B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/16/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/16/16


Episode # 7260 ~ Katie demands that Brooke agree to her heartbreaking terms, should Katie accept Brooke's apology; Caroline becomes affected when Thomas shows her a kinder and gentler side of himself.

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Katie: Entire photo album of you and Bill. It's...[Sighs] It's great.

Brooke: Katie, please. Don't let this ruin the progress that we've made tonight.

Katie: No, no. Why would it? You were engaged. You were gonna get married. Of course, there were -- would be pictures. And look at all of the amazing places that you went.

Brooke: I made it a long time ago. I forgot I even had it.

Katie: But you didn't forget about your feelings for Bill, right?

Brooke: You weren't meant to see this.

Katie: Yeah, that seems to be happening a lot lately. Did you know? Did you know that she -- she made this scrapbook of all your fun times together? I mean, it's a little stalkerish.

Bill: It's time to call it a night, Katie.

Katie: Look at this picture, this picture of our brother. You know, the one who shot himself so that I could live, gave me his heart? What do you think he would say about your behavior? He would be disgusted!

Brooke: I wish you knew how sorry I am. I just want everything to be okay with us.

Katie: Yeah, me, too. Too bad you're lusting after my husband.

Eric: I'm so glad I get to see you.

Bridget: Oh, Daddy. God, I've really missed you guys.

Rick: Not as much as we've missed you.

Eric: Your mother's gonna be so glad you're here.

Rick: She's gonna be bummed, though, that you didn't bring Logan along.

Bridget: I know. I wanted him to come, but Owen's a stickler about him in school. But they both send their love.

Eric: And how about miss Jackie? How's she's doing?

Bridget: Oh, why? Is somebody interested?

Eric: What's it to you?

Bridget: She's good. She's traveling the world. You know, I just don't think New York was really her thing.

Eric: Yeah? I'm glad everything's settled, and I'm glad everyone's happy.

Bridget: Yeah. What about mom? I heard she's at Spencer working with Bill and Katie?

Eric: I'm not sure that arrangement's gonna last.

Thomas: That was really him kicking in there. I-it's just absolutely surreal.

Caroline: [Chuckles] It is. Oh. I -- honestly, I still can't believe it myself.

Thomas: I mean, you're gonna be a mother, Caroline. Come on. How cool is that?

Caroline: It's beyond. Words can't even express how excited I am.

Thomas: It's just crazy to think that I'm related to what's in there. He's my little half brother. And by the way, you don't have to worry about me telling anyone it's a boy. That is for you and the father to announce.

Caroline: It was really sweet of you to stick around at the hospital, especially with Ridge being out of town.

Thomas: Yeah, I mean, I'll stand in for my dad any time you need me.

Caroline: It was just so unexpected, you know, with the contractions and thinking I was going into labor. I should have known from all the books that I read that it was Braxton Hicks.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I mean, the important thing is that you're fine, the baby's healthy. Everything is as it should be.

Caroline: Everything is exactly how it should be.

Thomas: I mean it, by the way. You know, I'm really glad I was able to give you a ride. Hopefully you don't need another.

Caroline: [Scoffs]

Thomas: But if you do, I'm -- I'm here. I-I was really glad that I was able to be there for you today.

Caroline: Me, too.

Bridget: So, why do you think it wouldn't work?

Eric: It's complicated.

Bridget: Well, it can't be because of Bill. Mom got over that a long time ago, right?

Rick: Unless she didn't.

Bridget: Wait. [Chuckling] Okay, Mom and Bill didn't -- nothing --

Eric: No, I don't think the two of them have crossed any particular line, no.

Bridget: Okay, so what is it?

Eric: Katie overheard your mother telling Bill that she was still in love with him.

Rick: Seriously?

Eric: I'm afraid so.

Bridget: Wow. I can't even imagine how mad she is at mom.

Eric: Well, she is, and I'm afraid her relationship with Brooke might be permanently damaged.

Bridget: [Sighs]

Brooke: I know it was wrong to say what I did to Bill.

Katie: You mean when you told him that you loved him and that he was the love of your life? That time?

Brooke: And I've apologized for that over and over again. And I will continue for as long as it takes.

Katie: Hey, say no more. Heard you loud and clear.

Brooke: Katie, please. It won't happen again.

Katie: [Scoffs]

Brooke: It will never happen again. I need you to believe me.

Katie: Hey, if you say it's done, it's done. I can't have you back at Spencer. But I believe you. And I'm gonna let it go.

Thomas: I'm just surprised he didn't hop on a plane and jet back to L.A.

Caroline: Trust me, Ridge wanted to, but I insisted that he stay and finish his meetings with the international buyers. And I promised that I'd call him if anything else happened, but I'm good and the baby's good, so we're all fine.

Thomas: You're pretty incredible.

Caroline: No, not really.

Thomas: You just had a scare. You thought you were going into labor, and you're just completely calm about it. "Stay -- stay wherever you're doing work."

Caroline: No, it just looks that way. [Chuckles]

Thomas: I'm serious. You know, you -- you think you're going into labor. I can't imagine what that would be like without the baby's father being there.

Bridget: So, I understand that mom told Bill that she still has feelings for him, but what about Bill? Does he feel the same way?

Eric: I'm not entirely sure.

Rick: I thought it's odd that mom's been alone for so long.

Bridget: Oh, my God. I know. It's so unlike her.

Rick: Right?

Bridget: For as long as we've known, she's always needed a man, whether it's you or Ridge or -- or Bill. She's always had a man in her life.

Eric: All right, hang on, both of you. This is your mother we're talking about, not Jackie Marone or one of your girlfriends. This is your mother.

Rick: You're right, Dad. I thought mom was just taking time for herself. But now we know the truth. She's been carrying the torch for Spencer this entire time.

Bridget: I'm curious what Bill thinks. I wonder if mom's confession has stirred something inside of him.

Eric: I think it probably has. Your mother's wonderful.

Bill: Why do I get the feeling you don't really mean that, Katie, that you're just trying to end the conversation?

Katie: I'm giving my sister the benefit of the doubt. I am.

Bill: What about me? Do I get that same benefit? When your sister or -- or any other woman professes their love for me, do you know that I am committed to you, to our life, to our family? You need to understand that.

Katie: My problem is not with you, Bill. My problem is with her.

Brooke: What do you want from me, Katie? I want you to be able to trust me again.

Katie: Yeah, well, that might take a minute, sweetheart. But I'm gonna try. I'm gonna try to forgive and forget. I'm gonna wipe the slate clean and just not think about how you're aching for my husband. I am going to forget that it's even happening. I'm going to unhear those words. But here's the problem. Here's the problem. You're trouble.

Bill: Okay, that's it for tonight. We're leaving.

Katie: I'm fine.

Bill: It's late. Let's go.

Katie: Fine. I want to say one more thing. You're my sister, and I'm stuck with you. But I will be watching you. And if I see you making eyes at my husband or speaking in that seductive tone or giggling, I will know. I will know what you're doing, and I will come down hard. So if you want to be part of my life, you better watch yourself.

Thomas: Does my dad know that I was at the hospital with you tonight?

Caroline: Why would that matter?

Thomas: I'm not exactly his favorite person in the world right now.

Caroline: That's not true.

Thomas: No, I'm pretty sure he would rather anybody else was there than me.

Caroline: [Sighs] Ridge gets to be the father of a beautiful, new baby. He gets to raise another son. That's -- that's all that really matters.

Thomas: Yeah, but, I mean, it's -- it's moments like tonight that a father wants to be there for.

Caroline: I know that Ridge has been tough on you lately and -- and there's a lot of tension there, but he really does want what's best for you, Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I totally deserved it, you know? I've been arrogant and selfish. I just walked around without any regard to anybody else's feelings or what they were doing. I'm -- I'm trying to change. I really want to earn everybody's respect back. Especially Dad's.

Caroline: You will. It might just take some time.

Thomas: You know, being there with you tonight... just -- it -- it was incredible. It -- it had an impact on me. You know, I-I was imagining for the first time what it would be like to be in yours or Dad's shoes, and... to bring a new life into this world. At first that used to absolutely terrify me. But now it's just -- it's -- it's like this -- this little miracle. One day.

Eric: You know what we should do?

Rick: Ditch the office and grab some martinis?

Eric: Yes.

Rick: [Chuckles]

Eric: I was thinking we could squeeze in a Kings game, though.

Rick: Yes, like old times.

Eric: You, me, Bridget, your mother, Maya. Be fun.

Rick: Why not? We have those season passes we never use.

Eric: Be good for your mother, spend time with her kids.

Rick: You're worried about her.

Eric: I'm worried about her relationship with Katie.

Bridget: Oh, God, that's so sweet of Dad.

Brooke: [Chuckles] Yeah, it is sweet. So, even if you're not here, you're still very close to my heart.

Bridget: Oh. [Chuckles] That's sweet, Mom. I still feel bad I didn't come home for Christmas. I'm sorry.

Brooke: Oh, honey, don't worry. You're here now, and that's all that matters. And I have you all to myself.

Bridget: Oh, before I forget, Logan, since he couldn't come, he made you a drawing.

Brooke: Oh, wow. That's great. He's a great artist. He takes after his grandpa.

Bridget: He does. He's -- he's very creative. Owen and I have him in a pretty good school. I'm proud of him.

Brooke: I wish he was here, but I understand.

Bridget: So, I-I want to hear everything. How are you?

Brooke: Oh, um... good. How's the hospital?

Bridget: Mom. I just saw Dad and Rick. Dad told us what's going on with you and Aunt Katie.

Brooke: Honey, you're hardly ever here, so I didn't want to burden you with my problems.

Bridget: Oh, God. So it's true. Did you really tell her that you were in love with her husband?

Bill: I told Nina she could head home after giving Will his bath.

Katie: Good. I want to put him down.

Bill: You don't need that, Katie.

Katie: [Chuckles] But I do.

Bill: No, you don't.

Katie: [Sighs] I just -- I just wish for once in my life I could be cool. I-I did it again. I lost it in front of Brooke. I showed her all of my insecurities.

Bill: I think we just need a good night's sleep.

Katie: I mean, of course she'd have pictures of you. You were engaged. She was gonna be Mrs. Bill Spencer, just like me. Can't pretend that that part of your life didn't exist.

Bill: In the past, Katie. Way in the past. We are solid now. That hasn't changed.

Katie: It's just that I love you so much. [Sighs] [Voice breaking] And I love our son, and I'm so happy with our life. And -- and I can't stand it. I can't stand the thought of anything coming between that! I can't stand the thought of anything threatening it!

Bill: Nothing is threatening it, and nothing will.

Katie: I-I know that this is my issue. I know. I know that you haven't done anything wrong. It's in my head. [Sighs] I am supposed to be the smart one. I am supposed to be thoughtful and good. [Sobbing] But I have this tornado in my head, and I'm trying to control it, but... I'm trying so hard.

Bill: Katie.

Katie: [Sobs]

Bill: Shhh.

Katie: For you and for Will and for our family. [Sobs quietly]

Bill: Shhh. It's okay.

Rick: You know, mom's always been so resilient. A survivor. Katie, too, for that matter.

Eric: Well, hopefully they can work it out.

Rick: You know, I got to admit, Dad, when I heard that she was working at Spencer, I was a little bit shocked. I saw potential issues.

Eric: Well, you were right about that, weren't you?

Rick: Still. It must have been hard on mom, keeping all those feelings inside about Bill just to protect Katie.

Eric: What I don't understand is why Brooke felt so compelled to share with Bill how she was feeling. She certainly didn't want to hurt her sister.

Rick: She's been all alone in that house, isolated. You know, it's like she's put her entire life on hold for Bill.

Brooke: Do you think less of me?

Bridget: No. No, I don't, Mom. I feel bad for you. For Katie, I guess. The whole situation. I mean, you're siblings. This rift is really difficult.

Brooke: I feel terrible. You have no idea.

Bridget: God, Mom, I'm so sorry.

Brooke: You missed Katie and Bill. They were here having dinner. I thought I would try to smooth things over.

Bridget: How'd it go?

Brooke: Katie is still very upset, very angry with me.

Bridget: Look, I get it. Believe me, I get it. No wife wants to hear those words being sad about her husband, to her husband. But... mom, nothing happened between you and Bill, right?

Brooke: No. No, I wouldn't do that to Katie. And Bill and I agreed that we wouldn't let anything happen. I just wish I didn't say anything to him in the first place.

Bridget: God, it was on your mind, in your heart. You needed to get it out.

Brooke: I should have kept my mouth shut, should have told a friend or... [Sighs] Anybody but Bill.

Bridget: So this is real. You... you still love him.

Katie: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm... [Sighs] ...a mess tonight. I can see in your face that this isn't any fun for you. Brooke declares that you're the man of her dreams, and why... why shouldn't she feel that way? You're strong and you're steady and you're loyal. I know you are. I know you're loyal.

Bill: I am loyal. And there is one woman for me, one woman that I want to wake up to every day. And that is you.

Katie: I don't question your integrity. I know the kind of man you are. And I know that this is my issue. And I'm struggling with it, but I -- [Sniffles] -- I am gonna try to work it out.

Bill: It's not your issue. It's our issue. We're a couple. We are married. We are a team. And we're going to get through this together.

Katie: [Sniffles]

Bill: So please, please stop -- stop worrying so much, Katie. Stop being so insecure. Brooke is not a danger to us. She is not a threat. No one is. Okay? There is nothing -- nothing -- that's going to destroy our marriage.

Katie: I know what could destroy it. It's right here in this room, and it terrifies me, because I don't want to do it. I don't. We'll get through it together, right? You promise?

Bill: I promise. We will get through it together.

Katie: Okay. Okay. [Sniffles]

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