B&B Transcript Thursday 6/2/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/2/16


Episode # 7345 ~ Bill gets the info he's been seeking to take down Ridge; Vivienne is faced with a tough decision, and it could unite or divide her family.

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Thomas: I-I can never thank you enough.

Katie: I just encouraged Ridge to do the right thing.

Thomas: Well, he's good at keeping secrets. If it wasn't for you, Katie, I... I owe you.

Ridge: Mommy's gonna be back from yoga class very soon, huh?

Brooke: I'm so happy for you. You're in such a wonderful place right now.

Ridge: Yeah. I have a beautiful, fantastic wife. We get to design together. I'm running the company. The family's doing well. And we got this little guy. The most amazing thing to me. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. Nothing.

[Blows landing]

Zende: I wonder how the Avant meeting's going.

Rick: You know, Maya had this look in her eyes when she said she needed some time alone with her family. You know, those Avants, they have a lot to work through.

Vivienne: What you're asking of me isn't easy to give.

Julius: I agree. But, Viv, as a family, we -- we try to work it out.

Vivienne: Such a big lie. For all those years.

Julius: Viv, I agree. I disrespected our marriage, our children. I hurt Sasha. But I can't go back. I can only stand here and ask for your forgiveness. Can you forgive me?

Katie: Yeah, if you could just leave it on my desk, I'll take a look at it when I get back to the office. Okay. Thanks.

[Door closes]

Katie: Hey. What are you doing here?

Bill: Did you find Brooke?

Katie: Uh, no. No, actually. She's spending time with Douglas.

Bill: Yeah, I figured. Since you were in here with Thomas.

Katie: How long have you been here?

Bill: Long enough. What were you two talking about, Katie?

Brooke: I forgot how great you are with babies. It's nice to be reminded.

Ridge: When they're this young and the world hasn't pushed them around any, they're just so open and innocent, aren't they? Aren't you?

Brooke: You're their everything.

Ridge: Yeah, that feeling's mutual. You know that, right?

Brooke: [Laughs] Yeah, he does. He does!

[Both laugh]

Thomas: [Sighs]

Ridge: I thought you were at the office?

Thomas: Yeah, I came back for something.

Brooke: I was watching Ridge with his son, and he's really good with this little guy.

Thomas: Yeah. He's surrounded by love. That's for sure.

Brooke: One lucky baby.

Ridge: Who's getting very sleepy, so I'm gonna put him down.

Thomas: You know, no. It's fine. I can do that.

Ridge: I got it.

Brooke: Bye.

Zende: So, you think Vivienne will forgive Julius?

Rick: [Sighs] Look, my father-in-law, he's an interesting guy. You know, now that you and Nicole are back together, he might be your father-in-law too one day. Look, the only way the Avants are gonna work through their stuff is through forgiveness. But even that might be a tall order.

Julius: Viv, I made a mistake. But please, don't let one lie destroy everything that we built.

Vivienne: One lie? You had your daughter practically living in my home.

Julius: I know. I --

Vivienne: You played me for a fool.

Julius: Never. I didn't want anything that would interrupt our family. The only reason I didn't tell you about Sasha was because I didn't want to lose you. If you take me back, I-I promise you, I will never disappoint you again.

Vivienne: For better or worse. That's what we said, right?

Julius: Yes. That's what we said.

Vivienne: You broke my heart, Julius. But I do love you. And we are family. And I hate that we're so divided. So I will try to forgive you.

Thomas: So, what about you? Your house is rockin' and rollin'. You got Rick, Maya, Nicole, brand-new granddaughter.

Brooke: Oh, it's true. Oh, my gosh. It is heaven.

Thomas: Yeah.

Brooke: And Lizzy is so adorable. Really, our family is truly blessed.

Ridge: That's how I feel. Blessed and grateful. I'm not gonna let anyone down.

Katie: Thomas was just telling me that Brooke was visiting Douglas.

Bill: Hm. That's it?

Katie: Yeah. That's -- that's it, pretty much.

Bill: We don't keep secrets from each other, do we, Katie? Even other people's? Say...Ridge, for example. I overheard you and Thomas specifically say that he has one. And I need to know what that secret is.

Zende: Nothing from Nicole so far. What do you think? No news is bad news?

Rick: That family's got a lot on the table. You know, even if Vivienne takes Julius back, what about Sasha? Where does she fit into this new role? And after what she did to you and Nicole, lying about being pregnant...

Zende: She did come clean. Eventually.

Rick: Yeah, but soon enough to work in her benefit?

Vivienne: I know what you want. Yeah. You'd like me to just turn the page. But lying to me, denying your daughter, it just can't be brushed aside like it didn't matter, Julius. It matters, Julius! [Sighs] All I can say is, I cannot forget it overnight, but I will work on forgiving you.

Julius: Thank you. That's all I can ask.

Vivienne: I'll promise you this -- I will move forward with an open heart. Might be a little bruised and battered... but it is not closed to you.

Maya: So you're just gonna give him a pass? After he lied to you every single day? He betrayed you, Mama. That's what he did to you!

Nicole: Okay. Dad. Why didn't you just come out and tell her?

Julius: Because this is what I was afraid of, that it would tear our family apart.

Nicole: But that wasn't the best choice.

Julius: I understand.

Vivienne: Okay, stop. Please. Please. You know, you guys are quick to point fingers and judge, but we are all humans here. And we make mistakes. And some of them can be very hurtful. But I've had time to pray on it. We are a family. And we work through our problems, and then we let them go. We have to figure out a way to be kind to each other, and love ourselves back to healing. That's what I expect from all of you. And I expect the same from myself, as well.

Maya: I have to say, Mom, I'm not sure this is right.

Vivienne: That I honored my marriage vows and stood by my husband?

Nicole: That you'd be willing to forgive so quickly.

Sasha: Okay, Nic, I have never been more wrong than when I lied about the pregnancy.

Nicole: Oh, you think?

Sasha: I am really, really, truly sorry.

Nicole: And you should be.

Julius: You know what, I think we could all use some forgiveness.

Nicole: It's harder with you, Dad. You deliberately set up a lie and made us all live through it.

Julius: For which I have apologized.

Nicole: I know. But sometimes sorry isn't enough.

Vivienne: Okay. Come on. This hurts me to my core. You know, that my family is -- is splintered. This is your father. He made a mistake. An awful, stupid, hurtful mistake. But you see he's trying to rectify it. I see how he truly cares, that he's really sorry. Listen, this is your father. You don't have to be angry with him on my behalf.

Julius: It's okay. They have a right to be angry. But I would like to ask you to follow your mother's example. Remember this. There -- there are two things you cannot do with a closed heart and a closed mind. You cannot give love, nor can you receive it. Now, I can't undo my mistake. But I can learn from it. And I have.

Vivienne: That's all we can ask for. We got a lot of work to do. A lot of rebuilding. And we can't do it living apart. Come home. I miss my husband.

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone beeps]

Ridge: Ricky.

Rick: What time is that east coast conference call?

Ridge: It's already done.

Rick: What? What do you mean it's already do-- why wasn't I notified?

Ridge: Because you're International. I didn't need your help with it. I got to go. You okay?

Thomas: Yeah. I-I'm just... trying to figure out where all the pieces fit.

Ridge: Well, maybe it's not here. Maybe you got to revisit what we talked about. Maybe being away from here, somewhere else, is the best thing for the company and for you.

Thomas: Look, if you would have offered this a year ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity for Shanghai, but I -- Douglas is here. I can't leave him.

Ridge: Seeing him all the time, that's a whole nother set of problems. You know that.

Thomas: But it's not a choice. I need him. I need that kid like -- like -- like I need air. On a level, Sad, I don't even understand.

Ridge: Okay. All access, whenever you want.

Thomas: All right. Thanks for not fighting me on that. Got a question for you.

Ridge: Sure.

Thomas: I ran into Katie at the office earlier. She's the reason you finally told me the truth?

Bill: It's been a difficult time, Katie. We've had trust issues. I'm sure you don't want to exacerbate them.

Katie: [Sighs] This has nothing to do with us. It's not my secret.

Bill: I need to know what it is.

Katie: Look, I know you don't like Ridge, but...

Bill: If he wasn't married to my niece, I wouldn't give a damn. But he is. Whatever he's doing, whatever he is into affects Caroline and her son. I am your husband, and I want an answer.

Katie: Well, you are right about one thing. It definitely affects Caroline.

Bill: That SOB. I knew he was cheating on her.

Katie: No, he's not cheating on her. He's completed devoted to her. Probably more than most men would be.

Bill: Come on, Katie! Stop talking in circles.

Katie: Okay. All right. You know what? You're right. You are my husband, and I don't want to keep secrets from you. Ridge is not Douglas' biological father.

Rick: Oh, Ridge.

Zende: What's going on?

Rick: Huh?

Zende: You look pissed.

Rick: Just spoke to Ridge. He pushed me out of the house, now he's trying to push me out of the company. I mean, how am I supposed to get anywhere at Forrester with that guy in charge? I need to make a move.

Zende: Like what?

Rick: When I figure it out, I'll tell you. Maybe.

Zende: [Chuckles] Well, it kind of concerns me since, you know, you are the one who hired me as a photographer. Then again, if Sasha goes back to Illinois...

Rick: Let's hope she doesn't.

Zende: You know, it's surprising to hear you say that. I didn't think you were too fond of her.

Rick: Well, from a business standpoint, Sasha's campaign is really starting to take off. It'd be good for Forrester if she stuck around a while.

Maya: I respect your decision, Mama. And I even understand why you're willing to try and work things out with dad. Family forgives. But I still have a real problem with you, Sasha. You have been nothing but trouble for Nicole since the day you got here.

Nicole: I trusted you. More than anyone.

Sasha: I know. And I blew it. I'm sorry.

Julius: Listen, can we just stop beating up on each other? I mean, yes, what Sasha did was wrong. But if your mother can forgive me for what I did, I think you should at least try to forgive Sasha.

Vivienne: I agree with your father. When he's right, he's right.

Nicole: Okay. I will try to forgive you, Sasha.

Maya: Then I forgive you, too. This one time.

Sasha: Look, I -- I apologize sincerely for the mistakes I've made in the past. But I promise -- Nic, I promise I will make it up to you. I swear. I know it's gonna take some time, but I will be the sister that you deserve. That you both deserve.

Thomas: What if Katie had never found out? Would you have ever told me that Douglas is my son?

Ridge: Probably not. 'Cause my plan was and still is to keep Caroline, and to keep my family safe. Douglas most of all. And now you're part of that plan. If Douglas ever finds out how he was conceived, that's gonna chase him for the rest of his life. I can't have that. So tell me you understand we have to keep this secret. Tell me you get it.

Bill: Douglas isn't Ridge's son?

Katie: No.

Bill: So Ridge didn't cheat.

Katie: No.

Bill: All right, look, Katie, I know that you and Caroline had a little bad blood in the past, but are you trying to say that --

Katie: This has nothing to do with that, okay? Apparently Ridge and Caroline broke up briefly before they got married, and at one point Ridge asked her to leave. So she got a hotel room and... called a friend for moral support.

Bill: Who's the friend?

Katie: Bill...

Bill: Oh, come on, Katie. We're into it now. Who is Douglas' real father?

Katie: Thomas.

Bill: Ridge's son?

Katie: [Sighs] Yes.

Bill: [Laughs] Unbelievable!

Katie: No. No! I know that look. You take that look off your face right now. You cannot do anything with this.

Bill: Of course, I can! Better than anybody. The headlines write themselves. This is all the ammunition I need to take Ridge down.

Katie: This is not a story for public consumption. Remember, it's not just Ridge. It's Caroline, your niece, and an innocent child.

Bill: I can minimize the impact on both of them.

Katie: You have to think about her baby. You can't control other publications. You can only control your own. Listen, I know that you think that this is a juicy story that you can use to bring Ridge down. But just remember that you will be bringing down Caroline and Thomas and Douglas, too.

Bill: So what? You actually expect me to sit on this?

Katie: That's exactly what I expect you to do.

Bill: [Scoffs]

Katie: I told you this in confidence because you are my husband and we trust each other. I told you Ridge's secret, not the world. And I need you to promise me that you are not gonna expose it. I need to hear the words. Say the words, Bill. Promise me.

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