B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/12/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/12/16


Episode # 7373 ~ When Quinn receives an unwelcome visit from Deacon, things quickly get heated; Rick gloats over Ridge's revelation & wastes no time in attempting to oust him from Forrester Creations.

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Caroline: Hey.

Thomas: Oh, hey. So, is everybody in dad's office?

Caroline: Uh, yeah. Everyone that doesn't already know.

Thomas: Steffy? Granddad? It's not going to be an easy conversation.

Caroline: How do you think everyone will react?

Thomas: It just depends on what dad says.

Caroline: I think he's just gotta be honest. Tell the truth. You're Douglas' father.

Ridge: Well, we can sit down if you want but this is not going to take very long.

Rick: I've got the numbers for the intimates line.

Ridge: This is not about business, Rick. This is personal and sensitive. Uh, I trust that you will let Caroline and me make the decision that we think is best.

Eric Forrester: You having trouble? You and Caroline having trouble?

Steffy: You seem kind of tense.

Ridge: No. I'm, I'm fine. Uh, marriage is fine. It's just, our, our family's going through some changes and now you need to be aware of it.

Eric Forrester: You just took a chance I'd be here?

Quinn: Glad I did?

Eric Forrester: I am.

Quinn: Ooh. I was just thinking about you.

Deacon: Not thinking about me, apparently. It's all right, babe. I don't need you to make me feel welcome. Well, uh, I'll just make myself at home.

Caroline: Are you okay with Ridge making this announcement by himself?

Thomas: He didn't make it sound like there was another option.

Caroline: He just didn't want us to get bombarded by a ton of questions.

Thomas: Oh, we're going to get bombarded by questions, especially once my family finds out.

Caroline: I am so sorry that I kept Douglas from you. You had every right to know that he was your son.

Thomas: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Nobody's blaming you for that, Caroline. Lying to me, that was dad's mistake. He needs to own up to that. We don't need to be there to, to hold his hand while he's doing it.

Caroline: I wouldn't even know what to say, to Steffy, Eric.

Thomas: Caroline, you've already said everything you can.

Caroline: Life goes on.

Quinn: What do you want, Deacon?

Deacon: I haven't seen you in a while.

Quinn: Yeah, well, I've been busy.

Deacon: Well, I gotta wonder, you know, with that greeting I got.

Quinn: Wasn't for you.

Deacon: I figured. So who is he? Come on. Who's the new guy in your life? Let me see. No. No, it's not Leo.

Quinn: Of course not.

Deacon: Anyone I know?

Quinn: It's Eric.

Deacon: Eric who?

Quinn: Eric Forrester.

Deacon: (laughs)

Eric Forrester: This is serious.

Ridge: It's serious enough for me to tell you before you hear it from somebody else, yes.

Steffy: It's not about you and Caroline. Your relationship is fine, right?

Ridge: It's about Douglas.

Steffy: Oh, no. What?

Eric Forrester: Ridge.

Rick: He's not sick?

Ridge: He's not mine.

Steffy: What?

Ridge: He'll always be part of my life and I will love him but I'm not his father and he's not my son.

Speaker 9: My all time favorite South Beach memory is when a coworker came up to me that I hadn't seen in a few months and their reaction was priceless. They were like, "Oh, my god. You look great. What have you been doing? Like, you've lost so much weight," and I was like, "Oh, my gosh." Like, I didn't realize it was that big of a difference. Like, I feel amazing.

Steffy: Dad, you were there when Douglas was born.

Eric Forrester: You were the first person to hold him. You named him.

Ridge: Caroline and I planned to raise him as his parents. We're not going to do that anymore.

Steffy: Because he's not your son?

Ridge: Not my biological son, no.

Eric Forrester: You and Caroline used a donor?

Ridge: No.

Rick: You thought that he was yours.

Ridge: No, I never thought he was mine. Uh, being a father's more than just DNA. It's about a commitment. It's about being there for the kid and that's ... That's why I claimed Douglas and that's why I'm telling you now.

Steffy: If you're not the father, who is?

Ridge: Thomas.

Thomas: Hey, Caroline. It's going to be okay.

Caroline: You have been so kind to me through this.

Thomas: A mother does what she thinks is best for her child. That's what dad told me the night this all came out. You weren't trying to hurt me. You were trying to protect your family.

Caroline: Yeah, but deep down I knew that it was wrong. I saw the way that you connected with Douglas and I should have just been honest with you, and I'm going to be from now on. Secrets just, they make a mess of everything.

Deacon: (laughs) You are not dating Eric Forrester.

Quinn: I didn't say we were dating. I said we were seeing each other.

Deacon: Where? Here in this shangri-la?

Quinn: Uh, or at his place, or at the office. Behind closed doors, of course, because our involvement isn't public knowledge yet.

Deacon: (laughs) Yeah, I'm sure it's not because whatever Eric Forrester's doing with you, he ain't got no intention of telling his family about it.

Quinn: Risk ruining our fun? No, we're not telling anyone, so keep your big blabber mouth shut.

Deacon: Why tell me at all?

Quinn: Ah, I don't know. To get you to stop coming around and realize that this is over or maybe I just want to see the look on your face.

Steffy: My, my brother is Douglas' father?

Ridge: Douglas is your grandson. Yeah. That's right.

Rick: So you're saying your wife and your son, uh, so, so Thomas and Caroline, they, uh-

Ridge: Caroline and I were broken up for one night and it was my fault. I didn't think I could give her the life that she wanted. It was my mistake and when we got married and I found out she was pregnant I knew it couldn't be my kid?

Steffy: How did you know?

Rick: The vasectomy.

Steffy: Wait, what?

Rick: Yeah. My mom told me all about it.

Ridge: Well, of course she did. Yes. I had a vasectomy when I was in France. When I tried to have it reversed they told me it was impossible.

Eric Forrester: Well, Caroline was honest with you, and she-

Ridge: She was honest with me? About, what, Dad? About being pregnant with Thomas' child? Yeah. She was honest about that and I was hurt and I was angry and I made a bad choice.

Steffy: You let everyone think Douglas was yours. Even Thomas.

Eric Forrester: Wait. Thomas doesn't know?

Ridge: Thomas knows. Told him a little while ago.

Steffy: And he went along with it?

Rick: Ridge probably didn't give the poor boy a choice.

Eric Forrester: Ah, god, Ridge.

Ridge: It took me a while to realize that I couldn't be Douglas' father.

Eric Forrester: (laughs)

Steffy: So, wait. This whole time Caroline was pregnant, Thomas had no id- T- Thomas was in the house when Caroline was, ah, having his child.

Rick: You stole his son from him?

Steffy: How could you do this? How?

Ridge: How? The night that Thomas went over to Caroline's hotel room I thought he, I ... Didn't matter what I thought because it was all a big misunderstanding. Misunderstanding seems too small a word but I wanted to protect my wife and I'm gonna continue to protect my wife so when this comes out in the press, and it will, I'm taking the hit for it. No one else, and we're going to agree that Douglas is the innocent party in all of this.

Eric Forrester: Absolutely he is, of course.

Ridge: Good. That's all I wanted to say. This meeting is over.

Speaker 10: It's time for some straight talk. You want high speed data that never runs out? You got it. Introducing Straight Talk's ultimate unlimited plan. All the 4G LTE data you want. All high speed and all for just $55 a month only from Straight Talk Wireless. Only at Walmart.

Ridge: Innocent party in all of this.

Eric Forrester: Absolutely he is, of course.

Ridge: Good. That's all I wanted to say. This meeting is over.

Rick: (laughs) Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. No way. You don't get to drop a bombshell like that and then just tell us that the discussion is over- [crosstalk 00:10:12]

Ridge: I said, "This meeting is over." I said all I have to say- [crosstalk 00:10:14]

Rick: Yeah. Try that with the press. They're going to have a feeding frenzy with that. Is this how you protect your family? Is this how you protect the company? This is not leadership. You don't just sweep this under the rug. There are consequences. I, I knew that you had some sort of huge secret that would rock this company to its core and you thought you'd get away with it. Well, Ridge, your day of reckoning has come.

Thomas: Caroline, you, you had to know that this day would come. It's impossible to keep a secret like that.

Caroline: And it was wrong of us to try but you have to understand that we were just trying to-

Thomas: I, I, I do. I get it.

Caroline: Your father and I-

Thomas: You, you were trying to start a family and dad was willing to do anything to make that happen. If he got to punish me while he was at it, even better.

Caroline: It wasn't about punishing you. Ridge was just trying to protect his family. He saw the night that Douglas was conceived as something awful and it, it wasn't. It could've been so much worse if I had been alone with how low I was so I'm ... I'm grateful that you were there. You were right to worry about me and I know that you would never do anything to hurt me and I certainly know that you would never take advantage of me and now Ridge knows that, too.

Veronica: Excuse me, Thomas. Caroline. I don't mean to interrupt.

Thomas: Hey, Veronica. What's up?

Veronica: Steffy asked me to put this prospectus together. I want to get your thoughts on it.

Thomas: Ah.

Veronica: Maybe we can go over it together after work over drinks?

Thomas: Yeah. I'll, I'll let you know when I'm free.

Veronica: Looking forward to it.

Caroline: Bye, Veronica. It was good to see you, too. Are you guys seeing each other?

Thomas: Eh, it's nothing serious. But it's like you said, you know? Life goes on.

Deacon: How did this happen?

Quinn: I went to Eric and I asked for my job back.

Deacon: Did he give it to you?

Quinn: No, but he heard me out. He didn't call his goon squad and have me escorted off the property.

Deacon: Oh, now that is heartwarming.

Quinn: Well, it was more than I expected from him, but knowing him the way I do now, I shouldn't have been surprised.

Deacon: (laughs) I just, I can't ... I just never s- I never thought that Eric Forrester was the leather and chains type.

Quinn: Well, he's a lot more adventurous than people think and he knows that there's more to me than that.

Deacon: Oh, yeah. Yeah, like a whole lot of baggage stuffed full of crazy. All right, so what's, what's the catch here?

Quinn: There is no catch.

Deacon: Oh, come on.

Quinn: We're enjoying each other's company. I can't believe he's talking to me, let alone kissing me.

Deacon: You and Eric Forrester. The patriarch and the pariah.

Quinn: Don't tell anyone about this or I'll kill you, and you know I will.

Ridge: I asked you to this meeting as a sign of respect and now you're going to respect me.

Eric Forrester: Ridge is right. This is no time to be passing judgment. This family pulls together in a time of crisis.

Rick: So you agree that this is a crisis.

Steffy: Not one that affects you.

Rick: If it affects the company, it does. This could be the tabloid scandal of the year. Dad, I, ah, I can already see the headlines, one more salacious than the next.

Ridge: I won't allow my family to be slandered.

Rick: Allow? You've put them in this position. You've put us in this position.

Eric Forrester: We need to let Ridge and Caroline and Thomas handle this themselves.

Rick: Really, Dad? And who's going to be running the company while our design team is trying to figure out how to co-parent?

Ridge: I am.

Rick: No, sir. You are disqualified, or did you forget that the CEO position has a morality clause?

Ridge: There's nothing immoral about what happened here.

Rick: Really? Because, because that arrogance and lack of judgment has put this company in the crosshairs of yet another scandal, perhaps the biggest one we may ever face. You said it yourself. You made the decision to keep it a secret. Well, now, Ridge, you're going to have to pay.

Speaker 9: My all time favorite South Beach memory is when a coworker came up to me that I hadn't seen in a few months and their reaction was priceless. They were like, "Oh, my god. You look great. What have you been doing? Like, you've lost so much weight," and I was like, "Oh, my gosh." Like, I didn't realize it was that big of a difference. Like, I feel amazing.

Deacon: (laughs) You say there's no catch. There is always a catch with you. You always got some ulterior motive or some agenda.

Quinn: Eric didn't need to be seduced. He's a man who knows what he wants.

Deacon: Quinn, the guy's family hates you. Your own stepdaughter doesn't want to let you in the house. Steffy doesn't want you anywhere near her or her family, but it actually does make wonder how she's going to react when she figures out that you've been getting hot and heavy with her grandfather. Hello! She probably is gonna be sorry that she ever tried to get in between you and your son.

Quinn: That's not what this is about.

Deacon: Oh, come on. You're telling me that you're not trying to get just a little bit of payback?

Quinn: Wyatt asked me to stay away from his wife and I am.

Deacon: All the while cuddling up with the most powerful member of her family?

Quinn: Eric Forrester is interested in me. I am not about to turn him down because my son's wife might disapprove. Did you ever think for a second that maybe he's the one who's using me? Though, I don't think so because when we're together there's, there's a real connection. I mean, I feel a real spark there.

Deacon: You've got to be kidding me.

Quinn: What? Don't look so skeptical. I mean, you know the other women that he was with. What? Sheila Carter and, and his wife Stephanie? I mean, she was no pussycat. You saw her picture hanging in the living room.

Deacon: (laughs) You don't have to remind me.

Quinn: Yeah, well, I mean, Eric is attracted to bad girls. I'm everything that he wants in a woman.

Deacon: Quinn, listen to me. This can't go anywhere. Do you understand that? There's no way.

Quinn: We're enjoying each other's company, but you know what? You're right. Everybody listens to Eric and if he accepts me then maybe everybody else will. I mean, Deacon, all I want is a chance. I mean, can you imagine me and Eric? I mean, to, to be accepted by the Forresters would transform my life.

Eric Forrester: Rick, you're getting ahead of yourself, here.

Rick: Dad, this needs to be dealt with.

Ridge: It has been dealt with.

Rick: Ridge can't be running the company when this scandal hits.

Ridge: We'll control it. It's gonna be okay.

Rick: This story will bring attention to our line and diminish our brand. We have to separate Forrester Creations as far away from this as possible.

Steffy: You're the only one calling it a scandal, Rick.

Rick: How did you feel about it, Steffy, when you heard that Ridge was playing Daddy to his grandson? Hey, come on, Dad. Bill Spencer will have a field day with this. Ridge knew what was at stake. You warned him. One more scandal, he's out. Now, I don't want to toot my own horn here, Dad, but you hired me for this- [crosstalk 00:17:49]

Ridge: I'm not stepping down as CEO.

Rick: You don't have a choice. The morality clause will force you out.

Steffy: I'm the President. If anyone's next in line it's me.

Rick: Excuse me, but I brought this company more money than it's ever seen under my leadership.

Ridge: This conversation is pointless. What I told you does not impact my ability to run this company.

Rick: The hell it doesn't. It proves that you're not fit to be CEO. This scandal will hit the news and our bottom line. Dad, we've got to get ahead of this. We need to make a change and we're, otherwise we're going to have every reporter camped outside of our offices.

Eric Forrester: I haven't been as involved here lately as I used to be. I've taken some steps back. Maybe a little too far, but Rick is right. A decision needs to be made.

Ridge: Dad, really?

Eric Forrester: R- Right now. Right now. I'm deeply disappointed in what I've heard here today. The situation needs a little more objectivity than I think I can muster at this moment so I'm going to need some time. I'll let you know what I decide.

Steffy: Dad, what were you thinking? You lied to everyone.

Rick: He thought he could control the situation the way that he controls every situation, but not this time.

Steffy: Oh.

Rick: Finally caught up to you, didn't it? The lies. The secret. The manipulation. Your reign as king is over. You went too far and now you're going down.

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