B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/19/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/19/16


Episode # 7378 ~ Zende surprises Nicole with a special gift in anticipation of their romantic evening together; Ridge & Brooke lean on one another as they discuss their respective struggles in their relationships.

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Brooke: Well, there's a pork chop.

Ridge: I told you -- I didn't come by here to be fed.

Brooke: Did you have dinner yet?

Ridge: No. How -- How do you just have a pork chop in the fridge? What kind of fridge is that?

Brooke: Oh, Maya likes to buy one extra of everything. It's kind of like leaving cookies for Santa. Patť.

Ridge: I donít like p‚tť. What is that?

Brooke: Oh, this...

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: ...is tapenade.

Ridge: Oh.

Brooke: But itís Rick's.

Ridge: Should be really good, then. We'll have that. Thank you.

Brooke: Uh... [Laughs]

Ridge: And maybe some bread. You have bread here?

Brooke: Well, what brings you by on a school night? Hmm?

Ridge: I came to check on you.

Brooke: Caroline is otherwise engaged?

Ridge: Yeah, that, too.

Caroline: You sure this isn't a bad time?

Thomas: To see my son and his lovely mother? Not at all. Whereís Dad? He didn't come?

Caroline: Oh, I think we, uh -- we all agreed that you should have some time with Douglas that's just your time.

Thomas: One of the benefits of moving into the loft. That and avoiding the awkwardness of being at the house and everything that happened. Plus, I get to hang out with this little guy. I canít wait for you guys to come over.

Caroline: It was nice of your father to agree to that.

Thomas: Oh, thank you for coming to see me, Mr. D. I appreciate that.

Caroline: We needed to step out anyway, 'cause there's, uh -- thereís goings-on at the house that deserve a little bit of privacy.

Sasha: Well, I mean, now that Nicole doesn't object anymore, will we really be working together?

Zende: I shoot what they tell me to shoot.

Sasha: I mean, I could be a foot model.

Zende: Youíre done for the day, right?

Sasha: Uh, yeah, actually. And -- And you have plans with Nicole.

Julius: What are you talking about, baby? You just got here.

Vivienne: Besides, your father and I had planned on inviting you out to dinner.

Nicole: Oh, Mom, that's really nice, but I can't. Zende says he has special plans for us tonight.

Vivienne: Oh, where are you going? Maybe we can join you.

Julius: Viv, uh, I think if the girl can have a baby on her own, she can have a burger on her own, too, donít you think?

Nicole: Well, I've got to get started on my hair, because Zende said heís gonna pick me up from here.

Vivienne: Here?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. That's what he said.

Julius: You gonna be wearing your work clothes?

[Knock on door]

Nicole: That canít be him already.

Julius: Oh, can I help you?

Nicole: Sawyer?

Sawyer: Zende asked me to drop this off for you.

Nicole: Thank you. Uh, Mom, Dad, this is Sawyer. We work at Forrester together.

Vivienne: Oh, hi. [Horns honking]

Sawyer: Sorry, Iím double-parked.

Julius: Nice to have met you.

Nicole: Mom, let me see.

Vivienne: Wow. That Zende is one special young man.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Ridge: I thought, uh, giving Thomas the loft was a good idea. He can rehearse being a dad.

Brooke: [Sighs] Well, youíre really some kind of hero, welcoming Thomas into that little boy's life.

Ridge: Uh, no. I donít -- I don't, uh, think Iím a hero at all. Katie, maybe. She always sees things a lot clearly than I do. She makes the right choices. You know, maybe not in choosing a husband, but thatís, uh -- that's love, I guess. You okay?

Sasha: Wow. I mean, are you -- are you taking Nicole to a premiere? [Chuckles]

Zende: You know, it might be wise for you not to worry about what me and Nicole are doing.

Sasha: You look very handsome. That's all I was saying. Hey, um, actually, can I get your professional opinion about something? What's -- What's wrong with these photos? Why does it look different when I shoot with Luis?

Zende: Sasha, look --

Sasha: Look, forget about the lingerie, okay? I canít help what they have me shoot in.

Zende: Let me see. Well, he, um -- He doesn't know how to light you.

Sasha: Really? That's it?

Zende: Yeah. Iíll have Maureen come and do the light setup. She knows exactly what to do.

Sasha: Okay. Thank you. You know, to be honest, I wish I was shooting with you. And maybe one day, I will. Have fun tonight.

Zende: Thank you.

Thomas: I wonder if Zende and Nicole will be able to get it back.

Caroline: Well, it seems like it. Why wouldn't they?

Thomas: Having a baby changes you, right?

Caroline: I think itís different for everyone. It's not really for me to say.

Thomas: Is it okay if I bounce him just a little bit?

Caroline: Yeah, just not a full tummy, unless you want to get spit-up on.

Thomas: I would love to have him throw up on me. It would be like my "Dad" merit badge. It'd be great.

Caroline: [Laughs] Youíre funny.

Thomas: Has he met his cousin Lizzy yet?

Caroline: Uh...it might be a while before that happens, seeing as their fathers are never in the same place at the same time if they can help it. Iím sorry. I-I didn't mean fathers. I just meant Ridge and Rick.

Ridge: Katieís been upset with you before.

Brooke: Not like this.

Ridge: But you guys worked it out.

Brooke: That was then.

Ridge: Does she know that you guys didnít, um...?

Brooke: Sleep together? That's a technicality, she says, and I have to agree with her. What was on the table -- a future for Bill and me -- that's an even bigger betrayal.

Ridge: But you didn't put that on the table. Bill did, right?

Brooke: I made it very clear to him that thereís no future for us. Even though I was hoping that he would persuade me otherwise.

Ridge: What are you doing? What are -- You know what kind of man you're dealing with -- a man that would steal a child from its mother.

Brooke: Yes, and Katieís beside herself, but I canít get involved.

Ridge: I guess you probably think that I'm no better than him.

Brooke: Your situation with Douglas is completely different. And I think youíre better than just about anybody.

Vivienne: Don't you dare.

Julius: Uh, listen, I was excited. I just thought I'd get a little putting in.

Vivienne: No, well, you get excited and respectable when Zende gets here, and don't forget to tell your daughter how beautiful she looks when she comes out.

Julius: That baby girl has been as beautiful as she could possibly be from the day she was born, just like her mama. [Chuckles] Although, I donít know what was wrong with her hair. Looked fine to me to begin with.

[Knock on door]

Julius: Hey. You got a haircut.

Vivienne: [Chuckles]

Zende: Mr. Avant.

Julius: Come on in.

Vivienne: Hi.

Zende: Hi.

Vivienne: Wow.

Zende: Good to see you.

Vivienne: Good to see you. I like your haircut.

Julius: Man, look at you, son. Back in the day, we would say you was clean as a preacherís son. [Laughter]

Zende: Thank you. Is, uh -- Is Nicole around?

Vivienne: Oh, yes, she is. That gown you sent over here -- Oh, my God. It's to die for.

Julius: Yeah, we can discuss that a little bit later.

Vivienne: Oh, don't embarrass the boy.

Zende: [Chuckles] Itís -- It's fine. Look, I get it.

Vivienne: [Gasps] Oh, honey.

Nicole: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Zende: Wow. Look at you. Youíre just as beautiful as I first saw you.

Nicole: Why is it so dark? Is this a dinner party?

Zende: Exactly.

Nicole: Well, why didnít you tell me? Will I know anybody?

Zende: Everybody.

Nicole: Like who?

Zende: Uh... Letís see. Thereís me, you. Let me think, uh... That's it.

Nicole: Really? Thank you. I canít believe you did all this for me.

Zende: I want to make up for lost time. Letís not lose any more.

Vivienne: We have the most beautiful, caring, talented daughters in the world.

Julius: I agree.

Vivienne: To see those two together again -- I mean, you canít deny -- love is in the air.

Julius: But where does it go? Where does it go, Viv, when you -- when you cause somebody pain and they -- and they wonít let you back in?

Vivienne: I'm trying, Julius. Isnít that what you always say? "I'm doing my best."

Julius: You know what I mean. What I'm trying to say is that I want us to be husband and wife again.

Vivienne: What else would we be, for heaven's sake?

Julius: You know what I mean.

Vivienne: [Sighs] Iím trying, Julius. Iím really, really trying.

Brooke: So, Thomas will be living at your place in Venice?

Ridge: Yeah, and he'll have overnights with Douglas when he's ready, um, weekends, whatever he wants.

Brooke: How does that sit with you?

Ridge: Oh, it sits great. Fine. Everything's fine. No, it's not fine. It's -- Iím nervous about it. [Sighs]

Brooke: Did you tell Caroline?

Ridge: I donít have to say anything to Caroline. She knows me better than anybody, except maybe you.

Brooke: What is it, exactly, that makes you so nervous?

Ridge: I donít know. Giving up the loft, maybe. You know, thereís a lot of memories there. I painted there. I brood there. And I thought maybe one day, Caroline and I would move back in there when Dad throws me out of the house when he finds out about Douglasí paternity.

Brooke: Eric will never throw you out of your mother's house.

Ridge: Well, he didnít throw me out. He didnít. But he fired me.

Thomas: Now, see, thatís -- that's something that I canít do.

Caroline: Yes. It's why he takes me everywhere with him. Iím -- I'm like a giant lunch bag. [Chuckles]

Thomas: You know what? Iím just gonna make a book of all the crazy things that you say to have for Douglas when he's older.

Caroline: Oh, so you two can just basically laugh at me for the rest of time?

Thomas: Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Thomas: And also, itíll give me kind of a duty. I feel like dads don't do very much. "Yes, Thomas. They do lots of things. They're great for taking family photos and fixing leaky faucets. It's great."

Caroline: I'm just -- I'm kind of the wrong person to ask. I-I didn't have one, so I didn't really miss it.

Thomas: Yeah, thatís right. Huh.

Caroline: You were the first person to know that, remember?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, I was -- I was really surprised when your moms came out to me.

Caroline: So, weíre just gonna have to figure out this whole fatherhood thing as we go.

Thomas: By the way, I am terrible at fixing leaky faucets.

Caroline: I kind of had a feeling.

Thomas: Yeah. But I can -- I can -- I can call a plumber like nobodyís business, just...

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Brooke: Rick didn't tell me about that.

Ridge: He was probably too upset. I guess he thought he was gonna replace me himself.

Brooke: But heís not a designer. Besides, nobody can replace you.

Ridge: Mm, yes. So, Iím gonna keep designing. But Dad is CEO.

Brooke: Oh, God. I am sorry.

Ridge: It's all right. Been there before, on the outside, looking in.

Brooke: If you say so. I just wonder...

Ridge: How Iím gonna deal, being an outsider in my own marriage? Iíve been wondering that myself.

Thomas: Do you think he's tired? I feel like he's just a little bit tired, right?

Caroline: You know, sometimes, when he falls asleep, he does, like, these really cute little baby snores.

Thomas: Oh, my God. Do it for me. So cute!

Caroline: [Chuckles] But he only does it when he wants to be really adorable.

Thomas: Yeah. Do you think heís -- Heís comfortable with me, right? Like, he -- he feels -- he feels comfortable.

Caroline: Sometimes, he nods off when heís feeding. I mean, could you imagine that? Babies are so decadent. Like, whatever feels good, they just want all the time.

Thomas: Oh, my God. I-I never outgrew that stage. He's definitely a chip off the old block.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Thomas: Arenít you?

Caroline: Well, he could do worse.

Thomas: Yeah. [Smooches] Hey, whatís going on?

Caroline: Itís nothing. You just know, like, moments that you think that can never happen, and...then they do.

Julius: Now, remember, you donít want to hit the ball.

Vivienne: Uh-huh.

Julius: You just want to try to roll it into the hole.

Vivienne: Oh.

Julius: Ready? Go ahead.

Vivienne: You made me miss.

Julius: [Laughs] That's all right. Listen, you canít expect to be as good as me just starting.

Vivienne: Oh, you just want to be an expert at everything, huh?

Julius: [Laughs] Hey, Viv...

Vivienne: What?

Julius: Wasnít it nostalgic to see our little Cinderella going out with her Prince Charming today?

Vivienne: I don't remember us ever being that young. And we were not ever that pretty.

Julius: [Chuckles] See, that goes to show you just how much you don't know. I remember when I would walk you home from the concerts in the park, and, uh, all the fellas would just be watching your every step, even Old Man Baptiste used to be peeping out the window. [Chuckles] And I would think to myself how lucky I am to have this beautiful woman at my side.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Wow. You really went all out.

Zende: I want to show you something.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Itís beautiful.

Zende: And it's all ours tonight.

Nicole: I think there may be a few million people out there that might disagree.

Zende: Nobody really owns anything. That's the way I see it, anyway. My birth parents had a home, two cows, an old car that they were always repairing, plans for the future. It went away so fast. Nobody really owns anything. The things that you call yours are the things that you belong to. You know, I think that's -- that's all we really get to do -- give ourselves to the things that we love. I give myself to you. Look, I hope you know I admire your strength and generosity. You bring out the best in me.

Nicole: I do know. And I appreciate you taking the time to make sure that I know. This is crazy. Everything thatís happened to me since I moved here has been crazy. Reuniting with Maya and all that we went through. My parents are here now. And Lizzy. I mean, I had a baby for my sister. [Chuckles] My life has changed so much. And most of all, best of all, Iím here with you. And nobody could be as happy as I am tonight.

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