B&B Transcript Thursday 12/17/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 12/17/15


Episode # 7219 ~ Nicole & Zende's growing passion hits a bump and comes to an unexpected halt; Liam becomes determined to do what is necessary to make things right between Steffy & Ivy.

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Steffy: You're arresting me?

Lt. Baker: You broke the temporary restraining order.

Liam: She was only trying to make things right with Ivy.

Steffy: I wanted she and I to talk reasonably.

Lt. Baker: I understand that's what you wanted, but that's not it worked out, now is it?

Steffy: It's just a little bump on her head.

Lt. Baker: Which never would have happened if you had obeyed the court order and stayed away.

Steffy: Ivy. Ivy, you have to listen to me. This isn't gonna solve anything. You don't have to be scared of me.

Ivy: Well, that's not how it feels for me. Look, you may not get this, but a judge does. Rules are rules. You can't just ignore them because you're Steffy Forrester.

Rick: Glad you stopped by. We haven't seen much of you since Thanksgiving.

Maya: Is everything okay?

Julius: Your mother had an interview at the DMV.

Vivienne: Yeah, it went very well. We're waiting to hear back from them now.

Julius: They would be lucky to have you.

Vivienne: I think he just wants me out of his hair during the day.


Maya: Stop.

Rick: Can we offer you a drink?

Maya: Is white wine okay?

Vivienne: Mm-hmm.

Julius: A martini would be better.

Rick: My kind of father-in-law.


Vivienne: Nicole's not home yet?

Maya: No, I guess she's catching up with Zende or with, uh, Sasha. She said that Sasha stopped by your place earlier.

Vivienne: Oh.

Maya: That must have been a fun surprise, huh, having Sasha just pop up out of the blue?

Sasha: Man, I still can't believe my bestie is pregnant.

Nicole: Yeah. Soon I won't be able to try on anything like this.

Sasha: That's for sure.

Zende: You know who that's for, right?

Nicole: Yeah, when Sasha found out, it took all she had not to try it on.

Rick: So, tell me more about Nicole's friend.

Vivienne: Oh, they were inseparable.

Maya: It seems like Sasha was the sister that I couldn't be to Nicole.

Julius: Rick, you mix a mean martini, man. You got to give me your secret.

Rick: You got it.

Vivienne: Now, what was the name of the game they used to play?

Julius: Who?

Vivienne: Oh, "truth or dare." Oh, yeah.


Vivienne: Oh, my God, they would play for hours and hours. Well, Sasha's like family anyway.

Julius: You know, Rick, I'm still trying to get your dad on the golf course. And you, too.

Rick: All right, we'll have to do that.

Julius: [Chuckles]

Zende: I hate to interrupt you two, but we got plans, remember?

Nicole: Oh, right. [Chuckles]

Sasha: Oh, and I'm holding you up. Sorry.

Nicole: It's okay. I am just happy that you're in L.A.

Sasha: Me, too. [Sighs] Are you sure that Maya won't mind if I pop by to say hello?

Nicole: Oh, no, she'd love it. I mean, we can drop you off if you want.

Sasha: Oh, no, no, no. Y'all have plans. I'll figure it out.

Nicole: Okay. I will text you the address.

Sasha: Okay. Sounds good. It was nice meeting you, Zende.

Zende: Yeah. Nice meeting you, too.

[Door closes]

Lt. Baker: Ivy, shouldn't you be home resting?

Ivy: I was at home resting thinking I was safe because of the restraining order, and then Steffy showed up. And now I have to find out she's still here, too!

Steffy: I wanted to fix this, Ivy.

Liam: Okay, can we just -- hold on. Hold on. Can we take a breath, dial it back a little bit, approach this calmly and rationally? Can we do that?

Wyatt: Look, Liam's right. I get why you're concerned, but I don't think arresting Steffy is the right way to handle this.

Liam: Lieutenant, could we just -- could we have a little more time? I know you have a job to do, but if -- if there's a way to resolve this without anybody going to jail...

Lt. Baker: Since you broke the restraining order, the court date will likely be canceled. Instead, the temporary order will probably become permanent with conditions set by the judge. You'll hear soon enough.

Liam: Thank you for not arresting her.

Lt. Baker: For now. Gather up your things and go, Steffy.

[Door closes]

Liam: [Sighs]

Nicole: If I'd have known we were coming here, we could have just given Sasha a lift.

Zende: Shh. Got to keep it down, okay? No one's supposed to know we're in here. That's why we took the back door.

Nicole: [Chuckles] It's a good thing your room's away from all the others. Never know who might walk in.

Zende: Right. Okay, uh... stay. Stay.

[Lock clicks]

Zende: Um, you're not disappointed, are you?

Nicole: Why would I be disappointed?

Zende: When I said it was gonna be a special evening, I mean, you could have thought it was dinner or a movie.

Nicole: This works, too. Um, so, what do you think about Sasha? I know you didn't get to see much of her, but I really hope she stays.

Zende: I don't want to talk about Sasha.

Vivienne: I was hoping we got to see your sister.

Julius: She should be at home resting. That's what she should be doing.

Vivienne: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Vivienne: Oh, that might be her.

Maya: No, no, no. Nicole has her own key, Mom. I'll get it.

Sasha: Hi! I'm Sasha.

Maya: Oh, my gosh. Sasha!

Sasha: [Chuckles] Sorry. Nicole said it was okay if I just dropped by.

Maya: No, no, of course! I am so happy to see you! It's been years.

Sasha: Yeah. Yeah, it's been awhile.

Maya: Hmm.

Sasha: Oh, my God. I saw all the magazines.

Maya: Oh. Ugh. Don't believe anything that you read. But yes, it's me.

Sasha: Nicole had her suspicions when she found that birth certificate, but I'm the only one she ever said anything to.

Maya: I'm glad she had you to talk to. Come on. I want you to meet my husband. Hey. Look who's here.

Steffy: I can't believe I was almost arrested. My God, Ivy.

Ivy: I was protecting myself from you, Steffy! I'm not going to apologize for that.

Liam: Nobody's asking you to, but you guys are family. You got to find some way to work through this.

Steffy: I tried. I tried doing that at the beach house.

Wyatt: We get that, but don't you think that wasn't really the smartest move?

Steffy: Okay, fine. Maybe -- maybe I acted on impulse.

Liam: Okay, stop, stop. Listen, what's happened has happened. Ivy's been through a Hell of a lot. You both have. But you don't have to let it define your relationship for the rest of your lives, okay? Ivy needs to feel safe again. Steffy needs to feel like she's not under constant scrutiny. So can you do that? Can you try listening to each other? Can you respect where the other is coming from and understand?

Ivy: This is ridiculous. I have to go.

Liam: How is -- [Sighs]

Steffy: Ivy, can you just -- can you wait, please? Can you just listen to me? It hurts me. It hurts that -- that you're afraid of me, to see the fear in your eyes. You have this all wrong. I'm not a danger to you. I wasn't -- I wasn't a danger to Aly. I wish none of this happened. There was never any malice in my actions. The night on the road and when I pushed you backstage, there was none of that. I want us to get along. I really do. And I know you love Forrester as much as I do. We have all this positive momentum, and this -- this is derailing that. I'm president, and I'm gonna be banished from this company? Think about the media, the field day they'll have on that. Not to mention the impact on the morale around here.

Ivy: You all know I would never do anything to jeopardize Forrester, but I can't continue to act like everything's fine when it's clearly not.

Steffy: No, I'm not asking you to act. I'm asking you to try.

Ivy: I can't do this anymore. I have to go.

[Door closes]

Steffy: I don't -- I don't know. I don't...

Liam: I'm sorry.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Liam: Who are you calling?

Steffy: My dad. I'm no good to him or the company as president when I'm no longer allowed in the building.

Liam: Oh -- [Sighs] Hold on a second. Wait. You're not thinking of resigning?

Steffy: Liam, you heard Lieutenant Baker. If the restraining order becomes permanent, which it most likely will, then... maybe I should just -- [Sighs] Maybe I should just move back to Paris.

Liam: Oh, stop it, stop it. You are not going anywhere. We're getting through this, and we're getting through it together.

Steffy: Thank you. [Sighs] I just can't believe she's gone this far. It's like she's totally controlling my life.

Liam: I know. I know. It has to stop. It will stop. It's just Ivy's -- Ivy is letting her fear drive her to do things that are actually harmful to both of you. But I promise you I am gonna get through to her once and for all. Are you gonna be okay?

Steffy: Hmm? Yeah.

Liam: Good.

Steffy: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Ivy: Thanks.

Wyatt: Warm enough?

Ivy: Yeah. I'm okay.

Wyatt: [Sighs] Are you? You seemed pretty quiet in the car.

Ivy: You think I took it too far, don't you, by calling Lieutenant Baker?

Wyatt: [Sighs]

Ivy: It's like everyone thinks I should just forgive Steffy, move on, put it all behind me.

Wyatt: I'm not sure anyone thinks of it as that simple or even if they should, including Steffy. The repercussions, Ivy, for your life, Steffy's life, the family, the family business, everything. You -- you and Steffy are the present and future of Forrester. You represent the stability and the continuity and the next generation of leadership there. It's one thing for this to play out in private, but... [Scoffs] And I-I completely understand your concerns. Trust me. I do. But there's got to be, like, a reasonable solution for all of this. Liam's trying to find one. So am I. But you got to be open to one, and Steffy does, too. So, are you?

Rick: It's very nice to meet you, Sasha.

Sasha: Same here. Wow. Look at that.

Maya: Uh, that was a gift from Rick when we first moved in.

Sasha: It's beautiful. And you're beautiful.

Maya: Thank you.

Sasha: There's so many amazing changes. I mean, not just for you, but for the whole Avant family.

Nicole: Maybe we should slow down.

Zende: Why? This isn't what you want?

Nicole: No, we've just got all night, right?

Zende: Yeah, but we've waited a long time for this, Nicole. You know I love you. Let me show you how much.

[Knock on door]

Liam: Hey, Ivy? It's me. Liam. Hi. May I come in? Wyatt here?

Ivy: Well, I'm assuming you're here for Steffy.

Liam: No. No, I'm here for you.

[Indistinct conversation]

Julius: What do you think you're doing?

Sasha: Doing?

Julius: Showing up like this.

Sasha: I wanted to see Maya.

Julius: You wanted to see where they live. Make no mistake. You are not welcome here.

Sasha: That's not the impression I'm getting from Maya and Rick.

Julius: Well, they're just being polite.

Sasha: And you're not, Mr. Avant. Look, if you're not careful, they might pick up on something.

Julius: There is nothing to pick up on. Listen, I don't want you getting too comfort here.

Sasha: Look, LA has got a lot going for it. I mean, why should I go back to snowy Illinois? What are you so afraid of? Oh, right. We both know the answer to that, don't we?

Zende: What's wrong?

Nicole: Nothing. I just want our first time to be perfect.

Zende: It will be.

[Door opens]

Wyatt: [Clears throat]

Steffy: What are you doing back here?

Wyatt: Checking on you. Ivy and I had a long talk.

Steffy: She's finally come to her senses? No more restraining order? Uh-huh. A girl can hope, right?

Wyatt: [Chuckles] Right. Um, so where's Liam?

Steffy: You probably passed him on PCH. You know your brother, the peacemaker. He's trying to get Ivy to do the right thing. For my sake, for hers, I hope he can.

Ivy: Really? You're here for me?

Liam: [Chuckles] Uh, yeah. Is that such a surprise?

Ivy: You've always been one of the good guys. Probably one of the only good guys.

Liam: Somehow I imagine my brother would disagree with that.

Ivy: Oh, hey, don't get me wrong. I know exactly what I have in Wyatt. What he sees in me, on the other hand...

Liam: He loves you very much.

Ivy: Well, he'd have to, to get over the way I've hurt him.

Liam: I think -- I think Wyatt just wants what's best for you. Like I do, like I always have.

Ivy: Well, I want what's best for you, too. It's just a shame because I don't believe that it's Steffy after the way she's treated you in the past. But I don't have to go on about that because it just sounds like sour grapes. [Chuckles] You know what hurts the most? We were in love. We were -- we were creating a life together and a future together. Steffy came back into town. She set her target on our relationship and she stole it from me. Do you ever wonder where we would be right now if she hadn't have come back, if she just stayed in Paris?

Liam: Of course, I do. But that doesn't justify you punishing Steffy. No, she shouldn't have told Wyatt about you and Thomas. And yes, you had every right to be angry. I mean, should you have waited to cool off before confronting her? Obviously. But, Ivy, what happened backstage was an accident. You have to know that. Just like you have to know that all this anger is hurting you more than it's hurting Steffy. So let the anger go, not for Steffy's sake, but for yours. Please. Please just drop the restraining order. Don't let this go on a moment longer than it has to.

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