B&B Transcript Thursday 5/5/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/5/16


Episode # 7325 ~ With Vivienne by her side, Nicole forces Julius to reveal the truth about his past; Katie is stunned by the news Ridge has given her, and she continues to bombard him with more questions.

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Julius: I don't know what you're thinking, Nicole, but that tone of voice is unacceptable. Now, you might be old enough to call yourself an adult, but I am still your father, and you will respect that.

Nicole: Oh, yes. Because you've taken the role of father so seriously over the years.

Vivienne: Nicole, what are you getting at?

Nicole: Tell her, Dad. Or I will.

Katie: So the doctor was telling the truth. The baby isn't yours. And if you're not the father... who is?

Thomas: I wonder what he dreams about.

Caroline: Eating, I suppose.

Thomas: No. You're probably dreaming about your mama, your daddy, the people that keep you safe. May your dreams always be so sweet.

Thomas: [Chuckling]

Caroline: What's so funny?

Thomas: Oh, I'm just thinking, you know, how much I've changed. It used to be models that I would let distract me from finishing my sketches, and now it's...sleeping babies.

Caroline: Yeah. You really are different, huh.

Thomas: Yeah, well, there's nothing like a newborn baby in the family to kick my butt into gear and realize that I've got an example to set. And that's -- that's just my little brother. I mean, can you imagine what I'll be like with my own kids?

Ridge: This is just between us, okay?

Katie: Yeah, of course.

Ridge: You cannot be telling anybody, including your idiot husband.

Katie: So you pushed him. You did it.

Ridge: No, no, I didn't push him. It was an accident.

Katie: But -- but you were there.

Ridge: Yes, I was there. A lot of people were there.

Katie: But a lot of people weren't being blackmailed by him. I mean, someone is going to recognize you from that photo. Ridge, I get it. You were feeling threatened. You wanted to protect your family, so you pushed him.

Ridge: No, you got to stop that.

Katie: I'm just trying to help. We have a great legal team --

Ridge: I didn't push him!

Katie: But he knew. He knew the truth. Did he also know who Douglas' biological father is?

Ridge: No. And Caroline and I, we -- we didn't know, either. We had a donor. An anonymous donor.

Julius: Nicole, you and I should speak in private.

Nicole: Okay, if that's how you want to handle it. I'm sure Sasha will have a lot to say to Mom while we're gone.

Sasha: Loads.

Julius: Okay. You two leave, and I'll talk to Viv alone.

Nicole: No. I am going to be there for her.

Sasha: Same. We're not going anywhere.

Vivienne: I don't care who it is. Somebody please tell me what is going on here.

Julius: Sit down, honey. Remember when you bought the -- the refrigerator and it was the wrong size for the opening, and... it didn't fit, and we ended up putting it in the dining room?

Vivienne: Yes.

Julius: And it was there for a long time, right?

Vivienne: Mm-hmm.

Julius: Did I complain?

Vivienne: [Laughing] Yes. Daily.

Julius: Well, not really. I mean, not that much, right? Uh... and remember the time that I asked you to buy me golf shoes, and what did you get?

Vivienne: Bowling shoes.

Julius: Bowling shoes. And they were on clearance, so we couldn't take them back.

Vivienne: [Chuckles] You got so angry.

Julius: Yeah. My point is that, uh... we can look back on our mistakes, and we can laugh at the dumb things we did in the past.

Vivienne: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. But why are we bringing all this up now?

Julius: Because of her. Sasha is my mistake.

Thomas: Okay. What do you think?

Caroline: Oh, yeah. Ridge will definitely approve.

Thomas: Yes. Thank God. I want him to be proud of this. You know, I also want him to have a few criticisms of this, as well. You know, I always benefit from his critiques. As painful as they may be, I love it. I mean, he's the best, right? And not just -- not just as a designer but as a man... as a dad. You know, I see all the ways that he's stepped up for me throughout the years. And now with Douglas... I just -- I just hope that, when the time comes...that I'll be the kind of father that he is.

Katie: A donor? Why wouldn't you just say that from the beginning?

Ridge: Because it's personal. Caroline and I weren't planning on telling anybody.

Katie: Well, why not? I mean, a lot of people use donors.

Ridge: Why not? Because I don't like all the questions, like right now.

Katie: Okay, I'm -- I'm sorry if I overreacted. I was just...worried about you.

Ridge: You were? Cool. Thank you. And that's sweet that you would think I would push some guy into traffic.

Katie: Right. But it was just an accident.

Ridge: Just an accident.

Katie: Well, I appreciate you telling me. And I don't see why it has to be a big secret. I mean, you shouldn't be embarrassed.

Ridge: I wasn't -- I wasn't embarrassed. I just... I want what's best for Douglas. I want to protect him, and I also want him to know that he's 100% mine, you know? Let's not talk about this anymore.

Katie: Okay.

Ridge: No reason to ever talk about this ever again.

Vivienne: Sasha's your mistake? I don't understand.

Julius: Her mother was.

Vivienne: Her mother? You and Lucy? Sasha's yours? All these years, behind my back, you and Lucy?

Julius: No. No, no, no. No, it was -- it was an affair, and it was over before it started -- the moment I realized that I knew it was a mistake. But then, I found out that -- that she was pregnant. So I didn't know what to do. So I-I-I didn't want to lose you. And so I told -- I told her that if she would just move away that I would support the move. I-I-I would give her money until she found a job. But -- but she just -- she wouldn't move. She wouldn't do the right thing. If she would've just --

Vivienne: No, Julius. It was you. You cheated on me.

Julius: And I have prayed every day for forgiveness. Vivienne, I swear to God, I never wanted to hurt you.

Vivienne: Liar. You wanted to protect yourself.

Julius: And you and our family. Please... tell me we can get through this.

Thomas: You are staring off into space. That does-- that doesn't bode well for this design.

Ridge: No, this, uh -- this is good. It's -- it's fine. I'm just -- I've, uh...

Thomas: No, hey, hey, look, I get it. I mean, you have a new baby, you're overtired, you're full of adrenaline all at the same time. I mean, probably wishing you were holding Douglas right now, right? So don't worry about it. If I were in your shoes, I'd be just as distracted as you are.

Katie: Hey. Can I come in, get my baby fix?

Caroline: Yeah, he's just sleeping.

Katie: Oh. I promise I won't wake him up. Oh, my God. I don't think Will was ever this little.

Caroline: Be careful. You're gonna start to want a second one.

Katie: No. I kind of already do, but with my heart, your uncle won't even let me talk about it. What about you?

Caroline: No, I think -- I think just one. [Chuckles]

Katie: I don't blame you. I mean, with everything you had to go through to get Douglas...

Caroline: Excuse me?

Katie: Oh. Oh, I probably shouldn't have said anything. I'll... I -- I was just with Ridge, and...he told me.

Caroline: Told you what? He told you what?

Katie: You know...

Caroline: I-I really don't. Katie, what?

Katie: About Douglas' paternity.

Vivienne: You want me to tell you that we could get through this? A secret you've been keeping for most of our marriage?

Julius: For our marriage. We had children, Viv. I was thinking of them. You would've left me, Viv. You know you would have. And I didn't want to do that to them. I didn't want to be a -- a part-time father, especially we had a child that we already knew was challenged. I wanted to be there for him. So I lied.

Vivienne: Was I joke between you and Lucy? Did you all laugh behind my back? Mm-hmm?

Julius: No! No, never!

Vivienne: Yeah. Okay. All of those, uh... [Hands clap] The barbecues! Yes, the barbecues. And -- and the Halloween get-togethers. The birthday parties, the playdates... how many times did you bring that woman in my house and neither one of you said nothing? Huh? Oh, none of you said anything. I take it you knew?

Sasha: Yes.

Vivienne: Yeah. And you came in my house, and you played with my daughter, and I treated you like you were my own.

Sasha: I'm sorry.

Julius: Viv --

Vivienne: No! Who are you? Do you even hear yourself talking? 35 years of marriage. How many of them were lies? I don't even know what's real. All of my suffering because you refuse to acknowledge Maya's suffering. I stood by you. I allowed you to throw my child away while you had this secret here in front of my eyes all these years?!

Julius: You don't know how hard I tried! To keep this family together, the pressure I was under! Trying to keep a good name in the community! Trying to keep a good name in the church!

Vivienne: A good name? What about my name? What about me, Julius? Now it all makes sense. Yeah. How you treated Sasha. You was always so irritated. Every time she came over, you couldn't wait for her to leave. Now I know why. 'Cause you're a coward. Afraid of your own daughter.

Julius: No. Afraid of losing you.

Vivienne: No, Julius. I think you were afraid of losing your reputation. Because you reputation is more important than the truth. It's more important than me. See, you didn't have a reason or you didn't know how to tell people why I left. But the good news is, you know fewer people here. So less people to be embarrassed around.

Julius: We have been together too many years to let it go now. We need each other.

Vivienne: All I need is for you to leave.

Julius: We'll leave together.

Vivienne: Go.

Julius: Viv --

Vivienne: Go!

Julius: This tension... this secret, these lies... have been harder... to deal with than any of you will ever know. But know this, Viv. I did it for you.

[Door closes]

Vivienne: You could've told me.

Sasha: I know.

Vivienne: Like father, like daughter, lying to my face.

Nicole: Sasha was afraid to say anything -- because of Dad.

Sasha: Sorry.

Vivienne: [Crying]

Nicole: Sorry, Mom.

Thomas: Well, hey, now that you've got a baby at home, I mean, let me know if there's anything I can do around here.

Ridge: Well, for now, all you can do is keep bringing in designs like this. I'm impressed, waistline and all. Nice job.

Thomas: Thank you. And, yeah, same goes for at home, as well. You know, I want to be as involved in my brother's life as I can be, so anything you need.

Ridge: That's great. Caroline and I, we really appreciate...how much you care about our son.

Caroline: What did you just say?

Katie: Don't be mad at Ridge. I kind of forced it out of him.

Caroline: Explain, please.

Katie: Well, I met Dr. Wolin.

Caroline: Dr. Wolin.

Katie: Yeah, the day he died. I saw him at Il Giardino with Ridge, and it seemed like they were having an argument, and so, after Ridge left, I walked over to him, and I talked to him for a little bit, and he just let it spill about Douglas' paternity, that Ridge wasn't the father. And at first, I thought it was just crazy talk, you know? But I asked Ridge about it, and he acted all weird, and then I heard about how the doctor died, and I thought, "maybe Ridge is involved..."

Caroline: You thought that he killed him?

Katie: Well, not intentionally, but... if the doctor was trying to blackmail him... don't worry, though. Don't worry. Ridge explained everything, that it was just an accident, and he's not involved, and Douglas' paternity was...

Caroline: I just -- I... I can't believe that he told you.

Katie: Hey, don't. Don't get so upset. It's no big deal. I told Ridge it's no big deal.

Caroline: Are you kidding? Are you kidding? Thomas is the father. Not a big deal?

Katie: Thomas is the donor?

Caroline: Donor? What do you -- what do you mean "donor"?

Katie: You and... whoa. Uh...Caroline... Thomas is your baby's father?

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