B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/8/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/8/16


Episode # 7349 ~ Ridge offers to make a personal sacrifice in order to protect his family and the secret that they carry; Wyatt has cause for concern when Steffy makes a confession to him about their marriage.

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Steffy: I have to be honest about this.

Wyatt: I understand how you feel.

Steffy: So you agree. Your mom's dangerous.

Wyatt: I'm not gonna defend what she did to Liam, if that's what you're asking.

Steffy: She belongs in jail!

Wyatt: Steffy! If it wasn't for her hot-shot lawyer, she probably would be. And if we're being perfectly honest... I'm kind of relieved that she's not. Look, what she did to Liam was insane, it was crazy, yes. But she's still my mother, Steffy.

Deacon: I don't have to ask where you were.

Quinn: I don't want to talk about it.

Deacon: So how is old Liam?

Quinn: It's over.

Deacon: Never really started. Oh, you just still can't admit it, can you? That this great love affair took place in your head.

Quinn: It doesn't matter now.

Deacon: Why are you so upset then?

Quinn: [Sighs]

Deacon: I mean, if, you know, it doesn't matter.

Quinn: Because Steffy showed up. And she got on her high horse. My daughter-in-law called me out. She's mad at me. She's furious and she says I'm not welcome in my son's life anymore.

Steffy: You don't think she should be punished?

Wyatt: I want her to get better, and that's definitely not gonna happen in prison.

Steffy: Well, I don't want her anywhere near us.

Deacon: Quinn, you can't blame Steffy.

Quinn: [Sighs] This is really about Liam.

Deacon: Well, you said they were together.

Quinn: Well, she walked in there like she belonged there. [Sighs] There's still an attraction between them.

Deacon: Yeah, on Liam's end. Not just on Liam's end.

Quinn: They're both mad at me, and I can't help that, but I am not going to let Liam interfere in Steffy's marriage to Wyatt.

Liam: Unfortunately, being married to my brother means having Quinn in your life. Just -- Don't let her make any more trouble for you, okay?

Ridge: So, we've all agreed to this.

Bill: I haven't agreed to anything.

Caroline: Uncle Bill. Please.

Ridge: This has nothing to do with you.

Bill: If it has to do with Caroline, it has to do with me.

Ridge: And you?

Brooke: I had to know it was true. You told me you had the vasectomy reversed.

Bill: He'll say anything to get his way. But you can't talk your way out of this one. The charade is over. I'm not going to let you manipulate Caroline the way you manipulate and bully everyone else.

Steffy: I need to know I have your support.

Wyatt: You do, Steffy!

Steffy: In everything.

Wyatt: Okay, look. I feel awful about Liam. What my mother did to him was beyond messed up, and I'm not -- I'm not making excuses for her, nor am I asking for anyone to forgive her, but, Steffy, come on. Like it or not, she's still my family.

Steffy: And I'm your wife! On our wedding day, you made a promise to me. You said that you were gonna put me before anyone. That was your vow to me.

Wyatt: And I haven't forgotten that.

Steffy: Neither have I.

Quinn: Steffy needs to remember who she's married to.

Deacon: Yeah, and who her mother-in-law is.

Quinn: Nobody comes between me and my son.

Deacon: Hey, Quinn, don't blame Steffy for this, all right? It's not her fault that you messed up your relationship with Wyatt. Look, this happens to the best of us. Babe, you got your heart broken and now you're lashing out.

Quinn: I took care of Liam. I waited on him hand and foot. I nursed him back to health. I told him things I've never told anyone else.

Deacon: You thought you loved him.

Quinn: I did love him. I was ready to run away with him, do whatever he asked. Not anymore. Now I just want to --

Deacon: You just want to what, Quinn?

Caroline: Uncle Bill. Please. This is not a decision that we have made lightly.

Bill: You didn't make this decision. He demanded you go along with it. Tell me I'm wrong!

Caroline: We made the decision that we felt was best for Douglas.

Bill: And who determined that?

Ridge: It's been settled. It's not up for discussion.

Caroline: Uncle Bill. I love you. And I appreciate that you are concerned. I love that you always jump to defend me, but I promise you, you do not need to worry about me or Douglas.

Bill: [Laughs]

Brooke: Keeping a secret isn't healthy for a family. You think it's going to get easier but it never does. It's always there in the back of your mind.

Thomas: This isn't your decision to make. This is between us.

Ridge: If it got out, I know what people like you would do with it, and I'm not gonna let that happen.

Bill: People like me? I'll tell you about people like me. I had two sons in the world. I didn't know they existed. They had a father that they didn't know existed. We all suffered from it because you can't get that time back, Thomas. And your father will agree with me.

Ridge: He's not gonna find out about him. Neither will Rick.

Brooke: Rick is thinking about leaving Los Angeles because of you. He doesn't trust you.

Bill: I don't trust you.

Caroline: Well, it doesn't matter. Because I do. And Ridge is my husband, and I am Douglas' mother. And he loves that little boy, and we are raising him together. And Thomas will have a place in his life, but Ridge and I are his parents.

Bill: You're not his parents! This is crazy!

Caroline: We're the ones that have been living with this, not you, and frankly, it's none of your business. So, how dare either of you come in and try to threaten to take that away from us? All we want is to be a family, and you know better than anyone else what a detriment to a family a scandal can be. Do you know what they're gonna do to that little boy? Do you know what they're gonna say about him, about me, about Thomas? Is that what you want?

Bill: [Sighs]

Caroline: You cannot say anything.

Bill: I am telling you -- you don't know what you're doing!

Caroline: I do! I do.

Bill: Against my better judgment... All right.

Ridge: Logan?

Brooke: You need to treat Rick better. You need to show him some respect. Share some of your C.E.O. duties with him. I don't want him leaving town. So I will help out your son if you help out mine.

Ridge: I can do that.

Brooke: Do I have your word?

Ridge: If I have yours. No one else finds out.

Caroline: Uncle Bill.

Bill: Okay.

Caroline: You won't say a word. Either of you.

Bill: Sure.

Steffy: Your mother still has a thing for Liam.

Wyatt: [Sighs]

Steffy: She was at his place trying to win him back.

Wyatt: Didn't work, though, right?

Steffy: [Scoffs] It's sick.

Wyatt: I know. Kidnapping Liam and pretending to be his wife was probably one of the craziest things she's ever done in her entire life.

Steffy: Oh, but you don't think I should worry?

Wyatt: That's not --

Steffy: You didn't hear her. She was acting like a crazy ex-girlfriend.

Wyatt: Did she leave when he asked her to?

Steffy: Yeah -- yes.

Wyatt: Did she wait outside and act like a stalker like she normally does? No. Because she came over here to tell me that it's through, it's done! Because she heard him, Steffy. Whatever you and Liam said to her, it must have made some kind of impression.

Steffy: Well, it should have been clear to her the minute Liam had her arrested.

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Steffy: The fact that Liam had to tell Quinn again just shows you how nuts she is.

Quinn: I have a right to be frustrated.

Deacon: Yeah, as long as you don't take it out on anyone.

Quinn: [Sighs] I am a big girl. I have been let down by men before.

Deacon: Present company excluded.

Quinn: You know what? I could deal with the disappointment. What I'm not gonna put up with is Liam moving in on Steffy. He's turning her against me, and then he's gonna turn her against Wyatt, and he's got to be stopped. You know what? I don't want to talk about this anymore. I'm gonna go for a walk.

Deacon: I agree. I'll go with you.

Quinn: Alone.

Deacon: Quinn, you got to get this out of your system.

Quinn: I intend to.

Deacon: Promise me you're not gonna do anything crazy. Quinn! You caught a break on this kidnapping charge. Don't push it. Just leave Liam alone.

Quinn: As long as Liam lives and breathes, he's a threat to my son's marriage. [Door closes] I can't stop thinking about us. And the time we spent together.

Liam: Just get out, please. Get out. I mean it, Quinn. If you ever come through that door again, I... [Sighs] [Door closes]

Brooke: Bill, what are we doing here?

Bill: I need to talk to you before we go up to the house.

Brooke: You barely said a word in the car. Katie's waiting for us.

Bill: That's what I need to talk to you about. I mean, I never know what I'm walking into anymore. Katie's all over the place. Is she drinking, not drinking? Does she trust us, not trust us? I mean, the way she reacted to me telling you about Ridge's secret was over-the-top.

Brooke: No, I know. That worries me, too. She was furious.

Bill: She's always furious about something. I mean, I can't take it anymore. I've tried. I mean, you -- you know I've tried. The drinking, the mood swings, the lying. Worst of all the lying. But Katie was never more truthful than she was earlier today.

Brooke: About what?

Bill: “Be with her. Just be with her.”

Brooke: No, Bill.

Bill: We have to stop pretending, Brooke. Katie knows what we've known all along. I love you, Brooke.

Wyatt: Things must have gotten pretty emotional over there, huh?

Steffy: Well, I didn't expect your mom to be there.

Wyatt: Yeah, ' &cause you went over there to see Liam, right?

Steffy: And then your mom rushed over to tell on me.

Wyatt: Because she was concerned.

Steffy: You're not?

Wyatt: About us? No. I'm worried about Liam. And I know it's a whole lot more complicated for you, but I know -- I know it's just ' &cause you're worried about him, too.

Steffy: Yeah.

Wyatt: Liam is going through a -- a bad time right now. But he'll get over it. And we will be there for him through it all. He won't be alone in this.

Liam: [Sighs]

[Waves crashing]

Katie: I want you to go and be with her. [Sighs] You want her. You've never stopped wanting her, so just -- just do it. Get it over with.

Bill: I've been looking for any excuse to see you, to be near you. I -- I admit it. I admit it, and it's time for all this to come out.

Brooke: Bill, don't. Everything is fine.

Bill: Everything is not fine, Brooke, and you know that as well as I do. Katie's been depressed, she's drinking. What did you say earlier to Caroline? About secrets taking a toll. Katie knows there's something going on between us. And trying to let her think otherwise -- it's not doing her any favors.

Brooke: Stop. Okay? Stop talking like this. This is my sister. No matter how you feel, how I feel.

Bill: We were madly in love. We should be married. We've been making concessions for Katie, but we're doing her more harm than good. I love you. I love you more than anything.

Brooke: Don't say that.

Bill: I can't take it, Brooke. I can't take it anymore.

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