B&B Transcript Friday 6/10/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/10/16


Episode # 7351 ~ Katie makes a bold move because she's compelled to save her marriage to Bill; Wyatt is shocked to learn that someone very important in his life may not be whom he claims to be.

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Bill: It doesnít seem to matter how limited or innocent the contact is between Brooke and me. You crash. You go to a really dark place. How can we let that keep happening, Katie?

Katie: Youíre right. Iíve been staring this bottle down since you left. I-I like to play a game with myself. I-I say, "Well, just because it's here doesnít mean I have to open it. Just because I open it doesn't mean I have to take a drink." Admittedly, I-I lose that game a lot. My therapist says that I have to ride the wave. That temptation will come, but it always recedes. A lot of times, I feel like Iím -- like Iím not really riding it but Iím being crushed underneath it. But tonight was different... because I didn't take a drink.

Bill: I'm glad.

Katie: I mean, Iíve resisted before. Against all odds, I didn't drink the night you were hiding under our bed. [Laughs] But tonight I... I wanted to feel. I wanted to see what it felt like... without anesthetic... being betrayed by you.

Steffy: I still can't believe you didn't hire a wedding photographer. Look at these photos. Look at them!

Wyatt: We had Katie and Caroline.

Steffy: Have you met your cousin? Two out of these three photos are selfies!

Wyatt: Well, she was really excited to be your person of honor.

Steffy: She said she was gonna make me look pretty.

Wyatt: [Scoffs] I mean, I could take some photos of you if you want.

Steffy: I'm not a bride anymore.

Wyatt: I was talking about for my personal viewing pleasure. Hmm? Yeah. What?

Steffy: I don't know. I-It feels like someoneís trying to reach out to me.

Lt. Baker: White male, height 5í7" to 5í8", unkempt appearance.

Liam: Scruffy.

Lt. Baker: Scruffy beard. Possibly armed.

Liam: Yeah, but probably not very dangerous.

Lt. Baker: Was he on foot? Did he have a car? Did you hear a car?

Liam: Uh...no. Come to think of it, no.

Lt. Baker: Okay. Say we're investigating an attempted 459. See what you get. [Cell phone beeps] And this was a total stranger?

Liam: Yeah. I mean, I donít know. Maybe he knew my last name was Spencer, or... I got to warn my brother.

Steffy: Where did you find the reverend, anyway?

Wyatt: Why? What's wrong with him?

Steffy: No, nothing. I just...want to know where you found him.

Wyatt: I-I mean, I... found him on the Internet.

Steffy: What? Wait.

Wyatt: Hmm? What?

Steffy: You -- You found a random reverend on the Internet?

Wyatt: He was not random! He had 3 1/2-star reviews! He was great! And he had an honest face, right? Plus he was available on such short notice.

Steffy: [Scoffs]

Wyatt: What?

Lt. Baker: Mr. Spencer, I donít want to put words in your mouth, but do you think Quinn Fuller could have had anything to do with this?

Liam: I mean...yeah. That -- That was my first thought when I realized somebody was in the house, but...no. No. Quinn does her own dirty work.

[Cell phone chimes]

Lt. Baker: Well.

Liam: What?

Lt. Baker: We have a suspect in custody matching your description right now.

Liam: Already? You guys work fast.

Lt. Baker: I donít suppose your father could put that on the front page of one of his tabloids, could he?

Liam: [Chuckles]

Bill: Betrayed you how, Katie?

Brooke: I can't have this conversation.

Katie: Oh. Suddenly you're so delicate? You know how. Ridge trusted me.

Bill: Did he really?

Katie: Yes. We were close once. He confided in me.

Bill: Or did you pry the information about Douglasí paternity out of him?

Katie: Okay. Fine. If I'm honest, yes. It's just that you and I -- we... There was such a distance between us, and maybe I just wanted a connection to someone, to...a man. I mean, it would be a lie to say that our relationship is the same now as it was before... Maybe Iím foolish to think that we could ever go back. Iím foolish to think I could ever forget.

Bill: Why?

Katie: Because the two of you love each other. And you always will. And I have to accept that for my own sanity.

Bill: I think thatís best.

Katie: And I do accept it. And I understand it, and I can live with it...

[Cell phone rings]

Steffy: Hey, Liam. Iím putting you on speaker.

Liam: Hey. Are you guys okay down there?

Steffy: Yeah. Why -- Why wouldnít we be?

Liam: I just had a break-in over here.

Wyatt and Steffy: What?!

Wyatt: Wait. Was it my mom again?

Liam: No. No. It was just some guy I've never seen before. He got away, put the police say they just picked him up not too far from here, I guess. I have to go down to the station now and identify him.

Wyatt: Okay. Well, Iím gonna meet you down there, all right?

Liam: No. No. Stop. Donít. I-It's late. You guys are settled in. I just wanted to let you know.

Wyatt: Shut up. Iíll meet you down there.

Steffy: Okay. I'm hanging up. He's meeting you there.

Liam: [Sighs] Okay. Thanks.

Wyatt: Gonna head down there. You gonna be all right?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. Iím just glad everyone's okay.

Wyatt: See you later.

Steffy: Bye.

Bill: I am admittedly a little confused here, Katie. What am I supposed to be getting from you?

Katie: This chapter of our lives... is over. [Sighs] You donít mind, right? I stared into the bottle, and this time, it stared back, and I saw that...I was engaged in a betrayal of my own. I was gonna drink tonight. I was gonna lie. I was gonna throw away everything that matters to me -- you and our son and our family and our marriage. This has been hard for me, but when you say that Iím overreacting, youíre right. Iím punishing you for things that you haven't done. Iím saying things that I don't mean. I know that -- that you both love me and that you want what's best for me and that you want me to succeed, and I just want, more than anything, to live up to that. I know I haven't been easy to live with. And Iím sorry. I need you to know how grateful I am that you havenít given up on me. Never doubt that nothing means more to me... than you and our son and our family. And you -- I'm... Iím embarrassed about what I've said to you, and I hope that you can forgive me, because... I do love you so much. [Crying] [Chuckles] So thatís it. [Laughs] Iím gonna check on Will, okay? because he had a little cough before I put him down tonight, and he had a little fever, so I just want to check on him. Iíll be right back.

Brooke: She meant it, Bill.

Liam: Come on in. He's just asking some questions.

Lt. Baker: Have a seat.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Lt. Baker: So, did you see a weapon?

Liam: Did you guys find one on him?

Lt. Baker: Iím the one asking questions now.

Wyatt: Wait. The guy who broke in -- he was armed?

Liam: Not that I saw. I didn't say that.

Wyatt: My brother is obviously in shock right now.

Liam: No. I --

Wyatt: But did you catch the prowler? You caught him, right?

Lt. Baker: Well, that remains to be seen. Iím gonna set up for a lineup.

Liam: Wait. I got to -- I got to pick him out of a lineup?

Wyatt: You can do that, right?

Liam: It was dark, but, sure, I think. Probably. Maybe. I mean, Iíd better. I donít want to go through that again.

Wyatt: Be preyed on and let a predator walk? He'll do more time if you say that he was armed.

Liam: Honestly, I think heís just embarrassed.

Wyatt: Seriously?

Liam: What?

Wyatt: I love you, and youíre my brother, but some people donít deserve your sympathy.

Liam: Okay.

Wyatt: Did he hurt you? Did he attack you?

Liam: No.

Wyatt: Okay. Well, I think you should see a doctor anyway.

Liam: Trust me. No. I am very, very unheroically fine.

Wyatt: Rea-- Serious-- Fine.

Liam: Are you upset with me or something?

Wyatt: What?

Liam: íCause I called Steffy?

Wyatt: No! We're family, all right? I want to be here to help you, okay? Iím here for you.

Liam: Okay. Thanks. [Door opens]

Lt. Baker: All right. We're ready. Line up in order beneath the numbers on the wall. Number 1, step forward. Turn to the right. Turn to the left.

Brooke: You heard what she said, Bill. Sheís getting wise to herself.

Bill: I don't know what I just heard. I mean, it would be nice to believe, if I believed it.

Brooke: You saw it. She poured out that bottle. What do you need to hear from her that she didnít say?

Bill: There are no magic words anymore.

Brooke: Even if she's telling you that you can have back the life that you always wanted?

Bill: The life I want is with you.

Brooke: Was. We didnít realize that, at the same time, something was going on inside of Katie that was monumental. Everything's changed now. Canít you see that?

Bill: Everything changes every week, Brooke -- e-e-every day. I get whiplash trying to figure out how Katie feels about me, how she feels about my drinking, her drinking, our marriage, you, and a thousand other things. As you just experienced, I never know what Iím gonna walk in on.

Brooke: Okay, yeah, she's been unpredictable and irrational. But tonight it was different. And I know you felt it, too.

Bill: [Laughing] No. No, listen. There was only one thing -- one thing -- she said that was new -- "I know you two love each other, and I have to accept it." She made the connection between what we feel for each other and how miserable it makes her. Now, tomorrow she could deny it, or she'll remember the words but not the meaning. And then weíll be at some other point on the axis between love and hate. Well, no. No. I donít want to wake up to that anymore. I want to wake up to you. I am having this conversation with Katie tonight.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Lt. Baker: Turn to the right. Turn to the left. Step back. Mr. Spencer, do you see the man that broke in to your house this evening?

Yeah, 2. It' s number 2. Thereís no doubt.

Lt. Baker: Thank you, gentlemen. Number 2 will have to stay.

Wyatt: [Clears throat]

Lt. Baker: Your public defender will be here to speak with you before your bail hearing.

Rev. Rydale: Bless you.

Lt. Baker: Escort him to his seat.

Liam: Hey. Why me? Whyíd you pick me?

Rev. Rydale: Nobody seemed to be living in the house for a very long time. Clearly a bad decision all the way around. I think we can agree. Hello, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Oh, my God. It is you.

Lt. Baker: You know this man?

Wyatt: He married Steffy and me. He's our minister.

Brooke: I'm leaving.

Bill: Walk out that door... Iíll be at your house in an hour.

Brooke: No, you won't.

Bill: I'll tell her everything. How could I not after what we just shared?

Brooke: Katie's turned the corner. What you wanted to happen has happened. Sheís remembering who she is and how much you love her, and she's also made peace with the fact that you and I have feelings for each other that aren't going away.

Bill: It doesnít matter now that I know the only peace I'll have is with you.

Brooke: Not every dream can come true. We tell our children that they can do anything, they can be anything, and then life makes liars out of us. We'll still be in each other's lives, just not the way that we were tonight.

Bill: I'm leaving her.

Brooke: You won't.

Katie: I found what's left. Um...yours and a few of mine. You can watch me pour them out if you want. I just -- Iím glad to be done with all this.

Bill: I'm glad, too, Katie. But you have to understand that not everything broken can be mended.

Brooke: Nothing is broken. The three of us are here in the same room, loving each other, forgiving each other, and connecting, as we always have.

Katie: No, Bill's right. We all have a lot of work to do. I mean, I-Iím not the wife and the mother that I want to be, but I will be. I did say that... we can't go back. But we can be better than we were. Donít you remember in our wedding vows when we said that we wouldnít make promises to each other because promises are too easily broken? So I'm not gonna make a promise. Iím gonna give you proof... because I love you. And I love you, too. No, no. Just -- Brooke, I-I need to say this. I have -- I have said horrible, ugly things to you, and -- and Iím sorry, and I-I want to take them back. But you and I both know that sometimes you say something and... it's hard to take it back. So I'll let you if you let me. [Chuckles softly]

Brooke: [Chuckles softly]

Katie: I know that youíve been loyal to me through all of this, and... youíve let me vent and you've let me rage, and I don't want to squander that loyalty, ícause it means so much to me. You mean so much to me.

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