B&B Transcript Monday 1/18/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/18/16


Episode # 7239 ~ Carter gives Zende man-to-man advice about his relationship with Nicole; Sasha finds out the real reason why Rick retracted her offer to be a Forrester model.

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Katie: All right! Look who's here!

Bill: [Laughs] This is the best surprise ever! Hey! Come here! I have some surprises just in case you're coming by.

Katie: Let's go see!

Bill: Look what I got! Which one?

Katie: What's that?

Bill: Which one? This one? Take it. Catch it. Ready? One, two, three. [Laughs]

Katie: Yay!

Bill: Nice catch! That's such a good catch! That's such a good catch! That's such a good catch! Good job. Good job, big boy. Whoa! Almost lost you.

Vivienne: Is there anything else I can add to my shopping list?

Julius: You got anything on there for morning sickness?

Vivienne: Yours or Nicole's?

Julius: I'm sorry, baby. It's -- it's just that I hate seeing our baby suffer like this. You and I both know that her having this baby for Rick and Maya, it's gonna cost her more than she realizes.

Vivienne: You mean her relationship with Zende.

Julius: For starters, that's exactly what I mean.

Zende: I just don't get it. One minute, Rick's giving Sasha the chance to be a model. The next minute, he's changing his mind.

Carter: Did he say why?

Zende: He saw the proofs. Said he spoke too soon. I mean, at least he was cool about it.

Carter: Do you think there's more to it?

Zende: Rick's a very level-headed guy. He thought Sasha had potential. I took the photos, and she was good. But how does he go from that to thinking that she wouldn't be able to cut it?

Nicole: I feel bad. I mean, I love Sasha like a sister, but we've always had this competitive thing between us. And I'm not saying she would deliberately go after Zende, but I'm pregnant.

Rick: Don't say another word. It's handled, okay? It is taken care of.

[Cell phone chimes]

Rick: I got to go deal with this. You stay, okay? I'll be right back.

Sasha: I, uh, don't know if you've heard. Rick changed his mind. I'm not gonna be a print model anymore.

Nicole: I'm sorry.

Sasha: Are you?

Bill: Ohh! Oh, you throw hard! That's the kind of arm I like to see!


Bill: Good job!

Brooke: Looks like he's gonna be a starting quarterback sometime soon.

Katie: Uh, well, I don't think we're pushing football, right, Bill?

Bill: No, of course not! Yes, we are.


Bill: Yes, we are. Let's do it again.

Katie: So, uh, was that what you were thinking about when we walked in?

Zende: You think Rick realized he should have had Ridge weigh in as CEO?

Carter: He reversed himself to discuss it with Ridge. It's possible.

Zende: Rick was just giving Sasha the opportunity to prove herself. Only she didn't get the chance.

Carter: You're really upset for her.

Zende: She was really stoked about this. Plus she helped me find myself behind the camera.

Carter: You two clicked. Pun intended.

Zende: Look, I respect Rick. I'm not trying to go against his decision at all. But, I mean, this was so sudden. Why?

Nicole: Why wouldn't I be sorry? I mean, I know how excited you were.

Sasha: I kind of liked being discovered, you know? Like those stories you always hear about that happen in Hollywood, but instead of it happening to someone else, it was happening to me. It sounds silly, I guess.

Nicole: No. We all have dreams. And I-I imagine Zende was disappointed, as well.

Sasha: Yeah. Anyway, um, I was just stopping by to tell Rick thank you for the chance no matter how brief it was. But, uh, since he's not here, I guess I'll...

Nicole: I mean, if you want to wait, he should be back soon. Or I could tell him for you.

Sasha: Oh, no. That's okay. You've already done enough. Besides, it's not the end of the world. So I'm not gonna be a Forrester model. There are worst things that could happen. I mean, it doesn't change anything between us. I mean, it's not like any of this is your fault. I came to LA with absolutely no expectations except for just hooking back up with my bestie.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Sasha: You always let me in in a way that I know you couldn't with other people. It only made us grow closer.

Nicole: Like sisters.

Sasha: Like sisters. You think we'll always feel that way? I really hope so.

Katie: [Laughs] My son, the future corporate executive.

Bill: Uh, let's not forget future Heisman Trophy winner.

Katie: Sometimes I'm not sure who's the child and who's the father.

Bill: Hey, hey.

Katie: [Chuckles] I was just telling Brooke, um, how happy we are and how this is everything I ever dreamed about. And I know this hasn't been an easy road, but I think we can all acknowledge that a lot of it's because of you. I think we've all grown a lot in this last year, and I'm proud of you. You know, I can see how independent and strong you are, and you did it on your own, you know, without a man holding you back. And now when that perfect person comes along, you'll be ready for him.

Carter: Listen, uh, I don't want you to think that I'm butting into your love life.

Zende: Carter, whatever you got to say, man, just come out with it.

Carter: Even if you probably don't want to hear it? Okay, first, you know I like Nicole, right? But this surrogacy thing, man, I've seen how you're struggling with it. It's taking over your relationship. You're a young, good-looking guy, man. You shouldn't be caught up in all this drama. You should be living your life and having a good time doing it.

Rick: Hey, uh, sorry. It took longer than I thought. Nicole? You okay?

Nicole: I just spoke with Sasha. I don't feel good, Rick, about what I asked you to do.

Vivienne: All right. Now, you sure you don't want to come with me?

Julius: And lose time on perfecting this putt? No way.

Vivienne: Sometimes I think you love that putter more than you love me.

Julius: Impossible. [Chuckles] Hey, baby, listen.

Vivienne: Yeah?

Julius: Don't forget those orange drops, okay?

Vivienne: Oh, no, it's the first thing on my list. Okay.

[Knock on door]

Vivienne: Oh. Sasha! I bet you're looking for Nicole.

Sasha: No.

Vivienne: Oh.

Sasha: I just saw her at Forrester.

Vivienne: Oh, okay. Well, I'm going to the store. I'll be right back. Julius, could you get Sasha something to drink? Okay, see you.

Sasha: Bye.

Julius: Be careful, baby.

[Door closes]

Julius: Ooh. What's wrong?

Sasha: Do you really care?

Julius: Sorry I asked.

Sasha: Rick made me a Forrester model.

Julius: What?

Sasha: Mm-hmm. Yeah, and I was really happy about it. Then all of a sudden, he took it back. And I thought it was really strange until I heard the reason that he took it back. Because of your daughter, my sister, Nicole.

Brooke: The man who gets everything he desires. How does it feel?

Carter: She's a pretty girl.

Zende: Wow, Carter. Really? You have no filter. Just -- just out with it, right?

Carter: Aww. You want me to be soft? No, you want me to shoot it to you straight like you asked. Now, be honest with yourself. Be honest. What do you really want?

Zende: Honesty?

Carter: Yeah.

Zende: Okay. What I want is to be past this pregnancy so that Nicole and I can get back to who we are for each other, way before anyone ever mentioned the word "surrogacy."

Rick: What exactly did she say?

Nicole: It wasn't so much what she said. It's just how disappointed I could see she was, even though she tried to cover.

Rick: Well, you had to know that she would be.

Nicole: I hate feeling this way about Sasha.

Rick: All these feelings that are going on, it's all because of the pregnancy, what's going on inside your body. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Nicole: How can I not? Sasha's hurting because of something that I did. And she's like family. That makes it even worse.

Sasha: It just really hurt, you know? I mean, to listen to her tell Rick that she doesn't trust me around her boyfriend, that she's the reason that I don't get a shot at being a model!

Julius: Sasha, come on. Can you blame Nicole? I mean, Zende's her man. Maybe she just felt like you were getting a little too close.

Sasha: But that's not true! I've only ever respected their relationship! I've never even come on to Zende!

Julius: [Scoffs] Right.

Sasha: You just won't cut me a break, will you? My own father doesn't even care how upset I am.

Julius: Sasha, I do care, but you got to realize you brought this on yourself. I mean, coming to LA unannounced, showing up and inserting yourself into our lives? I'm not sure what it was you were trying to accomplish. Well, maybe I do. But it's just not meant to be. Look. Here's some money. Get yourself a bus ticket back to Illinois. Sasha. Nicole doesn't need a best friend right now, and --

Sasha: You don't need another daughter?

Julius: You'll always be my daughter, but we have an understanding. Your mother and I have an understanding. There's nothing to be gained by bringing this out now. Too many lives could be ruined. Sasha, go back to Illinois. It's where you belong.

Vivienne: Oh. The store was a zoo. I could have been back much faster. Where's Sasha?

Julius: On her way back to Illinois.

Vivienne: Oh, wow. Nicole is gonna be very disappointed.

Julius: It's best for everyone.

Rick: Hey, hey, hey. Listen to me. You don't have to be insecure or jealous about Zende. He loves you. And he's committed to you. I mean, this thing with Sasha --

Nicole: Wasn't a thing at all. Like I made it out to be. There isn't and never will be anything between Sasha and Zende.

Sasha: Hi. Uh, the maid let me in. Is Nicole with you?

Zende: No.

Sasha: Oh. I was kind of hoping she'd... is it okay if I hang out here, wait for her?

Zende: Of course. Listen, about today... I feel terrible. I'm still not exactly sure why Rick flipped like that.

Sasha: If I don't fit the part, I don't fit the part.

Zende: Yeah, but, I mean, you were so amped about this opportunity, and to have it taken away from you so suddenly... on top of that, you were so good in front of the camera. I mean, your spark and fire. So what you lack experience? I do, too. But Rick didn't sell on me.

Sasha: Yeah, well, that's because Rick can see how good you are.

Zende: No, it's because you gave me all the credit when it was really all you. You know what? He needs to know that.

Sasha: What? No. Zende, no. Stop. Don't call Rick.

Zende: Why not?

Sasha: Because... because I might not be around much longer.

Zende: Uh, what?

Sasha: I'm thinking I might go back home.

Zende: I thought you liked it here.

Sasha: I do.

Zende: Look, you have to know how upset Nicole would be. All right? She loves having you here. You can't go, all right? Not until you talk to her. And I know she'll probably do everything she can to convince you to stay.

Sasha: Stop! You're wrong!

Zende: What do you mean, I'm wrong?

Sasha: Look, Zende, Nicole's not gonna care if I go, okay? She'll probably be glad.

Zende: I'm confused.

Sasha: [Sighs] You were right, okay? Working at Forrester, getting to be a model, I mean, that would have been an incredible opportunity. She's the one who talked to Rick. She got him to change his mind.

Zende: No. Nicole wouldn't do that.

Sasha: But she did.

Zende: Seriously? Why?

Sasha: Because of you. She's jealous. She doesn't want me working with you.

Brooke: How come you didn't say anything about this? This is huge!

Bill: All in a day's work.

Brooke: [Laughs] Somebody is being uncharacteristically modest.

Bill: Well, if you're gonna drag it out of me, that is one good-looking corporate genius.

Brooke: Now there is the Bill Spencer that we all love.

Bill: At your service. Something I can do for you, Brooke?

Brooke: Yes. Actually, um, I have a few ideas for my first edition of Eye on Fashion. And I want to make a big splash. I'm still working on it, but I think it should be something provocative and something passionate. The power of the kiss. Now, I've done research on your past editions, and actually you've never done anything like this before. And I just thought since Valentine's Day is coming up, we really should focus on passion and desire. And then I can incorporate some... Bill? Do you like it? The power of the kiss.

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