B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/6/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/6/16


Episode # 7369 ~ Liam demands that Brooke tell Katie about her affair, promising he'll tell Katie if she doesn't; confident that Bill is lying to her about Brooke, Katie goes off the wagon by sneaking a drink.

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Katie: It's a simple question. Were you on the phone with the office, or were you on the phone with Brooke?

Bill: Katie, I --

Katie: You know, you said some really lovely things in there, and I want you to know that I meant everything that I said, too, but then you disappear out here --

Bill: I didn't disappear. I just had to take care of something.

Katie: Something having to do with work or something to do with you and Brooke?

Liam: Hey, I don't know what my dad just tried to convince you of on that phone call, but he's got to come clean to his wife. So do you. It's -- It's bad enough that Katie's turning this around on herself and thinking it's all in her head, but to let her do that while you and my dad carry on and lie --

Brooke: I told Bill it was over. I pleaded with him to let it be over.

Liam: But he couldn't let you go, could he?

Brooke: It's not like he doesn't love his family or Katie or their life together.

Liam: I know. It's "complicated." I know. But you know what's not complicated? Respecting the mother of his child enough to tell her the truth, even when it's hard... and even when he knows it's gonna hurt her. 'Cause my dad -- my dad owes Katie the truth, and so do you. You got to tell her everything, Brooke, like, yesterday.

Wyatt: All right. Who's ready for a refill?

Caroline: No. Not me. I am still feeling the first one.

Thomas: Uh, yeah. Yeah, please.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Thomas: These are fantastic. What did you put in them?

Wyatt: Uh, well, you know, the usual -- just tequila, triple sec...

Thomas: Ooh!

Wyatt: ...A little lime juice -- Oh! Sorry! -- and a special ingredient.

Steffy: Oh, let me guess. It wouldn't happen to be more tequila.

Thomas: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: That is my special ingredient.

Steffy: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Thomas: Wow. All right.

Wyatt: [Laughs] My beautiful and brilliant wife. I mean, did I luck out, or what?

Thomas: What is it with you Spencers, by the way? First, Bill and Katie are laying it on real heavy -- love, marriage, happiness, fidelity, meh. Now you're -- you're just getting all mushy on me.

Wyatt: You a little jealous there, Forrester?

Thomas: Nope. Not a chance.

Wyatt: [Kisses] Come on.

Thomas: Don't want that. Definitely don't want that. Mnh-mnh.

Caroline: You know what? I think that Uncle Bill and Katie's relationship is inspiring. I mean, yeah, they've been through struggles, but they've stuck by each other and been faithful, and like I said, I think it's inspirational. So cheers.

Thomas: Cheers.

Wyatt: Cheers.

Steffy: Salud.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Thomas: You're just gonna drink the whole thing?

Wyatt: I might -- I might just drink right out of this.

Caroline: Honestly, I'm not even sure I could survive everything Katie's been through -- the heart transplant, the depression, and then the issues that she's been facing lately.

Wyatt: Yeah, but luckily, she's got my dad to lean on.

Steffy: Yeah, Bill Spencer, Mr. Softie.

Wyatt: Hey, he might be cutthroat in business --

Thomas: "Might be." Interesting choice.

Wyatt: Yeah, but when it comes to the important things, like family, he's got his priorities straight.

Steffy: What about Brooke?

Caroline: What about her?

Steffy: I don't know. I mean, Katie seemed a little bummed when Brooke was a no-show. Do you guys know what's going on there?

Caroline: Like, why she bowed out?

Thomas: Well, I ran into her at the office, and I asked her if she was gonna come or not, and she said she wanted to give Katie some space with her husband and her family. Things have been dicey between them.

Wyatt: Huh.

Steffy: Wow. I wonder if we should read into that.

Liam: You can't let this go on, Brooke. It's not fair to Katie.

Brooke: I know, Liam. I never meant to hurt my little sister.

Liam: Especially when it's happened before between you and my dad. Look, I -- I get it. I realize that the circumstances are different, and I believe you. I believe you when you say it didn't go as far as it did last time, but, Brooke, it's still a betrayal. Even when you fought so hard not to give in, it's still a betrayal.

Brooke: Your father fought, too.

Liam: Mm. Something tells me you fought a little bit harder. It has to stop. And you have to be the one to stop it.

Katie: One more time. Was it the office you were talking to, or was it Brooke?

Bill: Brooke. She's at the office. You were wondering why she wasn't here, so I --

Katie: So you took it upon yourself to find out? And you don't think that that's my job, given everything that's happened?

Bill: It was just a phone call, Katie.

Katie: Yeah, but you -- you know how sensitive I am to the two of you. So you didn't think that slipping out here to make a secret phone call to my sister in the middle of a family celebration might upset me? I mean, why do you keep doing this?

Bill: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't want to upset you. And we've been having a wonderful time. I don't want to spoil that. Can we go back in? Okay?

Caroline: That's a blimp!

Thomas: That's a Black Hawk. That's a helicopter. It's military.

Wyatt: Dad, over here. Come settle something for us, will you?

Bill: What are you looking at?

Wyatt: Well, there's this --

Steffy: Just look.

Caroline: That's the blimp!

Steffy: Unidentified flying...

Wyatt: It's not a UFO.

Steffy: Yes, it is!

Steffy: Who wants one of Pam's infamous lemon bars?

Wyatt: Oh, yeah, she dropped those off even before the festivities began.

Thomas: Classic move -- she's trying to wrangle an invite.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: You think?

Caroline: [Laughs]

Steffy: I'm just kidding. She already -- she already had plans. Eat one.

Caroline: No, I can't.

Thomas: No, no, no.

Wyatt: No way. Unh-unh.

Katie: What'd I miss?

Wyatt: Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Bill: You know, I've realized that I didn't get to say everything I wanted to say earlier.

Steffy: Uh, about what?

Bill: Significance of family, specifically the Spencer family.

Thomas: And here we go again.

Bill: If you guys could just indulge me. I realize I've been harping on this a lot lately. Trust, commitment, integrity -- these aren't just words. Not when it comes to this family. Do we screw up? Do we make mistakes? Yes. Do we cut and run? Hell no. We work to make things better, and we're stronger for it -- my marriage to Katie in general, Katie specifically -- her strength, her resilience are a testament to that and to everything the Spencers stand for.

Wyatt: Nice speech, Dad. Come on. Let me talk to you over here.

[Indistinct conversations]

Wyatt: Well, that should earn you some points with the wife, huh? [Chuckles]

Bill: Speaking of that, uh, how's it going with you and your wife?

Wyatt: It's great. I think Steffy and I have a real shot at making our marriage as successful as yours. 'Cause of the stand you've taken. You set this bar that's so high for our family, and I just -- I can't thank you enough for that. I mean, not only are you the smartest man I've ever known, you're also the most principled. I'm just -- I'm so honored to be your son.

Steffy: I'm gonna eat them!

Thomas: There's so much powdered sugar on them.

Steffy: That is why I like them. I want to have more parties.

Thomas: How many parties are we gonna have? You can only have so many before...

Bill: Brooke, wait.

Katie: Bill. Who's on the phone?

Bill: Just, uh, the office.

Katie: I heard you say "Brooke."

[Indistinct conversation]

Caroline: Yeah. [Laughs] Yes!

Brooke: After Will was born and Katie was going through postpartum, she found out about Bill and me and she was able to forgive me. I-I don't know how. It took a while, but she got past all the pain, and she got past the heartache, and we were able to be sisters again. And I promised myself that I would not do anything to betray that relationship. And now look -- look. Look what I've done again. I mean, this time, Katie is not going to forgive me.

Liam: You don't know that.

Brooke: No, I betrayed her one too many times, Liam.

Liam: So, maybe you regain some of that trust by telling her the truth.

Brooke: I can't. I can't. I don't want her to suffer anymore. That is why I broke it off with Bill.

Liam: Okay, but you get that that's not good enough, right? I mean, merely breaking it off with my dad without letting Katie know that she was right all along, that doesn't -- that doesn't do anything to relieve her of the turmoil she's in. I mean, she's still gonna have all those same insecurities haunting her, upending her whole life.

Brooke: [Sighs] Her life's gonna be upended no matter what.

Liam: Brooke. Don't let another day go by keeping the truth from her. You tell her everything, and then you just be there. You just be there for her, if she lets you, and if she doesn't, that's okay, too, because at least you've given her the truth. At least you've given her the gift of sanity. I've spoken to Katie, and she's not in a good place, Brooke. I mean, one minute she's asking me how many of my father's secrets I'm keeping from her, and the next, she's telling me she swears she knows how much he loves her and how much you love her and --

Brooke: We do love her.

Liam: I'm not questioning that. I'm questioning what your love is doing to her. Look, she's always gonna be your little sister, you're always gonna feel protective of her. But keeping the truth from her -- that doesn't protect her from what she instinctively already knows, that you and my dad are involved. I mean, she -- she's such a brave person, you know? She's survived so much, and she doesn't deserve this, and the longer that you keep this secret, the worse it is for her, and I'm not gonna allow that. It has to come from you, Brooke. Set Katie free.

Caroline: And this happened while you were still living in Paris?

Thomas: No, I was as shocked as you are right now.

Caroline: I'm not even gonna ask if you went through with it.

Thomas: I mean...

Caroline: Did -- wait. Did you?

Thomas: Yeah.

Bill: Either of you seen Katie?

Caroline: Uh, no, not recently.

Thomas: Unh-unh.

Caroline: Was everything okay?

Bill: I'm sure it is.

Thomas: Hey, do you think -- do you think our son has convinced his grandfather to let him stay up past his bedtime?

Caroline: Uh, probably. I'm -- I'm not really sure what they're doing, but I know that Ridge is grateful for the time.

Thomas: Yeah. [Clears throat] Did Dad talk to you about telling everyone that I'm Douglas' father yet, 'cause I-I think it's time we do that, Caroline.

Caroline: Let's not talk about this here.

Bill: Hey.

Wyatt: Hey, Dad. What's up?

Bill: I'm looking for Katie. You guys happen to see where she disappeared to?

Brooke: You will always be the greatest love of my life. Katie can never know that.

Katie: You're still in love with my husband? You know, I never wanted to drink before. It's come out of the blue. Because I have this little voice in my head, and it says, "Don't trust her."

Brooke: Nothing will ever happen between Bill and me.

Katie: And the only way I can quiet it is by having a drink. And I don't understand why it hasn't gone away.

Bill: Katie, I told you. There's nothing more important to your sister and me than your health.

Brooke: I heard you say "Brooke."

Bill: I am committed to this marriage and our family. I will love you until the day I die.

Liam: Tell Katie everything, and then just be there for her, if she lets you, and even if she doesn't, it's okay because at least you've given her the truth. You've given her the gift of sanity.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Katie: You and Bill told me that my jealousy was just in my head, and you were right.

Brooke: You don't have to feel insecure. Nothing will ever happen between Bill and me. Ever.

Katie: I'm gonna keep it together. For my family. I will.

Bill: I can't imagine where Katie could be.

Steffy: She's probably taking a walk on the beach.

Thomas: Yeah, she probably wanted some fresh air.

Wyatt: It's probably nothing to worry about, Dad.

[Cell phone rings]

Bill: That's her ringtone.

Caroline: Well, that's her purse.

[Ringing continues]

[Knock on door]

Liam: Uh, Katie. Hey! Hi. Hey. Come on in. Come on in. Are you -- Are you alone?

Katie: I was down the beach.

Liam: Uh, for Wyatt's party, right?

Katie: Yeah, I had to -- I had to leave. I couldn't stay there.

Liam: Wait a second. You just walked here? Did something happen? Hey. Katie, you okay?

Katie: Do you have anything to drink?

Liam: Yeah. Yeah, let me get you some water.

Katie: No, I-I-I don't want water. I want, um -- I want vodka. I think vodka sounds good.

Liam: Um...I don't think that's a good idea.

Katie: Don't say that, 'cause then you sound like everybody else. You sound like Bill and like... Brooke.

Liam: Have you -- Have you talked to her recently? Did she call you?

Katie: No. Why would he lie? Why?

Liam: Who?

Katie: Bill. [Voice breaking] I overheard him on a phone call with Brooke, and... and he lied about it. Is something going on? Or is it -- is it just all in my head? Because you're -- you're my friend, and I trust you, but I-I don't know what to think because I can't figure it out. He -- He's your father. If he's told you anything or if you know anything, then please, please tell me. Please, because...I trust you, and you're supposed to tell me the truth. So if you know anything, if you think that I'm making this up and it's all me, then you need to tell me that, too, because I can't live like this anymore. I ca-- I can't. Please help me. Please, Liam. Help.

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