can't just control who Liam wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Quinn: Yeah, but Liam and Steffy are a terrible couple. You'd be so much better off with him.

Ivy: I'd like to think so.

Quinn: [Chuckles] Well, just keep up the good work, Ivy. Hopefully Steffy won't be a problem anymore. [Sighs] Boy, though, does she have it out for me. She has it out for you, too, right? It makes it so difficult to work in the same company. But I tell you, if she keeps going down this road, the way Eric keeps defending me, his fiancée, he's gonna -- he's gonna side with me over his granddaughter.

Thomas: I'm picking up a vibe.

Steffy: About what?

Thomas: You're not second-guessing this whole plan, are you? Brooke marrying Bill?

Steffy: No, we need Bill's shares for it all to work.

Thomas: Beyond that.

Steffy: No, I'm cool with it. I'm totally on board. I'm just wondering if Dad is.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Ridge: Every kid wants to see his parents together.

Brooke: I-I didn't realize how important it was to him. Now I feel like I'm letting him down.

Ridge: No, you're not. I-I think, um, he's a little surprised that you're engaged to Bill Spencer of all people. He'll get past it. He will. In the end, he just wants to do what's right for you.

Brooke: I've never seen him like that, just walking out of here.

Ridge: He's a good kid. He's a tough kid. He's fighting for his family.

Bill: You're obviously lost, kid. Interns meet on the 12th floor. Run along.

R.J.: [Chuckles] You don't remember me, do you?

Bill: You're the intern that screwed up my lunch a few days ago. There was mayo on my sandwich. I hate mayo.

R.J.: Take a good look, Mr. Spencer.

Bill: Do I strike you as somebody who enjoys guessing games? Get out of my office.

R.J.: [Scoffs]

[Door closes]

R.J.: [Scoffs] You're marrying my mother, and you don't even recognize her own son?

Bill: R.J.?!

[Birds chirping]

Quinn: It's sad, really. I wanted to have a nice relationship with my daughter-in-law. I tried getting along, uh, stepping back, giving her space. But it -- it just... nothing worked. It wasn't good enough. I was never good enough.

Ivy: Steffy can be hard to read sometimes.

Quinn: Steffy has been nothing but trouble -- for me and for you. I mean, if she wasn't so important to Wyatt, I would just let it go. But Steffy is his wife. She -- she should be concentrating on their marriage, not on this mission to destroy me.

Ivy: She's just protecting her grandfather.

Quinn: But that's what I keep telling everyone! There's no reason to protect him! He doesn't need it! I have been living in the spirit of family, trying to get everybody to understand that I'm a changed woman. But Steffy just won't accept it. But it doesn't matter. Soon she'll have no choice, because I am marrying Eric. And that means that I'm going to be the next Forrester matriarch.

Steffy: I spent some time with Dad the other day.

Thomas: How was he? He's always stoic with me. And he's just a lot more open with you.

Steffy: Well, it's not like he, like, came out and said anything, but I just -- I just sensed that he was torn. Like he hates the idea of Brooke marrying Bill.

Ridge: Anything?

Brooke: No. I keep texting him, and he's not texting me back.

Ridge: Well, maybe he turned his phone off.

Brooke: R.J. never has his phone off.

Ridge: Well, maybe you need to give him some room. How about that?

Brooke: You know, I-I know he's not a little kid anymore. He's almost an adult. But I can't help but worry.

Ridge: I didn't expect him to react like that.

Brooke: I know. Me neither. He's not an emotional person. He keeps everything to himself.

Ridge: Yeah, he was. Not anymore.

Brooke: That concerns me. Kept insisting that Bill and I not be together. And then he said he was gonna handle it himself. What does that mean? Do you think he's going over to Bill's?

Ridge: [Sighs] I'll get him.

Brooke: No, wait. Hang on. I'm gonna go over there, okay? I'll check it out. This is something I need to handle.

[Door opens]

Bill: [Laughs] R.J., wow! Look at you! Man, you were about that tall last time I saw you, and now you're a -- you're a young man! You home from school? Have you seen your mom? I mean, she's gonna be thrilled.

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah, I have.

Bill: I get it. So you -- you came here to congratulate me in person. I appreciate that. Now, your mom and I are very excited to get married. We have waited a long time for this. You know, it's not gonna be a traditional wedding. In fact, we're -- we're not even getting married in Los Angeles. We're gonna do everyone a favor and run away together.

R.J.: Wait, run away?

Bill: Well, you know, sort of. But listen, afterward, I want you to meet us on my yacht. It is magnificent. You're gonna love it.

R.J.: [Scoffs]

Bill: I want to show you the rings. Here. Take a look. Now, I wanted it, uh, you know, not to be too over-the-top.

R.J.: No, no, you wouldn't want to be inappropriate.

Bill: I want you to know how much I care about your mom, R.J.

R.J.: Yeah? How could you? You have a son with her sister.

Bill: [Sighs] Well, yeah. I mean, that's -- that's true. But everything's been worked out. The divorce is final. The custody arrangements have been made, and everybody's happy.

R.J.: [Scoffs] Really?

Bill: Yeah. Your mom and I will fill you in on the details.

R.J.: You know what, Mr. Spencer? Let me fill you in on the details. I came back to see my parents, and I found the hideous ring on my mom's finger.

Bill: Hideous ring? [Sighs] Clearly you're upset about something.

R.J.: You want to marry my mom?

Bill: As soon as possible.

R.J.: Well, I'm here to tell you that's not gonna happen.

[Birds chirping]

Quinn: This ring is a symbol of Eric's commitment to me. Whether you succeed with Liam or not, and -- and I really hope that you do, not just for your sake but for the sake of Wyatt and Steffy's marriage.

Ivy: Whoa. No pressure.

Quinn: Ivy, I wish the rest of Eric's family can be as accepting as you are. Especially Steffy. 'Cause if she keeps acting up like this, the way Eric keeps defending me, she's gonna be the one out of this company. She'll be gone.

Steffy: Hey, we've been waiting for an update. You heard anything from Brooke?

Thomas: Yeah, is this, uh, is this rumor true that they might be getting married soon?

Ridge: I don't know.

Steffy: Dad, we need to move on this. The sooner Brooke gets Bill's shares, the sooner Quinn is out of our lives.

Ridge: Thank you, Steffy, for explaining that. But that might not be happening right now.

Steffy: Why? What's wrong?

Ridge: Uh, something unexpected happened today.

Thomas: Like what?

Ridge: Your brother's back.

Thomas: Awesome. I-I love R.J., but...

Steffy: Yeah, that's great and all, but what does that have to do with the shares?

Ridge: Well, R.J. may be a problem.

Thomas: Why?

Steffy: You told him about Brooke and Bill. He's not into it.

Ridge: No. That's putting it mildly.

Steffy: What exactly did he say?

Ridge: He doesn't want his mother to marry Bill. And I don't blame him.

Bill: [Sighs] All right, uh, R.J., I realize this is coming as quite a shock.

R.J.: Exactly what my mom said.

Bill: This isn't what you were coming home hoping for. But your mom and I, we're very much in love.

R.J.: You know, all my life my mom has always needed a little guidance. Glad I came back when I did. She needs it now more than ever.

Bill: I'm not the enemy, R.J.

R.J.: When I walked into that room when I came to L.A., you know what I saw? My mom and dad in each other's arms, hugging it out. Those people, they've been in love almost all their lives. You really want to get in the middle of that?

Bill: I understand where you're coming from. I do. It's only natural that a kid wants his parents together.

R.J.: It isn't about me. It's about how they belong together.

Bill: Well, that I can't agree with. But I will say this. Your mom and dad have raised a very, uh, bright and spunky son. But there is no future there. Even your father would agree with that.

R.J.: Yeah? And how do you know?

Bill: Well, let's just say that his interest is elsewhere. On the company. And your mother wants this as much as I do.

R.J.: I'm not gonna let her marry another loser like Deacon Sharpe.

Bill: Deacon Sharpe? [Laughs] Well, I'm about as far from Deacon Sharpe as you can get.

R.J.: No, you're just a conceited tough guy she always seems to fall for.

Bill: As I said, I see you're having a difficult time with this, but it is happening. Your mom and I are leaving on a plane today.

R.J.: Cancel the trip.

Bill: I'm not going to do that. And you need to learn your place, son. Your mom and I are very committed, and we have been through hell and back to get here. So neither one of us -- not me, not Brooke -- are going to be told by a teenager what to do, even her own son.

[Door opens]

Brooke: [Sighs] R.J.

[Door closes]

Bill: Yes, R.J. Here he is! Not exactly my number-one fan. In fact, I got quite an earful before you got here. And I understand his concern. But I also made it clear to him that we have a plane to catch, and we're getting married today.

R.J.: Mom, don't do this. You don't need to do this.

Bill: Enough, R.J.! Have a little respect for your mother!

R.J.: Mom, please. You don't need to marry this guy. Please.

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