B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/14/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/14/16


Episode # 7353 ~ Liam is given a stern lecture by Bill about family & his possible excommunication; Thomas informs Caroline about the role he plans on playing in Douglas' life.

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Caroline: Hey. How was your swim?

Thomas: Hey. It was refreshing. You and Dad should have joined me.

Caroline: Oh, no, your dad is asleep.

Thomas: Already?

Caroline: Parenthood wipes him out. I'm sorry. I -- I shouldn't have said that, the whole "parenthood" thing. I wasn't thinking.

Thomas: It's fine. You shouldn't have to edit yourself in front of me. And besides, that's what -- that's what we agreed on, right? Dad is the father. [Sighs]

Caroline: Yeah, but I -- I put you in a mood.

Thomas: No, I was... I was already in a mood.

Caroline: What's going on?

Thomas: I'm worried about Steffy.

Liam: If your marriage isn't legal, if you have no reason to stay... you'll leave Wyatt, right?

Steffy: I don't understand.

Liam: Okay. I know, I know. I'm sorry. I know it's a lot to process, but the minister that you used is a crook.

Steffy: We -- We signed papers. I remember that, Liam.

Liam: Were they filed?

Steffy: I don't -- [Sighs]

Liam: You don't know. Did you ever get a copy of the marriage certificate? Do you have any reason whatsoever to think that it's legitimate? Okay, listen. Listen. If -- If the marriage is not valid, that means you're free.

Wyatt: So, that's the paperwork?

Emmy: Okay, Wyatt Spencer, Stephanie Forrester.

Wyatt: Yes.

Emmy: Okay, license application filed a few months ago.

Wyatt: Yes, yeah, that's right. Reverend Rydale was our officiant, and he's the one who... you know, I just want to know that everything's in order legally.

Bill: We need to know if the marriage is valid or not.

Caroline: Steffy all right?

Thomas: She was heading to Liam's last I knew, and... I don't know. He said it was urgent. Seems like he's gonna try and convince her to get back together with him.

Caroline: Yeah, but Wyatt and Steffy are married now. I can't see her just turning her back on him.

Thomas: She might have to. Especially if she still loves Liam more.

Steffy: What if I'm actually not married? [Sighs]

Liam: It's karma. It's -- It's got to be that. It's got to be karma. [Chuckles] I mean, I can't -- I can't wait to see the look on Quinn's face if she finds out that everything she's done -- you know, kidnapping me and manipulating you -- was for nothing, you know? You would -- You would leave Wyatt. I mean, I -- I need to hear you say that. If this marriage isn't legal, you would...come back to me, wouldn't you?

Emmy: This is your signature.

Wyatt: Yes, and that's Steffy's. Reverend Rydale said he was taking care of the filing of all this.

Emmy: Okay. Rydale, Rydale. Let me see how that's spelled. R-Y-D-A-L-E. Let me see. Let me go on my computer. Okay. All right -- Oh! Mm.

Wyatt: "Mm," what?

Emmy: Wow, so he's been licensed and ordained in the state for over 10 years now.

Wyatt: Yes! Excellent.

Emmy: You had a reason to think he wasn't?

Bill: No. Uh, we just recently learned that the good padre isn't always...reliable.

Emmy: Oh, a bit absent-minded, is he?

Wyatt: Criminally.

Emmy: Well, not in this case. According to the state of California, you're a married man.

Wyatt: [Sighs] Thank God. [Laughs] [Sighs]

Bill: I can always count on my girl Emmy.  Thank you.

Caroline: You okay?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, I'm just worried about Steffy.

Caroline: Yeah, I know. That's what you said. But I meant...with this. Douglas. This -- Our secret.

Thomas: I'm okay, yeah. I -- At least I should be. I mean, we all agreed this is what's best.

Caroline: Ridge and I really appreciate you putting Douglas' needs first.

Thomas: That's what a parent does, right?

[Door opens]

Wyatt: Steff?

[Door closes]

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Steffy: We don't even know if what you're saying is true. Okay, what if you're right? What if...my marriage isn't valid? I have a lot to think about.

Liam: What is there to think about? You have an out. If...you want it.

Steffy: I said vows. So what am I supposed to do? Just tell Wyatt that's not good enough? That just a piece of paper confirms our marriage? Not our tattoo? Not our words?

Liam: What you are saying? Are you saying you would stay with him?

Steffy: I don't know! I -- I don't know. I don't know. I'm so confused. But I can't take this thing off. This is a permanent reminder that I have a man to go home to. I am married!

Liam: It's a tattoo. It's ink. You can get a tattoo removed. We would just put another ring right on top of it. You never have to see the tattoo again, Steffy. [Chuckles] Take this shell.

Steffy: What? Why?

Liam: Just -- Just keep it on you, you know, like...in your purse or your pocket or something.

Steffy: I -- I don't know why you're doing --

Liam: Okay, every time you look down at your hand and you think that tattoo means you're stuck in a marriage that probably isn't even valid at this point... just take out this shell. Just hold it. Hold it in your hand. You think a tattoo is a reminder? A tattoo's not a reminder. That's just a mark that somebody put on you after you were tricked. This shell -- This -- This is a reminder of how far I'll go, how far I'll always go to get back to you. Take this. Remember this conversation. Remember how much I believe we'll be together again.

Bill: Am I interrupting?

Liam: Hey, Dad.

Bill: Hey, Liam. I was just with Wyatt... at the city clerk's office.

Steffy: What did you find out?

Bill: Your marriage is valid.

Liam: No.

Bill: It's true.

Liam: No. Well, hol-- Now, hold on a second. The minister's in jail. How can a marriage be valid by a --

Bill: Because he's a better minister than he is a burglar. But the Reverend is legit, and so was his paperwork.

Liam: But...

Bill: Time to skedaddle home -- to your husband. That is your brother's wife.

Liam: I don't care if it's my brother's --

Bill: Don't! I know it's crap. I know it's Quinn's fault. I know it never should have happened, but it did. And from this moment forward, you will respect that marriage.

Thomas: I want to go up there and give him a kiss good night. Is that fine?

Caroline: Oh, yeah. Go ahead. But if you wake him up, you're a dead man.

Thomas: You know what? On second thought, I'm just gonna wait until the morning.

Caroline: [Giggles]

Thomas: Yeah. [Inhales sharply] [Sighs] Happy family.

Caroline: Yeah. We are. Thanks in large part to you.

Thomas: It's difficult. You know?

Caroline: I understand. But we're all in this together.

Thomas: And -- And I see the logic in it. Mostly. I'm not gonna lie. This is hard. This is -- This is really hard. We created him. Not you and Dad. We did.

Steffy: Wow! Somebody's been reading my mind.

Wyatt: What are you talking about? These are both for me.

Steffy: Oh.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Steffy: Bad day at the police station?

Wyatt: You have no idea. I mean, you won't even believe what Liam went through. Or what I went through, I mean -- Phew.

Steffy: Tell me.

Wyatt: I thought that our marriage might have been in trouble.

Liam: How is this happening? How are you not on my side? You have been the biggest supporter of Steffy and me.

Bill: Yes, I was. But then she married your brother.

Liam: Yeah, because she was tricked, because Quinn kidnapped me and made her think that I didn't want to be with Steffy anymore!

Bill: But that's over, Liam! Why are you still acting like her victim?

Liam: Excuse me?

Bill: She stole your life. She -- She held you away from us. And I hate her for it. But there's one thing she didn't do. She didn't hold a gun to Steffy's head and force her to marry Wyatt.

Liam: Yeah, well, she may as well have. She manipulated the heck out of her.

Bill: She arranged for them to have some time away from you. And guess what. She was right. Wyatt and Steffy fell for each other, just like she knew they would. You had your chance with Steffy. Hell, you've had multiple chances. It never worked out, and now she's with Wyatt.

Liam: It never worked out? It never worked out?

Bill: It never worked out!

Liam: You are acting like we went on a couple of bad dates and called it quits, Dad. We had a child together, which we lost! We were married several times! We have been through more hardship than other couples can imagine!

Bill: And it never worked out, son! So, here we find ourselves. You can't change the past, but you can change your behavior moving forward. Suck it up. Act like a man. Let it go! I don't ever want to walk in and find you in an embrace with your brother's wife again. And no more pathetic, hangdog, doe-eyed, longing looks, either. None of it! Zero. Zip. Look at me! Do you understand? Because I will not tolerate it.

Liam: You are talking to me like I'm a teenager, like you think you can ground me.

Bill: You are acting like it. But you're right. You're an adult. I can't ground you. But you know what I can do? I can toss your ass out of the company. And I can disenfranchise you from the family. Think. Think, Liam. Is that the route you want to go down? You will respect your brother's marriage... or go your own way.

Thomas: Do you think about him like I do? We made him.

Caroline: Every time I look at him.

Thomas: We created him. And part of me thinks that if we can do that... we can do anything.

Liam: You don't mean that. You would -- You would ban me from this family?

Bill: I'll do what I have to do to protect it. So if that means sacrificing one for the good of all, so be it.

Liam: You really are a cold SOB, like your father.

Bill: I have been there for you in every way since I found out you existed, including right now. You just don't see it. My father was never there for me because I was the bastard son. It wasn't a choice. Just the way it was. My sister's sexual orientation -- not a choice. Just the way it was. You, on the other hand, have the gift of choice. And you are choosing to pursue your brother's wife.

Liam: All right, I know. I -- [Sighs] I'm sorry. If you could just understand where I'm coming from here, Dad.

Bill: I do understand, Liam. I do understand -- better than you think. I want you to be happy. You and Wyatt fighting over the same woman -- neither one of you will be happy. In fact, you'll be miserable. I can't allow that. If you go after your brother's wife, if you take Steffy away from Wyatt, our family will not survive it.

Liam: Is this what you told Wyatt, hmm? You'd ban him from the family if he didn't respect my --

Bill: Liam, stop it! Grow up!

Liam: This is wrong, Dad! It's wrong!

Bill: It is what it is! And you have to accept it!

Liam: Sorry! Sorry! I can't! And you shouldn't, either, because she wants to be with me more. Steffy loves me more than she will ever, ever love Wyatt! You know it, and I know it!

Steffy: Maybe it's like a Robin Hood thing. Reverend Rydale steals from the rich, gives to the poor.

Wyatt: That's a cute theory and all, but I don't think so.

Steffy: Well, it's hard to imagine -- a minister?

Wyatt: I know. I know. That's why I panicked. I thought, if this reverend, if this minister was a fraud, then maybe our marriage wasn't valid. But don't worry, 'cause it is. Dad pulled some strings down at the city clerk's office, and that was...interesting, but we checked everything out, and it was all okay. Turns out Reverend Rydale was a terrible criminal, but he was pretty efficient at being a minister. Anyway, uh...Liam's fine. He's a little shaken, but he'll be okay. And Rydale is...locked up, so that's good. Hey. Everything is gonna be okay. Come on. You don't think I'd let some thieving minister keep me from being married to you, do you?

Steffy: [Laughs]

Wyatt: I love you.

Steffy: I love you, too.

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