B&B Transcript Monday 6/20/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/20/16


Episode # 7357 ~ Rick & Steffy become suspicious when Ridge suddenly has a new attitude toward his nemesis; Bill is forced to give a quick explanation when Liam uncovers his private rendezvous spot.

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Liam: What the hell?

Katie: You keep eating all of the chocolate chips, we're not gonna have anymore for the cookies!

Bill: Hey!

Katie: Hey!

Bill: What is going on here?

Katie: We are making chocolate chip cookies. You're just in time.

Bill: Hi. [Growling] How come you grew?

Will: [Giggling]

Bill: That's my chocolate chip right there.

Katie: Oh, my gosh. That's funny, huh?

Bill: Look at this. Aww, you know I love chocolate chips. Can I have one? Can Daddy have one? Can I -- Come on. Let's go. Mmm!

Katie: Delicious.

Bill: That is so good.

Katie: [Laughs] You are in a good mood. I like it.

Bill: Yeah, I feel, uh, lighter today, like -- like my life is in order. And I have everything I need.

Katie: Yeah. Everything you need is right here.

Bill: All right, uh, how can I help here?

Katie: All right, I think, Daddy, you are on egg-cracking duty.

Bill: Egg-cracking duty? All right. Watch. Here we go. [Cracks egg]

Katie: Ah!

Bill: Here we go.

Zende: What was that for?

Nicole: My way of saying thank you for putting our relationship ahead of everything else.

Zende: It would have been a great opportunity, but nothing's worth making you feel uncomfortable.

Nicole: Not only are you the most amazing boyfriend ever, but you are very talented, Zende, and they will give you another assignment.

Zende: Already got one.

Nicole: You did? What is it?

Zende: Photographing shoes for the catalog.

Steffy: Great. You feel good in that?


Pam: Do people really wear this stuff? There's hardly any fabric.

Thomas: No, Pam, I think it'd look really hot on you, actually.

Pam: Oh, stop.

Thomas: [Laughs]

Ridge: Ladies, meet Sax, our new photographer.

Sasha: Oh, hi. I'm Sasha.

Sax: Hey.

Sasha: Hi. So nice to meet you.

Sax: I'm really looking forward to working with all of you.

Thomas: Sax is one of the best in New York. We're really lucky to have him.

Ridge: And on such short notice.

Steffy: We really appreciate you stepping in. We weren't expecting Zende to drop out.

Sasha: Yeah, well, I don't really think he had much of a choice.

Nicole: Well, shoes make the outfit.

Zende: I'll make it work. I was hoping for something more exciting, but, you know...

Nicole: At least you don't have to deal with the attitude of models. I mean, shoes can't talk back.

Zende: [Chuckles]

Nicole: I will admit that I was impressed that Sasha offered to step down.

Zende: It wasn't an option for me. I couldn't let Sasha sacrifice an opportunity like that. Didn't feel right.

Sax: Very nice. Very nice, ladies. There we go. I love that. Beautiful. Just a little bit more to your left. Yes.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Sax: Oh, yes. Just chin to camera. There you go. Yes. Hold that right there. Yes.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Sax: That is the cover right there. Just follow me with your eyes. Yeah. Perfect. That's gorgeous. Maybe a little interaction.

Thomas: I thought Sasha and Zende were over.

Ridge: Yeah, they probably are, but Nicole wasn't happy with them working together.

Rick: Hey, what's this I hear about a new photographer?

Steffy: Ask your nephew.

Ridge: Hey, Rick, I'm glad you're here. Truce.

Rick: What?

Ridge: I want us to be able to work together.

Rick: You're joking, right?

Ridge: Nope. I want to put everything behind us and start over. What do you say?

Rick: What's the catch?

Ridge: No catch. Your mom is heartbroken at the idea that you might be leaving town. And the fact is, we need you here at Forrester. Wouldn't be the same without you.

Will: Choo!

Katie: Achoo!

Bill: Hey. You see anything on my nose? Anything on my --

Katie: Is anything on --

Bill: Do you see anything there? Do you see anything? Nothing? Yeah, what?

Katie: [Laughs]

Bill: How about this? Hey, how about --

Katie: Oh, does Mommy have -- Do I have something on my nose?

Will: No.

Katie: [Laughs]

Bill: [Growls] I'm gonna get you.

Katie: Oh, my gosh. Hey, you are so cute with him.

Bill: Yeah, we always have a lot of fun, don't we, buddy? Don't we, don't we, don't we?

Katie: Well, the Spencers know how to have a good time. That is for sure.

Bill: What? Hey, can you help me out? Can you clean my face? Can you clean me? Thank you.

Katie: I love seeing you like this. I love your commitment to your family and to us. And whatever has gotten into you, I hope you keep it up, all right? [Chuckles]

Bill: I'm planning on it. This is the man I'm going to be from now on.

Alison: Liam. What are you doing in here?

Liam: When did all this happen? This used to be my dad's private gym.

Alison: Well, yes. This is now your father's napping room.

Liam: Napping room? My dad doesn't nap.

Alison: He does now. He's been reading some articles.

Liam: About...napping?

Alison: How it's healthy for the mind.

Liam: Uh-huh.

Alison: I see you, uh, found Mrs. Spencer's earring.

Liam: I thought you said it was a napping room.

Alison: You know how it is with a little one at home. It's not always easy to find an opportunity.

Liam: Okay, so this is Katie's?

Alison: Yes. Definitely. It's Mrs. Spencer's.

Zende: You don't have to keep thanking me.

Nicole: I can't help it. I feel bad.

Zende: Don't. Look, I'm not worried about it.

Nicole: I just...wouldn't have been able to deal. I trust you, but --

Zende: But you don't trust Sasha.

Nicole: Thank you for understanding. I'm really grateful that you did this for me, for us.

Sax: Perfect. A little smile.

Sasha: [Laughs]

Sax: [Chuckles] Like that smile. Perfect. Yeah. Turn up the heat a little bit. Beautiful. Gorgeous.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Rick: You need me? Those are words I never thought come out of your mouth.

Ridge: Well, I didn't think they'd come out of my mouth, either, but here they are. We all know how important you are to the company and how important the company is to you. We can work on some projects together, so we would like you to stay.

Rick: Oh. Is he on something?

Steffy: I'm not sure.

Ridge: "He's" not on anything. I just, uh, would like for you to stick around.

Rick: Well, uh, definitely some things to hash out. Uh, to an invitation like that from you... How could I say no?

Ridge: Good. I'm glad, not just for the company, but for your mother and for your father, as well.

Rick: I'm just gonna tell Maya the good news, all right?

Ridge: Excellent.

Steffy: Okay, what was that all about?

Bill: Mmm! You gonna share this?

Katie: All right, here comes the next batch.

Bill: Those are good! Wow! They're so good!

Katie: Are they delicious? Well, I'm not sure if you realized this, but this is the premier cookie chef in the world.

Bill: Well, you don't have to tell me. I-I can taste it.

Katie: Yeah.

Bill: I'm having kind of a vision.

Katie: [Laughs]

Bill: Spencer's Cookies. A new business venture.

Katie: That sounds like a great idea.

Will: Spencer's Cookies!

Katie: Spencer's Cookies!

Bill: Spencer's Cookies! Exactly! You're gonna be a coverboy.

Katie: I'm not sure if this is a good time or not, but I just want to tell you that I'm sorry.

Will: Spencer's Cookies!

Katie: [Chuckles]

Bill: You -- You don't have to say that, Katie. You have nothing to apologize for.

Will: Cookie!

Katie: I-I know that I haven't been the easiest person to live with, and I've had challenges, but it's all under control. I know that might be hard to believe given my ups and downs.

Will: [Growling]

Bill: Everything's fine now.

Katie: Well, I know I haven't been the kind of wife that you want me to be lately.

Bill: We all have our issues, Katie. The important thing is to find individual fulfillment in your life.

[Cell phone rings]

Bill: This better be good, Alison.

Alison: We have a little issue at the office here, sir. Um, Liam discovered your... napping room.

Bill: My what?

Alison: Your...special room, your former workout room. Must have forgotten to lock it, but don't worry. I told him you were reading up on naps and how important they were. Um, but there was one thing. He found a woman's earring.

Bill: Earring?

Alison: I told him it was Mrs. Spencer's. He didn't appear suspicious, but I thought you should know.

Bill: Thanks, Alison.

Katie: What's this about an earring?

Bill: Oh, uh, it's -- it's an accessories issue for Eye on Fashion.

Katie: Ah.

Will: Thirsty!

Katie: Okay, well, we'll get you some water.

Liam: Do I smell baked goods?

Katie: Oh, my gosh! Look who's here!

Liam: I think I smell baked goods! Chef Spencer!

Bill: Hey, son.

Liam: Hey, Dad. Good day at work?

Vivienne: I understand why you feel bad for Zende. But you made the right decision.

Nicole: [Sighs] You sure it's not asking too much?

Vivienne: No! Of course not. Mnh-mnh. Sasha prancing around in lingerie? No way. Not a chance. You are very smart not to let that happen.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Sax: Perfect. Gorgeous. Love that. Awesome. There we go. Nice. Very good. Couple more like these. Perfect. Hold that. Okay, coming in close. There we go. Eyes to me. Eyes to me. Eyes to me. Eyes to me.

[Both laugh]

Sasha: You're too much fun.

Sax: I think we got everything we need.

Sasha: Yeah? Are you happy?

Sax: Yeah. You did great today.

Sasha: Oh, stop it.

Sax: Hey, seriously. You did a wonderful job, Sasha. It was an absolute joy working with you.

Sasha: Thank you.

Sax: I'll get some proofs over to Ridge as soon as possible.

Sasha: Great.

Zende: Looks like the shoot went well.

Sasha: Yeah, uh... Wasn't the same without you, though. You should be the photographer, Zende, okay, not Sax and not anyone else. You know that.

Ridge: Just trying to keep some peace around here.

Steffy: With Rick? He's been actively trying to get you out of the office, bent on revenge for months! And now you're just reaching out? It doesn't make sense.

Ridge: What choice do I have?

Steffy: And you -- you believe this, this sudden change of heart?

Thomas: Dad's CEO. He's got a lot to do around here. He's got to protect the company, the family, and -- and --

Steffy: You don't like Rick! Neither do you!

Thomas: Steff, drop it. Rick has a right to be here. Besides, there's enough drama in the family anyways.

Steffy: Okay, what is going on with you two?

Thomas: It's like I said, we're -- we're fine.

Steffy: No, you're my father and my brother. Whatever it is, I deserve to know.

Bill: Should we give Liam one of the cookies you didn't eat? No?

Liam: No?!

Bill: No cookie for Liam?

Liam: Ohh!

Bill: Wait, wait. Let me try to help you out here.

Liam: Okay.

Bill: How about if I give you 10 bucks and a new toy car? Give him a cookie?

Will: No!

Bill: No?!

Liam: No?!

Bill: You're out. This is a tough negotiator. No cookie for you.

Liam: Yeah, I wonder where he gets it.


Katie: All right, well, I am proud of all of my boys, but this one is ready for his N-A-P. So good luck with all this sugar.

Bill: Come here. Have a good nap.

Katie: All right, all right. All right, bye-bye!

Liam: Bye!

Katie: Bye-bye!

Bill: Have a good nap! See you later, buddy. [Chuckles]

Liam: So, speaking of N-A-Ps, I stumbled upon your new napping room today.

Bill: Yeah! What do you think? It's cool, right?

Liam: Yeah, what happened to the private gym? What? You just tossed away all the equipment and put a bed in there? Why would you do that?

Bill: Have you really ever, you know, taken a good look at your dad here? Do I -- Do I look like I need to work out anymore? I knock out a couple pushups, I'm good to go. However...

Liam: All right.

Bill: However -- And listen to this, important for you, as well --20-minute power nap is key. It keeps you sharp throughout the day.

Liam: Uh-huh. So if you were alone, why did I find a woman's earring on the bed? Didn't do a lot of napping today, did you, Dad?

Steffy: I know you guys too well. You can't hide anything from me, so just tell me. What's going on?

Ridge: How about you're not gonna be concerned about us 'cause we actually are concerned about you. You have a lot on your plate right now.

Thomas: Look, with Liam being back, it's got to be hard for you being caught in the middle of all this, right?

Steffy: I'm married to Wyatt. And we're really excited about our future.

Ridge: And I think that's great, and we respect that, but we also know that you have feelings for Liam.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Liam: I mean, it's Katie's. The earring is -- is Katie's.

Bill: Well, of course, it's Katie's. Don't say anything to her. She'll be embarrassed.

Liam: Yeah, no, I-I won't mention it. Um, but I got to tell you, I was a little weirded out when I saw the whole setup. I mean, I could have sworn I smelled candles and then with a random piece of jewelry lying on the bed, it made me wonder for a second...

Bill: You smelled candles 'cause there's candles! Liam, when you're in a marriage, you know, periodically you have to spice things up. If you don't do that, it's as good as done.

Liam: Yeah, no, I know. And -- And I know how much commitment and loyalty mean to you, especially in a marriage. And I'll tell you something -- that is why I'm not running to Steffy right now, because of you, because of the example you set, because of your integrity as a man.

Nicole: Zende gave up a lot for me.

Vivienne: He's a grown man. He didn't have to do it if he didn't want to.

Nicole: But I asked him to walk away from a major opportunity.

Vivienne: I think that was the best decision for both of you. Why play with fire?

Nicole: I just hope it doesn't push him the wrong way.

Vivienne: Which way is that? Back to Sasha?

Nicole: [Sighs]

Zende: I respect you for trying to back out on my behalf. But that's not necessary, all right? It tells me a lot about who you are.

Sasha: I just hate to see you deprived of this experience. The lingerie line is one of the most high-profile at Forrester.

Pam: You're up next, Zende. Good luck working with all these heels. [Laughs] You get it? Heels! [Laughs] I crack myself up. [Laughs]

Sasha: Shoes? This is your assignment?

Zende: Well, when you say it like that, I guess I should just go work in the mailroom.

Sasha: Look, Zende, I'm just saying you gave up the lingerie line for footwear.

Zende: Sasha, let's be honest. You in lingerie, me taking photos, Nicole would have not let that fly. And I don't blame her.

Sasha: But this is your family business!

Zende: And Nicole is my lady.

Sasha: And I have to fight for what I believe in, okay? And I believe in you! Nicole is asking you to not live up to your fullest potential. I know you, Zende. Committing to Nicole would be a huge, gigantic mistake. Yes, she is sweet and wonderful. She's practically Mother Teresa and a Girl Scout wrapped into one, but she is asking you to turn down an incredible opportunity. And who knows? How many other incredible opportunities is she gonna have you turn down in the future? And you want to be married to that? No. I don't think so. You want... a little spice, some flavor. Am I right? I know you do. Look, I'm right, aren't I? Look at your face.

Zende: You're crazy.

Sasha: Just crazy about you.

Zende: Sasha...

Sasha: I'm -- I'm sorry. That was out of line. And, again, I'm really sorry that I lied about the pregnancy. It was a stupid, terrible mistake, and I wish I could take it back every single day. I was just scared. I-I felt you slipping away. Zende, you really are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You were the first and only guy to ever really make me feel like I was even kind of loved. [Chuckles] I just -- I didn't want to lose you. And if I'm honest... I still don't.

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