B&B Transcript Thursday 4/7/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 4/7/16


Episode # 7305 ~ Quinn commits a desperate act to save herself & get Wyatt on her side of things; Bill brings Steffy on board & the two discuss theories on Liam's whereabouts.

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Liam: Wait, wait, wait! Don't go! Don't go! What did you say?! What did you say?

Wyatt: What happened to you?

Quinn: I can explain! Just wait outside!

Liam: What did he say?

Wyatt: What did she do to you?!

Quinn: I helped him! I took care of him!

Liam: The name. The name that you called me -- what was the name?

Quinn: Stop it! Can't you see you're scaring him to death?!

Wyatt: Liam. Your name is Liam! All right?!

Liam: Liam.

Wyatt: Yes! You seriously don't remember anything?!

Liam: No, I-I only know what sh-- who are you, really?

Bill: Come on. There can't be nothing, Justin! What's he living on?!

Justin: I don't know. Does Liam walk around with a wallet full of cash? They say these millennials don't trust banks.

Bill: No! What's the last transaction you have for him?

Justin: His return flight from Australia.

Bill: Are you serious?!

Justin: Bill! This is your son. You think I would come to you and say there's no trace of him if I wasn't sure? This retreat center that he's saying that he's staying --

Bill: He never used those words. He could be sleeping in the woods for all I know. What's the matter with me? I've been so busy worrying about my hurt feelings that I never considered the fact that he might actually be in trouble.

Justin: Look, he's fine. He texted you. He said he was fine.

Bill: What if he doesn't have his phone? What if somebody else is using it? We're gonna call in some law-enforcement favors. I want to ping Liam's phone, find out its exact location.

Justin: Uh, no, no. Just get back to me on this line. No one else is gonna answer. Yeah, thanks. She says she's gonna check on it right away.

Bill: This is my nightmare. When I gave Liam my last name, then Wyatt my last name, this is what I was concerned about -- that I was putting a target on their backs.

Justin: Bill, don't go there, all right? This may be your nightmare, but that's not where the evidence or the lack of evidence is pointing.

Bill: [Sighs]

Liam: Wait, wait, wait, wait a second. How do you know these things? How do you know me?

Quinn: Don't! Don't!

Liam: Who am I to you?!

Quinn: Stop it! Can't you see this is too much for him?!

Wyatt: Okay, Liam, you need to slow down here for a second.

Liam: What? No!

Wyatt: You just need to slow down.

Liam: No! Why?! 'Cause what you're saying is that I'm here living a life that doesn't even exist!

Quinn: No, I was here! I was here! You were here! How could that have not existed?!

Wyatt: Liam, you need to sit down. Your head must be spinning right now. We thought you were staying away on purpose, Liam!

Liam: Away from what?

Quinn: Come -- come with me.

Liam: Away from who?!

Quinn: Talk to me! You owe me that much!

Wyatt: I don't owe you anything!

Quinn: Do you want to lose everything?! Do you?! Because I don't! And everything is a lot!

Justin: He's not in custody in LA or Kern, Ventura, San Bernardino, or Orange County, so... any luck with the major hospitals list?

Bill: No.

Justin: Got a text back from LAPD. No luck locating Liam's Smartphone, which can only mean that it's turned off.

Bill: Or smashed or stripped or thrown in the ocean.

Justin: What have you got?

Bill: [Sighs] Coroner's site.

Justin: Bill.

Bill: "Photos and information in this section may be disturbing." They have an "unidentified persons" search engine... including pictures. [Sighs] That's somebody's son.

Justin: Liam's not dead, Bill. And if you're looking for him there, you're not gonna find him. You don't want to. Who else has heard from him besides you?

[Cell phone rings]

Steffy: Bill? [Chuckles] I'm not calling you "Dad."

Bill: Yeah, that would be a little weird. I'm just checking on the newlyweds.

Steffy: Uh, Wyatt went to go see his mom. He wanted to meet her boyfriend before they moved away.

Bill: Can't be far enough away from me. Listen, I need to see you.

Steffy: See me? Why?

Bill: I'd rather not talk about it over the phone. Meet me at Liam's.

Steffy: I-I-I left my key.

Bill: Sure you did. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important, Steffy. Just be there.

Steffy: [Sighs]

[Liamís flashbacks]

Bill: Liam.

Wyatt: Liam?

Steffy: [Chuckles] Liam.

[Present time]

Liam: Hey. Hey! Hey! I will not be lied to anymore!! Hey!

Wyatt: Wait.

[Pounding on door]

Wyatt: What are you doing?

Liam: I want answers!

Wyatt: It's okay! I'm not going anywhere! What? Do you lock him in here when you leave?!

Quinn: No! No! The real estate agent put that on to make sure that the house was safe after we left.

Wyatt: What?

Quinn: Liam has been happy with me.

Wyatt: Happy?! Happy.

Quinn: Yes! Listen, it started out one way, but it turned into something else. He -- he -- he had a concussion, two maybe. It took me awhile to figure it out. The only reason that I brought him here was because I was trying to do --

Wyatt: No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't even say that this is something you did for me.

Quinn: He was perfectly fine when he woke up. He just -- he just couldn't remember anything.

Wyatt: How is this perfectly fine?!

Quinn: Well, it's an opportunity, isn't it?! I mean, with Liam gone, things sure did work out in your favor!

Wyatt: Ohh! Oh, so you did this as a great favor to me! By packing him up and -- and moving on and just leaving me alone in the world?! Is that it?!

Quinn: No! You have your wife and your father! You're never going to be alone in the world! And we would have seen each other from time to time! I mean, come on! Nobody has to know!

Wyatt: Do you not understand? The jig is up, Mom. You're not going anywhere.

Quinn: No, you -- you don't understand what it really feels like to be alone! I finally, finally have somebody who makes me glad to wake up in the morning, and I am not going to give that up, not even for you!

Wyatt: You can't be telling me that you're in love with my brother! Oh, my God.

[Seagulls calling]

[Steffyís flashback]

Liam: We have made so much history together. I just want to keep making more of it.

Steffy: [Gasps]

Liam: Will you marry me, Steffy?

Steffy: Liam. [Chuckling] Yes!

Liam: Yes?

Steffy: Yes.

Liam: Yes?

Steffy: Yes, of course.

[Present time]

[Door closes]

Steffy: [Gasps] [Sighs] Didn't you hear me?! Why didn't you say anything? You scared me to death.

Bill: Sorry about that. I was in the bedroom.

Steffy: Why? What -- what -- what were you doing in there?

Bill: I'm scared, too, Steffy.

Steffy: [Chuckles] You're never scared, Bill.

Bill: Do me a favor. Look around.

Steffy: Okay. I'm looking.

Bill: No, no, no. I want you to really pay attention. I mean, you lived here. Is anything missing?

Steffy: I-I-I don't know. I-I-I took a few things before I left.

Bill: Besides those.

Steffy: What -- what are you getting at?

Bill: I want you to go through this house with a fine-toothed comb, okay? I want you to check the landline, see if anybody called and where they called from. I want you to look in -- in every room.

Steffy: Why?

Bill: Every closet, every drawer.

Steffy: Why? What am I looking for?

Bill: Something missing that should be there or something there that shouldn't be. Just humor me. It could be really important.

[Liamís flashback]

Bill: It's a good start, Liam. Punch up the next draft. Make me proud.

Wyatt: Liam, I know we don't always see eye to eye, but we're brothers.

Steffy: That's why I love you so much, Liam. Cha, cha, cha.

[Present time]

Wyatt: You kidnap a man and you call that love?

Quinn: I cared for him. He could have left at any time!

Wyatt: He's helpless! No memory, unable to stand properly! Like, he's still not right! You didn't even take him to a doctor, did you?

Quinn: No, I-I talked to a doctor about him.

Wyatt: That's not even the same thing! You didn't want to get caught! That's what this is! You need help! Like, you're crazy! This is -- this is just like all the other times!

Quinn: No, no! This is not like any of the other times! I mean, we shared something!

Wyatt: [Scoffing]

Quinn: I know you don't understand that right now, but he opened up something in me that I never even knew existed!

Wyatt: Oh, enough! I don't even want to hear about this! I will get you all the help that I can. But I have to, like, pretend that you're crazy right now, that you're not responsible for your actions, because we both know it's not sanity that is missing from you! It's your conscience!

Quinn: No --

Wyatt: No, you need to open this door and you need to let Liam go.

Quinn: Okay, but there is another choice.

Wyatt: No. No. I call the police. That is the other option.

Quinn: You are so close to having everything you ever wanted, and so am I. What if we just...parted ways?

Wyatt: Mo-- Mom! Liam despises you!

Quinn: No, life changed him! And he changed me! If you could only see that!

Wyatt: It didn't look like he had that smitten look on his face!

Quinn: He just needs some time alone with me!

Wyatt: No, that -- that is never gonna happen. Do you understand me?

Quinn: Okay. I am so glad that you are happy with your life.

Wyatt: [Sighs]

Quinn: No matter what that happiness has cost me. But do you have what it takes to stay happy? Do you have what it takes to enjoy your life? Because all you have to do is forget this conversation, okay? Forget what you saw inside of this cabin and walk away and go back to that life that you so desperately wanted, that you -- that you so angrily resent me for giving you!

Steffy: Nothing stands out to me. It all looks the same. Except for all this mail.

Bill: Would he do this? Wouldn't he forward his mail?

Steffy: [Sighs]

Bill: They turned off his power for nonpayment. Liam wouldn't leave without paying his bills. He would have turned off his heat, his hot water. Tell me about your communication with him, whatever text messages you received. That's all I've got. And didn't he end your relationship by text message?

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, like a couple of text messages and a voicemail.

Bill: What did he say?

Steffy: He said to leave him alone, never talk to him again.

Bill: When was that?

Steffy: Uh, a month or so ago, maybe more.

Bill: Has anyone contacted you about Liam?

Steffy: [Sighs]

Bill: Maybe someone impersonating a Bill collector or someone from the bank?

Steffy: Bill, why -- why are you putting me through this? I've already asked those questions a hundred times. I don't know where Liam is. Why do I have to keep saying that he stopped caring about me? [Sighs]

Bill: Because I don't think he did. Something's wrong, Steffy. I'm worried that Liam's gone missing.

[Liamís flashback]

Look around! Do you know where you are?! Do you know what this is?! This is Spencer Publications. We publish stories!

Wyatt: What are you doing?

Liam: Can't give my brother a hug?

Wyatt: No. Why? Did I do something nice? I don't know what you're doing.

Quinn: I warned you! And you didn't listen. So now you get to pay the price. Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

[Present time]

Liam: You're a liar! Liar!! It wasn't you. It wasn't you. It was Stef-- Steffy. Steffy.

Quinn: He's -- he's calling for me.

Wyatt: No, he's probably calling the police right now, is what he's doing. Oh, but no. Why would you give him a phone? 'Cause that would be a risk, wouldn't it? Like -- oh, my God. You're the one who's been sending the texts, those bleak, cold texts to Steffy and Dad. You know what? This is over. I am ending this right now. Give me the keys. This is done.

Quinn: No.

Wyatt: Yes. 'Cause whatever he doesn't remember, I'm going to tell him, 'cause you're going to jail, if Dad lets you live that long.

Quinn: What about you?

Wyatt: What about me?

Quinn: Where are you going to go? I mean, after you go to the courthouse to annul your marriage, because you are just going to hand Steffy right back to Liam.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Quinn: So then what is it for you then, huh? What? Some -- some -- some cubicle in the bowels of Spencer Publications surrounded by Bill's "yes" men, because Liam is going to want his office back.

Wyatt: Oh.

Quinn: And Forrester is gonna dissolve the jewelry division because you're not a designer.

Wyatt: No, I'm Bill Spencer's son!

Quinn: And what has that gotten you before I cleared the way to what you have right now?!

Wyatt: I don't want it this way, Mom!

Quinn: Why not?!

Wyatt: Because it's wrong!

Quinn: So what?!

Wyatt: Oh, my God.

Quinn: Everything has a price, Wyatt. Happiness has a price! Only a fool would be too proud to pay it!

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Quinn: What are we supposed to do with the short time that we have on this planet?! We're -- we're supposed to be happy, right? Not be the same person we were yesterday and the day before that and the day before that, spinning on some hamster wheel, spitting out happiness for the same people who put us there in the first place! Liam was a prisoner, too.

Wyatt: No, don't even do that right now.

Quinn: No, no, no! If I can stand your disgust, you can stand to listen to me! He's a changed man. And so am I. Not just because of being in love with him, but loving who I am because of him! I was so -- I was so shut down and so bitter before! I had no idea who I was trying to be underneath it all! And neither did your brother! He -- he is -- he's a gentler man, and he's a kinder man without all the weight of those years of conditioning on top of him! You don't get it! We're like -- we're like two pieces of the same puzzle. It is so inspiring, really. Why can't we all do what Liam has done? Just walk away from our old lives, walk away from all of our old -- old obligations and being -- being new and fresh like -- like babies?

Wyatt: Mom! He's got an injury! He's hurt!

Quinn: He's happy!

Wyatt: [Scoffs]

Quinn: And we could be, too! All you have to do is refuse to be ashamed of what you have and how you came by it. Really, it's the most beautiful thing that I could ever give you as a mother is to say goodbye and to walk away and for you to never see me again.

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