B&B Transcript Friday 9/9/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/9/16


Episode # 7417 ~ Eric talks to Stephanie's portrait, reminiscing about good times & asking her opinion about Quinn; Brooke & Ridge get emotional when they speak of Brooke's relationship with Bill, their plan to take back the company and their past together.

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Steffy: You want me to move back in with Wyatt? Do what I ask.

Quinn: Leave Eric.

Steffy: It's that easy.

Quinn: If you think it would be that easy, you have no idea what he means to me.

Steffy: I know how much Wyatt means to you. The lengths you went to get us together. Do you want our marriage to succeed? The only chance Wyatt and I have is if you leave my grandfather.

Eric: I'm back. CEO living in the house again. You never would have left in the first place, I know. It seemed like a good idea at the time, though. Rick needed the space, and I was just banging around in this enormous place, all isolated. With all my memories. These memories of you, mostly. And the kids. Raising the kids in this house. [Sighs] Christmas parties, barbecues, and the events that we used to have for all our buyers. I don't know how many people in this house all at once. All our humor. It was funny. It was loud. It was good. And then all of a sudden, there was just me. Sipping my martinis. Well, it's not just me anymore. There's a woman in my life. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure -- I'm sure you know all about it. I'm assuming you don't approve. Nobody in the family does, either. Nobody else does. They think I'm a fool. They -- they look at me like... they're embarrassed. They think it's stupid. What about you? How are you looking at me these days? What do you think? About Quinn?

Ridge: "Respect Quinn as long I'm running the company."

Brooke: That's what Eric said?

Ridge: Uh-huh.

Brooke: Oh, boy. Can't help but feel sorry for him. He has no idea.

Ridge: But thanks to your upcoming wedding, he won't be running the company anymore. You'll sell me Bill's shares, and I will get rid of Quinn. For good.

Eric: So, how many times have we done this together, you and me? A couple of martinis. Good music.

[Piano plays]

Stephanie: Our lives are in this room. My heart is in this house.

Quinn: I would do just about anything for my son. I have done just about anything for my son.

Steffy: Yeah, I'm aware.

Quinn: But I found love.

Steffy: Right. Right. [Sighs]

Quinn: I can't leave Eric.

Steffy: Well, then I can't be with Wyatt. And if there's a divorce, that's on you.

Quinn: No, it isn't. You have to separate your feelings for me from your feelings for Wyatt. What I do or don't do shouldn't have any bearing on your marriage. Don't end it like this. Don't hurt Wyatt like this. Go home to him. Please.

Thomas: So Quinn won't budge?

Steffy: It doesn't seem like it, even though I've made myself very clear. I'm not moving back into Wyatt's until she leaves our granddad.

Thomas: Careful. You make a statement like that and you have to stick to it.

Steffy: Thomas, I don't -- I don't want to hurt Wyatt. I know he doesn't deserve all this, but... he can't control his mom, so...

Thomas: Stef, I don't think anyone can. Quinn does what she wants. And by the way, so do you. Is ending your marriage really what you want?

Brooke: [Sighs] If your father is as hurt as I think he'll be, he'll dig in his heels, he'll swear loyalty to Quinn, and he'll turn his back on us forever.

Ridge: Maybe. But I think it's worth the risk. I think my dad's gonna see in the end that what we're trying to do is protect him and protect the company. He wants to give this to the kids, he wants to give it to the grandkids. This is a company that he built with mom. And he doesn't want Quinn to ruin that.

Brooke: And if he doesn't come around...

Ridge: Then my worst fear comes true.

Brooke: Fear?

Ridge: This is not about an older guy wanting to be with a younger woman or just even a guy wanting to be with the wrong woman, but... he's losing it a little bit. Mentally. You went through it with your mom.

Brooke: But just because you don't agree with what your father's doing doesn't mean he has dementia.

Ridge: I hope you're right. But we can't rule it out.

Quinn: Eric? [Sighs] You're home.

Eric: Hey, hey.

Quinn: Um... you planning on serenading me?

Eric: Let's see how the evening goes.

Quinn: [Laughs] Is it just the two of us?

Eric: Yeah, the staff is all gone, just as you asked.

Quinn: Mmm. I think I'm gonna get used to this "lady of the manor" persona, just sending the staff away with a wave of my hand.

Eric: Wonderful feeling of power, isn't it?

Quinn: [Laughs] I just wanted to be alone with you.

Eric: Yeah. Much-needed.

Quinn: Yeah. Especially after a day like today.

Eric: Really? What happened?

Quinn: Steffy happened. The way she talks to me... it is so dismissive. I mean, she acts like I'm gonna be gone in no time. It doesn't even matter how much I apologize. [Sighs] I try to explain to her how good we are together. She won't accept it. She just -- she just won't believe that I've changed. Do you know that she called us an abomination? She said that if I really cared about you, I would leave you, like that would prove something. It's the only way that she's gonna go back to Wyatt. It's their only chance.

Eric: I know this has been a big strain on her. It's been a big strain on everybody. Most of all, you and me. Makes me wonder...

Quinn: What?

Eric: [Sighs]

Quinn: What are you trying to say?

Steffy: I never said my marriage is ending. Thomas, I-I hate hurting Wyatt, but he's not the only one that's hurting. Think about what Liam's been through, and it's all because of Quinn -- all that time she stole from him. Now she's doing the same thing to granddad. I'm not gonna let her do it again. I'm not gonna let her mess with anyone that I care about anymore.

Thomas: You may not be able to stop that.

Steffy: At work, we can. If Brooke gets Bill's 12.5% and then sells it to dad... it's all we can think about right now -- just getting Quinn out of the company. And after that, it's only a matter of time before she's out of our lives.

Brooke: If Eric is starting to lose it a little bit, the last person we want to have influence over him is Quinn.

Ridge: It scares me, Logan.

Brooke: We'll stop her. Before she and Eric get too too close.

Eric: That's a good question. What am I trying to say? A lot, actually. I just -- I'm not certain how.

Quinn: Look at you. So -- so lost in thought. You never have to worry about how you say anything to me.

Eric: No, I don't, do I? Very few people have given me the support that you have. Only one other. That's why I've been thinking about her so much today. Raising our family in this house together.

Quinn: I'm sure you thought you had many more years together. And now you're alone, your children are grown, and she's gone, and... Eric, I-I have been so consumed with my own problems, with Wyatt's marriage and Steffy, that I haven't given you the attention that I should have. Sorry. I haven't even come close to being the kind of woman that Stephanie was for you. I'm sure she would have done a much better job acknowledging the sacrifices that you've made to be with me. Facing all that hate and anger.

Eric: No less than what you've had to face.

Quinn: [Scoffs] I'm used to it. I've dealt with that most of my life, b-but you -- this is your family. You know... this was just supposed to be a flirtation, a connection. You know, something -- something fun. I-I looked forward to seeing you so much, and -- you were so wonderful. You changed me. And I almost started to think that... but, you know, I, um... I never wanted to complicate your life. Things have a way of spiraling out of control when -- when I'm around, and, um, I just -- I never wanted that for you. So I think it's best that maybe I, um...

Eric: Um, look, uh, you need to stop.

Quinn: No, I need you to hear me.

Eric: No, stop right now.

Quinn: I need to tell --

Eric: I mean it. You said something to me about... that I'm alone. But I'm not. That's why I've been thinking about her so much lately. Since she died, I've... I've been feeling very alone. But I'm not anymore. I have you.

Thomas: And what if Quinn does move out, leaves granddad's house, and never looks back? What happens to you? You told Quinn that you'd move back in with Wyatt.

Steffy: Yeah, Thomas, it's exactly what I would do.

Thomas: Unless Liam convinces you otherwise.

Steffy: Don't. Please. Like, you don't have to go --

Thomas: You're in love with two guys, Stef.

Steffy: [Sighs] You're right. I am. I could easily spend the rest of my life with either one of them. Look, I don't know what's gonna happen -- whether I'm gonna end up with Liam or if I'm gonna end up with -- with Wyatt. But all I can really focus on is just getting Quinn out of our lives. And once we're able to do that, then I'll be able to figure it all out, okay?

Brooke: Soon you'll have enough majority control in Forrester, you'll override Eric's decisions, and you'll get rid of Quinn.

Ridge: Yeah. And all you have to do is marry Bill.

Brooke: Don't say it like that.

Ridge: What? I don't have to pretend that I'm happy about it. I'm not. I'm grateful. I'm grateful that Quinn's gonna be out of the company and out of my dad's life, but I hate what you have to sacrifice.

Brooke: I'm not going to sacrifice. I want to marry Bill.

Ridge: Mm, maybe you do. Well, hey, even if you marry the guy... you'll always be my Logan.

Quinn: You do have me, Eric. But at what cost? Your family is spewing hatred, and I can see how it affects you.

Eric: Our relationship's got a lot of trouble. Caused a lot of trouble. A lot of unnecessary turmoil. Not just in my family. In your family, too. Look at your poor son. Steffy's separating from him in protest to the two of us. It's all because of the uncertainty this provides. What if we get rid of the uncertainty? The speculation about what's gonna happen? Maybe then there would be some acceptance.

Quinn: Acceptance?

Eric: Yeah. Steffy go back to Wyatt, ridge and all the rest of them would accept what we've found together.

Quinn: I don't understand.

Eric: Well, they would just have to accept -- they would have to accept that you're part of my life.

Quinn: They would have to if what?

Eric: They'd have to accept it because... we could make it permanent. We could make it official.

Quinn: I-I thought you were ending things with me.

Eric: What? No! No, no! Not at all. Is what you want?

Quinn: No! No, I don't want that at all!

Eric: Well, I don't, either! I don't, either.

Quinn: [Chuckles]

Eric: I love you, Quinn. I love you. You've inspired me. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me in my life. I want my family to understand that. I want them to stop being afraid of this. And I think I know how.

Quinn: [Gasps] Eric.

Eric: I'm a very impulsive person, all right? I always have been. This is why I'm so good at what I do. I can look at a design, and I know when it's right. My instincts call out to me. They tell me exactly what's going on. My instincts are screaming at me right now, and they have since we've been together. I don't want to let this go. I don't want to let you go. I never will. I don't want you to leave this house. I don't want to leave my side. Or my bed. Marry me.

Quinn: I don't know what to say.

Eric: Yes!

Quinn: Yes! Yes! Yes! I will marry you, Eric. I would be so honored to be your wife!

Eric: Give me this. Here. Here. Oh, look at this.

Quinn: [Gasps] [Sighs]


[Glass shatters]

Quinn: [Gasps] [Laughs]

Eric: Oh, good, good, good.

Quinn: [Laughs]

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