B&B Transcript Monday 5/23/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/23/16


Episode # 7337 ~ Quinn tries to get Wyatt to see her side of things; Sasha makes Julius an offer: his support of her relationship in exchange for her help with his.

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Nicole: Sasha's pregnant? After everything you just said to me, Zende...us getting back together... it's your baby?

Sasha: I'm having a baby. And you're gonna be a granddaddy again.

Julius: I'm already a granddaddy in exile because of you.

Sasha: Okay, well, they let you see your granddaughter, right?

Julius: Right.

Sasha: And let's be honest -- the secret was bound to come out sooner or later.

Julius: And now my wife and daughter hardly even speak to me.

Sasha: Well, listen, maybe there's something we can do about that. You help me, I help you.

Liam: You know, you really don't have to keep coming and checking up on me. I'll stop by the house this week. I'll see Katie and Will. Maybe we'll do a dinner or something.

Bill: I'll let you know when it's a good time.

Liam: Everything okay?

Bill: Yeah, yeah. Nothing for you to worry about. You have enough going on. Good news is, Quinn's in custody, no longer a threat.

Liam: That's 'cause she already did her damage. Listen, this is not easy for me. I, um... I really need your support.

Bill: What, with Quinn? Liam, come on. That goes without saying. Anything you want. I'm gonna make sure they throw the book at her.

Liam: Thanks. I'm actually talking about Steffy and Wyatt.

Quinn: Hey, don't you have to charge me with something? You can't keep holding me here.

Lt. Baker: As I've been saying, Ms. Fuller, you're more than welcome to bring your lawyer down here.

Quinn: I'm hoping it won't come to that. Maybe Liam will change his mind and he won't press charges. [Sighs] Look, let's just get this over with. What do you want to know?

Lt. Baker: You were aware that Mr. Spencer was severely impaired when you kidnapped him. Is that correct?

Quinn: No, I didn't kidnap him.

[Knock on door]

Det. Edwards: Excuse me, Lieutenant. Ms. Fuller has visitor.

Lt. Baker: Bring him in.

Julius: You can forget it. I'm not making any kind of deal with you.

Sasha: Look, I'm not asking you to make a deal. I'm just asking you to back me up for once. Okay, you're my father, and I'm pregnant with Zende's baby. We're gonna have a family together.

Julius: Has Zende agreed to any of this?

Sasha: He will because he is a good man who cares about me. But I need you to help me get Nicole to back off.

Nicole: I thought we were back together. I was so happy. Now you tell me Sasha's pregnant?

Zende: I just found out. Look, I didn't want to keep anything from you. I wanted to tell you right away.

Nicole: I don't want to hear any more. I don't want to know. Sasha can't be pregnant. She can't be.

Liam: Steffy thought I was never coming back because of Quinn. She manipulated every single one of us.

Bill: And Quinn will be paying the price for that. I will see to it.

Liam: Yes, Quinn deserves to be punished for what she did. Yes, there's nothing I'd like to see more than her behind bars. But it doesn't change anything. It doesn't make up for me losing Steffy.

Quinn: Thank you for coming to see me.

Wyatt: [Clears throat] Treating you okay?

Quinn: Yeah. Yeah, but I'll be anxious to get out of here. They still haven't charged me with anything, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Not yet.

Quinn: Well, need to have a little faith, right? Maybe Liam will change his mind.

Wyatt: After what you did? I still can't even believe it. Why would you do such a thing?

Quinn: For you. I did it all for you.

Bill: So, physically, you're fully recovered?

Liam: Yeah, I'm good, I think. I'm pretty much back to normal.

Bill: All right. And what about the rest of Liam? Emotional stuff. Have you seen that therapist?

Liam: Well, I really haven't had time to make an appointment.

Bill: All right, listen to me. You have been through quite an ordeal, right? You were kidnapped. A wack job gave you another identity. You lost the girl of your dreams. I know it's weird coming from me, but I really think you should seek some professional help.

Liam: Yeah. I -- I mean -- yeah. It's -- it's a process, I guess. I still can't believe I ever -- that -- that we -- that I --

Bill: You didn't know who you were, Liam.

Liam: It's amazing, honestly. I really thought that I was -- that I was Adam, that I was her adoring husband. I mean, I only knew Quinn in those moments. I only knew... I only knew how I felt about her then.

Bill: Which is that you were... in love with her.

Liam: Yes.

Wyatt: Not only did you manipulate Liam, you played Steffy and me, too.

Quinn: [Breathes deeply] I'm sorry that I meddled and... maneuvered a bit. I really thought that what I was doing was best for you.

Wyatt: You keep saying that, but I didn't ask you for any favors, Mom. I didn't need your help.

Quinn: I just -- I just wanted to make it easier for you.

Wyatt: You should've stayed out of it. That's all I've ever asked you to do. One thing -- don't get involved. Stop messing with people's lives. But you just -- you couldn't help yourself, could you.

Quinn: Not when it comes to ensuring my son's happiness. And look at you -- you are so happy with your new bride.

Wyatt: That doesn't make up for any of it, Mom -- not even close!

Quinn: I'm not saying that it does, but she is your wife, and you are in this lovely marriage just the way it's meant to be.

Wyatt: And then what did you do to Liam? Playing house, hiding him away from everyone, pretending to be his wife. Any regrets about that?

Julius: Be careful your head's not too high in the clouds, little girl. It's a long way down. And Zende might not agree with any of your plans.

Sasha: Zende is a good man who cares about me. So, will you help me with Nicole? Look, I promise, I will put in a good word with Aunt Viv and the girls.

Julius: This is all your insanity. Leave me out of it.

Sasha: Fine. I guess I'll just have to pay a visit to Nicole myself, one mother to another.

Nicole: You sure it's yours?

Zende: She says it has to be. I thought we were being careful. I know this is hard for you, Nicole. It's hard for me, too.

Nicole: I thought we had a second chance.

Zende: We do. Okay? We do. Look at me. We can't let this change things.

Nicole: Of all days... Sasha, of all people...

Zende: I was just about to tell her it was over. To tell her that I wanted a future with you. And then she gave me the news.

Nicole: Of course, she did.

Zende: We can't let this ruin us. We can't let it destroy what we have.

Nicole: What, Zende? What do we have now?

Zende: Look, I know now more than ever than you and I are supposed to be together. I want back the time that we lost... share our life together. I want you. Come on. We can do this. We can make this work. Still be together. Still look toward our future. I want that. I know you want that, too.

[Door opens]

Dr. Farrell: Oh. I didn't realize you had a visitor. I can come back.

Nicole: It's okay, Dr. Farrell. He was just leaving.

Dr. Farrell: If all goes well with your exam, we're hoping to get you released tonight. You're healing nicely. Baby's as healthy as can be. So, how about we get you out of here?

Nicole: That'd be great. Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Farrell: You know, it's, um...completely normal to be emotional after going through labor. You should be very proud of yourself, Nicole. It's a remarkable gift that you've given to your sister. I'll sign off on your discharge papers. You'll be able to go home shortly.

Nicole: Thank you.

Sasha: Congratulations. I heard you had a little princess.

Nicole: She's Rick and Maya's.

Sasha: Well, she came out of your body, Nicole. It couldn't have been easy giving her up.

Nicole: They're her parents. They have been all along.

Sasha: Well, where is my little niece, anyway? I bet she is just the cutest little thing. Does she have a name yet? Well, I'm sure it'll be something fancy and regal. I mean, she's a Forrester girl, after all.

Nicole: Why should that matter?

Sasha: Look, it's been a long day, okay? I'm sure you're overwhelmed. Giving birth must have been... quite an experience. Did it hurt? Was it scary?

Nicole: It was... surreal -- spiritual, even. The hardest... most amazing thing that I have ever done. Why do you ask?

Sasha: I've just always been curious. Especially now, since... I'm pregnant.

Nicole: I heard.

Sasha: How did you hear?

Nicole: Zende came by. Told me about your pregnancy.

Sasha: Really?

Nicole: Yeah, right after he told me that he still loves me. That he wants to spend the rest of our lives together.

Wyatt: Mom, the guy that you're hung up on, who you say that you're in love with, he doesn't exist. Liam is not Adam. Adam -- Adam wasn't real in the first place.

Quinn: Adam is the real Liam.

Wyatt: Oh, my -- you're talking about a guy who you have loathed for years. Literally, your least favorite person on this planet, you're saying that you now want to be with?

Quinn: I-I can't make sense of it myself.

Wyatt: Duh!

Quinn: All I can tell you is, I saw a side to Liam I have never seen in another man before, and he was so special. He was so kind and gentle. We had such an incredible time together, and... he feels as strongly about me as I do about him.

Wyatt: It was make-believe, Mom. You were pretending. You were playing a role. And he didn't know who the hell he was or where he was, and most importantly, he didn't even know who the hell you were. But then when he realized, when he remembered everything, he wanted nothing to do with you. That's why you're here now, Mom. That is why you are potentially looking at prison for a very long time.

Quinn: Okay, fine. Then -- then you talk to him and tell him that I'm just some obsessive mother who truly believes that you are better off with Steffy.

Wyatt: He's not gonna agree with you on that.

Quinn: Then tell him I love him.

Wyatt: Mom!

Quinn: Please, just -- he -- he's got to open his eyes and see me -- see me for the woman that he cared about.

Wyatt: And then what? What, he'll not press charges? Is that it?

Quinn: Come on. Wyatt, you have to get though to him. My fate lies in Liam's hands. You have to talk to him and convince him not to lock me up.

Liam: I don't even know how I can explain it. I -- I looked into Quinn's eyes, and I saw... goodness. I saw someone devoted to me, someone I could trust.

Bill: Quinn.

Liam: Yeah, Quinn. But that's -- that's what I'm saying, Dad. That's how far gone I was. I mean, I didn't have any instincts, I didn't have any memories. My brain was basically shut down.

Bill: Clearly.

Liam: And now she's in custody, begging me for another chance.

Bill: I think she's filled that quota 10 times over. I mean, how many chances is that crackpot think she's entitled to?

Liam: She says she's still in love with me, and she wants to be with me.

Bill: Because she's freaking delusional, Liam.

Liam: Listen, Dad, I know -- I know you don't want to hear this again. I want Steffy back. I left you, I left the company, I left her. I want it all back. Especially Steffy.

Bill: Liam, I... I feel for you, son. I really do. And I can see how torn up you are. Just for the time being, can you not worry about Steffy? C-can you -- can you get focused on Quinn? Pressing charges and making her pay for what she's done.

Sasha: Why would Zende say that?

Nicole: He said he made a mistake. Regretted breaking up with me, wants another chance for us to be together.

Sasha: He actually said that? Oh, and I'm assuming you agreed?

Nicole: I was ecstatic. Until I heard about you and your pregnancy.

Sasha: Obviously, that changes things.

Nicole: He was about to tell you that he was leaving you for me, and then, suddenly, out of nowhere, you announce that you're pregnant.

Sasha: I was gonna tell him later. I had a special night planned. But, you know, I don't expect you to be happy for me.

Nicole: You're in a hospital, Sasha. The lab's downstairs. Go, get a blood test. Make sure you're really pregnant.

Sasha: I took a home pregnancy test last night, okay? And besides, Nic, this isn't about me. This is about you. This is an exciting time. You just had a baby -- something else we'll have in common.

Nicole: You took my boyfriend, you kept a secret from me your whole life -- you didn't tell me that we were sisters. This better not be another one of your lies, Sasha. If it is... we'll all find out. We'll know if you're really pregnant or if this is just a way to hold on to Zende.

Quinn: Wyatt, you have to get through to him. My fate lies in Liam's hands. You have to talk to him and convince him not to lock me up.

Lt. Baker: Your son seems like a very nice young man.

Quinn: He deserves the world. And I would do anything for him.

Lt. Baker: Yeah, apparently so.

Quinn: I didn't hurt Liam.

Lt. Baker: How long were planning on hiding him? Keeping up the whole husband-wife charade?

Quinn: He wanted to be there with me. He was happy and peaceful, and life at the cabin was quiet and simple. It was a beautiful time.

Lt. Baker: The day that Mr. Spencer was discovered in your home, you were planning to take him out of state. Is that correct?

Quinn: We were packing up and talking about a road trip. We didn't know where we were going exactly -- north, I don't know, maybe Oregon. Why are you asking me this?

[Knock on door]

Det. Edwards: Sorry, Lieutenant. Got another visitor.

Lt. Baker: Ah, Mr. Spencer. Thank you for coming in.

Liam: Yeah. I, uh -- I got your message. I came as soon as I could. What's -- what's up?

Lt. Baker: Well, as you know, we've been holding Ms. Fuller for questioning. Your statement is that she victimized you, kidnapped you, held you without your permission. Are you ready to press charges? If so, she'll be arraigned before a judge, will likely be a trial. If found guilty, she'll probably go to prison for a number of years. So it's all up to you, Mr. Spencer. Do you want to press charges or not?

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