B&B Transcript Thursday 11/19/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/19/15


Episode # 7201 ~ Wyatt reveals his biggest fear regarding Ivy to Quinn; Steffy gets distracted by Thomas' dastardly plan while Liam is attempting to be romantic.

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Thomas: Food's arrived.

Ivy: Oh.

Thomas: Smells so good right now.

Ivy: Hey, you know, you really didn't have to do all this. I was perfectly happy just making some soup and then going to bed.

Thomas: All I did was make one call. It's no big deal at all. Besides, it's silly to eat alone in this big house with this gorgeous woman in the house with me.

Ivy: It does smell good. Well, it's just -- it's just for one night, that's it, and then Wyatt's gonna come back and I'm gonna straight back to my boyfriend's house.

Thomas: Maybe he will extend his trip.

Ivy: [Laughs] No! He's gonna have to spend 24 hours with his mum alone. He's gonna be dying to come back.

Thomas: Well, if I had you to come back to... I'd hurry back, too.

Ivy: You really are a charmer, aren't you?

Thomas: Okay, yeah. I may lay it on a little thick sometimes -- a little.

Ivy: Sometimes? Sometimes?

Thomas: I mean every word, though.

Ivy: [Chuckles]

Thomas: Every word. Honestly, I have no idea how Wyatt can even pull himself away from you.

Ivy: Thomas, he's away on business. We can afford to be apart for one night.

Thomas: Well... a lot can happen in one night.

Steffy: I have that conference call in the morning.

Liam: Actually, I had Pam push it to noon. Thought we'd appreciate a morning to ourselves.

Steffy: Ohh! Sounds good to me. Any excuse for some extra sleep.

Liam: Yeah. Or other stuff.

Steffy: Oh, other stuff.

Liam: Other stuff.

Steffy: Yes?

Liam: Okay. Time to get serious. This is really important.

Steffy: Okay.

Liam: What Bob Hope movie are we watching tonight? Hold -- actually, don't -- I want to guess. I want to guess which one you want.

Steffy: You can choose. I don't -- I don't...

Liam: You never let me choose. What's going on?

Steffy: Just surprise me. Lead the way.

Liam: Okay. I'll surprise you. You'll be really, really surprised. Seriously, are you okay? You've been kind of distracted tonight.

Wyatt: All right. Thanks, man.

Man:  My pleasure. Ms. Fuller, your suitcase will be in your room.

Quinn: Thank you! [Gasps] This is nice! Come on! I mean, look! You can see the Golden Gate Bridge, and Fishermen's Wharf is right down the street. [Gasps] You know what? This is what we should do. We should grab a couple of bibs and let's go out and have lobster for dinner -- lobster. Come on.

Wyatt: Uh, oh, I don't -- oh, I'm kind of beat, Mom. I'm just gonna order some room service.

Quinn: No fun.

Wyatt: We're not here to have fun! We're here to work! We have a meeting -- very early tomorrow morning, I might add.

Quinn: You're so cranky.

Wyatt: Cra--

Quinn: Yeah. You should enjoy life. I mean, we just flew up here on a private jet. How much better does it get?

Wyatt: [Chuckles softly]

Quinn: Ah-ah. That face. I know that face. It's Ivy. You're missing her, aren't you?

Wyatt: Okay. Mom...

Quinn: Come on! It's only been a few hours! Although I'm sure, knowing Ivy, she's probably sitting on the beach, listening to a string of Taylor swift songs, pining away for you, as well.

Wyatt: Okay. Nice try, but she's not staying at my place tonight. She said she was too afraid to stay alone there, so she's spending the night at home, at the Forrester estate.

Steffy: It's -- it's nothing. It's not a big deal.

Liam: Well, it's something, and you've been distracted by it.

Steffy: Yeah, but it's not about us. I promise. I just -- I'm a little distracted, and I'm sorry.

Liam: No, don't -- don't even apologize. You've had a lot to deal with. But, um... but if there's something I should know about, please tell me.

[Steffy’s flashback]

Thomas: All I'm asking you to do is own your position. You don't think I can take Ivy away from Wyatt. I know I can. Bet me.

Ivy: Dinner from The Ivy -- that's very clever.

Thomas: Well, yeah. It's the best restaurant name in town.

Ivy: [Chuckles] You know what? I could never be mad at a very good crab cake.

Thomas: Oh. I ordered well, then?

Ivy: Mm-hmm. You did, indeed.

Thomas: By the way, you have got to try one bite -- just one -- of this risotto.

Ivy: Mm. Looks like a very big bite.

Thomas: Ready? Ready?

Ivy: Uh-huh. [Laughs]

Thomas: Right?

Ivy: That's delicious!

Thomas: Fantastic.

Ivy: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: Yeah, yeah. I know.

Ivy: Mmm!

Thomas: Save some room, though -- we have red velvet cake for dessert.

Ivy: You know what? You've really outdone yourself. I, um -- I really do. I appreciate all the effort you've gone to to make tonight a lovely evening.

Thomas: You bet.

Steffy: You can read me like a book.

Liam: Uh, yep.

Steffy: It's just so hard to keep anything from you.

Liam: That's just 'cause I can tell when your mind is wandering.

Steffy: Yeah, I know. And I have been preoccupied, and I'm sorry for it. I know we made this pact that we're not gonna bring them up.

Liam: "Them"? Who? Is this about Ivy and Wyatt?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. I've been thinking about their relationship lately, like we were discussing before, and... I know I probably shouldn't talk about this, but...

Liam: I don't think you need to say anything more on this. I mean, y-you've made such an effort, as far as my brother is concerned. Your forgiveness, your willingness to put the past aside, to give Ivy another chance -- that means so much to me. And I think it just shows what a remarkable person you are... not to mention... your beauty... and your brains... and, my God, those lips!

Steffy: [Laughs]

Wyatt: [Sighs] No, I should have encouraged Ivy to come with us.

Quinn: That would have been fun.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Quinn: For you. What? It's like you said. We're basically gonna be working the entire time.

Wyatt: Yeah, and she said she had to stay back to finish those designs you guys had to turn in.

Quinn: Mm. Ivy is a lucky girl...

Wyatt: Mm.

Quinn: ...Having such a wonderful guy like you miss her.

Wyatt: Yeah. It would have been a good opportunity for her to meet our suppliers, sit in on a meeting, and, you know... okay! Yes! I miss her, okay?! I wish she was here! I'd be weird if I didn't.

Quinn: So call her!

Wyatt: I was planning on it.

Quinn: Okay!

Wyatt: Soon as I get a little privacy.

Quinn: Ah.

Wyatt: You sure you're not tired at all?

Quinn: No, no, no. Oh, I had a couple of those energy drinks on the flight. I was like, "whoo!" I'm buzzing. [Laughs]

Wyatt: That's wonderful.

Quinn: Yeah!

Wyatt: You sure you don't want to check out your room, maybe, and see, you know --

Quinn: Why?! It's exactly like this room is. Anyway, look, why don't you make your phone call? Pretend like I'm not here. I'm gonna go raid...your... minibar.

Wyatt: Don't -- great.

Ivy: Have you ever been to Australia?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. It's been a few years, though.

Ivy: Oh.

Thomas: Yeah.

Ivy: Okay. Well, I just want to let you know that we take our cricket very seriously.

[Cell phone rings]

Thomas: Mm.

Ivy: Ah. Sorry. Um...I'm just gonna get this.

Thomas: Yeah.

Ivy: Hey!

Ivy: Oh, I miss you, too. I'm glad you both got up there with no trouble.

Wyatt: Yeah. The transportation wasn't too bad.

Ivy: Yeah, well, the Forrester jet does make traveling quite convenient.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm. Well, things are...good. Uh...just wish you were here. It isn't the same without you.

Ivy: Yeah, I know. I-I -- actually, I wish I was there, too.

Wyatt: I understand you had to stay back, you know, and power through and get stuff done. Are you getting -- you getting a lot of work done?

Ivy: Yeah, yeah. I am. I am, actually -- you know, a bit here and there.

Wyatt: Well, I'm glad you ended up staying at your uncle's tonight. I would have felt horrible if you were all alone at my place. All right. Well, uh, I think it's getting late, so I'll talk to you later. I'll call you after the meeting -- let you know how it went.

Ivy: Yeah. Yeah. That sounds good. Hey, good luck with that tomorrow.

Wyatt: Thanks. Uh, and have a good night.

Ivy: Yeah. Yeah. Will do.

[Cell phone beep]

Ivy: That was Wyatt.

Thomas: Yeah, yeah. I-I figured.

Ivy: Mm-hmm. It was nice of him, right -- just to call and check in?

Thomas: Yeah, it was. It was great. Look, you said you, uh -- you came here from the beach house 'cause you didn't want to stay there by yourself. Is that the only reason?

[Cell phone beeps]

Liam: Well... I did it. I opened the bottle of montrachet my dad brought back from France.

Steffy: The bottle that cost, like, a new car?

Liam: That's the one.

Steffy: Wow. Geez. Mmm!

Liam: Ohh.

Steffy: Oh, yeah. It tastes like money.

Liam: [Laughs]

Steffy: This is really a special night. You weren't kidding around.

Liam: Well... you created kind of a special night for me not too long ago.

Steffy: Ohh. The walk down memory lane?

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: Yeah. That was fun.

Liam: Yeah, it was -- every moment, every memory, every...truffle fry.

Steffy: [Chuckles]

Liam: But you know something? Tonight -- tonight is not about our past. It's about our future. And it's about the life we're gonna build together.

Quinn: Hey, I have been dealing with these gem suppliers for years. They've always been fair and up front about their pricing and availability. They've always been willing to negotiate, so I'm not expecting any surprises there.

Wyatt: Okay.

Quinn: But the precious-metal guys -- that's a whole different story. I have a feeling they're gonna try and gouge us because we're working with Forrester Creations. So that's why I want you to let me handle all the negotiations. Wyatt? Wyatt?

Wyatt: What?

Quinn: Are you with me?

Wyatt: Yes, I'm -- yes. Yeah. Okay. Yes. I mean, yes.

Quinn: Ohh. You know what? I'm used to me tuning me out because I am your mother, after all.

Wyatt: Mm.

Quinn: But have you heard one word I've said?

Wyatt: I heard everything you said -- everything, everything about it.

Quinn: Is this about Ivy? Still missing her?

Wyatt: [Scoffs] What are you talking about?

Quinn: You have been distant and anxious ever since you got off the phone with her. Is it because she's spending the night at her uncle's house?

Wyatt: Why would that matter?

Quinn: Isn't that where Thomas is staying?

Thomas: You didn't have to stay here.

Ivy: What's your point?

Thomas: Well, maybe you're trying to get another kiss out of me.

Ivy: Ugh! Thomas...

Thomas: What?

Ivy: ...That kiss -- it was -- it was really nice.

Thomas: Yeah.

Ivy: It was. But it was very wrong.

Thomas: No.

Ivy: Yes.

Thomas: No.

Ivy: And to go back to your original question as to why I'm staying here tonight, technically, I still have a room upstairs with all of my stuff in it, so why wouldn't I stay here?

Thomas: Hey, look, I'm glad you're staying here. This is a big old scary house, and I hear there's a storm coming through, and, honestly, I'd be terrified on my own.

Ivy: Oh, yeah, I'm sure.

Thomas: Well, everybody's down at that fundraiser down in Laguna. Yeah. So it's just you and me -- and Maya, of course.

Ivy: [Laughs] You know what? It's getting very late. I want to go to bed.

Thomas: Oh, no, no. You can't. We have so much red velvet cake that we have to finish. It's just gonna go to waste.

Ivy: Yeah, I really shouldn't. I-I shouldn't. I'm not. But thank you so much for a great impromptu dinner. I had a very lovely evening. That's that.

Thomas: Well, hey, you know what? It doesn't have to end.

Ivy: Yeah. Good night, Thomas.

Thomas: Night.

Liam: You know what's funny?

Steffy: Hmm?

Liam: I used to kind of think that you always had to be doing something -- you know, some epic, heart-pounding adventure -- and we still will. We'll do all kinds of crazy, ridiculous things together. But... it's this... you know, being here and catching up and watching old movies and drinking absurdly expensive...

Steffy: [Laughing] Yeah.

Liam: ...Bottles of wine. But supporting each other at work and maybe... raising a family -- that's the adventure. It never gets old with you. And it never will. Except for when you steal my razor. Then it gets old. It gets old really fast.

Steffy: Oh, you love me anyway.

Liam: Yeah, I do.

Steffy: [Chuckles]

Quinn: Thomas has been giving you and Liam a hard time lately.

Wyatt: Yeah! He's a jerk! He always has been.

Quinn: I think he feels threatened by you. He feels somehow inferior.

Wyatt: Yeah! Or he's just a jerk, you know -- just a smug, arrogant jerk.

Quinn: Well, whatever it is, he is getting to you.

Wyatt: What?! Ha! Look... I couldn't care less about the guy, okay?

Quinn: Well, let's see. He has been putting you in your place, making you feel like an outsider, saying that you're too comfortable at Forrester, all the while blatantly hitting on your girlfriend. He has no respect for you.

Wyatt: Wow. You do remember everything. And how is this helping me again?

Quinn: Well, if he doesn't respect you, do you think he's respecting your relationship with Ivy?

Wyatt: No! But I trust Ivy, okay? I trust my girlfriend. Thomas can throw himself at her all that he wants, but she's not gonna take the bait, okay? I know her. She'd never fall for a womanizer like Thomas, so he can just keep making a fool of himself, okay? 'Cause that's his problem, not mine.

Quinn: Okay. Well, whatever it is... you wouldn't be human if it wasn't getting to you just a little bit.

Wyatt: Are you saying I should be worried or something?

Quinn: I don't trust him. He's a spoiled brat who is handed everything in life and takes whatever he wants.

Wyatt: Okay. Well, he's not taking my girlfriend, if I got something to say about it.

Quinn: Don't trust this skirt-chaser. But I also know... that you love Ivy, but I would just, you know, keep an eye out, as well. I mean, her track record with men -- before you came along, of course, my love -- is so, eh, meh, you know?

Wyatt: Because she dated Liam?

Quinn: I'm just saying that I don't want you to be naive. People are shady, and... your girlfriend is sleeping under the same roof as Thomas.

[Ivy’s flashback]

Thomas: Oh, look out!


[Present time]

Ivy: I was, uh, just getting a glass of water.

Thomas: [Chuckles softly] I was -- I was just laying in bed. I-I...couldn't sleep. I was thinking about you.

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