B&B Transcript Monday 11/16/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/16/15


Episode # 7198 ~ Thomas eavesdrops on a private conversation & demands the truth from Ridge & Caroline; intrigued about the relationship between Wyatt & Ivy, Steffy asks him a pointed question.

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Ridge: We shouldn't even be talking about this anymore.

Caroline: Well, definitely not here.

Ridge: Not anywhere. This doesn't need to be discussed anymore.

Michele: Thomas?

Thomas: Michele, hey. Uh, I was gonna text you back.

Ridge: All that worry and tension, that's behind us now. We worked through it. We dealt with it. We're moving on.

Caroline: Making a decision and living with one are two very difficult things. He's your son.

Ridge: I'm trying.

Caroline: I know, but you keep telling me to not worry and to relax and that all the stress is bad for the baby, but --

Ridge: All right, okay, stop, stop. You're right. I got to focus on you and not worry about what happened in the past. Got to worry about now. You, me, and our little family.

Thomas: Text me after your fitting, and maybe we can meet up later.

Michele: I will. Bye, Thomas.

Caroline: Thomas is your son, Ridge, and he wants to have a relationship with you.

Ridge: He can't know. Thomas can never know.

Steffy: Quinn said you had some new ideas?

Ivy: Uh, well, they're actually concept ideas.

Wyatt: They're outstanding.

Ivy: It's just they're not finished yet. I'm still working on them.

Steffy: Well, stop. They're ready the way they are.

Wyatt: Exactly what Mom said, too.

Ivy: Wait. It's just it's a real departure from what I usually do.

Steffy: Yeah, you took a risk.

Ivy: And you don't have a problem with that?

Steffy: Designers need to have that freedom. Doesn't mean I'm always gonna like it, but in this case, I certainly do.

Wyatt: Told you.

Ivy: Whoa.

Steffy: Did you not think I was gonna like the designs?

Ivy: No, I just -- I wasn't sure how they'd be received. That's all.

Steffy: Oh, so you brought backup.

Wyatt: No, I-I am just a cheerleader today.

Ivy: Aww.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ivy: Thanks.

Steffy: You two seem to be getting pretty serious.

Ivy: Oh, well, I'd like to, uh, I'd like to think Wyatt would be supportive of my designs regardless if we were dating or not.

Wyatt: Yeah, the designs speak for themselves, right?

Steffy: Keep producing work like this and we won't have a problem working together.

Ivy: Well, keep green-lighting my ideas and we might actually get along.

Wyatt: Seriously? Wow. This is beautiful. I think I'm getting a little misty here.

Ivy: Okay, can you please fill Steffy in on the marketing plan we discussed?

Wyatt: You and Mom came up with the idea.

Ivy: Yeah, I know, but I have to get to a fitting.

Wyatt: What?

Steffy: But you're not -- you're not a model.

Ivy: Uh, no, I'm doing a favor for your brother, actually.

Wyatt: Thomas has a line of models waiting outside his door.

Steffy: Yeah, but he likes to play hard-to-get with them.

Wyatt: Cool. I still don't condone it.

Ivy: Look, it's just a favor, okay? I have to go.

Wyatt: All right. Well, I'll see you later, then.

Ivy: Yeah.

Wyatt: What?

Steffy: You have a problem with Ivy and Thomas working together?

Wyatt: No. Not at all. I just don't think that that's what your brother has in mind.

Thomas: Hey.

Ridge: Thomas.

Thomas: Oh, I wasn't gonna interrupt, but the door was open, heard my name come up.

Caroline: You heard us?

Thomas: Yeah, enough to make me curious. Uh, what's going on?

Ridge: Nothing. What do you -- what do you need?

Thomas: It didn't seem like nothing. I mean, you guys seemed pretty stressed.

Caroline: Did we?

Thomas: Look, if you guys have something to say to me, just say it. I know we haven't been on the greatest terms, but hey, I'm a big boy. I can handle it.

Caroline: Yeah, I don't think that we --

Ridge: No, no, it's okay. I-I got this. So -- so wait. You heard your name mentioned in the CEO office? There's a lot of names mentioned in here in conversations that have nothing to do with you. Let it go.

Thomas: Dad, I think we should talk about it at least. We can't keep pretending things are gonna get better if --

Ridge: It's not important!

Thomas: Dad, you said, "Thomas will never know." What does that mean? I'll never know what?

Ridge: Caroline and I were having what we thought was a private conversation.

Thomas: About me.

Ridge: No, not about you.

Thomas: You said, "Thomas will never know." What does that mean?

Ridge: Okay. My wife thinks you should know that we both feel that you can handle more of a workload and have more design responsibility.

Thomas: Seriously?

Ridge: Yeah, seriously. We're about to have a family. We're gonna raise our kid. And there will be more on your plate at the office.

Thomas: Sounds great.

Ridge: Yeah? You think you can handle it?

Thomas: Yeah, absolutely. I'm ready for it.

Ridge: Okay. Haven't seen that yet, but we'll see.

Thomas: You will.

Ridge: Won't be easy.

Thomas: Look, I get it. I still have to prove myself.

Ridge: It's what designers do. Every season, every collection.

Thomas: And I can handle that. If that's what it takes to get rid of this tension between us. Look, I-I can't change the past and I can't undo my mistakes. But I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make this right between us. Okay, well, um, I got to go. I got a fitting.

Caroline: Good luck. That was too close.

Steffy: If I can get past my issues with Ivy, then you can make nice with my brother.

Wyatt: Make nice? What do you mean? Put up with his attitude?

Steffy: Okay, he can be smug, but so can Ivy.

Wyatt: Ivy is anything but smug, okay?

Steffy: Oh, really? "As long as you support my ideas, we'll get along just fine."

Wyatt: Hey, you started that.

Steffy: Okay, fine. Maybe I did. But we can do that now. We can spar a little.

Wyatt: It certainly is fun to watch sometimes.

Steffy: Is that how you describe your relationship with Ivy? Fun?

Wyatt: All right. Why -- why all these questions about me and Ivy, huh?

Steffy: What? You don't want to -- you don't want to talk about your girlfriend?

Wyatt: No, I just want to know why you're so interested.

Steffy: Because I see you together and things seem good between you.

Wyatt: Well, they are. They're really good.

Steffy: Good. I'm happy for you.

Wyatt: Thank you.

Steffy: No, I mean it. Your relationship with Ivy seems really positive for both of you. And you deserve someone who's fully committed to you.

Wyatt: Well, that's what we got. We're rock solid. Except for one small problem.

Steffy: And what's that?

Wyatt: Your stupid brother.

Ivy: [Clears throat] You're still staring at me.

Thomas: I am.

Ivy: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: Mm-hmm.

Ivy: Just you haven't really said anything.

Thomas: I'm just -- I'm just taking it all in, you know.

Ivy: Oh.

Thomas: Am I making you uncomfortable?

Ivy: No.

Thomas: No?

Ivy: Mnh-mnh.

Thomas: Good.

Ivy: Although I am a little disappointed, though. There's been no flirty comments, nothing about me rendering you speechless.

Thomas: Really?

Ivy: Uh-huh.

Thomas: Really? Wow. Wow. Okay. That's what you think of me.

Ivy: Well, I mean, you know I've been warned about you.

Thomas: You have been misinformed. I would never use a line like that.

Ivy: Oh, really? Never?

Thomas: No, never. I have far more sophisticated ways of telling a woman how beautiful she is.

Ivy: Well... [Sighs] I'm sure any woman wearing a gown like this would feel beautiful.

Thomas: Glad you like it.

Ivy: I am curious, though.

Thomas: Uh-huh?

Ivy: I'm curious as to why I need to be the one wearing this. And actually Steffy and Wyatt are wondering the same thing. Did all of your fit models go on strike or something?

Thomas: Yeah, um, well, I wanted you to wear it because I wanted to see you in it.

Ivy: Why?

Thomas: Because you're the one who inspired it.

Caroline: Thomas heard us.

Ridge: Thomas heard something. I took care of it.

Caroline: Thank God you did, 'cause I just stood there and I didn't know what to do, and you --

Ridge: And I said what I had to say to protect you and our baby.

Caroline: Ridge.

Ridge: It's okay. It's over. It's done.

Caroline: What if he would have come in a minute earlier?

Ridge: He didn't.

Caroline: What if he's just standing right outside the door?

Ridge: He's not standing outside the door. He's not. Just -- just got to be a little more careful.

Caroline: You don't think that this is weird? Why does this keep happening? We go for our first sonogram and then Thomas walks in. And here we are having a conversation and Thomas walks in again. And he keeps --

Ridge: We don't need to have this conversation about something. When we discuss something, we don't have to discuss it anymore.

Caroline: We're not the only ones discussing it, because Pam's running around telling everybody that I'm pregnant, and Liam and Brooke know about your vasectomy, and pretty soon, people are gonna put everything together.

Ridge: Shh. Can you please -- can you just take a breath?

Caroline: No, you take a breath! I'm fine! I'll take a breath when you start making him feel like he's part of the team like you just said he was, when you start trusting him --

Ridge: I don't trust him.

Caroline: Well, then pretend! You have to start at least making him believe you do. Otherwise this is all gonna blow up in our face.

Ridge: It's gonna be okay. Come here.

Steffy: Well, Thomas seems to be rubbing everyone the wrong way lately.

Wyatt: Oh. You spoke to Liam, I see.

Steffy: I told him not to worry about it.

Wyatt: Hmm.

Steffy: Sounds like you need the same advice.

Wyatt: Worry? I'm not worried. I'm irritated.

Steffy: By what he did in the meeting?

Wyatt: Yeah. And every time that I've seen him since. For some reason, your brother has it out for the Spencers, and he's doing everything he can to make sure that we know it.

Steffy: Well, what if you -- what if you don't react to it?

Wyatt: What? What? It'll stop? Ha! That's -- that's funny. I don't think so. You turn the other way with a guy like that, he'll think he can get away with anything.

Steffy: What do you think he's getting away with?

Wyatt: Being a jerk, for starters.

Steffy: Okay, yeah, and I called him out on that.

Wyatt: Good.

Steffy: He was way out of line in the meeting.

Wyatt: Exactly. But if that's where it stopped, I wouldn't be so pissed off. Look, I get that there's always conflict in business. As long as I've worked with my mom, I've grown a pretty thick skin. But what Thomas is doing is personal, and I don't like it.

Steffy: Yeah, Liam told me you felt that way.

Wyatt: Well, I don't have to ask you about your relationship, 'cause you guys share everything.

Steffy: Oh, funny. Nice try deflecting.

Wyatt: Look, Steffy, it's not a feeling that I get with Thomas. It's a gut instinct. He's not even being subtle about it now. He thinks the Spencers are getting too comfortable at his business? Well, guess what? I think he's getting too comfortable with my girlfriend.

Ivy: So, you designed the dress for me?

Thomas: Yeah. You were on my mind when I was designing it. Actually, you have been on my mind a lot lately.

Ivy: Well, it's hard to forget saving someone's life, right? [Chuckles]

Thomas: Especially someone as stunning as you.

Ivy: Thomas, you would have pulled anyone out from that falling light.

Thomas: Well, of course, I would have, but I just wouldn't have had as much fun.

Ivy: Well, you're certainly enjoying yourself right now, aren't you?

Thomas: I am.

Ivy: Yeah.

Thomas: What about you?

Ivy: I-I do like the dress.

Thomas: You should. This dress represents everything I admire about you. Your strength. Your elegance. Your grace. Of course, that's what everyone sees in you. It's your creativity and your beauty. But I wanted this dress to capture something different. How unpredictable and sexy you are.

Ivy: [Clears throat] Well, I think this dress is a lot sexier than I am.

Thomas: Well, I need to admit that when I was designing this dress, I may have been fantasizing a little bit. I hope you don't mind.

Ivy: [Sighs] No. Well, I can't control your imagination, Thomas.

Thomas: Good. Neither can I.

Ivy: Maybe you should try.

Thomas: I am. But I have to be honest. I've imagined this exact scenario so many times. You know, I finished the dress and you agreed to do the fitting. All day, the anticipation builds. You come in. Finally we're alone. But it's just -- it's just business at first. Then you try on the dress. And I get to see every detail, every inch of fabric, every line that I drew wrapped around your body. And I can't help myself.

Ivy: Thomas!

Ridge: It's not good for you to get worked up like this.

Caroline: I know. It's just... we're in the middle of another delicate conversation and in walks Thomas.

Ridge: It's -- it's over now.

Caroline: I know, but it doesn't feel like it's over because, I mean, my heart's not racing, but my stomach is just fluttering and... [Sighs]

Ridge: What? What's wrong?

Caroline: I think I feel the baby moving.

Ridge: What? Right now?

Caroline: Yeah. Feel right here. You feel it?

Ridge: Yep, I-I-I can -- I can feel something.

Caroline: It's our baby, Ridge.

Ridge: It's our future. And that's what I'm talking about. That's all I've been talking about. Yes, I feel it. It's stronger and more deeper than I've ever felt anything in my life, and I know that you feel the same way, because you know what this is? This is our truth. That we love each other, and we're gonna be there for this little kid always.

Steffy: What happened to "I'm not worried"?

Wyatt: I'm not.

Steffy: But you think Thomas is getting close to Ivy.

Wyatt: [Scoffs] I just think he's wasting his time. This whole fitting, him needing to talk to her designer to designer -- it's obvious, and it's not gonna work.

Steffy: Okay. Okay, so what's the problem?

Wyatt: I'm sick of his stupid Casanova routine. He thinks he can hit on every woman in this building because he's Ridge Forrester's son, the playboy heir to the throne. Well, no, that's not gonna happen.

Steffy: I know. I know he has a reputation.

Wyatt: I've seen how he plays women. Thinks he's got it down to a science or something.

Steffy: It's not always a game with him.

Wyatt: That's good. You should tell him, then, to go find someone to be serious with, someone who can teach him some respect, because trust me -- he does not want to learn that lesson from me.

Ivy: Thomas, what are you doing?

Thomas: I think that's called kissing.

Ivy: Well, you can't do that.

Thomas: Why not?

Ivy: Because there's a line!

Thomas: Where? Is it -- is it here?

Ivy: The line is exactly where I say it is.

Thomas: So you didn't like it?

Ivy: I'm uncomfortable, Thomas, okay? We work together. I'm just trying to keep things professional.

Thomas: So you did like it?

Ivy: I have a boyfriend.

Thomas: I don't see a ring on your finger.

Ivy: Oh -- really? So any woman without a fiancÚ is fair game to you? Is that it?

Thomas: Well, I'm not interested in any woman, Ivy. I'm interested in you. I think that's pretty obvious.

Ivy: You were just -- you were flirting with me!

Thomas: And you let me.

Ivy: But that was just -- it was harmless. It was innocent. This is completely different.

Thomas: Because you felt something.

Ivy: Thomas, I'm with Wyatt.

Thomas: That's a shame.

Ivy: Stop it, okay? I'm serious.

Thomas: So am I.

Ivy: Wyatt and I are very happy. Thomas.

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