B&B Transcript Friday 4/29/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/29/16


Episode # 7321 ~ Nicole & Zende share a private moment when she tells him her hope for their future together; Julius infuriates Sasha when he rebuffs her daughterly affection and her wishes that he be happy for her good fortune.

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Nicole: Okay, now I think it's a girl.

Maya: Oh, no. I'm still getting major boy vibes.

Rick: We could always go back and ask the doctor.

Maya: Unh-unh! Oh, no. Absolutely not. We can wait a little while longer. Keep it a surprise. I'm just so happy that everything went so well. Everything's on schedule, measuring perfectly.

Nicole: Boy or girl, it's gonna be adorable.

Rick: And healthy.

Nicole: And, you know, a bona fide genius.

Maya: Of course.

Rick: It won't be long till we're holding that baby in our arms.

Nicole: Finally in the home stretch.

Maya: You've been so patient throughout this, Nicole, and so wonderful through the whole experience. I can't tell you how much we appreciate it...

Rick: Mm-hmm.

Maya: ...And how grateful we are to you.

Rick: Especially everything you've given up for us.

Nicole: It was a bit tougher than I bargained for. But, um... Zende and I have been getting closer lately, talking a lot more. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but we might have a chance again after the baby is born, be able to pick up where we left off.

Maya: I hope so. You both still care for each other very much.

Nicole: The only issue is Sasha. If Zende and I are gonna have another chance together, she has to be out of the picture... out of LA and away from our family.

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Dance music plays]

Zende: Yeah, just like that. Beautiful!

[Clicking continues]

Zende: You know what? I think we got what we need.

Sasha: Are you sure? Because I'm in the zone. I could do this all day.

Zende: You know, I'm sure you could, but we got it. We got plenty of shots.

Sasha: I am the luckiest girl in the world. I'm being shot by the hottest photographer in the city, who just so happens to be my boyfriend.

Zende: [Chuckles]

Julius: For crying out loud. Is this what you do all day?

Zende: I'm gonna put these, uh, photos on the server. It's nice to see you, Mr. Avant.

Julius: Zende. Why am I not surprised?

Sasha: Oh, what's the matter, Dad? Never seen one of your daughters kiss her own boyfriend before?

Julius: Easy. Zende could still be in earshot.

Sasha: All these years, and I still don't get to call you Dad. Is that ever gonna change?

Maya: Does Sasha know you want her to leave?

Nicole: I'm planning on speaking with her today.

Maya: Well, I don't blame you for being angry. She moved in on your ex-boyfriend when she knew that you still had feelings for him.

Nicole: Yep. And there's still a chance for Zende and me, but... Sasha I've lost forever. My best friend. We were like sisters, but not anymore. I don't think I can ever forgive her.

[Knock on door]

Rick: Zende. How was the photo shoot?

Zende: Went well. Just finished. I'll have those, uh, proofs over to you when they're ready.

Rick: Yeah. Well, I look forward to it.

Maya: Yeah, but we have that meeting. Paris.

Rick: Milan, the conference call.

Maya: Exactly.

Rick: Yeah. All right, we'll catch up with you two a bit later, huh? All right.

Nicole: Yeah, they're not that great at playing it off.

Zende: Hey, if they want to give us some alone time, I'm not gonna argue with that.

Julius: Making out with Zende, here? This is a place of business. Why don't you show a little class?

Sasha: Well, maybe if I had a father, I would know how to act right.

Julius: Stop. You were raised better than that.

Sasha: You come down here to my job, and you have the nerve to judge me? [Scoffs] That's rich.

Julius: I wasn't judging you. I wasn't even looking for you. I was looking for my wife. We're spending time with Nicole and Maya today.

Sasha: Oh, yes. The Avant daughters. Your girls. You're awfully proud of them all of a sudden, now that they're living the big life.

Julius: That has absolutely nothing to do with that.

Sasha: Just don't forget -- your blood runs through my veins just as much as theirs.

Julius: I didn't come here to play with you. And you watch the way you speak to me, young lady.

Sasha: Oh, or what? 'Cause whether or not you like it, I am an Avant. And for whatever your reason you're ashamed of me, and you can't seem to love me, I am your daughter.

Maya: I just -- I hope Nicole and Zende are having a good talk.

Rick: Oh, I'm sure they are. Why are you so worried?

Maya: I'm not. It's just... we had such a positive morning. We had so much fun at Nicole's checkup and at breakfast. I don't want anything to put a damper on it, you know?

Vivienne: There you are.

Maya: Oh, hey, Mom.

Vivienne: Hey.

Rick: Hey, Vivienne, how are you?

Vivienne: Oh, much better now that I'm seeing my handsome son-in-law.

Rick: Oh, stop it.

[Both laugh]

Maya: Where's Dad? I thought you two were coming together?

Vivienne: No, I came straight from work. I'm assuming he's somewhere around here.

Maya: Hopefully he's not offending anyone.

Vivienne: Well, now, you know your father.

Maya: Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.

Vivienne: How was the doctor's appointment?

Rick: Excellent. The baby is big and healthy, a strong heartbeat. Everything's right on schedule.

Vivienne: Oh, good! Good, good. I am so nervous about your sister.

Rick: Oh, don't be. Nicole's tough. She's been such a champ through this entire process.

Vivienne: Well, God bless her, 'cause having a baby is not easy.

Maya: Can't be that hard. You did it twice.

Vivienne: I loved being pregnant. Shucks, having you kids? And I'm gonna love being a grandma even more.

Rick: Aww. Between you and my parents, that baby is gonna be spoiled rotten.

Vivienne: Oh, I didn't show you the two outfits I got the other day.

Maya: Mom, you didn't have to buy anything.

Vivienne: I want to! Come on. That's a grandma's prerogative. Oh, my go-- where is your little sister?

Rick: Oh, uh... she's with Zende right now.

Vivienne: Oh, really?

Maya: She seems to think they still have a chance.

Nicole: I have a list of things that I am going to do after I have the baby.

Zende: Mm. Yeah? Like what?

Nicole: First, I'm going to check out that roller coaster at the pier.

Zende: The small one?

Nicole: What?

Zende: No, you need to go big or go home.

Nicole: Okay. Anyway, then, I am going to head straight to our sushi place and eat everything on the menu.

Zende: Yes. I'm there. I'm going.

Nicole: Well, I'll have to see if I can pencil you in.

Zende: Oh, it's like that?

Nicole: Uh-huh.

Zende: It's like that now.

[Both laugh]

Nicole: Man, there's just been so much I haven't been able to do. Maya and Rick have been trying to keep me entertained -- taking me to the movies, bowling -- a pottery class.

Zende: Fun.

Nicole: Mm. Do I sound like an old lady yet?

Zende: Not at all.

Nicole: One thing I do miss...is dancing.

Zende: Yeah, you were a good dancer. You still got those moves?

Nicole: Uh, please. I don't even need music. I got the rhythm right here, okay?

Zende: Okay.

Nicole: Mm-hmm, right there.

Zende: Hey!

Nicole: Yeah.

Julius: Don't say I haven't been there for you.

Sasha: You've never spent any time with me.

Julius: No, I did better. I fed and clothed you. I've supported you your entire life.

Sasha: Not the way a father should.

Julius: Listen, do you think I wanted two jobs? No, I needed two jobs so that I could pay the rent for you and your mother, keep a roof over your head.

Sasha: No, you did that to keep us quiet! To make sure I stayed your dirty little secret. Shh. You barely even look at me. Whenever I try to hug you, you just stand there, disgusted, waiting for me to give up.

Julius: I have never mistreated you. I have always cared about you.

Sasha: Look, I want to thank you for the clothes and the food. That's great. But I'm grown now. Okay? I don't need you to "take care" of me anymore. I just want you to love me. Is that so impossible? Like the way you do Nicole? You should -- you should be proud of me. I'm doing well. I'm not some screwed-up kid. I'm a model! I'm actually making something of myself. Can't you just give me a chance? Can't you just let me in a little bit? I am your child. Come on. That has to mean something to you.

Julius: I have kept the affair between your mother and me a secret for over 20 years. My family is stronger than ever. And I am not gonna let you jeopardize that.

Sasha: Do you have any idea how it feels to be your secret?

Julius: Listen, I'm sure that it's -- it's a terrible feeling to see us as a family and you not be a part of it, but, Sasha, you have to remember, you weren't invited. You followed us here. I told you it wasn't a good idea, but you wouldn't listen.

Sasha: Coming to LA is the best decision I have ever made. And, oh, no, not because of you. You're a lost cause, Mr. Avant. You will never change. You'll never soften up. Not even for your children.

Julius: Don't you talk to me about my children.

Sasha: Oh, well, you haven't even accepted Maya. So why on earth would I think you would accept me? You can't. You're not man enough.

Julius: Excuse me?

Sasha: Not like Zende. You don't know how to love. He does. And he loves me.

Julius: Did he tell you that?

Sasha: I know how he feels. I can see the way he looks at me. And he just treats me like a queen.

Julius: Sasha, you are a rebound. And you're just gonna get yourself hurt.

Sasha: No, Zende would never hurt me! He is a good man, and I am never letting him go.

Zende: I wish it didn't bother me so much.

Nicole: Well, it is getting pretty big. I think it's kind of cute, though. Like I'm hiding a basketball. [Chuckles]

Zende: It's not your looks. You're beautiful. No matter what.

Nicole: It's what's inside that freaks you out.

Zende: I can't change how I feel. Maybe I'm not strong enough to handle this or mature enough to be supportive.

Nicole: It's not like you didn't try.

Zende: If it were any -- any other guy, I -- I could maybe handle it. But my uncle's kid... I'm sorry. It's just too much for me.

Nicole: No, I -- I get it. I wish it wasn't an issue, but... I won't be pregnant forever. The doctor says it shouldn't be much longer, that I'll deliver soon. So consider this an official heads-up. Nicole Avant is making a comeback. The same woman that you fell desperately, head-over-heels in love with... is on her way back. And she is going to be very, very hard to resist.

Vivienne: Zende and Nicole together again? Oh, I would be overjoyed.

Rick: We hope it works out, too.

Vivienne: Yeah, I felt so bad for Nicole. I mean, losing Zende was hard on her.

Maya: Well, after she delivers the baby, she'll have her life back again. She'll feel like herself again. Maybe they can connect.

Vivienne: I just hope they just spend some time being kids again -- go on dates, you know, enjoy spending time together.

Maya: Nicole seems to think that the only way she and Zende will have a chance is if Sasha leaves town.

Julius: I agree. Sasha's an interference. I think she should move away from Los Angeles for good.

Nicole: I hear the photo shoot went well.

Sasha: Uh, yeah. I-I guess so.

Nicole: You look pretty, Sasha.

Sasha: Thanks. How, um... how's that going?

Nicole: Growing every day.

Sasha: It's almost time.

Nicole: Yep, pretty soon. Actually, had a doctor's appointment this morning. Everything's great.

Sasha: I'm really glad to hear that.

Nicole: Sasha, we need to talk.

Sasha: Isn't that what we're doing?

Nicole: I'm gonna be honest with you. I hate what's happened to our friendship. We used to be so close... like sisters. But ever since you moved here, all you've done is taken advantage of me and my family. You've had a great experience. You've built a strong résumé for yourself as a model. Therefore, I think you should make a life for yourself somewhere else. Go back to the Midwest. New York or Paris -- anywhere but here. You overstayed your welcome, Sasha. It's time for you to leave.

Vivienne: I'll never understand your animosity toward this girl.

Julius: Sasha? Why should I feel sorry for her?

Vivienne: She's had a tough life. I mean, no father, no brothers or sisters. Cut her some slack, Julius.

Maya: We all know that what Sasha did was wrong -- completely unacceptable -- but she's young. She's naive. You can't just toss her out like she's trash.

Julius: I'm just glad Nicole is finally getting a chance to see who Sasha really is.

Vivienne: Well, Nicole feels the only way she and Zende stand a chance is if Sasha's out the picture.

Julius: She's right.

Vivienne: Yeah, but does that mean she's gonna lose her job?

Rick: No, Vivienne, I'll make sure that I put a good recommendation at International.

Julius: Nicole is the only reason that Sasha has the job. And how does she thank her? She steals her boyfriend.

Rick: Well, in all fairness, Julius, Zende and Nicole, they were already broken up at that point.

Julius: That still doesn't make it right.

Vivienne: Yeah, but kicking Sasha out of town? Doesn't that seem a little harsh?

Maya: Nicole's family. Family always has to come first. So if this is what she needs to feel safe and secure, we got to support her.

Vivienne: Of course, but... I think Nicole should be the one to tell her.

Rick: She's talking to Sasha today.

Zende: Oh. Sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Julius: Oh, no, no, no, no. We're just talking about how Sasha won't be around much longer.

Sasha: This is about Zende. You feel threatened by me, and now you want me to back off of him.

Nicole: I do want another chance with Zende. And I think that that can happen after the baby but not with you hovering.

Sasha: "Hovering"?

Nicole: Yes, hovering. And let's be real -- you've done it my whole life. And, I mean, it was cool when we were close, but we're not anymore, so... I think it's best if you leave.

Sasha: I have no right to be a part of your life, your family? No right?

Nicole: I think that you should do what's best.

Sasha: What's best for who? You? But what about me? You want me to give up everything I have?

Nicole: You have caused so much damage already. Just go. Create a life for yourself somewhere else, make your own family someday, but leave mine alone. I want you gone -- away from Zende, Maya, my parents, and I definitely want you away from me.

Sasha: You know what? No. No, you cannot make me leave like this!

Nicole: Oh, yes, I can, sister.

Sasha: Sister. Sister! How funny that you would use that word.

Nicole: What are you talking about?

Sasha: Ask your daddy.

Nicole: What does my dad have to do with this?

Sasha: Everything.

Nicole: Why are we talking about my dad, Sasha?

Sasha: Haven't you ever wondered why I've just always kind of been around, as if I was already a part of the family?

Nicole: What are you saying, Sasha?

Sasha: You're my sister.

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