B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/26/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/26/16


Episode # 7318 ~ Bill becomes obsessed with finding Quinn and making her pay for what she's done; Liam invites Steffy over and creates a romantic setting in hopes of wooing her back into his life.

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Justin: Good. He showed up.

Deacon: Well, hey, Spencer calls -- who doesn't show, right? Besides, I have assumed you were gonna offer me a job.

Bill: I would, but all janitorial positions have been filled.

Deacon: [Chuckles] This guy.

Bill: Where is she, Deacon?

Justin: You and Quinn were married.

Deacon: Hey, look at that. Your henchman did his homework.

Bill: Justin's my attorney. I suggest you think about hiring one for yourself.

Deacon: There's no need for that. I got nothing to hide.

Bill: Good. Then let's hear it. Where's Quinn?

[Cell phone chimes]

Wyatt: You ready to head out?

Steffy: Hmm? Oh, right. Yes.

Wyatt: Like you forgot. Come on.

Steffy: Oh, how could I possibly forget about this appointment?

Wyatt: Yeah! It's gonna be so much fun!

Steffy: Yeah, painfully fun.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Liam: Okay.

Deacon: You know, your henchman -- I'm sorry, lawyer -- probably knows as much about Quinn as I do.

Bill: Where is she hiding, convict?

Deacon: Hiding? Wait a second. Why would she be hiding? And why are you so interested in her? What's going on?

Bill: You're trying my patience, Deacon, and you know as well as anyone that isn't wise.

Justin: Just tell us what you know.

Deacon: All I know is that Quinn ended our marriage -- practically pushed me out of her life.

Bill: When's the last time you saw her?

Deacon: I'm sorry. D-do I need to answer these questions? I mean, I'm not on the stand, right?

Justin: There's only one reason you wouldn't.

Deacon: No, actually, there's another one -- I don't like him.

Justin: Mm.

Deacon: Look, you want to go find Quinn? Go find her. Give her my best. On second thought, don't give her my best. Now, are we done here?

Bill: Get out of here before I...

Deacon: Before you what?

Bill: ...Kick your ass.

Deacon: What? You're gonna, what, take a swing at me right here in your office? I don't think so.

Justin: You'd better go, Deacon.

Deacon: Okay. Bye.

[Door closes]

Bill: [Grunts] I can't stand that bastard.

Justin: I don't like the guy, nor do I trust him, but I think he may actually be telling the truth. All right. What about Wyatt? There's no way Quinn hasn't been in touch with her son.

Wyatt: We are gonna be late, so we should head over there.

Steffy: Okay.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] All right. Yeah.

Steffy: [Chuckles]

Wyatt: Unless, of course, you're Steffy Forrester and what you say goes.

Steffy: Oh. You're already catching on.

Wyatt: Yeah, well, I aim to please. Happy wife, happy life, right? You are happy?

Steffy: Of course.

Wyatt: I'll take that as a "yes." And we're off.

Steffy: Okay.

Wyatt: Let's go. Come on.

Liam: You get your life back tonight, Liam.

[Cell phone rings]

Liam: Hey, Dad.

Bill: Hey, kid. How you feeling?

Liam: Uh, pretty good, actually.

Bill: Well, that's good to hear. Want to grab some dinner?

Liam: Uh, not tonight. Thanks.

Bill: Plans?

Liam: Yeah. Steffy's coming over.

Bill: With Wyatt, I hope.

Liam: Unh-unh. Just the two of us tonight.

Bill: Liam, Wyatt is your brother. Steffy is his wife.

Liam: Yeah, well, she shouldn't be. And she wouldn't be if it weren't for Quinn.

Bill: Quinn will pay. I promise you.

Liam: No, Dad. See, that's the thing -- Quinn is not gonna pay as long as her plan worked, and so far, it has worked, so I intend to remedy that.

Bill: At the expense of your family? We're Spencers, Liam. We have each other's backs.

Liam: Yeah, well, somehow, I got stabbed in mine. Dad... most of the time, I take your advice. Tonight I can't do it. I can't do it. I got robbed. Steffy belongs with me.

[Cell phone beeps]

Bill: You see? You see? That is what I'm talking about. And I am not gonna let Quinn's legacy be the destruction of my family.

Justin: Two brothers vying after the same woman.

Bill: It makes me want to encourage Liam.

Justin: Counterproductive.

Bill: I know!

Justin: We'll straighten all this out once we track down Quinn.

Bill: Well, that needs to be soon, Justin. What she did to Liam is sick, and I cannot stand the idea of her out there somewhere, taking a victory lap over her accomplishment.

Justin: Okay. In the meantime, is there any way to bring peace to these brothers?

Bill: Not as long as Liam's pursuing Steffy.

Justin: Is there any way to convince him otherwise?

Bill: Liam is on a mission. If not for Quinn, Liam and Steffy would have been married.

Justin: Why don't you encourage them all? Might even bring Quinn out of hiding, as well.

Bill: It's tempting. But then I would be screwing Wyatt over. I can't do that. And, besides, Steffy wouldn't go for it.

Justin: Where does that leave her?

Bill: In the middle... caring about both of them but committed to Wyatt. It's a mess any way you look at it -- a mess that Quinn brought into my life! I want her found... and dealt with.

Deacon: [Scoffs] Frickin' Spencer. [As Bill] "Where's Quinn? Where's Quinn?" [Normal voice] Love to watch that guy squirm. I tell you, I'd pay a nice buck for a ticket to that show.

Quinn: Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

Deacon: Bet you would have, too.

Quinn: Yeah, well, if he didn't kill me first, which he probably would have. So, what did he have to say?

Deacon: You know, the usual -- threats, bravado.

Quinn: And what did you have to say?

Deacon: Not much.

Quinn: Not much, as in a little something?

Deacon: As in nothing, Quinn. I didn't throw you under the bus, even though you threw me off a cliff.

Quinn: That was a mistake in my judgment.

Deacon: Oh, you think?

Quinn: Hmm. You know... I don't normally apologize, usually not more than once, but I gave you three.

Deacon: Okay, Quinn, fine. What's the next move?

Quinn: Buy some time.

Deacon: Buy some time for what -- the long arm of the law to come find you?

Quinn: I think the police have enough things to do with their time.

Deacon: Baby, you're pushing the envelope here. We need to get the Hell out of L.A.

Quinn: Not now.

Deacon: When?

Quinn: I don't know. Maybe never.

Chapman: Legislation requires Forrester to notify its owners when its international manufacturers change.

Bill: Right, Chapman. I get the quarterly. Normally, all that information's included. Why the hand delivery?

Chapman: I like the face to face...especially when it gets me out of Rick's forecasting meeting.

Bill: Yeah. Well, that's all you need to say.

Chapman: I'll let you get back to it. Thanks for the break.

Bill: Anytime.

Justin: Everything good with Forrester investments? Business as usual?

Bill: Nothing is going to be business as usual until I get justice for my son. Liam is pursuing his brother's wife.

Justin: Technically ex-fiancée or fiancée, depending on who you ask.

Bill: Liam's got to man up. He's got to stop this.

Justin: He's lost everything, Bill. Can you blame him for Steffy?

Bill: You know what? I don't want to hear it.

Justin: 'Cause you'd do the same.

Bill: Yes. No. No. What I would do is dedicate my life to finding the person who did this to me. That's what I would do.

Justin: Fair enough, Bill.

Bill: You're probably right. There's only one consolation here, wherever the Hell she is -- getting my hands on Quinn.

Deacon: What do you mean, you can't go? You sure as hell can't stay. Quinn, if this is about Wyatt, he's with Steffy now. It's his wife. The kid doesn't need his mommy holding his hand anymore.

Quinn: I know that.

Deacon: Great! Okay! Mission accomplished! Let's go celebrate. Let's fly down to some sandy beach in Acapulco.

Quinn: I told you -- I cannot and I will not leave.

Deacon: Why? Tell me why. I don't get this. I mean, Wyatt is on his own now. I know that's hard for you to swallow, but --

Quinn: It has nothing to do with Wyatt.

Deacon: Well, then, what? Oh-ho-ho! Come on. Really? Wait a minute. No, no, no. This can't -- it -- it's Liam, isn't it? You've still got the hots for that kid. You're still in love with your Adam.

Steffy: Wow.

Liam: Yeah. I may have, um, picked up a few small items.

Steffy: Yeah, just a few. It's beautiful.

Liam: Well, it's decent. You're beautiful.

Steffy: You did this all for me?

Liam: As I recall -- and I'm recalling more and more lately -- this isn't the first time I've done something like this, is it?

Steffy: No. No. It isn't.

Liam: Uh, some wine? We got all the bases covered. We got red. We got white. Champagne.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah. I'll, uh -- I'll have red.

Liam: Red?

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: Red it is. And then maybe, uh -- maybe even a toast.

Steffy: To friendship.

Liam: To friendship. Yes, to friendship. I will settle for that.

Steffy: You will?

Liam: Yeah, for now. Sure. It was, um -- it was really nice what your dad did for me today at the party at Forrester. It was awkward but nice.

Steffy: Why was it awkward?

Liam: Because... I'm trying to move forward with my life and get back to normal, whatever "normal" means.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Liam: How can I do that without you? You're the epicenter. I've been trying to kind of replay it all in my head and live those moments over again, and I keep -- I keep ending up at the same spot -- you and me planning a future together. Can you imagine what that's like, forgetting all of that and then -- and then suddenly remembering again?

Steffy: [Clears throat]

Liam: What do those memories mean to you?

Bill: Where are you, Quinn?

Deacon: Quinn, Spencer tracked me down. It's a matter of time before he tracks you down. This guy is obsessed. He's -- he's -- he's like a dog with a bone. And when Bill's obsessed, he gets answers. You know that better than anyone.

Quinn: I'm not worried about Bill.

Deacon: Well, you damn well better be! I've got to be crazy to be here! We need to go south, babe. We need to go further and further south every single day. And instead, you're hanging out here like a sitting duck. And there's only one reason why -- 'cause you still have feelings for that wimp.

Quinn: Don't you call him that.

Deacon: Why not? Why? You've said it more times than I can count. What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me for speaking the truth? You tried that already. And, honey, I wouldn't try it again. Come on. Look at us, Quinn. Listen, this isn't what I want. It's not what we want. We made a Hell of a score, and -- fine. Okay. You made a Hell of a score. But me? I'm as broke as the day you sent me for a dive in the pacific. But we have each other. Come on. I mean, if we can just get out of here, we can -- we can go find something somewhere for ourselves. We'll get by. I know we will. Don't you want that? This is unbelievable. You're really in love with this guy.

[Quinn’s flashbacks]

Liam: I think, uh -- I think I'd like to stay here with you.

Quinn: Yeah, I think that's exactly what you should do.

Liam: Adam? I'm...Adam? And you're Eve?

Quinn: I'm also... your wife.

Quinn: Maybe it takes something like this to make you realize how special somebody is.

Liam: [Chuckles] I'm not -- I'm not trying to put you on the spot. It's just... I couldn't remember anything for so long, and then, suddenly, there they were, you know -- all those moments.

Steffy: Yeah. Some crazier than others.

Liam: [Chuckles] Yeah, you could say that again.

Singer:  Oh, you never know where life will take you you never know what you might find no one said we would walk forever but every step, I see you remember even if today is just one moment in time when you were mine when you were mine

Liam: But the thing is, even when I couldn't remember... I still...felt it... inside. Something was missing. Or someone, as it turns out. [Sighs] That's what brought me back -- those memories. You -- you brought me back. You don't have to say anything. I-I know you love me. I know you'll never stop loving me. But, Steffy... that is why we always survive. I mean, look at us. We -- we were cheated, right? We were cheated, and we were manipulated, and yet here we stand. A brand-new beginning just availed itself to us all over again. Wyatt -- I don't hate him. I don't. It's just that his time is over. It's our time now. He'll be upset, yeah. But he's not the love of your life. I am. And I want to make you my wife.

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