B&B Transcript Thursday 5/12/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/12/16


Episode # 7330 ~ Caroline has an important decision to make regarding the parenting of Douglas; Rick's resentment toward Ridge gains momentum, as well as his determination to dethrone him as CEO.

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Thomas: It all makes so much sense now. You know, I'm experiencing these emotions that I've never experienced before because of Douglas, because he's my son. And Ridge had you keep that from me.

Caroline: We decided it together.

Thomas: You always defend him.

Caroline: He's my husband.

Thomas: But he's not Douglas' father. You know, the whole world thinks that Douglas is the newborn prince of King Ridge, but he's not. He's not. I know you're committed to him. But you have a mind of your own. Ridge has claimed his stake in my firstborn son... and just wants to push me away. Is that what you want, too?

Katie: Thomas would never do anything to hurt Douglas. Listen. You and Caroline have been living with this secret for a long time. This is new to Thomas. You got to give him a minute to process it.

Ridge: This wouldn't be happening -- this shouldn't be happening if it weren't for you. Why couldn't you just keep out of it?

[Door opens]

Brooke: Hi! Is it okay if I work in here, honey?

Rick: Oh, Mom, you know you don't have to ask.

Brooke: Pulled you out of deep, important thoughts. You look far away.

Rick: I'm in the same place as usual. But I'm gonna do something about that.

Brooke: Okay, you lost me. What's wrong?

Rick: What's always wrong, Mom? Ridge.

Brooke: What's Ridge up to now?

Rick: Besides stealing my rightful place in the company, manipulating me out of the family home? I don't know. But something. And I intend to find out what.

Brooke: So you're just assuming. I don't think --

Rick: Mom, you know Ridge. He's always got some secret that's just dying to come out.

Ridge: Thomas knows about Douglas. He took off with him, and now Caroline's gonna bring him back.

Katie: Thomas had a right to know.

Ridge: It wasn't your decision to make. Why'd you have to talk to my doctor?

Katie: You seemed upset. I was concerned about you.

Ridge: I am upset. If you're concerned about me, you talk to me. Then you go to Caroline, and everything's blown up now.

Katie: But it's done. Although I do have to wonder, now that Thomas knows the truth, how will that affect Caroline?

Thomas: What happened? Did Dad guilt-trip you into this? I see his stamp all over it. I-I-I know that my dad is a man determined to get what he wants.

Caroline: Oh, please, stop. Just stop, okay? I am Douglas' mother. I could have insisted on telling you.

Thomas: But you didn't.

Caroline: No, because I agreed with Ridge. This is -- this is what was best for our family. You have to believe me when I tell you that this -- this wasn't malicious, and it wasn't a decision that we made lightly.

Thomas: I get it. It was -- it was expedient. Dad wanted a family. It's like I said. He always gets what he wants. But what I need to know -- now that the secret's out, what do you want?

Rick: Dad is one of the strongest, most solid men that I've ever met, except for one weakness. Somehow, he always allows Ridge to talk him into anything.

Brooke: I remember times Eric supported you, recently, as a matter of fact.

Rick: Yeah, but it doesn't last. I was CEO until Ridge wanted his job back. And it took, what, a couple weeks for him to get inside Dad's ear to make that happen? It's not fair. It wasn't fair to Thorne. It's not fair to me. We're his real sons. Ridge is a Marone. Mom, it's a disgrace that a Marone is running everything Forrester. Tell you something else. That center's not gonna hold much longer.

Thomas: Caroline, do you want to continue with this massive lie and -- and tell the world that Ridge is Douglas' father?

Caroline: What's the other option?

Thomas: The truth.

Caroline: Okay. Okay. We'll make a formal announcement. What's next? What do you think's gonna happen next? You think the press is just gonna yawn and move on? It's another Forrester scandal. They're gonna have a field day with that, except bonus round -- throw in a Spencer, sleeping with a father and a son. That's gonna follow Douglas around for the rest of his life. Is that what you want for him? For me? Is that what you want? When I got pregnant, Ridge and I made the best decision for our family. I stand by that. I did then, and I still do.

Thomas: You're asking me to deny my son.

Caroline: I'm asking you just to -- not...claim him.

Thomas: That doesn't make it easier.

Caroline: I know. I know. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Thomas: I-I don't blame you. I don't. Uh, I blame my father.

Caroline: Please don't say that.

Thomas: [Groans]

Caroline: Please don't say that, because I had equal voice in the decision to name Ridge as Douglas' father. I --

Thomas: Okay. Okay. [Inhales sharply] Tell me this. If the exact same thing happened that night, except... Ridge was never in your life... ...would you have come to me and told me that you were pregnant with -- with our child?

Caroline: I can't answer that.

Thomas: Why? Why?

Caroline: I can't. And I can't change the past. I -- Ridge and I made the decision that we did, and here we all are now, so it's like he said. We just can't go back. We can't change anything. We can't go back.

Thomas: It's like he said. It's the world according to Ridge. So you want me to -- to keep the secret.

Caroline: It's the only option.

Brooke: A little motherly advice?

Rick: It's always welcome.

Brooke: Bide your time. You have everything you've always wanted. You're married to an amazing woman who loves you so much. You have a child on the way, a family you've always wanted. Just enjoy that. Be in the moment. And everything else, I promise you, will fall into place. You'll be winning one day soon.

Rick: Of course I'm grateful. I'm humbled. Maya -- [Sighs] She's enough for me. And with our child on the way, I'm so blessed.

Brooke: See? Did you hear yourself? Just go with that. Why do you worry about Ridge so much?

Rick: Because he's stealing my birthright. I'm Eric Forrester Jr. I should be running this company, living in the family home, raising my child there. Instead, everything has been hijacked by a Marone.

Ridge: Telling Thomas wasn't the best choice.

Katie: Thomas is Douglas' father.

Ridge: It wasn't the best choice for our family.

Katie: Really? Y-you really believe that? [Scoffs] You've never once looked at Thomas with Douglas a-and felt the -- the smallest twinge of guilt?

Ridge: Of what? Of guilt? After what he did, the way he treats women? You don't --

Katie: Okay, all right. He doesn't have the best track record. But you can tell that he's trying. He's -- he's changing himself. And -- and that's largely because of Douglas. And...Caroline sees it. You must know that.

Ridge: Ha. Okay. He's changed. There you go.

Katie: So there's really no reason to keep him away from his child.

Ridge: Oh, listen to you. Katie, Katie, Katie. Always knows what's right or wrong. Always honest.

Katie: Everything's gonna work out for the best.

Ridge: I hope so. 'Cause me, Caroline, Douglas -- we're a family. It's my family.

Caroline: I know how much I'm asking from you. You are Douglas' biological father, and you love him. I can see it all over your face when you look at him.

Thomas: I do. I do.

Caroline: I know. But he's just a little baby. And I want him to have a happy and carefree life.

Thomas: Caroline, you know that I want that.

Caroline: But he's already gonna have a tough time because he's half Forrester, and he's half Spencer. And the press is just gonna be all over him. But -- but if we can do this, if we can -- if we can keep this secret for him, then it won't be because of some nasty paternity scandal. Or -- or a bitter custody war. I mean, you're not -- you're not thinking that, are you? I --

Thomas: I don't know what I'm thinking. My head is spinning. I --

Caroline: Okay, because you wouldn't have to do that. You wouldn't. You have complete and -- and total access to him. I mean, w-we all live on the Forrester estate, and -- and Ridge and I, we would never keep him from you. We would never keep your son from you.

Thomas: My son.

Caroline: Yes. Yes, he's -- yes.

Thomas: [Groans]

Caroline: And I love you so much. I love you so much for helping me bring him into this world. We made this amazing, beautiful little baby, you and I. And all of our lives are so much better now that he's here.

Thomas: Yeah.

Caroline: I -- I want Douglas to know you. I want you to be in his life. I-I want him to learn from you and -- and to love you.

Thomas: As his brother.

Caroline: Yeah.

Thomas: Keep the secret. [Exhales shakily]

Caroline: We can do this. We -- we can do this as a family. We can -- we can all love each other and -- and support each other, and we can do what's best for Douglas. Say yes, okay? Just promise to keep things the way that they have been.

Rick: I still can't get over Ridge taking down Maya's picture. I mean, what gives him the right? Oh, yeah. That's right. His dad.

Brooke: [Chuckles] I'm sure you can understand why Eric would prefer to have Stephanie up on that wall.

Rick: I never should have left. I played right into his hands. You know, that's -- that's how shady Ridge is. He pushes your buttons. He plays on your vulnerabilities. But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Stephanie lied about Ridge's paternity, and I feel like I've been paying for it my entire life. I feel like that's what defines him today -- someone who controls every situation and everyone in his life.

Katie: I wouldn't anticipate the worst. Caroline has a lot of influence over Thomas. She may even be able to convince him to just leave things the way they are.

Ridge: For now, maybe. W-what about in the future? What about if he gets attached to this beautiful little boy, and he doesn't see him as his brother, and he --

Katie: You and Caroline and Thomas and Douglas are -- are family. And I have to believe that you'll work it out.

Ridge: You really think that?

Katie: Yeah.

Ridge: What is that?

Katie: As a mother, I understand how deep the bond is with the father of your child. It's -- it's intense. And I'm not -- I'm not saying that Caroline doesn't love you. She obviously does. But... it's out now. Caroline and Thomas are parents together. And I just have to wonder what kind of impact that will have.

Thomas: You should have told me sooner.

Caroline: It wasn't black or white, Thomas. I was married to Ridge, and... we were hoping, we were... trying desperately for a family. And that night with you, it -- it was... complicated. So... I was on board to keep the secret. But I am so sorry. I am -- I am so sorry, because you had every right to know that you were Douglas' father. I --

Thomas: Thank you.

Caroline: I can't give back the time that you've lost not knowing he was yours. But we do have the future. And I-I want you to be a part of his life. I -- he needs you. He needs your advice and your wisdom and -- Ridge and I both want you to be a part of his life.

Thomas: Okay. You have to promise not to push me out.

Caroline: Of course not. Of course not.

Thomas: [Groans] Hey. This isn't gonna be easy.

Caroline: I know.

Thomas: [Sighs] I'm gonna -- I'm gonna need a lot of help with this.

Caroline: Anything.

Thomas: Dad's not gonna be okay with me leaning on you like this. I-I just --

Caroline: Thomas, you can. And you don't worry about Ridge. I-I will take care of that. This is the hardest decision you're ever gonna make, and I know that. I understand that. But it is the right decision for Douglas. Thank you, Thomas. You won't regret it. I promise. I promise.

Thomas: [Sighs] We made a boy.

Caroline: We did.

Thomas: Hi. You're so cute.

Caroline: [Chuckles] Hi, little baby. Are you wondering where you are? [Chuckling] Yes. Come here. Come see me. Ooh. Guess what? You took a ride with Thomas. You did! And Mama's here now. And you're safe with both of us.

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