B&B Transcript Monday 7/25/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/25/16


Episode # 7382 ~ Steffy, Wyatt, Liam, & Eric travel to Monte Carlo on the Spencer jet; during a romantic dinner, Caroline becomes worried by the direction of Ridge's conversation.

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Wyatt: [Groans] I forgot how long this flight is.

Steffy: Yeah. But at the end, we're in Monte Carlo.

Wyatt: Mm.

Eric: Small price to pay. I love that city.

Liam: Well, we are really glad to have you with us. I think your presence will add a certain gravitas that God knows we could use.

Wyatt: Okay. Liam has loftier goals than Dad and me. We want to turn a profit. He wants to save the world.

Eric: Nothing wrong with that.

Steffy: I think it's ambitious.

Eric: Why not do both? Making money and philanthropy are not mutually exclusive.

Wyatt: Okay, could we not encourage my brother right now, please?

Liam: Are we there yet?

Deacon: I don't think I've ever seen you move so fast.

Quinn: Well, there's no time to dawdle. My man awaits.

Deacon: Oh, oh. Eric's your man now?

Quinn: I wouldn't be going all the way to Monte Carlo if he wasn't.

Deacon: Yeah, see, Quinn, there's just one little problem with that plan. You weren't invited.

Quinn: If I waited my entire life to be invited places, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

Deacon: So you just -- you just barrel right in.

Quinn: I've been known to enter gracefully. Oh! Which reminds me.

Deacon: You're gonna wear that for Eric?

Quinn: I wear it all for Eric.

Deacon: Ok-okay, um... I'm gonna -- I'm gonna give you a little advice here, and I really hope that you listen to me. Please do not go to Monte Carlo. This "surprise" for Eric? This thing has got disaster written with your name all over it.

Ridge: You look lovely.

Caroline: So do you. Wow. Look at this. You did this?

Ridge: Mm-hmm. You like it?

Caroline: It's beautiful.

Ridge: So are you. I got your favorite.

Caroline: I see that. Ooh, and caviar, and hors d'oeuvres, and chocolate.

Ridge: And flowers. I picked all those. Pretty nice, huh?

Caroline: You picked the flowers? [Laughing] Did you do the arrangements, too?

Ridge: No.

Caroline: [Laughs] Well, should we toast?

Ridge: Yes. We should. We should toast to you.

[Glasses clink]

Caroline: This is nice. It's been a while since we've had any alone time.

Ridge: Yeah, we need it. And Thomas needs to bond with his son.

Caroline: I bet he couldn't wait to take Douglas.

Ridge: He was pleased, yeah.

Caroline: You've been so wonderful about giving him time.

Ridge: Mnh-mnh. Being selfish. I wanted you here so I could tell you what an extraordinary woman you are. And I tell you I love you all the time, but I don't -- I didn't -- I don't think you know how much. Just don't ever doubt that.

Caroline: How could I? After everything that we've been through together?

Ridge: Here's to you. Caroline Spencer Forrester.

[Glasses clink]

Wyatt: All right.

Steffy: Okay, how about this?

Wyatt: Yeah. Raise the glass just a little bit. Yeah, that's amazing right there.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Wyatt: Oh, you know what we should do?

Steffy: What?

Wyatt: We should get a shot of you in the cockpit wearing the pilot's hat, huh?

Liam: Hey, are you -- are you just gonna post all these photos or -- or what?

Steffy: Wyatt's trying to generate buzz for the Spencer Summit.

Wyatt: Yeah, and build anticipation for the arrival of our extremely beautiful and talented spokeswoman.

Liam: I know. I know. I get that. But you've got the camera in her face 24/7. It's like you got to keep feeding the machine. You just got to keep pumping them out there before eyes fall on something else. I mean, don't you ever feel like a hamster?

Wyatt: This is how this works, Liam. We're having fun. We're having fun working. Might be a foreign concept for you, you know, fun.

Steffy: Okay. Okay, can you guys just quit bickering? It's a little close in here, okay?

Wyatt: You are exactly right. I am sorry. Why don't we go over here?

Eric: Steffy tells me that you're interested in starting a charitable foundation. Is that right?

Liam: Yeah, I am. I am. Right now I'm just gathering information, but yeah.

Eric: I think it's great you want to do that.

Liam: Thanks. Yeah, I'm just, uh, doing my part to save the planet!

Wyatt: Okay, you know what? Let's just not lose focus on why we're going to Monte Carlo, okay? To grow the brand. And the Spencer profit margin.

Quinn: [Sighs] Okay. What do you think?

Deacon: That's the woman I married.

Quinn: Mm. Well, I've been trying to stay away from black, but Eric seems to like it.

Deacon: Trust me, it's your color.

Quinn: Then I'll take it.

Deacon: Quinn, I -- [Sighs] Look, I'm warning you. My instinct for trouble, it's pretty well-defined by now, and it's screaming at me, "Don't go!" Come on, Quinn. This is -- this is stupid and it's reckless. Do you want -- listen to me. Do you want to be responsible for ending your son's marriage?

Quinn: Wyatt and Steffy are never even gonna know that I'm there.

Deacon: What if they do find out? I mean, best laid plans. Except here's the thing. You haven't made any plans. I mean [Scoffs] you're going off half-cocked on some -- some crazy whim.

Quinn: I know how to be discreet. And I can just hole up in Eric's hotel room, or mine. It could be our own sexy little secret. Stop trying to talk me out of this. I'm going to Monte Carlo, and that's final.

Caroline: It was so nice of you to take the time to make a special night for me.

Ridge: You deserve it.

Caroline: [Sighs] Who was I before you? I never remember. [Chuckles] You just changed me deeply. Fundamentally.

Ridge: Did the same for me. I was lost, and I was weary. My talent was gone. My identity was gone. But you touched me and -- and the world started turning again. It scares me to think what would have happened if you hadn't found me.

Caroline: You don't have to be scared. I'm not going anywhere. When we got married, I promised "from this day forward." I'm yours forever, Ridge.


Caroline: Don't say that. Please don't say that he knowingly did something to me.

Ridge: It is what he did. He knowingly did something.

Caroline: No! I can't handle you saying that. I cannot believe that that is what's true. You cannot say that to me because he's your son --

Ridge: I know who he is to me! Who is he to you? Who is he to you now?!

Caroline: He's the father of my baby! What just happened? What is it?

Eric: Should probably get some sleep.

Wyatt: Oh, you took the thought right out of my head. What do you say? Should we get a nap?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Wyatt: Well, all right. See you guys in a bit.

Eric: Liam, um --

Liam: It's okay. It's fine. Why don't you tell me about this new lady in your life?

Eric: Oh, that.

Liam: Yeah. I think that's great.

Eric: It has been great.

Liam: You should've brought her.

Eric: Not that kind of relationship. In fact, I don't really expect much to come of it.

Quinn: Aren't you supposed to be doing something?

Deacon: I am. I'm trying to talk you out of this madness.

Quinn: Tickets. Book them. Next flight out. Window seat. First class.

Deacon: Uh, excuse me. You can't afford first class. Besides, all that's available is coach.

Quinn: What airline are you looking at?

Deacon: Uh, the only one that has a flight to Monte Carlo tonight. Something called, uh, Discount Airway. Sounds very chic.

Quinn: [Sighs] I've never heard of it.

Deacon: Well, it's actually not that bad a price considering the fact that you want to leave tonight.

Quinn: Window seat?

Deacon: Uh, nope.

Quinn: Aisle?

Deacon: Mm. Middle.

Quinn: You're joking.

Deacon: That's what I'm telling you. I mean, this is a sign. This whole thing's falling apart before you even get on the plane.

Quinn: You know what? It's a seat. It doesn't matter as long as I get there.

Deacon: Ah, you know, you say that now, but call me later from coach, after you've been cramped between some crying baby and some arm-rest hog. Quinn, don't go to Monte Carlo. Don't go surprise Eric. I got a feeling this thing is gonna backfire big time.

Caroline: You've managed to avoid telling me why you pulled away. Baby. Hey. I know when something's bothering you.

Ridge: [Sighs] I've been talking to Brooke.

Caroline: Okay.

Ridge: And... Between the two of us, we've made a lot of mistakes. Hers. Mine. We left a lot of innocent people in our wake trying to get what we felt we deserved in life.

Caroline: Yeah, well, everybody makes mistakes.

Ridge: Yeah, well, some mistakes are bigger than others. And it made me think of you and me and how selfish I've been.

Caroline: Ridge...

Ridge: We bring kids into this world. It's a miracle. And we need to be there for them. They deserve that. And that includes Douglas.

Caroline: I don't understand what you're trying to say right now. What...?

Wyatt: Hey, maybe when the Spencer Summit's over, we can grab a mini-honeymoon? I mean, we'll already be in Europe.

Steffy: Yeah, I think that would be wonderful if we can pull it off.

Wyatt: Mm.

Steffy: Let's see how it goes.

Wyatt: All right, well, either way, I'm fine. You know why?

Steffy: Why?

Wyatt: 'Cause I married the sexiest woman on the planet.

Eric: You can let your guard down now.

Liam: [Laughs]

Eric: Feel what you're feeling. I won't tell anybody. Not that I would have to. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out that all this forced exposure to Wyatt and Steffy is just, uh, wearing on you. I can see that.

Wyatt: Yeah. It's, uh... It's hard to imagine that one woman can cause so much damage.

Eric: You mean Quinn Fuller?

Liam: She's the cause of this whole situation. She's the one who kidnapped me. And I don't -- I don't know how you can do that. I don't know how you can take a man with a brain injury away from his whole life and his family and... And that's -- that's the reason I lost Steffy. It fundamentally changed my life.

Eric: What was that like? The time you spent with her in that cabin, if you don't mind me asking?

Liam: Uh, no. I don't mind. Um... Yeah, it's funny, 'cause I-I don't really know how to reconcile who she was to me then with who I know her to be.

Eric: She was that different?

Liam: Totally different. I mean, she'll -- she'll even say she... she fell in love with me, and it changed her, and it made her want to be a better person. And -- and that she wanted -- or wants -- she wants to find a good man. And I just [Laughs] That's fine, but I feel bad for the man, you know? 'Cause -- 'cause it doesn't matter what she says or what she intends. Quinn is a human wrecking ball. She's never gonna stop hurting people.

Deacon: Quinn, going to Monte Carlo, this is a bad idea. There's too much that can go wrong. I mean, it doesn't matter how careful you are. What if Steffy sees you? You're carrying on an affair with her grandfather. I mean, if she found out, she'd blow. She'd probably break up with Wyatt 'cause she couldn't take the package deal. I mean, she's warned him enough. Wyatt, he -- he -- [Sighs] He could close the door on you permanently. You would never have a chance to be close to your son again.

Quinn: That would be unbearable.

Deacon: I know. You have worked so hard to get Wyatt and Steffy together. One slip, one -- one misstep in Monte Carlo, you could destroy their marriage. I mean, u-unless you've taken some weird turn in that fevered brain of yours and that's what you want now.

Quinn: No! No, of course not. Don't be ridiculous.

Deacon: Okay, okay. It's too risky. Come on. Look, Eric will be home in a couple days, all right? You guys can pick up where you left off. Just don't go to Monte Carlo.

Eric: I admire you. I always have. It wouldn't have bothered me a bit if Steffy had ended up with you. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

Liam: Thank you. Yeah, that, uh [Chuckles] It drives me crazy, obviously, seeing them -- seeing them together and married, and with their dumb wedding-band tattoos.

Eric: Yeah, I can imagine.

Liam: My dad's on my case about, um, respecting their marriage.

Eric: There's not really any other choice, is there?

Liam: I guess not. I just... I wish I knew how. 'Cause, you know, it's easy to talk about, oh, the sanctity of wedding vows. But those vows, those vows were said under a false assumption. So how -- how am I supposed to do that? How do I respect those vows? I love her so much, Eric. I love her so much. I always have. I always will. And I-I don't really care -- [Laughs] I don't care if pursuing her is the wrong thing. I-I am not gonna give up. I'm not. I'm not gonna give up until we're back together the way that we always planned. I'm, uh... I guess I'm gonna get some shut-eye.

Eric: All right. I ought to give you some space.

Liam: No, no, no. You don't have to go anywhere.

Eric: I'm gonna be up for a while. I'll be over here.

Liam: Okay.

[Keys clacking]

Eric: [Thinking] My dear, I've enjoyed our time together. But I can't see it going any further. It was what it was. And that was a joy for me. But all bad things -- even when they're really good -- must come to an end.

[Cell phone whooshes]

Quinn: Maybe you're right. Maybe I am getting caught up in my own momentum.

Deacon: You do that sometimes. And normally it's pretty adorable. But I think this time you're tempting fate.

Quinn: Yeah, I don't want to lose my son. This limited access is bad enough. I don't know. Maybe I haven't thought things through.

Deacon: I mean, you could blow everything.

Quinn: [Sighs] I know. I know. I hear what you're saying, okay? And I-I -- I need to preserve whatever relationship I have left with Wyatt. And I can't -- I can't lose Eric. I-I'm not ready to... to have him go out of my life. Not when he's become so important to me. Look, thank you for being here for me tonight, you know? And helping me not risk the best thing that's happened to me in a long time.

Deacon: You know, on second thought, I think -- I think maybe you ought to catch that flight.

Quinn: You've been a good friend to me tonight.

Deacon: Glad I can still be of service.

Quinn: Mm.

[Cell phone chimes]

Quinn: Mm. Oh, it's Eric. No. No. No, no, no, no, no!

Deacon: What is it?

Quinn: No!

Deacon: Quinn, what happened?

Quinn: He broke up with me!

Deacon: Seriously? "My dear, I've enjoyed our time together. But I can't see it going any further. It was what it was." No! It -- I mean, this -- this can't -- I didn't do anything wrong!

Deacon: I'm sorry.

Quinn: No! No, it just -- it can't end, not like this.

Deacon: I know you're upset. I just think maybe this is for the best.

Quinn: No. I don't accept this. Not any of it. Book that flight. I am going to Monte Carlo.

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