B&B Transcript Thursday 8/25/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/25/16


Episode # 7406 ~ Ridge & Brooke reveal a plan to their family that they hope will lessen Quinn's impact on Eric; Bill & Katie voice their stipulations concerning their divorce agreement.

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Ridge: You okay?

Steffy: Uh... yeah, I don't know what I am. I couldn't put up with Quinn any longer, what she was doing to my marriage, so I, uh... I moved out.

Thomas: And in with me at the loft.

Steffy: Yeah.

Brooke: How's Wyatt taking it?

Steffy: Well, I gave Quinn an ultimatum -- move out of my grandfather's house or I move out of Wyatt's. Shouldn't have been a hard choice, given what Wyatt means to her.

Ridge: I guess living with dad means more.

Steffy: [Scoffs]

Thomas: I just don't understand how he doesn't see what she's trying to do.

Brooke: Loneliness does strange things to people sometimes.

Ridge: Oh, no, no, no. It's not loneliness. I think he's just lost it. First, he invites her back into the company and now my mother's house.

Steffy: Like, we've tried everything.

Thomas: There's got to be something else that we can do.

Ridge: There is.

Brooke: Your father's come up with a plan.

Steffy: Tell us.

Ridge: It's all about the Spencer shares and getting our hands on them.

[Door opens]

Katie: I don't have a lot of time. I'm meeting with investors for a project I'm working on.

Bill: Well, good for you. Anyone I know?

Katie: I don't think so. I met them at a club that I joined.

Bill: You joined a gym?

Katie: Uh, it's more of a country club, I guess. But it does have a beautiful gym and yoga classes and activities for will, so we've been pretty active.

Bill: It's working for you. You look fantastic.

Katie: Thank you.

Bill: There is a full gym at the house, though.

Katie: Uh, yeah. Actually, about that, um... when you come to pick up will again for an overnight... this is where we'll be staying.

Bill: Um, I don't understand.

Katie: I moved out. I need a fresh start. Anyway, the house was always more your house. And now you can live there with Brooke. You and Brooke are gonna be together now, right?

Bill: Does Brooke know you're not living at the house?

Katie: No, I thought you could tell her for me.

Steffy: Bill's shares of Forrester? It's 12 1/2%. I always wanted to get my hands on them. If we do it now, we'll have my 20%, your 25%, and your 5%.

Steffy: And granddad couldn't get Bill to vote, so then we would have majority control.

Thomas: And then Quinn's out.

Ridge: Out of the company, not out of his house. We'll deal with that later. At least this way, dad won't make any questionable choices.

Steffy: What if granddad starts fighting with you? He already thinks that we're treating him like --

Ridge: Steffy, it's business. Can I count on you -- and you?

Steffy: Like you have to ask.

Thomas: Absolutely.

Ridge: I do have to ask. Got to make sure everything is solid.

Steffy: You have our full support, especially if it takes Quinn out of this.

Thomas: The question is, is Bill willing to part with his shares?

Steffy: Yeah, I don't think Bill's gonna sell his shares under any circumstances.

Brooke: Normally, probably not. But your father's hoping that Katie will get the shares in the divorce settlement.

Steffy: Would Katie be willing to go along with us?

Thomas: Well, even if she does, is she gonna be willing to part with them?

Ridge: It may not matter.

Steffy: No, it does matter, because if Katie keeps those stocks, then we don't have majority control.

Thomas: Or if Bill decides to fight her on it, then it just turns into this long, drawn-out legal battle.

Ridge: And we don't have time for that because Quinn will be ensconced in this company and our home. So I have come up with a different approach. It's our best way of stopping Quinn.

Steffy: Don't think I'm not intrigued, because I am, but... with everything on my plate right now, I just don't know if I can really...

Ridge: I understand.

Thomas: Dad, you have our full support.

Steffy: Always.

Ridge: Okay, good. Let you know how it goes. Not a word to anyone.

Steffy: Yeah, mum's the word. All right, I'll see you.

Ridge: Bye.

Brooke: Why didn't you tell me you had a new plan?

Ridge: Because I'm still mulling it over. But if Katie can't get those shares and if I can't buy them outright, then...

Brooke: Well, then there's really nothing you can do, is there?

Ridge: No, there isn't. But there is something you can do.

Bill: So why didn't you tell me you were making this change?

Katie: I think I just did.

Bill: Before you made the move.

Katie: Would you have tried to change my mind?

Bill: It's your home.

Katie: No, not really. It was our home for a while. I never liked that house. I liked our place at the beach. Promise me one thing.

Bill: What?

Katie: When you move Brooke into your house... you have lots of bedrooms. Just choose a different one. Don't put her in our bedroom. I think that would be very confusing for will.

Bill: And I think this is something that we shouldn't be talking about.

Katie: You're probably right about that, but I thought I'd just throw it out there. So, I guess the only thing left is to finalize our settlement.

Bill: Yeah, uh, listen, Katie, I want to make one thing very clear. As far as my shares in Forrester are concerned... it ain't happening. There's no way in hell I would ever let that dressmaker have my 12 1/2%.

Brooke: Something I can do?

Ridge: If Katie gets locked up in a legal battle, it could take forever to get these shares, if we ever get them. But if you talk to Bill...

Brooke: Me?

Ridge: He listens to you. You're the only one he listens to.

Brooke: Ridge...

Ridge: I know, I know. It's asking a lot, but if you go to him and you tell him that I want to buy his shares, even at a higher price, I'm okay with it. Or if he doesn't want to sell them, maybe he can assign them to me so I can vote with them.

Brooke: Oh, my God, no. He's never gonna go for it.

Ridge: You ought to know about that. It's coming from you. And with what Quinn did to Liam and Wyatt, he might just go for it.

Brooke: We both know he's going to want something in return.

Ridge: What? A relationship with you? No. That's not on the table. Or is it?

Katie: Gee, Bill, tell me how you really feel.

Bill: Would you rather me string you along? Let you think there's a chance I'll give you my shares when there isn't one?

Katie: I think it was you who taught me that everything is negotiable.

Bill: Everything except my 12 1/2%. And besides, I've given you a very generous settlement offer.

Katie: Right, 50 million bucks. What is that for you? Like, a decent day on the stock market?

Bill: Half decent. And don't forget all those perks I threw in there. Actually, I should tell you that I have sweetened the deal. Justin is working on that as we speak.

Katie: You have Justin very busy these days.

Bill: Got to justify that guy's salary. Katie, what I want is for us to resolve this situation amicably so we can both move on.

Katie: Right. Move on. That sounds good.

Bill: You know, I like this, seeing you stronger... more self-assured.

Katie: Well, I have a little boy that's depending on me. And I need to be the best mother that I can be for him.

Bill: He loves his mommy.

Katie: And I love him more than anything in the whole world. And I haven't been there for him the way that I should have been.

Bill: Well, you -- you were going through A...rough time.

Katie: [Chuckles] Yeah. Rough time. But I chose to handle it the way I did, you know? I chose to medicate myself with alcohol. I can take responsibility for that. Just like I can take responsibility for better choices, like the ones I'm making right now. I feel good. Feel like I'm ready for whatever comes my way.

Bill: Like maybe a new relationship?

Katie: Ha ha ha. Yeah, let's not get ahead of ourselves. But you never know. Life is full of surprises. In the meantime, I'm just gonna keep working on me.

Bill: I'd say you're well on your way.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Bill: Not that you give a damn about what I think, being that we're getting divorced.

Katie: I'll always care about what you think. Just not as much as I used to. Anyway, um, I am looking forward to seeing that new sweetened settlement that Justin's coming up with. And if you ever decide to get rid of your 12 1/2%, you know, I could throw you a few million dollars. I've got 50 of them lying around. Yeah. That's what I thought. Not a chance.

Steffy: I'm finished with you! I've given you so many chances! I just -- I cannot be associated with this. So from here on out, you will stay away from me and my family. I do not want you in my life. Quinn. You and my grandfather?! Walk out the door... or I will leave Wyatt. Walk out and never come back.

Wyatt: Are you being serious right now? You -- you're moving out of here?

Steffy: I am.

Thomas: I know it seems like everything's crashing in all at once.

Steffy: I'm just glad Dad has a plan, whatever it is.

Thomas: Oh, come on. Don't act like you're not dying to know what that is.

Steffy: How dad's gonna get Bill's shares back?

Thomas: And if it involves Brooke. If it does, is she gonna go along with it?

Brooke: Look, ridge, I know how much you want this to work, but I wasn't even fully on board when you wanted me to encourage Katie to get Bill's shares in the divorce settlement. And now you want me to go to Bill.

Ridge: Because you might be able to convince him.

Brooke: Because we were involved when we shouldn't have been?

Ridge: No, that's -- no. Just... look at the bigger picture.

Brooke: I am, and I just don't see how it's possible.

Ridge: What do you see? You see Bill wanting a relationship with you. Well, that's not gonna happen, because you belong with me.

Brooke: With you?

Ridge: Yes, here, at Forrester, because if we get that 12 1/2%, we can run this company together, you and me, the way we wanted to, and rick can help us.

Brooke: What about Eric?

Ridge: I'll deal with my dad, and I'll make it right. I will. But right now, we got to focus on those shares. What do you say?

[Cell phone ringing]

Brooke: It's Bill.

[Cell phone beeps]

Brooke: Hello, Bill.

Bill: I need to see you. Can you meet me at the house?

Brooke: Where's Katie?

Bill: Katie's moved out. She's gotten her own place. Please, Brooke.

Brooke: He wants to see me.

Brooke: Uh, yeah, sure. I'll be there shortly.

[Cell phone beeps]

Ridge: Look at me. If this is too hard, if you don't want to do it, don't do it. I don't want you being involved with this guy romantically.

Brooke: Of course not.

Ridge: I know I'm asking a lot. But our family, our company is in crisis, and if we don't deal with this, it's gonna turn into a disaster.

Steffy: Dad and Brooke have history. They've been there for each other many times.

Thomas: Yeah, but it is this really one of those times? I mean, she has history with Bill, too.

Steffy: [Scoffs]

Thomas: Hey, you okay?

Steffy: Ah, just thinking. Even if dad gets those shares, granddad's still with Quinn, and that means Quinn's still part of my life.

Thomas: Whether you're living with Wyatt or not.

Steffy: [Scoffs] It's like, I moved out to escape Quinn. All the damage that she's done to me and my marriage, it's like there's no escaping that woman.

Thomas: Hey, Steff, you're not giving up, are you?

Steffy: No. Thomas, of course not. She has to be stopped.

Thomas: Exactly. And dad's plan is the first step to that. It'll happen. It will. Quinn's manipulation is going to end, and then our family can go back to whatever we perceive as normal.

Katie: Pam wasn't at her desk. Am I interrupting?

Ridge: Yes. And thank you.

Katie: Ah. Rough day?

Ridge: It's about to get better. You look great, by the way.

Katie: Thank you. Bill said the same thing. Must be true. I just came from his office.

Ridge: Oh. And he hasn't changed his mind on those shares, has he?

Katie: No, no. He's digging his heels in.

Ridge: All right, well, it's probably gonna take too long anyway.

Katie: You have another plan? What is it?

Ridge: Brooke. Bill called and asked her to stop by.

Katie: Of course he did.

Ridge: So, I'm hoping that Logan can get those shares.

Brooke: Is this why you wanted to see me?

Bill: We have this house all to ourselves. No interruptions. This home is mine again. You and I have made some incredible memories here already. And I'm determined we're going to make a lot more. I know you love me, Brooke, and you always will. And I'll always love you. My divorce is going to be final soon, and then when it is... you and I will get married and live the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. Till then, I don't want to live another moment without you. Our future together, in this home... starts now... today.

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