B&B Transcript Thursday 8/4/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/4/16


Episode # 7390 ~ Eva helps Liam work through his true feelings for Steffy & Quinn; Eric takes control of a very tense situation and does what he feels is right for himself and his family.

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Wyatt: Steffy, I am so sorry. If I had any idea what my mother was up to, I --

Steffy: That's just it. No one knows what sick, vile thing Quinn's gonna do next. But this? Targeting my grandfather? Playing on his vulnerability?

Wyatt: I -- I know. Have you even talked to Eric yet?

Steffy: Yeah, he said he's sorry, but this is all Quinn's doing. Honestly, Wyatt, I just don't know how much more I can take.

Quinn: If I'm putting you on the spot, I'm sorry. But I need to know if we can survive this. I know we have all -- all the odds against us. But I love you. And I know we have huge obstacles in front of us -- our families, the people who mean the most to us in this world. But before I get back on a plane and I fly back to L.A., I need to know if this is -- if this is not possible. And if that's how you feel... really how you feel, just say the words. And you never have to see me again.

Eva: I got your text. I assume it's about the latest set of press releases? Did you want to add anything before they were distributed?

Liam: Uh -- [Chuckles] No, no. I just -- I wanted to apologize.

Eva: For what?

Liam: Just for going on and on about my personal life. I got a little -- I got a lot carried away, and I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable.

Eva: Not at all. I actually like that you felt you could confide in me. I just wish you weren't going through such a rough time.

Liam: Yeah, well, when it comes to Quinn, I think Steffy's got it a whole lot worse than I do.

Eva: She's never far from your thoughts, is she?

Ridge: You don't have to do this, you know.

Thomas: Do what?

Ridge: Check up on me. Life goes on. It's -- it's just weird. One minute, Caroline and you are so in love, and then the next --

Ridge: Be careful.

Thomas: Thanks.

Ridge: I never stopped loving Caroline. We ended or marriage because it was best for our family... for the children.

Thomas: That's big.

Ridge: I handled it badly. And you deserve better from me.

Thomas: So do you... from me.

Ridge: So, is this it? Is this where we start trying to understand and forgive each other? I thought something very different happened that night between you and Caroline... the night that Douglas was conceived. And I jumped to conclusions that I shouldn't have. I'm sorry.

Thomas: No, dad, dad, I'm -- I'm sorry. I was at fault, too. Bottom line is that we're a family. We're moving forward. That's what counts. What matters is that Douglas is gonna see me as his father.

Ridge: Yeah.

Thomas: So, you hear anything back from Monte Carlo? Granddad, he made his big announcement, right? I heard it went really well. I mean, we both know how those things go. I'm just hoping there weren't any, uh...big surprises.

Eva: Any more sightings of Quinn?

Liam: What?

Eva: You mentioned earlier that you saw her.

Liam: Oh.

Eva: Do you think it's possible that she actually really is here in Monte Carlo?

Liam: I mean, she knows all hell would break loose if that happens, but that's what Quinn lives for, right? Creating chaos.

Eva: For Steffy especially, from what you've said.

Liam: Oh, my god, yeah. Steffy's told Quinn like a million times to stay away from her and her family, but Quinn --

[Laughs] -- Quinn doesn't listen. She just keeps on insinuating herself, so... even if she's not here in Monte Carlo, I get the feeling that it's not too long before Quinn flips Steffy's world upside down.

Quinn: If I had just stayed in L.A., Steffy never would have seen me. She wouldn't be so upset.

Eric: I'll never forget how my granddaughter looked at me.

Quinn: I'm so sorry. When you sent me that e-mail... I felt like I had to come here and -- and fight for you, fight for us, because I thought if I wait until you -- until you got back to L.A., It would've been too late. Was it -- was it risky? Yes. Did I make things worse? Obviously. I've never seen Steffy angrier at me.

Eric: And for good reason, wouldn't you say?

Steffy: What did your mother say?

Wyatt: That they've been having a relationship and that it just happened.

Steffy: It did not just happen.

Steffy: I told her to stay away from me and my family so many times, and then just ends up with my grandfather?

Wyatt: I know.

Steffy: That's not -- that's not a coincidence. She's going after him to get back at me for shutting her out, and there's -- there's nothing I can do. She's not gonna stop. There's nothing my grandfather can do. You need to put a stop to her, for all our sakes.

Thomas: Have you spoken to granddad?

Ridge: Uh, no, but he's been on my mind.

Thomas: Still bothers you, huh? Him replacing you as C.E.O.

Ridge: Yeah, it does. It does bother me.

Thomas: Oh, come on. It was his baby, you know? He was the driving force behind Forrester for years. The company thrived under his leadership.

Ridge: And it wasn't thriving under my leadership?

Thomas: You took the company to entirely new levels. The poor guy's got really big shoes to fill now.

Ridge: Yes, he does. No, I think it's good he's taken over. He just seemed a little, um... a little alone these days.

Thomas: You're worried about him.

Ridge: Yeah. I worry about him. You know, he's been a widower for a long time, but I think... traveling around with his brother is -- it's not enough. I just don't want him sitting around, drinking martinis, talking about tennis all day, either.

Thomas: Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ridge: No, nothing wrong with that. I just feel he's in a vulnerable place, and I don't want anyone taking advantage of him.

Thomas: Do you think someone's trying to?

Ridge: Don't think so. But I'm gonna make sure no one does.

Quinn: Steffy is your granddaughter. She's hurting because of me.

Eric: She's not just hurting. She's -- she's horrified, Quinn. Horrified.

Quinn: I tried to explain to her, but she was so angry, she wouldn't listen. She wouldn't even believe that my feelings for you were real.

Eric: Quinn, I believe in the inherent goodness in every person, and I believe that you've discovered that in yourself. And you raised a wonderful boy, and you've built a great business, and you've overcome hardship in your life, and you've made mistakes along the way, and I know that you sincerely regret them. I do. I see that beauty in you. I love every moment we've had together. Every moment. But I have to put my family first. Steffy's been through so much.

Quinn: Are you saying that --

Eric: Yes, I'm... I'm sorry.

Eva: No doubt about it -- you and Steffy got a raw deal.

Liam: But just suck it up and move on, right?

Eva: I'm guessing that's what everyone's told you to do.

Liam: [Laughs] If by everyone you mean my father and my brother, yeah. Oh, trust me -- they would be thrilled if I found somebody here in Monte Carlo, got caught up in a hot, torrid romance, say with a publicist.

Eva: Ah. Easier said than done?

Liam: Yeah, kind of. What about you? You, uh, seeing anyone?

Eva: Well, as you may or may not have noticed, I tend to fall for the unavailable types.

Liam: [Chuckles] Please tell me my brother isn't on that list. Please.

Eva: Wyatt?

Liam: Yeah.

Eva: He's -- I don't -- he's not really my type.

Liam: Yes!

Eva: But... a lot of women admire you, Liam... probably no one more than me. Just keep that in mind, okay?

Liam: I would be very lucky.

Eva: I get that that doesn't change the fact that you're still in love with Steffy.

Liam: [Sighs]

Eva: So you're really worried about her, huh?

Liam: Yeah, I -- I'll always be worried, especially with Quinn on the loose, and... capable of anything.

Wyatt: I know how frustrating this is for you.

Steffy: Frustrating? Frustrating? I-I am not -- I'm not frustrated. Wyatt, I am furious. Your mom came here against my wishes -- against yours -- pursue my grandfather, so she could just dig her hooks into him even deeper!

Wyatt: I'm not so convinced that that's how simple this is.

Steffy: Are you defending her?

Wyatt: I'm not defend-- that's not what I'm -- oh, my god, Steffy. You're right. Okay? Mom had no business going to Eric. If she wanted her job back --

Steffy: That was just -- that was pretext. She just wanted access to my grandfather, and then after that, it was just full-on seduction!

Wyatt: Oh, my god.

Steffy: Ugh! I just keep thinking about it! My grandfather, he is so sweet. And your mom -- that woman -- she is evil, Wyatt. She is pure evil.

Wyatt: Calm down.

Steffy: And you know what? Liam warned me. He warned me to stay away from her, and I just kept telling him that we had everything under control. But he was right. Liam was right.

Wyatt: Let's not bring my brother's name into this, because I am well aware of how he feels about my mother, all right?

Steffy: Just like Quinn knows how I feel about her. And yet she chooses to ignore all the warnings. It's like -- it's like, I really laid into her this morning, and it just didn't even register with her. It's like she was too caught up talking about how my grandfather and her found something. It's like, she says that she's a changed person, but she's never gonna change, and you know that! That was our one condition! Our one condition -- that she was gonna stay out of our lives!

Wyatt: I know that! I know, and I will handle this, okay? I promise.

Steffy: You know your mom. She's manipulative, she's sick, she is evil, and she is toxic for our marriage. If our marriage means anything to you, can you please --

Wyatt: Of course it means something to me! It means everything to me!

You mean everything to me! I swear to god, I am going to fix this, all right?

Steffy: What if she's not on the plane? What if -- what if she's with my grandfather?

Wyatt: Fine. I will go over there and check, and if she is with Eric, she won't be for long, 'cause I will personally put her on a plane myself. I will handle this.

Quinn: I understand. I won't bother you again. Can you...just hold me... for a minute? So... so I can feel safe in your arms just -- just one last time?

Eric: Here.

Quinn: What are you doing right now?

Eric: Sitting here, looking out at the Mediterranean.

Quinn: Would you please go down to the sea, look into the water...and think of me? I'll always treasure our time together. Goodbye, Eric.

Eva: Well, I should probably be getting back to work.

Liam: Yeah.

Eva: I'm sending you light, Liam. I'm all about love and light. Just like you.

Liam: See ya.

Steffy: [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Steffy: Ha. You won't believe what happened.

Thomas: Stef, what's going on? You sound upset.

Steffy: Quinn's here.

Thomas: What?

Steffy: Yeah, she followed him. She followed granddad to Monte Carlo.

Thomas: Granddad and Quinn?

Steffy: I'm worried about him, Thomas. I told that to Quinn, I told that to Wyatt. I don't know how much more I can take.

Ridge: What's going on? Thomas.

Thomas: Uh... you're never gonna believe what Steffy just told me.

Ridge: What?

Thomas: You were right about granddad.

Ridge: Was right about what?

Thomas: That he was in a vulnerable place.

Ridge: What happened?

Thomas: Quinn Fuller. She went to Monte Carlo. Apparently -- apparently, they're involved.

Ridge: [Sighs] Great. That's what I was talking about -- someone taking advantage of dad. But Quinn? Quinn Fuller. Really? I just hope he's okay.

Eric: If you're looking for your mother --

Wyatt: Please tell me she's on a plane going home right now.

Eric: Yeah, she is.

Wyatt: [Sighs] Thank god.

Eric: How's Steffy?

Wyatt: She's upset. I mean, she's told my mother time and time again to stay away, and not only does she ignore her, she blatantly goes after you.

Eric: I wouldn't characterize what happened between your mother and me exactly like that. I know Steffy does, but she's wrong.

Wyatt: I have never seen Steffy this way. Monte Carlo was supposed to be an opportunity to put some distance between her and my mother. Like, give her a chance to regroup, you know? Instead, she finds my mother kissing you, and... I'm -- I'm really worried about my wife, Eric.

Liam: Quinn. I swear, I just saw her on the promenade, but -- but then she was gone.

Steffy: Excusez-moi. Excuse me. Excuse me.

[Both grunt]

Quinn: Wait!

Quinn: I love him! Aah!

Steffy: Never.

Liam: Hey. Hey, what happened?

Steffy: You were right. Quinn's here.

Liam: Oh, my god.

Steffy: You won't believe what she's done. My grandfather -- I saw them kissing. They're -- they're having a relationship.

Liam: What?

Steffy: I just -- I told her to stay away from me and my family, and... I don't know. I don't know, Liam. I don't --

Liam: I'm sorry. Listen, hey. I'm sorry. But she's not gonna change. You know that. Right? See, that's why you have to get out of this marriage. These -- these people, they -- they infect you. They infect your family. Trust me. I know from personal experience, Steffy. I'm not gonna let that happen to you. I am the only one who will protect you from this. You understand? You have to come back to me. And I'm not taking no for an answer.

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