B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/3/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/3/16


Episode # 7323 ~ Sasha confides in Zende about her childhood & confesses her fears about what the immediate future holds; a blindsided Julius gets on the defensive when faced with accusations hurled at him by a loved one.

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Julius: You have convinced yourself you know something about me, little girl.

Nicole: I never would've thought that you would hurt Mom this way.

Julius: I know you haven't gone to your mother with this foolishness, have you?

Nicole: Not yet.

Julius: Because it's easy to accuse a man of wrongdoing, and a woman will always believe another woman before she'll --

Nicole: Sasha is my sister, your daughter.

Julius: Sasha is a liar. She stole your boyfriend. Now, are you gonna let her rob you of your father, too?

Zende: What about Mr. Avant?

Sasha: So wrong.

Zende: Did something happen?

Sasha:  Nicole was everything to me, and now she's never gonna look at me the same way.

Zende: Okay, you're not making any sense. Let me just talk to Nicole.

Sasha: No, don't.

Zende: Why? Because of something you said? Really, it couldn't be that bad.

Sasha: I told her... that her father is my father, too.

Vivienne: That girl never stood a chance.

Maya: I know Sasha had it tough. But the truth is that she grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same parochial school that you sent Nicole to. And, granted, I didn't know her. I barely remember her. But it seems that she also had you in her life from a very young age.

Vivienne: Yeah, but that girl needed some stability in her life.

Maya: Plenty of kids are raised by single parents, and they turn out okay.

Vivienne: I know, but Sasha's mother was one of those women that...life just happened to her. You know? She actually never made a decision about anything. Her life was one long accident. You know, and I can that your father spared me that. I knew the good and the bad the day I said, "I do," and he hasn't surprised me since.

Maya: You know, you and Brooke are a lot alike.

Vivienne: Yeah. People can hardly tell us apart.

Maya: No, I'm serious. You two are always making excuses for people who do inexcusable things. Am I right?

Rick: I'm just trying to stay out of this. Look, do I approve of what Sasha did to Nicole? No. I think Vivienne's got a point. There were many years that my father wasn't in my life. I didn't live with him, anyhow. But it made me determined and needy and competitive to be loved by people that didn't really know me, because I thought that they would like me better that way.

Sasha: I'm not a liar, but I've been lying all my life.

Zende: I don't understand.

Sasha: It was the only way not to lose... maybe I -- maybe I can't call it love, but...it was what he could give me.

Zende: What he could give you? Sasha --

Sasha: Julius Avant... my father. That's right. Nicole is my sister. Only, she never knew it. Till today.

Nicole: I know Sasha's telling the truth.

Julius: How? Was she telling the truth when she told you she was your best friend?

Nicole: She was my friend, and she still is.

Julius: And how did she prove it? By showing up in short-shorts and seducing the Forrester that was supposed to be promised to you?

Nicole: No! By letting us have a whole lifetime of family fantasy. Mom, Dad, and little Princess Nicole. Never asking for more than the crumbs you gave her.

Julius: Why would you believe that girl over me? What do you think? How would she know? Did I just come out and tell her?

Nicole: No. I think you would keep on lying... like you are right now.

Maya: For once, I'm on Daddy's side. I think Sasha needs to go home to her mother. Or you know what? She has a modeling résumé now. She could find work in New York or Chicago.

Vivienne: You think it's work that she wants?

Maya: You think it's Zende keeping her here?

Vivienne: I think she came in search of the life she used to have -- not with her mother but with us.

Zende: Mr. Avant -- d-does he know?

Sasha: He knows.

Zende: And you, you just found out? Is that what this is?

Sasha: No. My mother had some problems when I was growing up. And aunt Viv, she was -- she was, like, the nicest person in the world. She used to be babysit me. And Nicole and I were basically the same age, so... I mean, by the time the school year started, I was at their house every single day. Once, Mr. Avant said, "why do you keep inviting that girl over to our house?" But aunt Viv, she pulled him in the kitchen, and that was the last I'd ever heard of it. But then things changed. She got a job at the county clerk when Mr. Avant got laid off from his father's company. And suddenly, he was the one who was home every day. One time, Nicole asked me why I stopped going to school, and he overheard us.

Zende: Why didn't you go to school?

Sasha: It was, um... it was hard. People would say some not very nice things about my mom. Nicole went to this fancy private school, and at my school... they didn't even notice if you didn't show up. And one day, I came home, and Mr. Avant was there, yelling at my mother and throwing money at her, saying, "get her some decent clothes," and, "why don't you enroll her in Nicole's school? No child of mine is gonna grow up ignorant!" And from that moment on, we just had this understanding that he would do the bare basics that it took to be a father, as long as no one knew. And no one ever did. Until today.

Zende: You told Nicole?

Sasha: Y-yes, yes, I did, but I didn't mean to.

Zende: Where is she now?

Sasha: She's gone to find our father. I have never said those words out loud.

Julius: This is something that Lucy Thompson cooked up. That's what this is.

Nicole: Lucy Thompson isn't saying it, Dad.

Julius: Who else would come up with a story like this but Sasha's crazy mother?

Nicole: Don't talk about her that way.

Julius: Listen, I'm not saying she's a bad woman. I mean, the woman's very nice, lovely, but it's just that nothing ever worked out for her in life. You know what? You're right. Those of us that have more should be more compassionate about --

Nicole: Compassion? Don't talk to me about compassion. How much did you show Maya? If it weren't for Sasha, I would've grown up all alone.

Julius: That's why your mother and I, we -- we encouraged that relationship just for that reason.

Nicole: But she was my sister! And you didn't tell me! I could've loved her, if no one else would. I could've made up that other bed. I could've told her my secret feelings at night. I could've had a family when all I felt like was a nuisance to you, Mom, and Maya.

Julius: No! Baby, nobody could've loved you more than me.

Nicole: You loved you every single day! You were the one that was dreaming up this story of who we all were -- the upstanding Avants! But all it was was lies and disloyalty underneath.

Julius: Is this how you talk to your father, the man that gave you life?

Nicole: And what about Mom? You have stabbed that woman in the heart over and over again with your cold, hard ways. And this? This is going to be the end of her. You like to pretend that you are better than everyone else, but all you are is a fake...

Julius: No.

Nicole: ...And a hypocrite...

Julius: Stop.

Nicole: ...Who hurts anyone foolish enough to love you!

Julius: Stop! I tried to be strong, to bear up underneath the weight of life! See, you're too young. You don't know about the weight of things. How you can start out with -- with love... and then life -- life comes in and just -- you lose and you lose... and you lose.

Zende: What are you gonna do, Sasha? You're not afraid of Mr. Avant.

Sasha: He's always kept a distance between us. But he left a little bit of room so that I could be near him and my sister and aunt Viv, and now that door is about to be closed, with me on the outside. Hell, Nicole already hates me.

Zende: No, she doesn't.

Sasha: Do -- do you see my brown bag anywhere? It's -- it's about this big, and it's got...where is it?

Zende: Uh, yeah, hold on. Yes, you -- you had it with you when you brought it to the house to show me those agency contracts.

Sasha: That's where it is. Now that you mention it, I need to give those agency contracts a harder look, since Maya and Rick probably aren't gonna want me around anymore.

Zende: Hey. You don't know that. I will take you to go get your things.

Sasha: No, I'm fine. I got my keys. I'll go get them. Just, will you please -- will you tell Pam that I won't be gone long? Thank you.

Zende: Sasha, wait. There's something I don't think you're realizing. Can I tell you what that is?

Sasha: Sure.

Zende: He loves you. Mr. Avant. Now, he had his reasons why he didn't tell his wife and daughter everything. But he wanted you close to them and close to him.

Sasha: Maybe he did. But he won't anymore.

Vivienne: Well, I better be getting on home. I never thought I would call that little room home. But you know what? It's kind of nice to downsize and simplify.

Maya: So Daddy hasn't found anything that he wants to buy or rent yet?

Vivienne: He says that California real estate is in a bubble that's about to burst.

Rick: If Julius wants some advice, I've got some good investors.

Vivienne: Oh, no, darling. My husband would never play the stock market. No, he is a man with zero tolerance for risk.

Julius: I took care of that girl, and all I asked is for her silence. If you knew the whole story... you would forgive your old man.

Nicole: You always want to be forgiven. You cheated. You cheated on Mom.

Julius: You don't know how it was before you were born. After you were born... your brother -- your sister... after Myron was gone, my father... he said I was too easy on him. Your mother... she said I was too hard. She...turned away from me.

Nicole: She never did.

Julius: No. She did. In private, she turned away.

Nicole: Well, then where did I come from?

Julius: Watch your mouth, little girl.

Nicole: You're the one telling the story.

Julius: You don't know what it's like to have had a child like that, and I hope you never do. See, everybody knew that there was something different about Myron. And they said if I was any kind of man that I'd be able to fix it. Everybody except Lucy. I was weak! But there's never been one day since I've been married to your mother... that I did not love my wife. You will not breathe one word of this to her. When the time comes... I will do it.

Nicole: You don't get to forbid me to do anything anymore.

Julius: I guess I have someone I have to see.

Nicole: I guess you do.

Vivienne: Oh, hey, sweetheart. You here alone?

Nicole: Not anymore.

Vivienne: Ah. Mwah. What a nice surprise. Your sister told me everything went well at the doctor's.

Nicole: My sister...

Vivienne: Yeah, Maya.

Nicole: Yeah. Everything did. Um...did Daddy talk to you?

Vivienne: No. Was he looking for me?

Nicole: He said he was. I thought he said he was.

Vivienne: Sweetheart, you look upset. Mnh-mnh. What happened? Come on. You can tell me. Did you have a fight with your father?

Sasha: I don't think Eric's here.

Julius: I'm not looking for Eric.

Sasha: Well, I have nothing to discuss with you.

Julius: Well, if you were planning on running and hiding, maybe you shouldn't tell Pam where you're gonna be.

Sasha: Guess I can't do anything right.

Julius: You can destroy. That you can do.

Sasha: Because you built a world of lies, and all I did was spoil it.

Julius: Life is a dream that we're all dreaming and trying to make the best out of it. Can anyone have everything they want without tramping on someone else? You see, there are too many little marvels to fit in all the pockets, so we each dream our little dream. You dream your dream. I dream mine. Nicole, Vivienne... none of us ever getting what we hoped for. But just getting just enough to keep us happy. All the while, trying to give as little trouble as possible to each other. Not by stealing our sister's first true love or... by breaking her heart... by turning a blind eye to all that was good about her life with that slander about me. Yes, that's right, because the truth that you told her was a lie, because you didn't tell it all! I took care of you. I kept food on your mother's table. You were precious to me. And so, I gave you... my precious little girl to be by your side. I gave you my wife to look over you. It was the best that could be done. And all I asked in return... was one little thing -- one little thing. For you... to keep your mouth quiet. But you were too selfish to do even that. Sasha... you may be my daughter... but you will never be my family.

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