B&B Transcript Friday 3/25/16

The Bold and the Beautiful Transcript Friday 3/25/16


Episode # 7296 ~ Ridge finds himself on the defensive when an unexpected accusation is thrown his way; Charlie accidentally stumbles upon a startling clue about what might have happened to Liam.

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Ridge: You're mistaken.

Dr. Wolin: I ran the test myself. Your sperm count is zero.

Ridge: It was zero, and that changed. Lucky.

Dr. Wolin: Say what you'd like to the press, but I know the truth. That child isn't yours.

Caroline: An hour away from you feels like a lifetime. [Gasps] Were you a good boy for the nanny? Yes. Yes, you were, 'cause you're always a good boy.

Thomas: Nanny?

Caroline: Hey.

Thomas: You guys go out or something?

Caroline: Yeah. Your dad talked me into lunch.

Thomas: Oh, well, next time, skip the nanny, hire me instead. I would gladly drop anything to hang out with this little guy, wouldn't I? Show him the ropes of being a big, ol' Forrester.

Caroline: Shh.

[Baby fusses]

Caroline: Yeah.

Wyatt: You think you're gonna be able to sneak off early?

Steffy: Probably. I just have to wrap up a few things here.

Wyatt: Okay. Well, is there anything I can do to help you?

Steffy: Yeah. Uh, call your mom and tell her to be more like you. The woman is three days late on her inventory report.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] You know my mom. She always worked to her own timetable.

Steffy: Yeah, it's clear she depended on you. And now that you're at Spencer, I hope she can step it up.

Wyatt: Well, if you do end up having to fire her, uh, it might be best to if -- if you do it after our wedding. [Chuckles]

Liam: What's wrong?

Quinn: Just... wondering how to tell you...

Liam: You can tell me anything.

Quinn: I need a change.

Liam: In our relationship?

Quinn: No. No. We -- I-I mean, we -- we need to -- we need to change. I want to move.

Liam: Didn't we just move here?

Quinn: I-I mean, I... I need to get out of L.A.

Liam: But [Laughs] What? But what about your job?

Quinn: I'll take a leave of absence. We have been cooped up in this cabin, w-w-which has been good for a while, right, because -- because you were recovering. But you're so much better now. E-except for your memory, which is the point, right? Because I want to fill that handsome head of yours with -- with a whole bunch of new memories. So I was thinking we could travel, you know? We could just see where the road takes us. Adam and eve conquer the world. What do you say?


Charlie: What is this?

Steffy: Your mom's a brilliant designer. I just need that brilliance to seep into other areas of work, like getting back at e-mails and phone calls. You're gone, ivy's gone. Quinn's the only one managing the jewelry line.

Wyatt: I know.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Steffy: Oh, wait. Carter needs me to meet him and sign something.

Wyatt: All right.

Steffy: Okay, I'll meet you back at home?

Wyatt: Make it quick.

Steffy: I'll try.

Wyatt: Okay.

Steffy: Bye.

[Door closes]

Holly: Sean's concerned we won't have enough prep time for the shoot.

Wyatt: I know, and I promise I will get you those pieces as soon as they're done.

Holly: Well, he keeps saying he wants access to the collection.

Wyatt: He will, holly. I got you.

Holly: Okay.

Wyatt: All right.

Holly: Thank you, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Thank you.

[Cell phone beeps]

Wyatt: Huh? Okay.

Charlie: Wyatt, I heard you were in the building. Come here.

Wyatt: Ah, I-it's okay, Charlie. I know I work at Spencer, but I promise you, I'm still allowed in the building.

Charlie: No, no. This isn't a security issue. Well, maybe it is. Uh, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Um, I need to show you something.

Wyatt: Show me something.

Charlie: Footage... of your mom and Liam.

Dr. Wolin: It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Ridge: Thank you.

Dr. Wolin: A lot of couples use a donor when they're --

Ridge: We didn't use a donor. That child is mine.

Dr. Wolin: It's impossible. I'm telling you right now that you -- [Scoffs] [Chuckles] Okay. Well, then you might want to ask for a paternity test. Hate to break it to you, but that young wife of yours is keeping a secret.

Thomas: Could he be any cuter?

Caroline: Oh, that is doubtful.

Thomas: Ah. Yeah. Wait, is it too early to get him modeling at Forrester, or is that, you know...

Caroline: You don't think that your dad would, like, push him towards design?

Thomas: The great thing about dad right now is that he won't push him to do anything. He'll just let him do what he loves. What?

Caroline: Uh, you just gave your dad a compliment.

Thomas: Look, everybody thinks that dad's this controlling, demanding guy running around barking orders the whole time. I'm obviously guilty of thinking that myself. I don't know. Maybe Douglas is reminding me of all the positive things. You know, uh, he's not the secretive, demanding guy I've accused him of being. Far from it.

Quinn: Thank you for seeing me.

Eric: Of course. Sounded serious on the phone. What is it?

Quinn: I need to ask for a leave of absence.

Eric: What? For how long?

Quinn: I don't know. Indefinitely, maybe. I'm leaving los Angeles, and... I don't know when I'll be back.

Wyatt: Look, what are you talking about, my mother and Liam?

Charlie: Watch. Just watch.


Wyatt: What is this? Security footage of the -- the parking lot?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. Somebody banged into Rick's car he wants me to find the culprit.

Wyatt: Okay, first off, those lanes are super narrow.

Charlie: Yeah, just -- just -- just -- just look at it.

Thomas: You know, it seems so strange at first, dad having another kid. Now Douglas is here, and I can see the effect he's having on him, his effect on me. It's helping me see dad in a new light. An old light, really. Reminding me of...the man that he is, the father that he is. I will always be thankful that you had this baby.

Ridge: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Dr. Wolin: No husband wants to hear this, I know. But the science speaks for itself. Once a man has had a vasectomy --

Ridge: Reversed. I had it reversed.

Dr. Wolin: Pointless because you had no viable sperm.

Ridge: No, what I had was a second opinion from someone who actually knows what they're talking about. Now I have a beautiful boy with my beautiful wife. And for you to suggest anything else is starting to really upset me. Don't say it again. Not to me, not to anybody else. Do you we understand each other? Good.

Wyatt: Okay. Odd.

Charlie: Did your mother tell you about this?

Wyatt: Nope. She sure didn't, Charlie. She's going to.

Eric: Leaving los Angeles? Something wrong?

Quinn: No, no. I just -- I just want to get away for a while.

Eric: With this man in your life? I've heard rumors. It's not deacon again, is it?

Quinn: No. No, it's -- deacon's gone. I don't think I'll be seeing him again. [Sighs] I-I can work remotely if you need me to, but it would be so much better for me if I could just focus on this new relationship.

Eric: [Sighs] Well, I hate to lose you, even just temporarily. But, uh, I won't stand in your way. I'll let Ridge know.

Quinn: Thank you. I need this so much right now.

Eric: All right.

Liam: [Sighs] How can I not remember this? It's my own damn wedding.

Quinn: Hey, sweetie.

Wyatt: Hi.

Quinn: Hi. How is the new job going? I bet your dad is so happy to have you by his side.

Wyatt: Where is he?

Quinn: Uh, Bill? Mm... uh, hmm. I have absolutely no idea. So, hmm.

Wyatt: Not dad.

Quinn: Who?

Wyatt: You know who. And from what I now know, you were probably the last one to see him.

Quinn: Uh...

Wyatt: Where's Liam?

Quinn: The last one to see Liam? That's what you mean? Me? I mean, you're asking me? Because I-I don't think Liam would be asking me for a ride to the airport.

Wyatt: There's footage, mom.

Quinn: Of?

Wyatt: You and Liam.

Quinn: What do you mean "footage?"

Wyatt: From the Forrester security cameras. Charlie just showed me. You and Liam were in the parking lot when he fell.

Quinn: I-I -- I didn't push him.

Wyatt: I didn't say you did.

Quinn: Well, your tone is just a little bit accusatory.

Wyatt: Because I'm worried, Mom. The date on the footage is the same day that Liam disappeared.

Quinn: He didn't disappear. [Chuckles nervously] He -- he, uh... he went on an extended spa.

Wyatt: It's the same day that Steffy was waiting at home for him so they could work things out, but he never showed up. Why? What did you do to Liam?

Caroline: Hey. I thought you were going into work.

Ridge: Yeah, well, I just wanted to check on our little boy before I went.

Caroline: He's sleeping.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: Like a baby.

Ridge: That's funny. Why aren't you at work? I thought you were gonna finish those sketches I was gonna approve or not approve.

Thomas: Totally understood. Back to work.

Ridge: Thank you.

Caroline: What's wrong?

Ridge: Nothing.

Caroline: Are you sure? Something happen at Il Giardino when I left?

Quinn: I-I didn't do anything to Liam.

Wyatt: I saw you get in his car.

Quinn: Yes, yes, yes. Yes, I-I did. I did. I got in his car to -- to drive him to the hospital.

Wyatt: Okay.

Quinn: Uh, but what you didn't see, you couldn't see -- there's no cameras -- is that -- is that, um, he -- he came to, right, as I'm driving. And thank God he came to. And he said, "hey, where are you taking me?" And I said, "well, I'm taking you to the hospital." And he says, "no." And he was adamant, right? He did not want to go to the hospital. He said, "I-I-I-I don't want a doctor. I-I-I want to get out of town. And all I need -- all I need is -- is yoga."

Wyatt: Yoga?

Quinn: Yeah. Yeah. He wanted to, like, I don't know -- he wanted to go to some -- some retreat or some-- I don't know.

Wyatt: So, what? Okay. So, he just -- he drove himself?

Quinn: Yes, like nothing ever happened. Apparently he can rescue himself as well as he can rescue other people.

Wyatt: You didn't think to mention this, like, a while ago?

Quinn: Why? I mean -- I mean, everybody knew that he left town.

Wyatt: No -- mention that he collapsed. That the whole reason why maybe he's been gone is that he's in a hospital somewhere or worse!

Quinn: Well -- well, why are you so concerned anyway?

Wyatt: Are you -- 'cause he's my brother!

Quinn: You need to start taking care of -- of Steffy. Okay, you -- you need to start planning your wedding! You know, what are you gonna wait for? You gonna wait for -- for -- for Liam to be like, "oh, I'm done with yoga now and I'm ready to come back," and he comes back and he says, you know, "oh, Steffy, oh, I'm -- I'm ready to start treating you the way you deserve to be treated."

Wyatt: I don't care, mom. I don't care. 'Cause she'll just slam the door in his face.

Quinn: Yeah, but wouldn't it be so much better for her to -- to -- to slam the door as Mrs. Wyatt Spencer? I mean, come on! You know, make it official. You got to -- you got to marry the girl.

Charlie: Liam's fine?

Wyatt: According to my mom, yes.

Charlie: But this footage --

Wyatt: Doesn't show us everything, Charlie. I know. I thought it looked suspicious, too. But my mom swears he woke up when she was trying to take him to the hospital and then he insisted he was fine.

Charlie: Yeah, well, I'm still talking to Quinn. I mean, she should have filed an incident report. You know, the company handbook, which I wrote, clearly states --

Wyatt: Let it go, Charlie. Please. And don't tell anyone else about this. My mom's had a hard enough time trying to fit in around here. There's no reason to go on a witch hunt when all she was trying to do was help the guy.

Caroline: Something happen at the restaurant?

Ridge: Their prices keep going up, but I can probably write all that off.

Caroline: You sure?

Ridge: Yeah. What are you doing? Hi. I'm gonna grab you like this. Hi. Did you get prettier?

Caroline: Yes. [Chuckles]

Ridge: You know what it is? Walking in here and seeing you and Thomas... when you get together, it's just, um... I don't know. I just want to protect you and protect him.

Caroline: Hey, listen. He'll never know.

Ridge: No one will ever know.

[Sea gulls cawing]

Wyatt: Got your text.

Steffy: Glad you could join me.

Wyatt: Anytime, anywhere.

Steffy: [Laughs]

Wyatt: Especially right here, where I proposed.

Steffy: No wonder why I stopped here. This is our special spot.

Wyatt: Yeah. Steffy, I don't want to wait. The planning and booking and -- and seating charts. Who needs it? Like, why not avoid all those things that make weddings complicated? Let's just do it.

Steffy: You want to elope?

Wyatt: Yeah! Well, except for the running away part, but yeah.

[Both laugh]

Wyatt: I want to marry you right here -- the place where I told you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, Steffy. And I'm ready to commit the rest of my life to you right here on our special spot on the beach.

Steffy: Okay, so -- so when do you want to do this?

Wyatt: I want to marry you as soon as possible. Right away.

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