B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/29/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/29/16


Episode # 7364 ~ Steffy tells Quinn that's she not welcome in her home; Bill & Ridge have differing opinions about Brooke, and they get up close and personal during their disagreement.

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Ridge: Leave her alone.

Bill: Excuse me?

Ridge: This isn't right, and you know it.

Bill: Why don't you back the hell up? This is none of your business.

Ridge: If you care about Brooke, let her go. Go home and honor your marriage, and honor your wife.

Rick: Hey, I'm telling you, you got the wrong guy.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Rick: [Chuckles] All right, Captain Will.

Will: I got him!

Katie: You did!

Rick: Ah, it looks like I'm gonna be going to jail for a little while.

Katie: I know, I know. I hope you get out soon, because you know Lizzy is gonna be as big as he is any day now.

Rick: I know. She's already growing up so fast. I just want her to stay this tiny forever, you know?

Katie: You should bring her by. You know, I'll cook dinner for you and Maya.

Rick: Oh, that sounds good. Hey, have you been helping your mom with her culinary skills?

Katie: Yes, yes. We like to cook, don't we? Yes. We're making steak and asparagus tonight, because that's Bill's favorite, right?

Rick: Yum. I thought Bill would be here by now.

Katie: Yeah. Uh, me too. But I-I wanted to talk to you alone.

Rick: Yeah, about what?

Katie: About your mother. Let's go see if there's something in the other room to play with. What do you think?

Wyatt: We need to practice.

Steffy: Uh, taking pictures?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Steffy: Like I need practice. Okay.

Wyatt: What -- you're gonna be the new face of Spencer on social media. I-I'm putting the whole company's faith in you and your gazillion followers. I got to make sure that you can bring it.

Steffy: How do you think I got those followers, mmkay?

Wyatt: I don't know. Well, you talk a big game but, you know...

Steffy: Well, it's all about the angles.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: You know, eyes down.

Wyatt: Okay.

Steffy: A few filters.

Wyatt: Uh-huh.

Steffy: You know, like...

[Camera shutter clicks]

Wyatt: R--

Steffy: What?

Wyatt: Really?

[Camera shutter clicks]

Wyatt: Really?

[Camera shutter clicks]

Steffy: What -- what are you -- this doesn't work for you?

Wyatt: No filter in the world is gonna fix what's going on right there with that face. It's this... [Humming]

[Knock on door]

Steffy: You --

Quinn: Hey, Wyatt -- Oh! Oops, I'm sorry. The -- the door was unlocked.

Steffy: Quinn, what are you doing here?!

Steffy: Why are you here?

Quinn: Why else? To see my son, of course.

Steffy: You're not allowed here. You know that.

Quinn: But I've been behaving, and -- and I -- and I've given you your space, and... I miss my family.

Steffy: We're not your family.

Katie: Okay. I-I don't know how much your mother has been telling you about what I have been dealing with for the last few months.

Rick: Well, she's -- she's filled me in a bit here and there. Says you've been struggling.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, I, um... I've been drinking too much. And it doesn't help that Brooke and Bill are always alone and having private meetings about me.

Rick: I don't know. I mean, you're talking about your sister and your husband. I'm -- I'm sure they're just concerned.

Katie: Sure. That's part of it. But maybe it's something more?

Rick: You don't think those two are...?

Katie: You said that Brooke was seeing someone new. But you didn't say who it was. Could it be Bill?

Bill: I think you have enough going on in your own life. Stop interfering in mine.

Ridge: You want to throw away your family, you go ahead. Leave Brooke out of it.

Bill: Brooke doesn't need you to come rescue her in my office. So, be a gentleman and back out the door.

Ridge: Look at her. It's tearing her apart. You don't see that?

Brooke: Ridge, please.

Bill: Give it a rest. This has nothing to do with you.

Ridge: I care about Brooke, and I care about Katie. Katie, who's so devoted to you for whatever reason. This is how you repay her? This stops today.

Wyatt: Mom, text me. The next time you want to stop by, you have to let me know first.

Quinn: Yeah, but I've never had to do that before.

Steffy: There are rules, Quinn. This is how it's gonna be.

Quinn: Look, Steffy, I-I realize that you're still really upset with me a-about everything that happened with Liam. And what I did was terrible, and -- and I know that what I did was wrong. But you are my family. Wyatt is always going to be my son.

Steffy: You're dangerous, Quinn. I'm trying to protect myself. And I'm trying to protect Wyatt. I don't want her in our lives. This is not healthy.

Wyatt: She's still my mother, Steffy.

Steffy: Fine. Fine. If you want to see her, that's okay. But not here. Not in our house. I never want to see you again.

Bill: Who are you to preach about right and wrong?

Ridge: Brooke is too good to be a side piece, and I think you know that.

Bill: You don't know what you're talking about. That's not what she is to me. That's not who she's ever been.

Ridge: Regardless, she deserves better. So does Katie. And she's at home waiting for you.

Bill: What do you know about honor and integrity? You? You're manipulating Thomas and Caroline. You're keeping your son away from his own kid. Are you kidding me?

Ridge: Brooke wants her life back. Let her have it.

Brooke: Ridge, I appreciate you coming over here and helping me out. It's just I need to talk to Bill alone.

Ridge: You sure?

Brooke: Yes.

Bill: There's nothing more to say. I'm not letting you go.

Rick: Bill and my mom having an affair, cheating on you? You don't really believe that.

Katie: I don't want to.

Rick: My mom would never do that. There's no way.

Katie: Yeah, but she does have feelings for him.

Rick: Well, even if she did, she would never act on it. She loves you too much.

Katie: Hi, bud! Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Oh, my goodness. Oh, you're getting so heavy. Hey, should we call Daddy and find out where he is?

Will: Yep.

Katie: Yep. Let's do that. Let's do it.

Brooke: We have to settle this, Bill. It's gotten way out of hand.

[Cell phone rings]

Bill: Hey, buddy!

Katie: Hey!

Will: Hey!

Katie: Hi. Um, Officer Spencer here wants to know when you're coming home for dinner. What did we make? You want to tell Daddy what we made?

Will: I want juice.

Katie: Okay. We made -- we made steaks and asparagus.

Bill: Steak? How does Daddy like his steak?

Will: Bloody!

Katie: Bloody!

Bill: Bloody. That's my boy. Um... All right, well, listen, you -- you be good for Mommy, and, uh, I'm gonna be, uh, coming home soon, okay? I can't wait to see you.

Katie: Okay. Let's say bye-bye to Daddy.

Will: Bye, Daddy!

Katie: Say bye-bye. You want to wave bye-bye? Bye-bye! Bye-bye, Daddy! All right.

Will: Bye, Daddy!

Bill: Bye, buddy.

Brooke: They cherish you. That's your family. You should be with them. Not with me.

Bill: We can't live without each other, Brooke. We've tried. We can't. Katie and I haven't been happy in a long time.

Brooke: All marriages have their ups and downs. They all have their challenges. Yours is no exception. You have to commit yourself to your wife and your son. Be there for her. We've been torturing her. So this has to stop. Whatever we've been doing, this -- this has to end. Today.

Katie: This is for Bill, not for me.

Rick: You know, I can't speak for Bill, but I know my mom would never betray you. She wouldn't be able to live with herself.

Katie: [Sighs] I've asked her about it.

Rick: Yeah? What did she say?

Katie: She says that nothing's happened. But Bill... He's different. You know, he doesn't look at me the same way. He doesn't hold me and kiss me the way he used to. It's... If there is another woman, and if that woman is Brooke... I mean, where is he right now? He -- he's at the office. Why? It -- This is what makes me insecure. I start thinking, you know, what is he doing? Is he alone? Is he with Brooke? Is he up to something? I don't want to think this way, but I can't help it.

Rick: You know, if I can offer any advice, try not to worry about it. Try and trust them. I know it's easier said than done.

Katie: I know. You're right. I... All I can do is have faith in them. You should go. I'm sure Maya and the baby are waiting for you.

Rick: I'll bring them over soon.

Katie: Oh, I -- I wish you would. Thank you for coming over.

Rick: Any time. I love you.

Katie: I love you, too.

Rick: Make sure you tell Will I said goodbye.

Katie: I will. I will get him to pardon you. [Laughs]

Bill: My life is no good without you. I'm not giving up on us.

Brooke: Katie can read you, Bill. She can tell when you're sincere. She can also tell when your desires are somewhere else. She can sense it. She can feel it. Why do you think she's been spinning out of control? Because of us. Because of the lies that we've been telling her. You need to just go home. You need to be with Katie. You need to be there as a man, as a husband, as a father. Don't throw away your marriage and your family. Don't do it. It's just not worth it.

Bill: I don't want to lose them. But I don't want to lose you, either.

Brooke: You already have. I'm already gone. So you just need to go home and be there for Katie, and reassure her that she is the only one, and that there's nobody else.

Steffy: I'm not telling you that you can't see your son. You just cannot come here. Not Forrester, not Spencer, nowhere. You're not welcome. Do you understand that?

Quinn: I'm really sorry you feel that way.

Steffy: Okay. Be his mom. Be with him. That is fine. I just don't want you near me. Stay away from me. Stay away from Liam. I mean, do you realize how grateful you should be? You -- you could be in prison right now for what you did to him.

Quinn: I have apologized about a thousand times.

Steffy: And it's not enough.

Quinn: Do you really think you can cut me out of your lives forever?

Steffy: Yep, that's what I intend to do, Quinn. That's what I intend to do, because you are evil. You are an evil witch.

Wyatt: Okay, can we just calm down, please? Everybody. Mom, time to wrap this up, please.

Quinn: I know I messed up. But all I have ever wanted is to be accepted by you. And to be loved and respected by my son.

Steffy: Oh, my...

Quinn: I don't -- [Scoffs] I don't know want to be a pariah.

Steffy: Oh, just stop! Stop! I'm finished with you. I-I've given you so many chances. I just -- I cannot be associated with this. So from here on out, you will stay away from me and my family. I do not want you in my life.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Ridge. What -- what are you...?

Ridge: I thought I'd hang back and make sure you're okay. How'd it go?

Brooke: I told him that there can't be a future with us. That it's just too devastating to -- to Katie. And he heard me. He understood. You know, it's [Sighs] I just wish I didn't care so much. I've been trying. I really have.

Ridge: Hey, you got to try harder. Put that guy behind you.

Brooke: Yeah. It's the only option. As much as I love him, I love Katie even more. And her happiness is what matters.

Bill: I'm home. I am home.

Steffy: She just pops in whenever she wants. She stirs the pot and then she disappears.

Wyatt: Yeah, you made it pretty clear that you don't want her here.

Steffy: Oh, good. Your mother's a liability.

Wyatt: I know that.

Steffy: You know, I just -- I wonder, like, what does she do when she leaves here? Like, where does she go? Who does she hang out with?

Wyatt: I imagine she works on her jewelry. Or throws toads in her cauldron, because I can't believe you called her a witch earlier.

Steffy: Oh, whatever. It's like, does she have any friends, or are you just it?

Wyatt: I think I'm pretty much it, Steffy.

Steffy: I meant what I said.

Wyatt: I know. And I agree with you. She can't be dropping by here whenever she wants.

Steffy: No, she can never, ever, ever drop by here.

Wyatt: She heard you. And so did I. Okay? Look, she knows the house is off limits, but I'm her son. I'm all she has, okay? Like, you only get one mother in this life, and that's what I'm stuck with. I don't think she's capable of change at this point.

Steffy: Y-you see, that -- that's the problem.

Wyatt: Okay. Can we just talk about something more important? Like snaps? Hashtags? Followers? All that stuff.

Steffy: Yeah. Fine. I'm fine with not talking about Quinn.

Wyatt: Okay.

Steffy: As long as she stays away from me and my family. Okay?

Wyatt: Okay. Come here. Okay.

Quinn: Oh, good. You're still here. I can't get enough of you.

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