B&B Transcript Thursday 7/14/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/14/16


Episode # 7375 ~ Eric reveals his decision about who will be the next CEO the family's company; Steffy, Thomas & Ridge are on edge; Liam & Wyatt take vastly different positions on Bill's recent decision regarding his family.

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Ridge: Did you hear anything else from my dad?

Steffy: I got the same text as you.

Ridge: I'm assuming he's made a decision by now.

Rick: Yeah, the C.E.O. position is up for grabs. He's called an unscheduled meeting. You can bet he's made a decision.

Ridge: [Chuckles]

Steffy: I hope it's the right choice.

Ridge: All right. Both of you guys, calm down. I'm running this company, and that's exactly how it's going to be after the meeting.

Quinn: Big decision. Can't imagine you got much sleep last night.

Eric: No. No, I didn't. Thank you. I wanted to stop by and thank you for your support, your encouragement.

Quinn: Oh. Well, if you need more, my opinion still stands. I think this tall, sexy man is the only logical choice for C.E.O.

Eric: You are so good for my ego.

Quinn: Yeah. I'm talented like that.

Bill: Oh, great. Just got barbecue sauce on this form.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Bill: Still good though, huh?

Wyatt: Mmm. So good.

Liam: Seriously?

Bill: What?

Liam: Ribs?

Wyatt: Yeah. You want one?

Liam: No, I -- What are you -- what are you wearing?

Bill: He looks great.

Wyatt: Yeah, why are you in such a grumpy mood?

Bill: Liam's not happy with me. And it's about to escalate.

Liam: Oh, great. Great. Now what?

Bill: I took Will.

Liam: What do you mean, you took Will?

Bill: I mean that Katie threatened to keep him from me. Had to get him out of that environment. As you can imagine, Katie is freaking out.

Liam: Oh, I can imagine? Yeah, she's freaking out. You can't just take a baby from his mom.

Wyatt: Okay, he didn't take him. He's worried about our little brother. And considering the way Katie's been lately... [Scoffs] Can you blame him?

Liam: How can you be so cavalier about kidnapping a child?

Bill: Nobody's being cavalier. But you are being, as usual, melodramatic.  "Kidnapping."  It's not a kidnapping, Liam. Will is my son. And at the moment, he is better off with me.

Liam: At the moment. Okay, so it's temporary.

Bill: It's as long as it needs to be.

Liam: [Scoffs] Wow. Great. Okay. So, have you given any thought to Katie at all?

Wyatt: Dude, why do you think he's doing this?

Wyatt: I'm not talking to you, Wyatt. You know Katie's been going through Hell, fighting depression and alcohol --

Bill: Depression and alcohol, Liam. Then I guess you understand why I had to do what I did. It isn't a power play. It isn't strategy. It isn't anything other than me having to do what's best for Will, and look out for him like I have been all along.

Liam: Okay. Let me get this straight. You took Will from Katie for erratic behavior that you caused by having an affair with her sister, and then convincing her that she was crazy for being suspicious. Is that right?

Bill: Why don't you get this straight. We are where we are. And I will do whatever I have to to protect my son.

[Knocking on door]

Quinn: [Laughs] Can't tear yourself away, huh?

Deacon: Yeah, that kind of seems to be the problem.

Quinn: Yeah, no visitors today.

Deacon: You know, sometimes, I don't know what it is, I just, I get this -- this primal urge to be around you.

Quinn: Well, then get over it, because how many times do I have to tell you we are done?

Deacon: No, I'm gonna tell you one thing. You're gonna have to try a Hell of a lot harder than Eric Forrester as my replacement. Baby, I know you. And unless something's changed, you are tough to keep up with. Now, you still hung up on the patriarch?

Steffy: Oh, Rick. You're not the only option. Dad could get off with a sternly-worded lecture, or Grandfather could pick me. I'm next in line for C.E.O.

Rick: [Scoffs] Yeah, that's not the way it works, Steffy.

Steffy: It works however Grandfather says it does.

Rick: Hey, Ridge. What are you gonna do with all that time off?

[Door opens]

Eric: Good. You're all here. I've decided.

Liam: [Sighs] So, where is Will now?

Bill: Staying with me while Justin draws up the papers.

Liam: What papers? Wait a second, you're -- are you filing for custody? Why would -- why would you do that? Why would you go that extreme? You're ripping a child away from his mother.

Bill: I am not ripping the child. I am protecting my son. And you might as well know this, as well. I'm having Katie declared incompetent.

Liam: What?! Wyatt, wha-- wha-- That -- that is crazy, Dad. That's crazy. Not to mention untrue. Katie's the most competent mother I know. She's devoted to Will. She lives and breathes that kid.

Bill: I wouldn't dispute that. When she's in her right mind.

Liam: Oh, come -- come on! You're just -- you know what, you're just trying to hurt Katie in the worst possible way cause she called you out for having an affair with her sister.

Bill: Oh, come on, Liam. Open your freaking ears. Listen to what I'm saying. Do you know how many times Katie told me that she wasn't drinking, only to find out that she was lying? So what if she's drinking and takes Will in the car with her? Are you okay with that? Are you? What if she has another breakdown and disappears with him? Don't you get it? I can't trust her to take care of Will.

Liam: Dad, you know Katie would never harm Will.

Bill: I would love to believe that, Liam. But I'm not willing to bet Will's safety on it.

Wyatt: Liam, I feel for Katie, too, all right? But this is about Will. Will's welfare comes first here. Katie's a grown woman. She can fend for herself. But Will? Will can't. So he needs Dad's protection.

Deacon: Oh, come on. You don't honestly expect me to believe that good old Eric Forrester is able to keep up with your special brand of freak.

Quinn: Okay. I don't particularly care what you believe. But for the record, I'm more than satisfied with what Eric brings to the table. No complaints whatsoever.

Deacon: Okay. Fine. Fine. I'm cool with it. You know what? I'm on board with you and Eric.

Quinn: Oh. Oh, good! Oh, my. Well, I am so relieved.

Deacon: I mean, you must have all these little fantasies flying around in this fevered brain of yours. I can see it now. What is it? Mrs. Eric Forrester? The queen of all she surveys.

Quinn: Okay, if you had a clue as to what you were talking about, you would be dangerous.

Deacon: Hey, listen, you know what, indulge those fantasies, babe. Do everything you can to make them happen. But when Eric's not around, who's your backup guy, huh? Come on, just --

Quinn: Oh, get off, Deacon. No! Wait! Stop!

Deacon: What is it with you? Quinn, come here. Just, you know --

Quinn: Back off, Deacon!

Deacon: Feisty, aren't you? [Laughs]

Quinn: Eric Forrester you are not! Get off!

Deacon: That's my girl.

Ridge: Dad, this is not --

Eric: Ridge, we cannot pretend that the issue of Douglas' paternity isn't gonna be some kind of a public-relations nightmare.

Ridge: All right, but we have weathered these storms before. And we live in a 24-hour news world. It's gonna be on and gone.

Rick: Oh, wishful thinking.

Ridge: Unless, of course, this guy wants to exaggerate it because he wants my position.

Rick: There it is, on full display. The monumental arrogance of this guy.

Ridge: I can lead our way through this. You don't need to make a change at all.

Eric: Ridge, I've been very happy with your tenure as C.E.O. You're experienced, you're decisive. Fact is, the three of you are an unbeatable team. And you, you're a force of nature. You're innovative, and you're forward-thinking. I can't imagine taking this company into the future without having you in some kind of a position of leadership. And, Rick, you're just about the best C.E.O. I ever saw. Took you a while to settle in. You got a little power hungry at first.

Ridge: "A little." That's funny.

Eric: But you did settle in. And the profits began coming in, every quarter bigger than the last. It was exhilarating.

Steffy: Granddad, what's your decision?

Eric: There's gonna be a change.

Ridge: Really?

Rick: You won't be sorry.

Steffy: Calm down. It could be me.

Eric: It's not. It's me.  Iím gonna step back in as C.E.O.

Ridge: Dad, don't do this.

Rick: Take it easy, Dad. I-I'm ready to step in immediately.

Ridge: There's no need to make a change.

Rick: Really? With the biggest scandal to hit this family in decades?

Eric: Now, look, we don't know how Douglas' true paternity is gonna play out in the press. Now, I'm gonna take over while we navigate the waters. The press is gonna be all over the two of you. They're gonna be relentless. It's gonna be frustrating and infuriating for you. I don't want you making decisions for this company when you're under that kind of stress. How about you? You want to voice some concerns?

Steffy: No. No, I'm cool.

Rick: I'm good, too. I'd rather see you in charge than this clown. I mean Ridge.

Eric: Then it's settled. I'm the new C.E.O. starting right now.

Rick: You look good behind that desk. I'm just saying.

Steffy: Well, that was unexpected.

Eric: Well, I needed to buy some time. I didn't want to have to choose between the three of you.

Steffy: Oh, that's why you did it.

Eric: Look, when I semi-retired, I said that I would be waiting in the wings if anybody needed any help.

Steffy: Okay, I get that, but offering your guidance isn't a full-time position.

Eric: Well, I look forward to the challenge.

Steffy: Mm. I like it. I like this whole thing you got going on. It's like... I don't know. It's like good energy.

Eric: And how does it look on me?

Steffy: Looks like you're, uh, strong and -- and studly.

Eric: ďStrong and studly." Yes.

Steffy: [Laughs]

Eric: I can quote you on that, right?

Steffy: That you can.

Bill: Will is a vulnerable child. And unfortunately his mother is not dependable. So I have to take control and defend him.

Liam: Yeah, how convenient. You never voiced any of these concerns until after you got caught having an affair.

Wyatt: Hey, look, I don't like this either, bro, but Katie is a mother who drinks and passes out on the sofa right now. What if there's a fire? What if something happens to Will? What if he takes a serious fall or something, huh?

Bill: And stop calling Brooke and me an affair. It's not accurate.

Liam: Fine. It's not accurate. The woman you're involved with is your wife's sister. And where is Will right now? I want to check on him. Where is he?

Bill: I can't tell you.

Liam: Why not?

Bill: Because you'd run straight to Katie. You're concerned about her. I get it. I appreciate that. But I will protect my son.

Deacon: I don't get it. What is it with you? What is it with me? I mean, okay. First you seduce me with your wicked ways. And then you marry me. And then you divorce me. And then you throw me off a cliff. And yet here I am, all turned on.

Quinn: It's a sickness.

Deacon: [Scoffs] Yeah. Yeah, the problem is, it's one I got no desire to get better from.

Quinn: Well, I wouldn't try to analyze it. I have a way with a certain kind of man.

Deacon: Yeah, borderline psychos like me and Bill Spencer. But...Eric Forrester? I mean, what does that say about him?

Eric: I appreciate the way you handled my decision to come back.

Steffy: Oh, I'll never have a problem with you in that seat. Nobody can run the company better. And we need your steady hand. I mean, when the world finds out that Douglas is Thomas' son -- I just, I can't believe Dad and Caroline. They kept Thomas in the dark this entire time.

Eric: Shocked me as well. And when it gets out...

Steffy: Oh, Dad will handle the press, and the scandal will blow over. And if Dad wants to be C.E.O. again, he... Unless you don't want to step down.

Eric: Why would I do that?

Steffy: I don't know. I just think you need, like, an extra outlet for all this energy I'm seeing. Or maybe you have it.

Eric: Subtle.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. Granted, whoever she is, I'd like to thank her.

Bill: All right, you know what, I-I have had enough of this. We are still a family. We have to stand together and get along. So, regardless of how you feel about me at the moment, I still expect you to respect your brother's marriage.

Liam: I'm confused, Dad.

Bill: Of course.

Liam: You want me to follow your example, so that means I should have an affair with Steffy, right? You're okay with that, bro?

Wyatt: That's not what he's saying. And that's not gonna happen. You're not breaking up my marriage.

Liam: At this point I might not need to. Your crazy mother's on the loose. Quinn might do it for me.

Deacon: Oh, come on! How come you don't have any of the snacks I like? Do you have any popcorn?

Quinn: No! In fact, there is nothing for you here, so why don't you just go? Go, go.

Deacon: You know what, I-I think I'd rather just hang around for a little bit. You know, maybe till Eric gets back. I don't know, maybe I could, uh -- I could hide somewhere. You know, so I could hear it for myself. [Imitating Eric] Quinn... Quinn, I-I -- I just -- I-I don't -- don't understand it, but you -- [Inhales sharply] Ooooh, you excite -- excite me. Mm! [Laughs]

Quinn: You're not funny. And for your information, Eric does excite me. Just like I excite him.

Deacon: Who the Hell do you think you're talking to? Baby, what kind of con are you running? Because I understand you better than any man on the planet. Yeah, you're excited all right. By the Forrester name. By access to that rich and powerful family that Steffy has shut you out of.

[Ericís flashback]

Quinn: I think this tall, sexy man is the only logical choice for C.E.O.

[Present time]

Steffy: So, my instincts are right.

Eric: You've always been very perceptive.

Steffy: I knew it! There is a woman in your life. I'm happy for you. No, I really am. You have so much to offer. Whoever this mystery woman is, she has a really good effect on you, and I like it.

[Cell phone rings]

Steffy: Is that her?

Eric: I'll call back.

Steffy: No, no, no, no, no. It's fine. Here. Hello? Hello? Oh, I think she hung up. Whoever this mystery woman is, she sure is secretive.

Eric: Look, I appreciate your support, and your enthusiasm for me, I really do. Especially where this is all concerned. I love you. I'd never want to do anything to hurt you.

Steffy: I know you won't.

Eric: I want you to know you've been in the forefront of my thoughts lately.

Steffy: Granddad... I don't -- I don't want you to worry about me. And if you're thinking about Grandmother, I-I know that she's happy for you, and she wants you to -- to live your life. So...

Eric: I don't think that this relationship is like that. I really don't.

Steffy: Well, you -- you never know. But anything could happen.

Eric: I don't think so.

Steffy: So, is everything else good? Are you at least enjoying yourself?

Eric: Definitely.

Steffy: Good. That's all that matters. And, honestly, I-I know you've been... I know you've been sad and lonely since Grandmother died. But you deserve to be happy. And if this mystery woman does that, well, she's okay with me.

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