B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/28/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/28/16


Episode # 7363 ~ Steffy gets a crash course in marketing herself on social media for Spencer Publications; Ridge & Brooke console one another regarding their current love lives.

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[Billís flashback]

Brooke: I can't do this anymore. Goodbye, Bill.

[Present time]

[Cell phone rings]

Brooke: Hello?

Bill: Where are you?

Brooke: I can't talk now. Please don't call back.

Ridge: Spencer. And the two of you are involved?

Bill: Everything looks great, Marcy.

Marcy: Thank you, Mr. Spencer. I have been doing this for years. After my stint in search and rescue, of course.

Bill: Really?

Marcy: And the juggling arts.

Bill: Juggling as well! Quite the jack of all trades, aren't you? Well, I appreciate you putting this together so quickly. Didn't mean to blindside you.

Marcy: That's okay, Mr. Spencer. I am always up for a challenge.

Wyatt: Whoa!

Steffy: Whoa!

Wyatt: What's all this?

Bill: You called the meeting. I provided the refreshments, fresh for my son and his wife.

Steffy: Champagne and caviar. Serious refreshments.

Bill: Dig in. I may have another meeting after this one.

Steffy: Well, I'm happy to accommodate.

Marcy: Oh, let me get that for you. I used to be a photographer.

Steffy: Oh, great. Thank you.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Marcy: And a model.

Steffy: Oh, my -- [Laughs]

Bill: And a model. Okay, uh, Marcy, we've got it from here. Thank you.

Steffy: Thank you.

[Door opens]

Bill: Bye, Marcy. Thanks again. Wow. Woman does everything. Thought I did a lot of stuff.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Bill: Well, not bad, huh? I mean, you know, despite everything, we have a lot to be grateful for.

Wyatt: What do you mean, everything? Got some problems we don't know about?

Bill: Nothing to stress over, son. Let's just say that you and Steffy are, uh, bright stars in my otherwise cloudy sky.

Wyatt: But there are clouds? Dad, if there's a problem...

Bill: Ah, bump in the road. It'll all work out.

Wyatt: Did you post a picture?

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Wyatt: She's got like thousands of followers.

Bill: Oh, I believe she has hundreds of thousands.

Wyatt: All following my beautiful wife.

Bill: Well, put it on silent for now.

Wyatt: Why? It's the tone of the whole meeting. It's a global outreach, a ripple in the universe, all directed at Steffy, all because she posted a picture of fish eggs and wine.

Steffy: Uh, excuse me. It's caviar and fine champagne, okay? It's all about marketing, Bill.

Bill: And let me guess what the product is.

Steffy: Well, me, of course.

Bill: Of course. You better be careful. Starting to sound like your old man.

Steffy: [Chuckles]

Ridge: You and Spencer? Again?˯ Really?

Brooke: [Sighs] I know.

Ridge: So when did this latest chapter start?

Brooke: I-I don't think it ever really ended.

Ridge: So you were with him the whole time?

Brooke: No. No, I made a clean break, at least I thought I did. I really wanted Katie and Bill to work things out. But she became depressed and she started drinking. She's -- She's been out of control, Ridge.

Ridge: So then what? Bill turned to you for help and...

Brooke: No, Katie turned to me for help, and I couldn't help her and neither could Bill. You know how she gets when she isn't herself.

Ridge: Yeah, no, of course. So Bill had to make a move on you. It makes sense.

Brooke: No, it wasn't like that. The truth is... I don't think I ever stopped loving him.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Brooke: He gave me something that was missing in my life, something that I hadn't had --

Ridge: Since me. A man who adored you.

Brooke: Yeah. Whatever. The point is, I can't believe that I did something like that to Katie. I'm really angry with myself about it.

Ridge: Okay, okay. Let's make a light of it. But...you made a mistake. That's all. I've made a few myself.

Wyatt: We have a demo problem.

Bill: Agreed. Younger demographic.

Wyatt: Exactly. We have a growing younger audience, and we need to reach them. Like, they're getting their news and their entertainment and their gossip from online. Magazines and newspapers are passť. We have to take action right now.

Bill: What do you have in mind?

Wyatt: Steffy takes a picture of champagne and caviar and puts it on the Internet, right? Hundreds of thousands of her followers react to that, and she's driving traffic directly to Forrester.

Bill: And we have a team that's constantly posting and, uh, dropping exclusives.

Wyatt: Yes, but we need a face, Dad.

Bill: A face? Well, thank you, son. I'm flattered.

Wyatt: Or the younger, sexier female version who already has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Bill: Fine. Whatever.

Steffy: Wait. Me?

Wyatt: Yes. Dad, we need to be more creative with the -- the branding and marketing side. How many fashion magazines do we publish? Lifestyle, celebrity, all of that. We cover it all. But we need to market the Hell out of it on social media. This lifestyle, the luxury lifestyle.

Steffy: Yeah, you drop a hint and the world goes nuts. I mean, that's what we do with the Forrester collections.

Wyatt: Exactly. Dad, Steffy can bring people to this brand. Just imagine. The excess, the overindulgence, the high life, the good life, everything that you live for.

Steffy: Uh, do I get a say in this?

Wyatt: Of course. Yeah.

Steffy: Okay, I'm all for content marketing, but I just -- I don't know. I just think it's a little, um, out there.

Wyatt: Out there! Over the top! Outrageous! Whatever! It's all of that and more. It's the beauty of the dream life. Everything that money can buy. And we can write it off. We buy it, she sells it, we sell the magazines that feature it.

Bill: I like it. Flashy, integrative, low risk. Good pitch, son. Now, if you can get your wife on board, I say we run with it.

[Door opens]

Bill: Liam, come on in.

[Door closes]

Liam: Uh, what's going on?

Wyatt: Just a company makeover. And wait till you hear about it.

Ridge: You'll get through this. I'll help you get through this.

Brooke: [Scoffs] I just feel so lost.

Ridge: I'm sorry. But we'll get you back on track.

Brooke: You were always good at that. Listen to me, sounding like I'm dependent on a man. First it was you, then it was Bill. I don't need to be defined by a man. I-I can be a strong woman. I-I was that woman at some point in my life.

Ridge: [Chuckles] You sure were.

Brooke: It just seems like a long time ago.

Ridge: This is tough. This is a tough decision. But it's Katie. It's her family. You get that.

Brooke: I know. I know. I can't believe I was even doing this to her.

Ridge: You can't be his choice. You -- You can't. You... If Katie and Bill, if they're gonna have a chance to work through this, you got to give it to them. And Will -- That little boy, he deserves his real mom and dad to raise him. Every child deserves that.

Brooke: I know. You're right. Thank you. Did you realize what you just said? Every child deserves to be raised by their parents. Their real parents.

Liam: Did I miss a memo? 'Cause this looks like a meeting.

Bill: Your brother's pitching a new project.

Liam: Oh. Oh! One that's enormously profitable?

Bill: Well, I can see that's a little bit of sarcasm on your part, but yes.

Liam: Great. Fantastic.

Bill: Potentially, yes.

Liam: We can allocate some of that to a foundation.

Bill: We resolved this issue, Liam.

Liam: Not to my satisfaction.

Bill: This is a business, not a charity!

Wyatt: Yeah, you got a bank account. Go be generous with it, just not with ours.

Steffy: I'd like to hear more about this foundation.

Bill: [Clears throat]

Liam: Look at that. We all give to charity, right? Most of us do. Spencer's in a privileged position to being able to do more than that, a whole lot more than that. We are a media conglomerate. We tell the world about all the problems it faces every single day. Why -- Why would we not be on the forefront of helping solve some of those problems? It's a good fit, it makes perfect sense, and the PR we would get from it -- You know this, Wyatt -- would be awesome. Hey! Yo! Dad! I'm t-- I'm talking!

Bill: Sorry, Liam. I just feel like I heard all this before, but do go on.

Liam: How do you guys not see the value in this? Do you -- Do you see what I see?

Steffy: I do.

Wyatt: But what you're asking of us, Liam, is to change our whole business model into something that it's not.

Liam: No, I'm not! It's a foundation! It wouldn't even be in the building!

Steffy: Eric and my father might be interested in this. What about you, Bill?

Bill: Not remotely interested. I help the world and the world economy by employing thousands upon thousands of people. I don't have time for this.

Liam: Fine. Okay. Fine. I'll do it on my own.

Bill: That's what I told you to do two hours ago! So do it! Not on company time!

Wyatt: Or with company expense.

Liam: Right. [Snaps fingers] Those precious, precious profits. Wouldn't want to mess with those.

[Door closes]

Ridge: You said you were lost. I don't know. You want to know what lost looks like? It's this right here. That's the definition. I tried to give Caroline everything that she wanted. I wanted to give her a family and protect her and Douglas.

Brooke: No one can fault you for that.

Ridge: I don't know. They can. I was being selfish. I was being King Ridge. Just take whatever I want from whoever I want. I took my son's baby.

Brooke: You were just doing what you thought was best for Douglas.

Ridge: No. I was doing what I thought was best for me. As always. I wanted to give Caroline the life that she was dreaming about. [Sighs] So I took somebody else's kid. Who does that? But to be fair, I thought Thomas had taken advantage of Caroline. Did you know that? Yeah, well... I guess I was wrong 'cause it was explained to me that it was all... What's the word? It was, um... It was all a misunderstanding. [Scoffs] So I guess the only one taking advantage of Caroline was me.

Brooke: Oh, Ridge.

Ridge: No, that's okay. I'm, uh, I-I have given up all claims on Douglas. I'm not his father. Thomas is.

Brooke: What? Did you tell that to Caroline?

Ridge: Sure. And I told Thomas. And we're not going public yet because, you know, we got to try to control the story.

Brooke: [Sighs] You must be devastated.

Ridge: I don't know. Just I'm -- I'm numb. Just numb right now. It's not my family. It's his. It's a family. I made the right choice. I did the right thing. And now you got to do the right thing, because Bill and Katie, their family and Will. He has a mom and he has a dad. So you got to let Spencer go.

Ridge: Well, thank you. Thank you for letting me lay that on you.

Brooke: [Chuckles] Don't be silly. I just finished telling you my tawdry story.

Ridge: We're good like that, right, the two of us?

Brooke: Yeah. We always have been. You seem okay.

Ridge: I'm all right now that I've unburdened myself.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Ridge: What?

Brooke: I remember when you first came back from Paris, when we first saw each other.

Ridge: At the fountain.

Brooke: I thought you were coming back for me. It's funny how life works, isn't it?

Ridge: Hilarious. You got to stop this thing with Bill. Go stop it now.

Brooke: I know. I told him that last time I saw him.

Ridge: Yet he keeps calling you.

Brooke: Yeah, well, he's not taking no for an answer.

Ridge: Because you're not being firm.

Brooke: But I told him to stay with Katie. He's just not accepting it.

Ridge: Hey. Don't let him have a choice. Don't do it. That's your job. Okay?

Brooke: Okay.

Steffy: You know, there's nothing wrong wanting to help the world.

Wyatt: Of course not. And if Liam wants to do that, then -- then he should. And when he does, we'll be the first to contribute.

Steffy: You mean that?

Wyatt: Yeah, of course. My brother has a big heart. I know that. And his foundation's gonna be a huge success. Same for us. But I kind of need you on board with my project. It's gonna be huge. I'm telling you. I feel it in my gut. Dad's already on board. Now I need you on board. I mean, we could take the world by storm. Do you want to do that or not?

Steffy: I just -- I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Like, social media queen -- that's, like, something Caroline would do.

Wyatt: Okay, first off.

Steffy: What?

Wyatt: No offense to the queen of selfies, but...

Steffy: [Laughs]

Wyatt: ...you have more followers.

Steffy: Okay.

Wyatt: No, but you're the image that I want to promote. And more importantly, like, I get to work with you. And that's all I care about. We're gonna sell the lifestyle like crazy, and it'll be fun.

Steffy: I know. I know you'll make sure of that.

Wyatt: Yeah. It's just -- It's important to me, you know? Dad gave me this job, and I just... I feel like there's a shadow of doubt that...

Steffy: No, no, no. Bill believes in you.

Wyatt: Yeah, he wants to, you know? You know the old man. He -- He needs proof that I'm a Spencer, that I can -- I can make my way in this world. And Liam's gonna do that with this foundation, and I have to do that with this company. I will do that. But I kind of need your help. My beautiful, sexy bride. Like, the whole world won't be able to resist that.

Steffy: Oh, really?

Wyatt: 'Cause I can't. So are you with me?

Steffy: How can I resist?

Wyatt: Hmm.

[Door opens]

Bill: I knew you'd come back.

Brooke: Bill. We can't do this. [Sighs]

Bill: Come on.

Brooke: Wait. This has to stop.

Bill: How can we stop? We need this. We both know it. It's going to work out for us. Trust me. I love you.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Ridge: That's enough. Take your hands off her.

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