B&B Transcript Friday 1/15/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/15/16


Episode # 7238 ~ Nicole uses her influence with Rick to her advantage; a young woman has her dreams come to fruition, and then snatched away from her in an instant.

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Brooke: So, we're agreed?

Bill: Absolutely.

Brooke: Should we take a pledge?

Bill: [Chuckles] Do you think we need to?

Brooke: Well, it couldn't hurt. So, it is hereby agreed and acknowledged by the parties -- that would be us -- to move forward as friends. Nothing more.

Bill: Nothing more.

Nicole: You're shocked that I would even sound like I'm speaking against Sasha, but I'm not. Not really. Sasha is like a sister to me.

Rick: But?

Nicole: Part of me is saying not to trust her around Zende. This competitive thing we have, I'm afraid she'll take it too far this time.

Rick: Because Zende matters to you.

Nicole: I love him.

Rick: What do you want me to do? Do you want me to tell Sasha that she can't be a print model anymore?

Sasha: [Laughs] Okay, I'm pretty sure I just had the best day of my life.

Zende: You think?

Sasha: I mean, who knew taking pictures would be so much fun?

Zende: I mean, you're a natural, so...

Sasha: Me? No. You. And whatever I had, you just -- you just brought it out of me.

Zende: Well, we both know that's not true. But okay. I'll take it.

Sasha: Yes, it is. Look, you made me look good enough to be a model at Forrester Creations! [Laughs] [Sighs] [Sighs] You know, this is better than any dream I've, like, ever had. [Chuckles] Well, mostly because, you know, this is real. And I owe it all to Nicole. I don't know how I'm ever gonna be able to thank her.

Nicole: I feel terrible asking you this.

Rick: I need to know exactly what "this" is.

Nicole: I'd prefer it if Sasha weren't a model.

Rick: I'm surprised.

Nicole: Look, I feel vulnerable. Any other time, I'd be like, "Okay, bring it on." But I'm pregnant. And Sasha definitely isn't. If she were modeling and working with Zende all the time, she may take unfair advantage. I know her, and she's not above it.

Rick: I didn't realize that you both had a volatile relationship.

Nicole: Being competitive always made sense to us, like a game. But Zende's no game to me. And the playing field's not level. I don't have the energy to keep up with her.

Rick: Because you're carrying our child. Don't worry about Sasha. I know how to handle it.

Nicole: You sure? Because I realize that I don't have the right to put you on the spot.

Rick: Nicole, stop. Maya and I -- we owe you everything. There's not a thing that you couldn't ask me to do that I wouldn't do for you.

Bill: Good friends.

Brooke: What we had was just a moment in time.

Bill: Yes. A beautiful moment. But things are different now. I'm married to Katie. I'm an active father with Will. I'm happier than I've ever been.

Brooke: And I'm glad to hear that. I do want to work here, and I'm excited about all the possibilities. I just don't want to be a problem for you and Katie.

Bill: Well, it was Katie's idea to bring you on board, so that should tell you that she is more than okay with it. And so am I. It's gonna be fun working with you. Not to mention profitable. I have very high expectations.

Brooke: I'll do my best to meet them.

Bill: I know you will.

[Door opens]

Katie: Hey!

Bill: Hey.

Katie: What's going on? Dreaming up things for the future? So, I'm about to put out a press release. I want it to be good, so we need to decide on a photo. Bill?

Bill: Um... you know what? I am good with whatever you ladies decide.

Katie: Oh, no, no, no, no. I don't want to hear about it later on if you don't like the photo. Now is the time to vote. Um... these are the ones I could get on short notice, and I kind of like this one.

Brooke: I don't know. I think I'm smiling too big there. I think, uh, this strikes a good balance, right?

Katie: Okay. Let's go with that one, unless you have any objections, Bill.

Bill: That's a good one.

Katie: Great. Let's get it out there.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Katie: And introduce the world to the brand new editor of Eye on Fashion.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Katie: You're part of team Spencer now.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

[Door closes]

Veronica: You're telling me you're a preacher, too?

Carter: [Laughs] Wedding officiant.

Veronica: Ah. But you could be a preacher if you wanted to.

Carter: Well, obviously.

Veronica: And modest. You're some kind of a catch, Carter.

Carter: Can you do me a favor and spread that around?

Veronica: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Hey, you two. Looking good, Veronica.

Carter: Hello!

Nicole: Not to take away from your glorious Carterness, but you...are very fit.

Veronica: Thanks. Good to know it's paying off.

Nicole: Yeah, well, me, on the other hand, I would just continue to get bigger and bigger until I pop.

Veronica: Oh, you don't have to worry about a little weight gain. Zende obviously doesn't mind. You won the board for lottery, Nicole. Zendes don't come around every day.

Nicole: I know. I'm very lucky. And I intend to stay that way.

Sasha: Hey, can I ask you a personal question?

Zende: Sure.

Sasha: Um, being adopted and all, did you ever feel less than? You know, like you just didn't belong?

Zende: Not once.

Sasha: Never? You never once doubted your parents' love?

Zende: There were a lot of things that I wasn't sure of. That wasn't one of them.

Sasha: Well, that must have been wonderful, having two parents who love and adore you. Nicole always had that, too.

Zende: You didn't?

Sasha: Single mom. Don't get me wrong. I love her to death. But...

Zende: But it doesn't make up for the lack of a father.

Sasha: Yeah.

Zende: What's his story, anyway? Why wasn't he around?

Sasha: Well, he, um... Rick, hi.

Rick: Hi.

Sasha: Oh, my -- actually, I'm so glad you're here. I-I want to say thank you so much for this opportunity. And I swear I won't let you down.

Zende: She means this, too, all right? We got some really good stuff. Uh, I have initial proofs if you want to see.

Rick: Yeah, I was hoping to.

Zende: Okay. All right. All right, so, uh... yeah, you can just, you know, flip through those. Something wrong?

Rick: Yeah, I, uh... the composition's great. Seems I've acted precipitously. I don't think you modeling for us is gonna work out after all.

Katie: So, this is it. Do you think it'll do?

Brooke: Absolutely. Yes.

Katie: This is Liam's office, but I work in here sometimes, and we kind of bounce ideas off of each other when we're not in meetings.

Brooke: Okay, yeah, it sounds good to me.

Katie: I'm so happy you're here.

Brooke: [Sighs] I'm excited, too.

Katie: Your influence on the magazine is just what we need to catapult it into a whole new level.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Alison: There's Mom.

Katie: Hi! Hi, buddy boy! What's up? Has Alison been nice to you?

Alison: Well, I usually make an effort with defenseless children.

Katie: Is that it?

Alison: Am I dismissed?

Katie: Unless you have something to add.

Alison: Actually, no.

Katie: [Sighs]

Brooke: A little chill in the air?

Katie: Yeah, well, Alison feels like she is Bill's office wife, which would be fine, but his real wife works here.

Brooke: Ah.

Katie: Personally, I find her very annoying. But you'll have to form your own opinion.

Brooke: Alison and I have always been good.

Katie: Well, maybe that's because you didn't work here. She might change your tune.

Brooke: Oh, gosh. He's got such a growth spurt right here.

Katie: I know. He's not my baby anymore.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Katie: You're a big boy now, huh? Yeah? No? You're not? Maybe he's my baby. [Laughs]

Brooke: So good to see you like this.

Katie: What? In Mom mode?

Brooke: Everything mode. Your life is working on so many levels. I'm just glad to see you happy.

Katie: Yeah. Well, we are happy. Right, bud? Yeah?

[Both laugh]

Veronica: You and Zende have been together how long now?

Nicole: A few months.

Carter: Not long at all. In fact, you two were just getting started when this surrogacy thing came up. That tells you what a standup guy Zende is. Not a lot of men would support their woman through a pregnancy by another man.

Nicole: Hmm. You don't have to remind me. It's all I think about. How awesome Zende is and how grateful I am for him. And, you know, it's challenging being pregnant and all, but I am determined not to let that or anything else come between us.

Sasha: I don't understand. Did I do something wrong? Did I offend you in some way?

Rick: No. No, nothing like that.

Sasha: Then why is this hap--

Zende: Wait. Hold on. Sasha looks hot in these photos.

Rick: I was impulsive. After seeing these photos, look, there's a reason why we do test shoots.

Zende: Right. Okay, so what's wrong with them?

Rick: You did great. And thank you for assisting Zende with the photo shoot. Your look, although undeniably beautiful, doesn't fit. Your energy's too youthful. Exuberant, if you will. Maybe if you had a little more experience. We just don't have time to be training on the job. I'm sorry.

Sasha: So am I. But hey, I get it. It's branding. If I don't fit the look, I don't get the job. Yeah, this is Maya and Nicole's place, not mine. It was a fun fantasy while it lasted, though.

Rick: I apologize for getting your hopes up.

Sasha: I'm just grateful for the opportunity. What do you think? Shortest modeling career in history, or what?

Zende: That was... very weird.

Sasha: No, it's okay. Really. I had so much fun playing dress-up, getting to work with you. I mean, I wish I could have done more, but it is what it is.

Zende: It's just you and me here now. Look, I know you were excited about this whole thing, and Rick just came and took it away.

Sasha: Look, I'm just grateful that he gave it to me in the first place.

Zende: Yeah, but you got to be feeling some kind of way about this.

Sasha: Disappointed. A little rejected. But... hey, I'm used to it.

Zende: What does that mean?

Sasha: Nothing. I'm -- I'm just kind of feeling sorry for myself, I guess, which is not allowed. So, actually, I think I'm gonna go talk to Rick and let him know how much I genuinely, genuinely appreciate this opportunity. What's there to complain about? I got to step into a world that I never would have gotten a chance to otherwise. And I even got to share it with you.

Veronica: I heard something in your tone earlier when you were talking about Zende.

Carter: Like what?

Veronica: I was hoping you would tell me. It's almost as if you disapprove of Nicole's pregnancy.

Carter: It's not my place to judge one way or the other.

Veronica: That goes without saying, but it doesn't stop you from having an opinion.

Carter: Honestly, I don't think it's fair to Zende. His life, his needs, his desires being put on hold so Rick and Maya can have a baby. And don't get me started on using that young girl as a surrogate. You know, Zende should be having the time of his life right now, not holding Nicole's head through another bout of morning sickness.

Veronica: I know for a fact there are a lot of women in this building who would love to pick up any slack. Doesn't look very happy.

Carter: Hey, hey, hey. You all right?

Zende: I just watched someone's dreams get shattered right in front of me, and they tried to play it off like it didn't matter. Wasn't a pretty sight.

Nicole: Hey.

Rick: Hey. Come in. Come in. I, uh, spoke to Sasha.

Nicole: What'd you tell her?

Rick: I told her it's not gonna work out.

Nicole: Just like that?

Rick: I told her that the photo shoot that she did with Zende was just not a fit for us. It's okay. I was nice. It's handled.

Nicole: I feel terrible.

Rick: If I would have known your guys' relationship was the way it was, I would never have offered the opportunity in the first place.

Nicole: How'd she take it?

Rick: She was disappointed. But she was gracious.

Nicole: That means she was devastated. I am a horrible person.

Rick: Yeah, right, right, yeah. You're carrying a baby for your sister and me. You're a terrible person.

Nicole: I've never felt this insecure before.

Rick: You're going through a lot of changes right now. It could very simply just be hormones.

Nicole: And hormones are a good excuse to be a lousy best friend?

Rick: You're protecting what's yours. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Nicole: I mean, I-I hated to come to you with this. I love Sasha. She's like a sister to me, and she was so pumped about being a model, but I --

Rick: You don't have to explain it to me.

Nicole: But I do. If only so that I can understand it myself. I feel awful saying it, but I just don't trust her with Zende. I wish I did. I wish that I could leave them alone in a room together and not worry about Sasha being all over Zende. But I know her. Competing with me is like second nature, and I have to make sure that Zende's not in play. Like you said, there's nothing wrong with protecting what's mine.

Brooke: I've got some ideas for the magazine, ways to make it feel more urgent. People find so much information online these days. We need to give them a reason to buy us.

Katie: See, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I mean, we have to keep relevant for our readers, give them something that they can't get online.

Brooke: That's right. And I need to check out your digital content. You can't give away too much too soon. You want to keep the readers interested but not think that they don't need us.

Katie: I love working with you. It makes me really happy.

Brooke: You're lighting up the room. [Chuckles]

Katie: Well, life is good, you know? I mean, I honestly don't know if I've ever been happier. Bill and I are great. He's loving and devoted and patient. Well, at least at home. [Chuckles] And Will... he just brings me so much joy. I love my job. You're here. Nothing's missing.

Brooke: Oh.

Katie: And I owe so much of that to you. Don't think that I don't know it.

Brooke: [Sighs] You and I have history, and it's still there. Bill, you are a husband. You are a father. And you cannot go there again.

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