B&B Transcript Friday 7/15/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/15/16


Episode # 7376 ~ Bill surprises Liam & Wyatt with an invitation to attend the Spencer Summit, along with Steffy, in Monte Carlo; Eric & Steffy have a quiet moment together when he tells her about the many qualities she shares in common with her namesake, Stephanie.

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Steffy: Granddad, you are looking really good. I'm liking it.

Eric: Pam said the same thing to me the other day. Was I really that miserable before?

Steffy: No. No, you were just adjusting to life without Grandma.

Eric: Not an easy task.

Steffy: It was hard for all of us, especially for you. I mean, she was your wife. She was your best friend. I know you're grieving. You're always gonna remember Grandma. You're never gonna forget her. But I'm happy to see this change in you. You really stepped up as C.E.O., and you got a new woman in your life.

Eric: Well, you're all busy. You all have your own lives, and I need to have a life of my own, so...

Steffy: You don't have to explain it to me. I'm thrilled about this new mystery woman.

Quinn: [Sighs] You can go now.

Deacon: Why? Oh, let me guess. Another date with the silver fox?

Quinn: If I did, I wouldn't tell you about it.

Deacon: Um, Quinn, I hate to break this to you, but I'm your only friend. I mean, who else are you gonna tell it to?

Quinn: I regret telling you anything about Eric at all.

Deacon: I know why you're so into him. Yeah. It's the “F” word. No -- Forrester. Yeah. As in off-limits, per Steffy's orders.

Quinn: I'm not letting her dictate my life.

Deacon: Well, you know what? Wait until -- You wait until she finds out. Or better yet, wait until your precious son finds out, 'cause it's gonna be adios, Madre. Yeah, he's gonna want nothing to do with you.

Bill: Right here. Take a look at these.

Wyatt: Ha! Look at that.

Liam: What?

Wyatt: Oh, I just posted another photo session of Steffy, and her fans are loving it. Look at those views.

Bill: Glad to hear it.

Liam: You don't think you're selling out your wife a little bit?

Wyatt: No. Not at all. Steffy's totally into it. You know, Steffy's a huge star to her followers, okay? She's like the -- the Kim Kardashian of Spencer Publications.

Liam: Hashtag life goals.

Bill: If I can get you boys out of the sandbox for just a second, I have something to show you.

Wyatt: What?

Bill: Spencer Summit promo.

Wyatt: Oh, right! Yeah, I've been waiting to see this.

Bill: Well, watch and learn, boys. Watch and learn.

Welcome to Monaco, home of the Spencer Summit, featuring powerful guest speakers from around the world, including Bill Spencer himself. And while you're there, you won't want to miss the prestigious Spencer Awards, honoring the best and brightest in the literary community. Always an exciting evening, Spencer-style. All that and Bill Spencer at this year's Spencer Summit. Be there.

Wyatt: Huh.

Liam: Yeah, okay.

Wyatt: Turned out great.

Bill: “Great”? It's a freakin' masterpiece. Too bad I can't be there.

Liam: You...can't? What do you mean? You just said --

Bill: I can't go. I have to be here to deal with a situation with Katie and Will. You're both going on my behalf.

Liam: You got -- Like, you want me and Wyatt to go to Monaco?

Wyatt: Like, together?

Bill: English is your first language, isn't it? Yes, together. And Steffy.

Steffy: I support dad. I feel bad that he lost his position, but... I just don't understand how he and Caroline could just deny Thomas his child.

Eric: Ridge was doing what he thought was best.

Steffy: Yeah, I guess so. And I'm happy you stepped up as C.E.O. I just hope things can go back to normal and there's no more drama. [Camera shutter clicks] Wait. Are you taking a selfie? Who you sending it to? Your new girlfriend?

Quinn: It's a secret, so you better not say a word to anyone about me and Eric.

Deacon: All right.

[Cell phone chirps]

Quinn: [Gasps] Oh, my God! That is so amazing!

Deacon: Why are you all smiley?

Quinn: Well, Eric just sent me a picture. Oh, and he looks so happy!

Deacon: Yeah, I would be, too, if I had all that cash.

Quinn: He just got his old job back.

Deacon: Huh?

Quinn: As C.E.O. of Forrester Creations.

Deacon: I thought that was Ridge's job.

Quinn: It used to be. I told him to go for it, and he did it, and I am so proud of him!

Quinn: Eric should've been C.E.O. all along. There's nobody more accomplished or better suited for the job.

Deacon: You actually mean that.

Quinn: Of course I do. I'm ecstatic. Eric deserves this.

Deacon: You're really into him. I mean, you're like some kind of giddy, lusty teenager.

Quinn: What can I say? He brings that out in me.

Deacon: And you're telling me that Eric -- Eric Forrester -- fulfills you in the sack.

Quinn: I already answered that question.

Deacon: Um, well, honey, we both know he ain't got what I got.

Quinn: You're wrong, Deacon. Eric fulfills me because he's a good, kind, decent man who treats me with respect, not like one of his little playthings.

Deacon: I remember a time... when you still loved me playing with you.

Quinn: That was before I knew better. You get older and wiser. It took me a little longer, but I finally realized what turns me on is a true gentleman.

Deacon: I'm the modern gentleman.

Quinn: Maybe I should go over there.

Deacon: What -- what, to Forrester Creations? They're not gonna let you on the property, not after what happened last time, especially not with Steffy.

Quinn: No, no, no. I may know a way.

Bill: So because of the whole Katie-Will fiasco, I need you both to handle the Spencer Summit without me. It's the first one I've ever missed.

Wyatt: Yeah, but won't people be disappointed you're not there?

Liam: Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're there to see you, not us.

Bill: They are. So consider it an honor that I'm even allowing you guys to be there in my place.

Liam: Hey, dad, maybe -- you know, maybe Wyatt should go by himself, and I'll hold down the fort here.

Wyatt: Hey, I'm fine with that. Steffy and I would love to --

Bill: I want everybody there.

Liam: It's a little awkward. I mean, Steffy, Wyatt, me -- you really think that's a good idea?

Bill: Rise above it, Liam! Can you do that? Can you rise above it for the sake of the family business? I mean, I'm gonna be here, dealing with what I assume will be a vicious lawsuit with Katie.

Liam: Hey. Play fair. Don't fight dirty.

Bill: Well, that depends on how hard Katie wants to fight me. Regardless, I need you both to go in my place. Please make sure that Steffy makes an appearance on the red carpet.

Wyatt: Not a problem. She loves that kind of stuff. And I don't know about you, buddy boy, but I am actually starting to get excited.

Bill: Are you all in, Liam?

Liam: Yeah, whatever you need. Ohh!

Bill: That is what I want to hear. But there's one thing I want to make really clear, okay? No talk of foundations or charities. You want to earn your Boy Scout badge, you do that on your own time. And, Liam, you know I love you, son, but you can be... Well, you know how you can be. Depressing. Don't be depressing. This is about prosperity, fame, fortune. Right? Money, baby!

[Door opens]

Bill: That's what makes the world go 'round.

Wyatt: Hmm.

Eric: You're a lot like your grandmother, you know? Strong, loyal, protective of your family.

Steffy: Thank you. I hope she's proud of me.

Eric: She is, I'm sure.

Steffy: She's proud of you, too, you know.

Eric: I don't know about that.

Steffy: Of course she is. Why wouldn't she be? You were the great love of her life. You guys were an incredible couple. The best example of what a partnership should be.

Eric: We had a lot of good years together.

Steffy: Do you think -- Do you think you'll ever get married again?

Eric: No. I don't think that's in the cards for me.

Steffy: I don't know. I don't think you should say... Never say never. I think you should just...live your life to the fullest.

Eric: Yeah, well, no. I don't think so. I just don't think that's gonna happen.

Steffy: Okay, okay. Well, just know that you have my full support. I don't know who she is, but if she brings out this joy in you...then I'm happy for you. And I like her already.

Pam: I-I'll get someone there as soon as I can. Okay. We're crazy busy right now. All right, okay, bye. [Sighs]

[Telephone rings]

Pam: Ugh. Forrester Creations. Yeah, I'll put you through. Oh, gosh.

Quinn: [Russian accent] Hello. I am here to see C.E.O.

Pam: Uh-huh. Your name?

Quinn: Vladimir.

Pam: Excuse me one minute. Vladimir...? Forrester Creations.

Quinn: Vladimir Smirnoff.

Pam: Okay, I'll put you through. Uh, Smirnoff. And you are here to see the C.E.O.?

Quinn: Yes, yes, here to see C.E.O., Mr. Eric Forrester.

[Telephone rings]

Pam: Uh, Forrester Creations.

Steffy: I'm really happy for you. Let me know if you need anything, okay?

Wyatt: I hope your passport is up to date, because we are going to Monaco.

Liam: You're really excited about this? You don't think it's, like, a little bit weird?

Wyatt: Because my wife is gonna be there. Hey, that's weird for you, not for me, bro.

Liam: Okay. I understand why dad wants you and me to go in his place, but why does Steffy have to be there? Really?

Wyatt: Because she's our social-media star, Liam. That's why. Check it. Look at those likes. Look at those followers. She is doing rather well.

Liam: I know. I've seen it.

Wyatt: Yeah. And this is how stars are made -- social media. You got to work it, and you got to play the game.

Liam: I know how the game is played, Wyatt. I'm just saying it's superficial.

Wyatt: This is what people want. They want to see where Steffy is, what she is doing, what she's eating, what she's drinking, what she's wearing, okay? This is what people want.

Liam: Fine. I'm surprised Steffy signed up for it, honestly. Did you have to push her into it like you did your quickie wedding?

Wyatt: Oh, my God. Here we go again.

Liam: Yeah, here we go again. Here we go again. Everything in your life right now -- being dad's right-hand man and climbing the corporate ladder and being married to the woman I'm supposed to be married to, by the way...

Wyatt: Oh, my God.

Liam: ...all of that was handed to you on a silver platter by your mother. Everything is because of Quinn, and that's very dangerous for Steffy, Wyatt, because Quinn doesn't have a sense of boundaries. She'll do anything it takes to get what she wants, and you know that.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Pam: Can't you let one of the interns handle that? [Scoffs] I-I'll get to it when I can, okay? We're really, really busy here right now. Okay, thank you. Bye. I'm so sorry, Mr. Smirnoff. Now, how did you say that you knew --

[Telephone rings]

Pam: Are you kidding me right now?

Quinn: I -- I go in now.

Pam: No, hold on. Forrester Creations. May I help you? Yeah, I'll put you through. I'm so sorry. Now, um, how did you say you knew that Eric was C.E.O.?

Quinn: Oh. Uh, well, I -- I know these things.

Pam: Okay. Now, I don't see your name here on his appointment book, but what did you say it was regarding?

Quinn: Oh, uh... [Telephone rings] Computer work.

Pam: Computer work. Forrester Creations. I'll put you through. Thank you. Computer work?

Quinn: Yes, I -- I am here to, uh, fix Mr. Forrester's hard drive.

[Telephone rings]

Pam: I'm so sorry. Forrester Creations. This is Pam. You know what? I'll just come down myself. This is crazy. All right. Hold your horses. Thank you. Bye. I am so sorry. No, if you could just wait right here, Mr. Smirnoff, we have an emergency in the sewing room, and I will be back in about two minutes.

Quinn: Okay.

Pam: Okay, thank you.

Quinn: Mr. Forrester. I am Vladimir Smirnoff. And I am here to fix your hard drive.

Steffy: [Gasps] Can I help you?

Liam: Hey, just throwing it out there. Your mom's a psychopath.

Wyatt: Oh, wow. Really? I had no idea you felt that way.

Liam: I hate that Steffy has to deal with her. I hate that she's Steffy's mother-in-law. She shouldn't be in Steffy's life at all.

Wyatt: You know, this is really unhealthy, Liam, just this obsession you have with my wife.

Liam: Obsession? Obsession?

Wyatt: Yeah, because you are holding on to something that has zero chance of actually happening.

Liam: Yeah, yeah, keep chanting that.

Wyatt: Oh, come on! Liam, you are stuck in a rut right now. We've all been there, okay? Maybe this -- maybe this trip to Europe would be actually something good for you.

Liam: I highly doubt that.

Wyatt: Yeah, maybe we can make you look a little presentable. Maybe a shave or two. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a French girl who'd actually want to go on a date with you.

Liam: Oh, shut up! You know something? You know something? A lot can change in a few days. You never know what might start to shift, bro.

Wyatt: Oh, okay, stalker boy. Would you quit waiting for me to slip up and sabotage my relationship? 'Cause that's not gonna happen, bro.

Liam: I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you. I just might have an ace up my sleeve.

Wyatt: If you're seriously planning to disrupt my marriage, I swear to God, Liam --

Liam: Nope. Not me. I-I'm not gonna do anything. You're gonna do it all on your own, bro.

Wyatt: Oh, okay. Now this is what we're talking about -- wishful thinking, right?

Liam: No. Actually, as a matter of fact, there might be somebody else who will do it for me, somebody even more destructive than you.

Wyatt: My mother? Seriously? She doesn't even exist when it comes to my marriage.

Liam: Oh, my God! How can you be this delusional?

Wyatt: Steffy has told her to stay away from her and her family.

Liam: Yeah. Quinn doesn't listen to anything anyone says, ever.

Wyatt: Liam... She wants my marriage to Steffy to last, all right? There's no way that she's gonna do anything to screw that up.

Quinn: Uh, okay, uh... [Clears throat] Wrong office. [Clears throat]

Steffy: No, wait, wait, wait! You said you were here to fix the computer, but we have our own I.T. department. What company are you with?

Quinn: A very, uh, special company for difficult cases, but I go now.

Steffy: No, hold on. Are you wearing perfume?

Quinn: I am in touch with my feminine side. Yeah.

Steffy: Unh-unh. No way.

Quinn: Wait. No. Oh. [Normal voice] Ow! Ohh!

Steffy: Quinn. What are you doing here?!

Quinn: I...came here to ask for my job back. I just -- I just want to work at Forrester again.

Steffy: I told you to stay away from me and my family! That means this building and anyone in it!

Quinn: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come. I didn't know what else to do.

Steffy: Just get out! You come here in this ridiculous disguise? You're nuts. Oh, my God! You are so nuts!

Quinn: I'm sorry.

Steffy: Oh, God. Quinn, what don't you understand? You are done messing with my family. Now get out!

Eric: What's going on in here?!

Steffy: Oh, look who showed up begging for her job back in this ridiculous disguise. We're not giving you your job back. We don't want anything to do with you. Can you tell her? Can you tell her to get out, please? Tell her!

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